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The Killings of Tony Blair

by Craig Murray, July 27, 2016

Tonight I am appearing at a panel discussion following the screening of the long-awaited film by George Galloway, The Killings of Tony Blair. I shall have the dubious pleasure of debating with John McTernan, who has never lacked brass neck but does deserve some credit for appearing to represent the forces of darkness before what I imagine will be a very hostile audience. The other panel members are Michael Mansfield and Lauren Booth.

The film has been predictably lambasted by the mainstream media. But it does include some very essential first hand evidence – myself apart, two other British Ambassadors tell what they themselves witnessed, as do Cabinet members. Noam Chomsky adds some important perceptions. This cannot just be dismissed by cries of “Oh look! George Galloway’s in a hat!! Remember when he was on Big Brother!!” The mainstream media’s response to this film has been unanimously puerile.

The Blair-loving Guardian gave the film two stars and called it “sanctimonious”. If one cannot express moral condemnation of a man who forced through an aggressive war, directly killing hundreds of thousands and destabilising both the Middle East and communities in Europe, and who then went on to make multiple millions of pounds promoting vicious dictatorships, then are we to suspend the very idea of ethics itself?

The Guardian subscribes to the world view propounded weekly by Nick Cohen, that to appear on an Iranian government TV channel is a far greater sin than to promote a war which killed and maimed countless thousands of small children. None of the many contributors appeared in the film under a mistaken belief that George Galloway is perfect. That George (whom I first met in Dundee in 1977) is not perfect in no way detracts from the evidence stated against Tony Blair. On Iraq, George was both right and brave. I would add that I did not for one moment consider refusing to take part on the grounds that George is a unionist.

Getting cinema screenings for an independent documentary film is extremely difficult. This is what is available so far.

Craig Murray is a former UK ambassador and a human rights activist.


  1. Mick McNulty says

    Catholicism won’t save Blair. I’m not religious but I have had a few supernatural scares so I know there’s something on the other side, and while Blair’s money will be with him for this one lifetime he has damned his soul for eternity. There are not enough human lifetimes left for him to cleanse himself. There could have been, there should have been, but it’s men like himself who will ensure that there won’t be. Now that’s a delicious irony.

  2. NeverReady says

    Don’t get too excited about Mr Murray, he advocated that we should stay in the EU. Which kind of goes against just about everything he blogs.

  3. Thanks for all your contributions, Craig Murray. I follow them with great interest and it’s wonderful to hear you will part of tonight’s event in Bradford. I can’t wait to be there and will try to say hello at the end if poss. All the best.

  4. reinertorheit says

    Rent-a-Hag Clare Shit is to be found mouthing off in the trailer to this film. Yet of course, she voted vigorously for the Iraq War, and then tried to claim she’d changed her mind later. (The lie is not that that she revised her views, but the fact that she claimed to have a mind).

    Clare Shit loves murdering people from the anonymous altitude of 30.000 feet. When NATO psychopath Javier Solana (who is still wandering free, and in urgent need of having his freedrom judicially terminated) bombed civilian targets in Serbia in 1999, Shit said: ‘This is a war, this is a serious conflict, untold horrors are being done. The propaganda machine is prolonging the war and it’s a legitimate target.’

    Nothing would induce me to watch this garbage. Full of war criminals like Clare Shit, using the opportunity to exculpate themselves from the full gory reality for which they bear full personal responsibility for life.

    Although Metro is hardly my choice of reading, it does publish a full list of the criminal filth who voted for the Iraq War here (no downloading or searching needed – the surnames are printed in alphabetical order)

    • elenits says

      I agree about Claire Short but that won’t stop me from supporting the film.

    • NeverReady says

      Clare Short certainly didn’t vote for the Iraq war, she resigned from Government as a result of the vote.

    • wikipedia says of Clare Short: “On 9 March 2003 Short repeatedly called Tony Blair ‘reckless’ in a BBC radio interview[19] and threatened to resign from the Cabinet in the event of the British government going to war with Iraq without a clear mandate from the United Nations.” And you call her “shit”? Are you describing yourself?

      • reinertorheit says

        Which part of “she voted for the Iraq War” is it that you can’t get your head around?

        Or are you saying that Hansard is lying?

        Do pass on my best wishes to your paymaster McBride. For you, the civilian population of Belgrade is just a series of ‘dots’, like they were for Harry Lime in Vienna. Your shithole Labour Party doesn’t even blink if tens of thousands of them ‘stop moving’. And your neocon sow Clare Shit described them as a ‘legitimate target’.

        You’re the people who have made Labour unelectable.

      • reinertorheit says

        Neil Clark has published an article today, in which he shows that Slobodan Milosevic has been exonerated (posthumously) of all the accusations of war crimes for which he was kidnapped and put on trial. In fact the very court which was trying him has exonerated his posthumous reputation.

        Furthermore, Clark’s article mentions that a UN Court (in 2001) officially stated that all the accusations of genocide, of which Milosevic stood accused, had been falsified.

        So how’s your assessment of Clare Shit now? The woman who claimed that bombing the TV and Radio station in Belgrade was ‘justified’??

        Will she now apologise? No, because a filthy neocon harridan like Clare Shit never apologises – even when she has the blood of tens of thousands of people on her vile New Labour hands.

  5. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Saddam Hussein was found guilty by a “Special Tribunal” of ‘crimes against humanity’ for the murder of 148 Iraqi Shi- ites in 1982, and hung in December 2006.
    The British and Americans in the meantime killed over 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens in their phoney war on Iraq because “Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction” which they were told he did not, by the UN weapons inspectors, and which they were unable to find after the invasion.
    What is there that excludes Bush/Blair/Cheney/Rumsfeld, and quite a few others, from being given the same punishment? As they say in America, “It’s a no brainer”……….

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      Some time later after Blair left office, he converted to Catholicism, presumably without the need to confess any sins, and was welcomed into the fold, by the Pope, as if nothing(like the 1,000,000 deaths) had happened, to exclude him. Funny old world, eh?

      • Quizzical says

        Profession of faith in Christ by psychopaths responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths such as Methodist Bush (the Crusader) and Catholic Blair do not seem to affect the standing of Christianity in the West, whereas all Muslims are apparently tainted by the cries of “Alahu Akbar” from a few nutcases.

        • Brian Harry, Australia says

          …….and the hypocrisy of it all is, if you are critical of anyone who is ‘Jewish’ you are automatically branded as “Anti- Semitic”………..But if you ‘bucket’ anyone who is Muslim, everyone cheers…………..It doesn’t seem fair to me, so I must be ‘Anti Semitic’??

      • reinertorheit says

        What would have been “funny” is if the Pontiff had rejected this harbinger of death. Rome has always cackled in chorus when non-Christians are slaughtered.

      • Mo says

        In a recent tv interview, Tony Blair, when referring to the illegal and murderous invasion of Iraq (one can hardly call it a war) stated that he would do it all over again. There was no repentance for the senseless slaughter of Iraqi civilians, or for the countless children maimed and killed for absolutely no reason whatsoever. This happened at a time when there was no electricity, few hospital facilities and hardly any medicine in Iraq as a result of the invasion and previous sanctions. With no sign of repentance on part of Mr Blair, how could the Pope of the Catholic church accept such a creature into its fold? Mr Blair has children. Would he like an invading force to blow them to smitherines?

        • Brian Harry, Australia says

          Blair is a Psychopath, which shows in his ‘callous unconcern for the feelings of others’, his ‘lack of remorse, shame or guilt’, displays ‘blame externalisation’. He’s insincere and shows ‘superficial charm’ together with ‘pathological lying’.
          He also has a ‘grandiose sense of self worth’, and selfishness, in his ‘parasitic lifestyle’.
          (Thanks to “Psychology Today” for those descriptions). He can’t, won’t and doesn’t want to change, and he’ll never admit he was totally wrong. Guilty none the less.

          • Richard Le Sarcophage says

            Indeed-Blair is absolutely a text-book psychopath. Evil Incarnate.

      • Mike says

        Some time later after Blair left office, he converted to Catholicism, presumably without the need to confess any sins, and was welcomed into the fold, by the Pope, as if nothing(like the 1,000,000 deaths) had happened, to exclude him. Funny old world, eh?

        If I hadn’t long ago already left the Catholic church, I would have immediately done so on Blair’s entering it. Similar to Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have Blair as a member.

        He is so insincere that I can’t really believe he believes in all the mumbo-jumbo, but if he does, then he must believe in hell-fire and damnation, and there is just a chance, I hope, that he is truly in fear of hell-fire and damnation for his many sins.

        It’s possible that the pope said to him: “Ah my son, so you invaded the Middle East, and it didn’t end well, did it. Ah well, I know how you feel. Our boys did the same in 1095 and that didn’t end well either. Just say the five Sorrowful Mysteries of The Rosary and everything will be all right. Oh, would you send Ann Widdecombe in as you go out please? I’m not going to let her off so easily. Her performance on “Strictly” was scandalous!

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