DNC Hack: Ignore the diversions – the content is what counts

by Kit

The hacked and leaked e-mails of the Democratic National Committee prove what many people already knew – the primaries were unfair. This is not a surprise, anybody paying attention to the race for the past months has witness massive “voting irregularities”, then there’s the totally undemocratic system of “super delegates”, and the ridiculously unfair provisional ballots.
The DNC e-mails, where party officials discuss ways to discredit and sabotage Sanders’ campaign, merely serve to turn a glut of evidence into an all-out orgy.
That the chairwoman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, should be forced to resign in disgrace…only to be immediately hired by Clinton’s campaign, is just the icing on the cake.
The elections were rigged. Sanders never had a chance. That is clearer now than it has ever been.
You would think that evidence of massive corruption at the heart of the American political establishment would be newsworthy, but you would be wrong. Hillary, in this case as in many others, seems to be above criticism. Unfortunately for the establishment, simply ignoring it wasn’t really an option, because nowadays people have twitter and facebook. This was happening here and now…it’s not just some Yemeni wedding party that you blow up and pretend never existed.
No, what they really needed was a distraction, and Conway Twitty is dead.
Blaming Russia is the new black, in this regard. It was all the Kremlin! The Kremlin leaked these e-mails…it doesn’t matter what they said, in fact don’t even read them…RUSSIA! PUTIN! KREMLIN!
It’s important to point out at this point, that there is literally no evidence Russia leaked these e-mails. None. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada.
Sure, they MAY HAVE. But loads of people may have. The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians. Trump or Sanders campaigns. Germany, France, Britain. A Clinton or DNC whistleblower. An aggrieved ex-employee. Wikileaks. Or just some guy with a shitload of proxies and spare time.
If I had to make a guess, I would say the hack probably came from an anti-neocon faction inside the American intelligence services, someone who can foresee what the Clinton/Nuland foreign policy would mean for the rest of the world, and doesn’t especially want to be turned into a small pile of glowing dust.
The list of possible suspects is endless, and who knows what games are played behind the scenes in the corridors of power? It doesn’t matter. Speculating on motives and guilt is pointless, and to engage in it, even to refute obviously spurious claims, is allow the narrative to be controlled.
It doesn’t matter who hacked what, or why. It doesn’t matter whether or not Trump knew, or Putin knew, or Assange knew. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.
What matters is the e-mails show a reporter for the New York Times editing an article he wrote about Bernie Sanders at the direct request of Clinton’s campaign.
What matters is the DNC staff using terms like “tacobowl” to refer to the Hispanic voter base, and planning to to attack Sanders religion (or lack thereof).
What matters is the sort of person we have running for the most powerful position in the world, the sort of people they employ, the sort of underhanded tactics they use, and their casual attitude towards the corruption of the democratic system.
We should be talking about the cold hard facts of an increasingly scary world, not whether or not Donald Trump is a Russian spy.
Clinton has been cheating the system since the beginning, and we can’t let ourselves get distracted from that.


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