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don’t mention Gladio…

by Catte



The alleged “terror attacks” are happening thick and fast in Europe right now. France has suspended its constitution for another several months as a response. Germany is in turmoil and may well follow suit. The media narrative is already set within a clearly defined paradigm that stipulates these attacks are being perpetrated by “radical Islam.” The debate centres solely on what this means. Is it “blowback” for the West’s policy of perpetual war in the Middle East, as the more liberal/left-inclined tend to say, or is it just Evil Extreme Islamics being Evil, as the more rightist-inclined aver?

There was a debate just like that on RT today. A Northern Irish white gentleman was looking severe and intolerant and claiming ISIS was basically Islam, (because – duh – they’re called “Islamic State”!), and an English non-white gentleman was looking embattled and pointing out (justifiably) that most of the ISIS terrorists identified were anything but devout Moslems and anyhow the history of colonial wars perpetrated by many of the countries currently suffering these attacks can’t simply be removed from the equation. He had a little pile of paper printed with the names of all the Moslem countries France had attacked in the last century – but neither the Irish gent nor the RT anchor seemed much interested.

More attention was given to interviews with frightened French people from the small town that just saw a priest allegedly knifed to death by ISIS, all demanding “these people” be locked up asap. Some other person appeared briefly to say the “war” against these terrorists was “spiritual” (he didn’t amplify much about this terrifyingly absolutist concept, but did he need to?), and there was a segment of Hollande saying the (spiritual?) fight would be a long one (in other words, don’t expect to get your “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité back any time soon, people of France).

The message was clear: be afraid, and hand over your freedoms to the nice government employee who will be along to save you soon.

If this news item had been on the BBC or any of the Western media then it would be par and unremarkable. But this was RT, and therefore a bit more worthy of mention. RT, generally, questions the prevailing western narratives a little more, especially if that prevailing western narrative disadvantages Russia (which, let’s be honest, most of them do). In the past it’s even dared to openly accuse the BBC of faking the alleged “chemical attack” on the school in Syria that was the subject of a very questionable Panorama program. (RT was sanctioned by OfCom as a result of this brave piece, even though OfCom did not find that their allegations were false).

Yet currently, on this issue, RT is simply serving up a storyline that would get the stamp of approval from Langley or Downing Street. RT is, of course, a Russian state-sponsored outlet, and Russia clearly has its own reasons right now for playing along with Western attempts to promote the image of ISIS as bad guys du jour. The Russian government must also be entirely aware that “ISIS” is backed – and possibly even created – by the West, and that it functions at least in part as an agent of NATO in Syria.

It must know that ISIS will be used to foment discord and terror in the Russian homeland if allowed to do so. Unlike the West, it therefore has a real reason to fear ISIS and a real motive to destroy it. So, when the ISIS brand name is attached to European terror attacks, Russia likely sees a chance to mobilise domestic and international opinion behind its own struggle, and therefore will play along. They see no advantage to them, at the moment, in digging into the hidden realities of what ISIS might be.

But the result of this superficial merging of Russian and western interests is not good or wise. Russia wants to big up ISIS in order to get a consensus for destroying it, but the West wants to big up ISIS as fear porn. The US/European leaders may join with Russia in condemning the violence. They may – will – use it as a pretext to clamp down even more on civil liberties and criminalise dissent. But we all know they will not do the one thing Russia wants them to do – and that is actually combat ISIS.

RT might be better serving Russian interests – as well as the greater cause of truth – if it dared to mention the possibility these attacks may have little or nothing to do with Islam at all, but are being produced by an outfit similar to the one that brought you the Bologna Massacre. It could even point out the most inadmissible thing of all, which is that if ISIS really is behind the recent spate of Euro-terror, then there’s a live probability NATO – or NATO elements – are too.  And that of course would mean Gladio is alive and kicking and morphed into Gladio B, just as the “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for quite a long time.

This sudden surge of “terror attacks”, whatever their origins, could finally bring the reality of a police state to large portions of Europe and beyond and needs to be interrogated, analysed and questioned, beyond the admissible paradigm, beyond our comfort zones, because a great deal may be dependent on how these events are to be spun for popular consumption.

The growing unanimity across the spectrum of reportage on this issue threatens us all very deeply, and if we allow ourselves to be manipulated into sterile binary discussions of blowback versus “evil meanies”, if we just help disseminate the disaster-porn and invite people to be afraid sans any context, then we might as well quit and take up gardening or some other nice restful pursuit, because we are just doing the corporate media’s job for them.

Addendum:  It may or may not  be significant to note that the  terrorist outfit known as  the Baader-Meinhof gang, who were active in the 1970s and allegedly heavily infiltrated/manipulated by Gladio have suddenly (allegedly)  come out of retirement in their late middle-age to start doing heists in the Netherlands.  If nothing else, there’s a movie in this.

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  1. I hold there is a natural correspondence of co-creational synchronicity in shared purpose. Which may include conscious elements, including turning a blind eye to ‘let things happen’ or even take part in enabling them to occur through compartmentalised chain of plausible deniability- and of course opportunistically exploiting anything that occurs for a narrative control that can grow to ‘run itself’ once the story becomes accepted currency.
    Thus many who act out are set up and run for other’s agenda while believing their own.
    If the ‘darkness’ of fear and division is the only condition in which deceit can operate – and by which hate as projected force of rage or terror and destruction can be “justified” – then all parties who believe they get something from darkness – or have something in darkness that they fear to lose, will defend it against the light of open and honest communication. Hence truth is the first casualty of war – because deceit must be presented, asserted and defended – often in complex patterns – so as to protect from an exposure in which one’s own terror, rage, shame, or heartbreak is then out in the open – rather than running undercurrent to a pretence that has to be imposed and denied and defended.
    In our times I see at once a complexity of ‘reality control’ available by nature of technical reach – and at the same time such a lack of ability or willingness to operate without a visible trail of mistakes or give-aways of impossibility or in-congruency. This itself could be seen as another layer of terrorism upon the mind’s ability to trust its own basic logic and discernment so as to accept the terror narrative regardless of evidences to other narratives – and this is not just a momentary false flag ruse but ongoing mind-control.
    From a perspective of awakening – everything serves the purpose that is given it – and so the acts of deceit operating a terror narrative reveal the nature of the ruse of mind control as it operates in our own consciousness. For the seeming separation from consciousness as a condition of fear and division, calling on a forcefully imposed narrative to assert and enforce control – is part of our own hidden but false foundation by which to engage in the struggle of power within and as separated sense of self. This could be – and is called – the human condition, but it is really a conditioning.
    We all know in at least some part of our life, the quality and capacity of life to flow and know itself as a presence or of balance within a sense of aligned or focused willingness. Our descriptions may use symbols differently – but the core recognition is unmistakeable – but then lost or covered over by the resumption of conditioned reactions – that become reinforced thereby.
    We all have separation trauma and scripts arising or persisting there from – and are tending to be defended against anything that threatens such sense of self-separate sense of ‘protection’ and assertion of ‘power’ . But the fact is that these devices operate the very thing we say we don’t want, and in more ways than we can recognize within our narrative identity, we meet our own reflections and hurt our self over and over, unknowing – although self-hatred does have a conscious trace as does the desire to ‘escape it’ by turning it upon your world.
    Self-hatred is where you can awaken to the perpetrator and victim both – yet kept divided and apart so as not to recognize or accept the true of you – but instead thoughts and feelings and physical manifestations of guilt, blame, judgement and hatred that rages and denies itself both. A fragmentation of consciousness in which identity is given to a false sense of self-assertive survival by which power is framed externally – or ‘given away’ to defined externalities that seek and find reinforcement. But the act of assigning power to something is not in fact the act of powerlessness – and more than the permission of an externality truly confers power. The power of the mind creates our experience of our self and world. If we attempt to exploit this deceitfully and coercively we meet an experience and world of deceit and coercion – and if terror is the device by which to believe we have and are such a power – then that is the god of our choosing – while we live out-from such a desire.
    I see that we all participate in the world we ‘create’ for ourselves and collectively and I attempt to link to awakened insight and responsibility and not to an unbearable burden of intolerable hate and blame. Yet I hold such a burden is already active – but hidden – and its correction or undoing cannot occur while investing exclusively in hating and blaming the other – and warring to deny the hated and blamed. A willingness for communication rises from the utter futility of war – of any kind on any level – but note that standing in one’s integrity is not itself struggle so much as focussing with a felt and true willingness. How to know if you are in or undermining your own integrity? True founded or deceived? If you truly desire to know, you will recognize and grow trust in your own discernments and reflected experience. Honesty of self is not a strategy so much as abandonment or relinquishment of self-serving strategies and masks in favour of feeling for a way of honouring communication – especially within the hateful or fearful triggers to reaction. If we simply allow ourself to be triggered by our hate and fear – then we give hate and fear the power to run our life and our world – even through the attempt to operate anti-hate and anti-fear. True choice is accepted within a recognition of an integrative movement of our being – and not a framing of choices in terms of feared or hated outcomes – all of which operate to deny any real choice.

  2. Russia will play along? Whenever I find Putin or Russia playing along (lying, manipulating, etc.) , which sometimes make the difference between life and death for some people, I will point it out. I have no use for the US’s imperialism and bloodspilling not because I am anti-West, but because of my values and principles. The murderer’s ethnicity makes no difference to me.

  3. Bury the lead for NATO Reuters: Second French Church attacker, a jihadist, known to French intelligence, RELEASED ON BAIL:

    “His accomplice, Adel Kermiche, had already been identified by police. He was known to intelligence services after failed bids to reach Syria to wage jihad.

    Kermiche, also 19, wore an electronic bracelet and was awaiting trial for alleged membership of a terrorist organisation having been released on bail.”

    What reasonable person would believe, with all of the terrorist events in Europe, and with France being at war with Syria, they would release a Syrian terrorist priest killer out on bail? This could only happen because all these events are being coordinated by Gladio-style operations.

    • J Garbo says

      Ditto the Nice truck killing. Police vans blocking the promenade were removed minutes before the truck drove through. Who was the man in white calmly walking away the truck? Why were the bullet holes in the windscreen mostly on the passenger side? Then the “authorities” demanded the footage be destroyed? An obvious, sloppy setup. Are the spooks using interns these days? Haven’t they heard of smartphone videos, which almost everyone carries? If this is Gladio B, they need better training from the veterans.

  4. Mick McNulty says

    We may see these acts become common in Britain if the powers-that-be cannot stop the rising grassroots support for Jeremy Corbin which will mean a resurgent left wing. Such attacks would all but confirm it’s a Gladio-style operation.

    The recent attempted kidnap of a serviceman from RAF Marham might not be what it seems. Why would you do a dry run of a kidnap which could be exposed, especially in the wilds of Norfolk a few miles from Sandringham Estate which must have heavy security? A Muslim would just kill a target, surely? And many Israelis look Middle Eastern. I suspect it may have been the start of a false flag terror campaign similar to what is happening now in Germany, but the actions of the serviceman foiled it. We don’t know what descriptions he was able to give but I do suspect Mossad involvement.

  5. Joe Staten says

    Since the article suggests the terrorist narrative “needs to be interrogated, analysed and questioned, beyond the admissible paradigm, beyond our comfort zones” should that include questioning how real each individual event might be?

    If some of the beheading videos were staged then could some of these events be staged, or partly staged? It would be cheaper and more humane after all, and would be easier to get people to sign up for a “drill” or some such than for actual murder.

    The idea is gaining ground. Even Paul Craig Roberts is flirting with it and has some good bits of evidence that raise serious questions about the reality behind some incidents. I’m interested to see it talked about here, even if people end up dismissing it.

    • Admin says

      We have given space to authors who allege some of the various ISIS videos are fabricated. What is PCR alleging exactly?

  6. flybow says

    The whole concept of “terrorism” is false. All terrorism is state sponsored. Either directly planting bombs, shooting people etc, or infiltration of groups. British intelligence ran both the IRA and loyalist paramilitary groups. The red brigades, red army faction (baader meinhoff) were run by Italian and German intelligence. To me it is clear that ISIS was created by the west.
    The fear has to be there. Always. From bogus shoe bombers to a man who was going to buy 70.000 smoke alarms to make a “dirty bomb” Even the concept of a “dirty bomb” is false.
    Read Webster Tarpley. Synthetic terrorism.

  7. Although the WMSM directs our attention to the Islamist terrorist refugee/ immigrant meme, there is a commonality which is not discussed about these recent atrocities. The criminals have often turned out to be not just migrants, but individuals with psychological problems. It is reported some had drinking and drug-related problems. All of the crimes committed in Southern Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) for example, have witnessed the greatest influx of migrants over the past year as part of the Syrian refugee crisis. One thing is clear that these individuals have experienced high levels of isolation from their own native society and the one in which they now live. This means they may well be pray to manipulation by ISIS or whoever may have created and manipulates it.

    All of the attacks took place at a very short interval, although no obvious connection is visible between the actual perpetrators in these attacks, we are told it is purely ISIS.
    I suggest some further reading:
    “Massive terrorist attacks committed by individuals apparently unrelated to each other look like something new in hybrid war. It is worth noting that all the attackers were high-risk individuals because of both alienation from their surrounding society and their own psychological problems with drug or gambling addictions (the Munich shooter was an active gambler), which made them easily manipulated. Such manipulation could have been realized through both the mainstream media and social networks, especially since the US possesses the relevant technologies for manipulating consciousness in these spheres. Therefore, the conspiratorial hypothesis on the use of psychotropic weapons is not without grounds.” – THE NEW LOOK OF HYBRID WAR IN EUROPE: MANIPULATED PSYCHOPATHS AND EXPORTED VIOLENCE, Katehon .com, 26.07.2016. Sourced:

    Of course all of this may be speculation or some may call it conspiracy theory, however none of this is new and was being discussed some 70 years ago by Huxley and Orwell.
    “But now psycho-analysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, which induce a hypnoid and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.” – Aldous Huxley letter to George Orwell, 21 October, 1949. Sourced:

    The illusionist uses the art of deception to fool the observer into believing what they see is real. It is an ancient art the earliest records dating back to Magosh Persia in the 6th century BC and their wars with Athena.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      The Americans have spent tens of billions in programs like MKULTRA, since WW2, ‘researching’ how to create psychotic killers and expendable ‘assets’ like poor old Lee Harvey Oswald. They have raised numerous death-squads eg the Nicaraguan Contras, Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, Operation Condor in South America, UNITA in Angola, RENAMO in Mozambique, the graduates of the School of the Americas, and aided and abetted numerous allied others, like the Indonesia military, the South Vietnamese gangster regime etc. And they have been the principal sponsor of jihadist terror, in league with the Wahhabist terror state, Saudi Arabia and others, since the 1970s and their creation of al-Qaeda, which has served them ever since. And the Daash death-squad army is their biggest project, so far. All the recruits from outside Syria seem, plainly, to be evil psychopaths as their atrocities show.

      • J Garbo says

        I’d dispute that Lee Harvey Oswald was a “psychotic killer”, rather he was a naive patsy, positioned to take the blame for the CIA-Mafia assasination of JFK. As for drug-hypnosis induced “evil”, that may be so but I’ve seen plenty of ordinary, God-fearing boys turn into monsters on the battlefield. The “evil” is there in everryone, though it takes certain conditions (or conditioners) to bring it out.

    • Jen says

      The earliest records of the use of deception to fight an enemy may indeed go as far back as Achaemenid Persia but you only have to go as far back as the 1100s or 1200s to find Hasan i Sabah and his cult of Assassins using psychological techniques combined with marijuana use to persuade young male zealots into carrying out targeted assassinations and attacks in ways eerily reminiscent of what has been happening in France and Germany, and in other parts of the world.

      The CIA apparently drew on the methods of the Assassins in developing its own ideas and methods of targeted assassination, in its manual “A Study of Assassination”. Combine that with its sponsorship of programs like MK ULTRA and similar, and you could have a small army of brainwashed killers who’d stop at nothing to do their masters’ bidding.

      • J Garbo says

        I can’t imagine anyone becoming murderous or even violent on marijuana. On the contrary, all you’d want is relaxation and food. Massive doses of amphetamines, on the other hand, can drive you crazy, as will sensory deprivation.

  8. Just thought I might add something with reference to RT have noted the same thing but during the interview I think the lad /journo did challenge the l8unatic irish guy a bit. But they seem to be playing the western narrative game at the moment. My take is I think they smell something with Ukraine /the Donbass. It appears the Ukro/fascist r planning a summer assault on the Donbass. lots of Nato navyu around Odesssa at present .

  9. Catte great article as usual . Gladio has been well exposed. Francesco Cossiga senator for life in the Italian parliament has publicly said so on Italian national TV many years bak when the Italian political establishment was imploding and we all know what happened after that FORZA ITALIA Berlusconi’s dream cause the Italian socialist were dead and barried couldn’t help with his graft and corruption. Berlusconi was a major contributor Craxi’s Italian socialist party. Craxi then ran away to his Docia in Tunis where he later died.

  10. The Russians know very well who created,armed and trained these religeous fruitcakes,originally against the USSR and it’s allies, with Western MSM hailing the Islamic medievalists who skinned conscript soviet soldiers alive as the heroic modern,equivilent of Washington’s volunteer militia.
    Surely one can’t begrudge RT a bit of shadenfreude reporting on the Frankenstein monster that the West fathered ?

    • Schadenfreude implies the attacks are not Gladio-style false flags. Everything suggests to me that they are, or could be, and Russian media should continue their project of highlighting this possibility, as they have in the past.

    • J Garbo says

      I find your “shadenfreude” a non-sequitur. RT defends Russia’s POV and often exposes Western hypocrisy, but I’ve seen no enjoyment expressed at the West’s troubles.

  11. I also noticed the change of narrative in RT and, as others have expressed already, I also believe that this change aims to make the people of Europe restless, to make them focus on the immigrants and the IS, rather than getting warmed up for a war with Russia that seems hard to avoid if Hitlery keeps her word (for once) and makes “Russia, Iran and China, pay a price”. It´s a real shame, and can end up backfiring: will the scared people go for more bombs, or will it turn against their governments or at least will keep their governments busy with social unrest, as the Russian´s calculate?

    If i was RT, I would make instead a couple of documentaries on Gladio, and I would stream them non-stop, I would invite every other day someone from HRW (of all people!) to speak about how, according to their own research, “nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants” of how “In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act.” I would make weekly specials about the DIA document that states that the rise of ISIS is a willful Washington decision”, revisit the history of Bin Laden, his links with the Bushes and his career as a “freedom fighter”; the kind of things that RT was doing not long ago…

    Because the dreadful feeling that I get from all this refugee scare stories on RT, while all this damning information is out in the open, is that somehow the people in charge of informing us, on all sides, understand (or know very well…) that it is fear, obfuscation and hyperbole what can “convince” people, instead of evidence, facts and objective analysis. And then I don´t think we have much hope.

  12. In case some may have missed it; mi5 and other British state agencies have been carrying out black ops via proxy terror groups in Ireland in the not too recent past. The list of attacks is a long one and was all designed to manipulate public opinion home and abroad to suit their agenda.

  13. Seamus Padraig says

    In general, RT is not all that radical or daring. What’s happened is that, as once stalwart leftist source in the west, such as The Guardian and The New York Times, have become ever more neoconservative, they have left a gap to be filled. RT is simply filling that gap. The Russians are smart enough to know that they have a significant following among conservatives in the west already; now they’re trying to go after the center-left. But they’re not after the far-left, which is too small for them to care about.

    And, as Catte correctly, in this case, the Russians would have a powerful incentive to go along with the G.W.O.T. narrative, even if their own intelligence services know that it’s all hooey.

    • Maybe also Russia playing along with the western ISIS narrative could be part of some deal being reached regarding Syria or something. Who knows, but something has shifted recently. And with RT now wholesale backing the western boogeyman narrative, and Sputnik also throwing out pretty disgraceful racist headlines about Europe succumbing to Islam, and with some of the larger alt news outlets doing the same, there’s very few voices offering more rational or questioning or less racist narratives on this. Very dangerous things are brewing.

  14. Willem says

    Thanks for noticing this media bias on radical Islam from RT.

    I was not sure myself if this media bias was present in RT journalism, but started to note that things changed at RT at the time of the Orlando shooting. Since then, or maybe even earlier (but only since then that I started to notice), RT is much into the storyline of ISIS and radical Islam that wants to kill western citizens and to destroy western societies. Because of Blowback. Or because of even worse reporting, that is without even questioning the official narrative at all (see for example here:

    I think RT is doing this because they (meaning Russia) know it is better for Russia if NATO will spend most of its budget on weapons and armies that will ‘safe’ us from the islamofascists, as compared to the situation where NATO spends its budget (mainly) on weapons and armies to ‘safe’ us from the Russians. The latter situation is an immediate threat to Russia, and can lead to direct destruction (nuclear war) or to indirect destruction (arms race, economical sanctions) of Russia. So they (RT and Russia) play along with the narrative of Islamofacists that will destroy the west unless we (the tax paying people who live in the West) continue to give NATO money to prevent us from these ISIS monsters (or phantasy figures).

    That is a very safe strategy to play along with for Russia. And likely to become profitable as well for Russia. The strategy of giving most of our tax money to NATO (at least that is the current situation in the US and EU countries are also increasing their Ministry of ‘Defense’ budgets) will make western countries go bankrupt, and politically unstable, as these taxes need to be paid by an increasing amount of people who have less and less money to pay taxes with. And therefore become frustrated, or angry, or desperate with the situation. If western society (read US) stops being an empire and becomes a chaotic society that goes financially and spiritually down the drain, there will be plenty of opportunities for Russia to become a new world power.

    But empiric death struggles can be violent. So please no threat or fighting from NATO at the border of Russia (if you are Russia), but preferably further away. For instance somewhere in the Middle East or in western society itself. That is what is best for Russia. Hence the reporting on radical Islam, etc.

    Or so I think…

    • reinertorheit says

      Thank you for your thoughtful contribution, Willem.

      I can’t agree, however, that either Russia generally, or RT in particular, has a goal to talk up the ‘narrative of Islamofscists’. Russia has gigantic latent threats from within its borders – from groups in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and also from Tatar groups based in the Volga region and elsewhere. Russia manages to keep the lid on these terror groups only with great difficulty, and is certainly not going to undo that hard work itself. There is compelling evidence that many of these groups have had moral and financial support from the USA – primarily for the damage they can do to Russian morale, rather than any active support of their aims and objectives.

      Rather the opposite – Russia is keen to point the finger at NATO over its all-talk-no-action policy on Islamic terrorism, whilst counterposing the picture of ongoing Russian successes in crushing ISIL in Syria. The images of NATO war games played among its numpty members in the Baltic States (countries whose populations are all outnumbered by a factor of 10:1 by the city of Moscow alone, let alone the entire population of Russia) looks extremely like a mudlark weekend compared to Russia’s engagement of ISIL in Syria. In fact Stoltenberg looked very unhappy to get a question at his Presser in Warsaw about why NATO cash is being spent (well, they said ‘wasted’) jumping around in bogs in Latvia instead of actually fighting the people who are causing unstability in Europe?

      Of course, during a week when Europe is witnessing a terror attack almost daily, the amounts spent on NATO – which is utterly powerless to stop such attacks – are beginning to trouble some people.

      But I’m sure NATO scrote Paul Mason in The Grauniad is thinking hard of some clever-dick response to that….

  15. Simon Fay says

    Of course the events on the continent could all be a fiendish attempt to unseat Corbyn and replace him with Trump by the usual suspects (eg former Head of Mossad, Margaret Thatcher)

      • Richard Le Sarcophage says

        You only think she’s dead. She’s really just under deep cover. She’ll be back.

    • Tubularsock would support old dead Thatcher if she could unload Trump and Hillary onto “Merrie Olde England”!
      Should Tubularsock burn incense or something?

  16. reinertorheit says

    132 utterly innocent civilians were blown up today in a bomb attack in Syria. it’s not even a headline in the Graun – tucked away carefully in the Middle East section (and titled ‘dozens’ killed. I suppose 132 is eleven ‘dozens’)

    I wonder if our perception. of the the recent spate of Euro-terror means we simply can’t be bothered to look beyond the ends of our own noses?

    Priests, civilians, and pensioners are murdered by the Kiev junta and their Azov battalion every day. It suits everyone to just pretend it isn’t happening, and that Mr Poroshenko can just turn up in Brussels or Berlin as though he is not a mass-murdering despot

    • reinertorheit says

      The Graun’s Europe-section portal is leading today with a photo of the flowers outside the shopping centre in Munich, and a story that the assassin there ‘shared a birthday with Adolf Hitler”.

      The story about the hundreds of people murdered in Syria has shuffled down the roster, and will soon bump out of view entirely.

      Moral – European lives are worth more than Syrian lives by a ratio of 5:1.

  17. rtj1211 says

    Of interest is the death of Swiss national Herbert Alboth on 18th April 1990, just before the end of the ski-ing season, after he had contacted a Swiss MP suggesting he reveal all about the stay-behind. Herr Alboth was a member of the Swiss Secret Service and hence would likely know all about it…..

    It does suggest that whatever these projects may or may not have been doing, the PTB did not want elected politicians to know about it.

    Running black ops would appear to be an obvious candidate, wouldn’t it?

  18. I’m reading Richard Cottrells book on Gladio at present and it strikes me that a secret nato involvement in these attacks is not an unreasonable assumption. The attacks make little sense from the perspective of Islamic jihad but create opportunities for Western governments in various areas, not least surveillance and military spending.

    Also, something that would indicate a gladio involvement more strongly towards those aims is that there appears to be little isis activity in Russia itself. That could be because the Russians haven’t pissed them off as much as the US or it maybe that because gladio is working for US political aims against the people of Western Europe, there would be little point.

    Perhaps the RT angle is to demonstrate the unwillingness of the West to tackle the problem at all. Because the west supports isis, they could only expose themselves and their actions.

    • reinertorheit says

      that there appears to be little isis activity in Russia itself.

      Probably because they know that the Spetsnaz will come down on them like a ton of bricks if they try anything? Of course, there have been cases of Islamic terrorism in Russia (for example, a bomb attack at Park Kultury metro station – perhaps uncoincidentally the one used by staff of RIA-Novosty, Rossiya Segodnya and RT).

      However, Russia has been a handy recruiting ground for Islamic terrorist nutters for overseas operations. Bin-Laden is/was guarded by an elite bodyguard force made up entirely of Chechens. Putting a stop to this is why the Kremlin looks upon Mr Kadyrov so generously.

  19. michaelk says

    Whilst I agree with you, up to a point. I think the ‘amateur’ character of these attacks undermine the notion that they are part of a co-ordinated strategy designed to increase the power of the state by deliberately creating a climate of fear that demands that the state must step in to protect us. Whilst this is a possibility, is there really any evidence for this scenario?

    • There’s considerable evidence for the existence of Gladio B. Read the links in the article and google.

      They are amateurish I agree, but the claim that amateurishness precludes NATO involvement assumes a level of competence in our military and intelligence services I see little justification for 🙂

      • And of course the fact the attacks have created a “climate of fear” rather militates against your other point doesn’t it. 🙂

      • michaelk says

        Gladio was a well-funded and very well-organised… organisation with links to NATO and several different security services, the police, right-wing movements and crime. A nasty, but ‘useful’ cocktail. The evidence for the existance and actions of Gladio are clear. What I’m aruging is simple, that the link between these dreadful acts of ‘senseless’ terrorism and the State, several states in fact, is non-existant and based on nothing more than speculation. Things are bad and difficult enough, without sensible people handing ‘conspiracy theory nutter’ ammunition to one’s critics, on a silver platter. Because Gladio existed, it’s a huge leap to conclude that these ‘Islamist nutters’ are part of a comparable organisation controlled by western states. Are France and Germany ‘in on it too’? NATO isn’t a monolith, well, it is, but at the same time it’s riddled with conflicts which are normally hidden from public scrutiny. The Americans have unleashed a huge and bloody war in the Middle East and fiananced and armed what amounts to their own version of an Islamic Foreign Legion, but the nature of this beast is that it cannot be totally ‘under control’ because then the link to the United States would be too easily spotted, even by the most obtuse journalists. So these people are given a ‘longish leash’ to kill, destroy and create mayhem in places like Syria.

        At the same time, and here things get very complex, the Americans, and their allies, are bombing and killing ‘bad terrorists’ who live and fight right beside the ‘good terrorists.’ One could argue that one has to kill a certain number of them in order to create ‘cover’ for our support of the ‘good terrorists.’

        The dreadful killing of innocent civilians in France and Germany is, blowback, revenge for our actions and military aggression, but I don’t believe it’s somehow ‘organised’ by the state. It doesn’t have to be. There are enough ‘nutters’ out there willing to kill and pay us back, without needing to create them directly.

        Fundamentally, ‘we’ think of ourselves as ‘innocents’ involved in this war who don’t deserve to be killed. It’s a strange kind of ‘war’ though were only the civilians of the enemy are expected to die, whilst we get off free and clean. Our attitudes are perverse and illogical, based on colossal ignorance of how bloody and desructive our warfare in the Middle East really is. The public mostly hasn’t got a clue. ‘Why?’ they ask is this happening to us? As if it’s a mystery. We only want to help and reach out our hand in friendship, and some fucker chops it off in reply? This is how our ‘crusade for freedom and democracy’ is presented and sold to the public.

        Our policies are, I would argue, ‘chaotic’, in the sense that they don’t really ‘make sense’ and are internally inconsistant, which is probably why they are so incredibly destructive and bloody, and wasteful. We’re led by fools, ingnorant fools, who don’t have the brains to conspire properly or rule the world, or even realise it’s a crazed fantasy to even try.

        • The point you appear to be missing is not that these events are organised by the dark state, but that their involvement may simply amount to “letting it happen”. Whether they then choose to help these events take place via supply of munitions etc is somewhat moot. The politicians are generally ignorant of gladio, it is much deeper than that.
          In short, if they have intelligence that something is imminent, then they get to choose. The word is that both 9/11 and 7/7 were known about in advance. There were even anti-terrorism exercises taking place on the tube on 7/7. Are you seriously suggesting that with the vast intelligence resources the nato group have, that they didn’t know?
          No-one suggests that the criminals pop down to the nearest nato camp to pick up supplies. The whole thing is handled by deniable organisations. The widespread use of C4 is something of a clue. Do our forces “lose” that much explosive day to day?

        • Joe Staten says

          Spare us the “our leaders are too stupid to manage to perpetrate conspiracies” bullcrap. History proves otherwise. Conspiracies are as old as humanity. Grow up and deal.

        • Jen says

          Dear Michael K,

          The apparent amateurish nature of the attacks in France at least could actually be part of an overall plan by those who intend to profit from them in some way. These attacks seem to be escalating in the level of horror and disgust they evoke. First there was the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices, then there were the attacks in a number of venues around Paris in November 2015. Next thing you know, they start appearing in Nice (close to Italy) and then in Rouen (not far from the UK). The one thing all these perpetrators have in common is that they have been to Syria (or tried to go to Syria) as jihadis and are already known to the authorities. They have also travelled (or tried to travel) on false passports, and that phenomenon in itself should be ringing alarm bells.

          For a 19-year-old Muslim to have taken five hostages, cut a Catholic priest’s throat, do the same to another fellow and leave him (or her) for dead, then make a sermon at an altar and film himself and his buddy the whole time requires considerable chutzpah and bravado to overcome traditional Muslim beliefs, internalised since childhood, about invading places of worship and taking people’s lives. I should think the two killers were high on ice at the time.

          It should be common knowledge that, more often than not, ISIS fighters in Syria and other parts of the Middle East are doped up to the eyeballs and beyond on ice. Where do they get ice from and is it merely coincidence that in November last year a Saudi prince got busted at Beirut airport carrying 2 tonnes of amphetamines?

        • Richard Le Sarcophage says

          Daash was created by the West, and its psychotic butchers were allowed to freely travel to and from the West, without Western police interference. It’s really quite blatant.

    • Whilst this is a possibility, is there really any evidence for this scenario?

      Historical precedent. Gladio has allegedly made use of patsies many times. They are usually groomed in some dissatisfaction with their own political circumstances and given the means to take direct action. This is one of the reasons why many of the attacks feature persons of reduced mental stability.

      The Jo Cox murder is a case in sharp relief. Cui bono?

      Direct evidence? These organisations work at more than arms length, but connections can apparently be traced between incidents and movements of key known actors.

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