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VIDEO: Protesters blocked access to seats at DNC

This video, posted to Facebook and YouTube last night, apparently shows Sanders supporters from California returning to their section at the DNC, only to find seats with “Reserved” signs being put up, and a white noise machine installed to drown out their boos and protests.

If accurate, this is yet more evidence of corruption and anti-democratic tactics from the DNC.


  1. Kathleen Lowrey says

    Stupid sore loser Bernie supporters are still allowed to make faint squeaking noises in a corner, what more do they want? Anyway, Trump ooga booga! OOGA BOOGA do you hear?!

    • Watch Clinton Cash. If you would still vote for that demonic murderess after viewing you deserve each other.

  2. Shouldn’t the title be ” Protesters blocked from access to seats at DNC convention”.
    Otherwise it sounds like they were doing the blocking.

  3. rtj1211 says

    That gets done everywhere, it’s just one of those little low blows that political operators use against their opponents.

    • No. It is not done everywhere. This is America, the USA, and this is the Democratic Convention. I never, ever have attended a political rally where a white noise machine was used to block out an oppositions chants, especially not at a convention. If this your idea of democracy then you are in the wrong country and the wrong party!! We will not be complacent about this. NO.

  4. Brad Benson says

    And this morning on “Morning Joe”, they are lauding this convention and comparing it to the disunity that was seen at the Republican Convention. Not surprisingly, they also loved the military show of force on the stage last night.

    The parties have switched roles. The Democrats now love war and torture more than the Republicans. No doubt the Republican Generals will now ramp it up on their side.

    In the end, we all get more war. Hoohrah! Follow us over the abyss my friends.

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