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Olympics Used as a Cold War Tool

by Margaret Kimberley, Freedom Rider

American vs Russian tennis players

Left: American athlete, on no PEDs. Right: Russian athlete, pumped full of steroids.

The United States and its allies are determined to wage war by other means against the Russian Federation. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union NATO has encroached further and further and is now on Russia’s doorstep, surrounding it with member states. In 2014 the United States instigated a coup against the elected government of Ukraine and in response the Russian Federation annexed Crimea with its citizens’ support in order to protect itself from any possible military action.

The imposition of sanctions, the expulsion of Russia from the G8 group, attacks upon Russian allied nations such as Syria, and the Saudi/United States connivance to lower the price of oil have all been used to inflict the maximum amount of damage. The western corporate media have played their obedient role and repeat every government slander against Russia. First president Vladimir Putin is demonized, then the entire country. They now refer to “Putin’s Russia” to insure that both the leader and his people are disregarded and considered unworthy of any human or international rights.

In recent months NATO has announced plans to place 31,000 troops on Russia’s borders, an act which increases the danger of war. New missiles have been located in neighboring countries and raise the risk of nuclear confrontation.

There are no bounds in this conflict. Even athletes are punished. The admission by several Russian athletes, coaches and doctors that they were involved in using or concealing the use of banned substances will result in a sparse Russian presence at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) banned every Russian track and field athlete from competition. None were given an opportunity to prove their innocence. They can only compete if they participate under a neutral Olympic flag, and not as representatives of Russia. After much debate the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that individual sports federations will determine who can and cannot go to the Rio de Janeiro games. But all Russian athletes must prove that they are “clean.”

IOC chairman Thomas Bach is himself under attack from the western corporate media for his desire to protect as he put it “individual rights.” He should be praised for his attempt at fairness but instead he is vilified as if he were Vladimir Putin.

Cheating is rampant in world class athletics. Every year athletes from all over the world are caught using banned substances. In this instance the confessed cheaters have all left Russia and will profit personally from their own wrong doing.

These decisions to single out Russia for punishment are unprecedented and are undeniably political in nature. It may seem harmless to use sports as part of the imperialist strategy, but demonization and aggression of any kind makes it likely that an actual military attack would face little opposition in western nations.

NATO countries have violated the letter and the spirit of the Olympics movement in order to carry out their goal of subjugating Russia by any and every means. It is not only a tragedy for the individuals involved, but is part of a greater danger to the entire world. The unrelenting campaign of lies against Russia must be opposed by people of conscience.


  1. elenits says

    I infer that the self-declared Russian cheaters were heavily Nulanded and are no doubt retiring from Olympic sport with fat Cayman Island accounts.

  2. this is just the opening salvo by the American ‘isolate russia’ campaign,the ultimate target is the taking away of the 2018 Moscow World Cup,which the UK will play a major propaganda role in hope of London becoming alternative hosts. . . . .
    how else could we get England to qualify ?

    • reinertorheit says

      Agreed, but ‘isolate Russia’ has been going on for the last ten years at least. Your dear former Foreign Secretary Rabid Milliband was among those first to begin hostilities (for example, by arming and funding the Georgian army to commence an attack on South Ossetia in which hundreds were killed).

  3. webbily says

    If they want to ban Russian athletes because a few have “confessed” to doping, they should also ban the ENTIRE Chinese gymnastics teams. Nobody can tell me those little 10, 11, and 12-year-old girls they put on their gymnastics teams are 16. The Chinese government gives them fake passports with fake ages and nobody questions it. Why? Because the Chinese have the Americans by the b***s financially.

    It’s full-spectrum domination. They are trying to wipe Russia off the planet. I hate to say this, but more and more, I think there is something suspect about the death of Anton Yelchin, the Russian-born actor. The story put out in the media about how he died doesn’t make any sense if you really look at it, One of the photos of the scene has stains in the driveway kind of far from where he was supposedly found, and they look like blood stains somebody tried (and failed) to clean up. There are other inconsistencies in the story, too. Simon Pegg said it was “circumstances which defy explanation.” Defy explanation unless you consider he was murdered. The Star Trek movies are major films, and in this recent one, Star Trek Beyond, Chekov (his character, the Russian) saves Kirk’s life in one scene. I am starting to think that the Americans had something to do with him dying, and that’s not a good feeling. They wanted to get rid of his character, because Chekov is a Russian and a good guy, not a member of the mafia or involved in the s** industry.

    • reinertorheit says

      That’s a lovely tinfoil hat you’re wearing.

      • webbily says

        Explain to me how you get out of your car if it’s in neutral on a hill without noticing that it’s rolling backward. If you leave your car in neutral on a hill, it starts rolling immediately. It doesn’t wait until you’re behind it. I get the Jeep gear shifter is crap, but the cops haven’t even said it was the gear shifter that caused the accident, but the media jumped all over that story. Even so, no matter how bad the gear shifter is, it doesn’t undermine physics. The driveway is not even on a “steep incline,” as the media reported. It’s more or less flat. If you leave a car in neutral on a flat surface, it rolls forward. It doesn’t roll backward. So, we’re expected to believe that on a short driveway, his car didn’t start rolling until after he got out of it, but it managed to get up enough momentum to bust into an iron gate without/ And say he was behind it — it was barreling toward him and he didn’t notice? And if said car was rolling fast enough to bust into a gate, if he wasn’t already behind it, why would he get behind it? By all accounts, he was a highly intelligent guy and not into drugs or alcohol. He was 5’9″ and 140 — you think he’d think he could stop it? That brick pillar he was found next to was not his mailbox — it holds the automatic gate arm. And nobody knows why he got out of his car in the first place. And there are suspicious-looking stains on the driveway pavement. With all that’s going on with Russia, you don’t think somebody would have a motive to kill him? He did nothing wrong — but he was Russian and Jewish — two things the Ukies hate. The Russians were proud of him. The U.S. wants to take everything away from Russia. The fact that he died amid all of this anti-Russian hysteria happening is a mite suspicious. I can’t sit and try to convince people. Simon Pegg said it himself — the circumstances defy explanation. Maybe the LAPD would have thought it was suspicious if there’d been a black guy hanging around his house.

        And those Chinese gymnasts are not old enough to compete. No thinking person looking at these little girls are old enough to compete. Not even brainwashed American sheeple. Athletes are supposed to be 16 to compete in the Olympics. The excuse the Chinese give is that “Asians look younger” — as if other countries do not have Chinese and other Asian people living there. Those girls are not 16, and they are not eligible to compete, but everyone looks the other way.

      • webbily says

        With all this crap going on with the U.S. and the Ukraine, a Russian-born actor, of whom the Russians were proud, suddenly ends up dead under frankly bizarre circumstances, and nobody thinks this is coincidental? He was Russian and Jewish, which are two things the Ukies hate the most. Believe what the MSM told you and he left his car in neutral on a hill and it didn’t start rolling until he got directly behind it.

        And those Chinese girls on the gymnastics team aren’t 16. Anyone with eyes can see that. Their excuse is that “Asians look younger,” which is ridiculous, because there Chinese people and other Asians living in other countries and their kids do not look any younger than kids of other ethnicities. The only other alternative is that these girls are being starved and injected with drugs to delay puberty, which isn’t a very pleasant thought, either.

        • reinertorheit says

          was Russian and Jewish, which are two things the Ukies hate the most

          That would be why President Poroshenko (birthname – Waltzman), outgoing Prime-Minister Yatseniuk, leading mega-‘businessman’ and commander of the ‘Azov’ Battalion of paramilitary enforcers Igor (‘Ihor’) Kolomoisky, Maidan initiator Nuland, and American Ambassador Pyatt are all…. Jewish?

          Stick to Star Trek.

      • “tinfoil hat”? We don’t encourage that kind of fact-free dismissal here. If you think Webbly is wrong or ridiculous tell him why.

        • reinertorheit says

          I’m sorry, and I apologise, Catte.

          Next time someone on these boards makes the serious suggestion that international relations between Russia and the USA are decided on the basis of plotlines in a science fiction movie, I will be sure to give these suggestions my utmost forthright credence.

          • You don’t have to give any idea credence if you don’t choose to, just critique it factually rather than with fact-free ad hom.

            And you might even try being generally less obnoxious. It couldn’t hurt and might even improve your credibility.

      • Jen says

        Unfortunately Webbily has the right to question the age of China’s Olympic Games women’s gymnastic teams: China had to return the team bronze medal won in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 after one member was found to be under-age.

        However Webbily should provide evidence that the team going to the Rio Olympics does not have any under-age gymnasts. It is possible that the training regime used in China stunts the gymnasts’ growth and development in which case we ought to question and criticise the coaching methods used and the effects on the girls’ development and long-term health.

  4. Beth D says

    If spectators on mass let it be known that they won’t be watching or attending the games unless all countries are treated equally–if they want to retest the Russians, retest everybody as we all know Russian athletes can’t be the only culprits–someone might take notice. The public plays along, but turns a blind eye to their collusion.

  5. rtj1211 says

    I do hope that the world considers carefully whether Los Angeles is the best candidate to host the 2024 summer Olympics.

    It might be a good idea to vote against all American hosting attempts in any sport until such a time as they re-enter the world of humanity, decency and probity.

    This whole ostracism of Russia started when Qatar, not the USA, was awarded World Cup 2022.

    There are assertions out there that 450 positive drugs tests for USA athletes were covered up at the Sydney Olympics.

    If that is true America can whistle for anything for as long as I live………

    • elenits says

      There’s a few other countries I’d add to that Banned-from-hosting list: Israel for one.

    • Kenneth Lindemere says

      It’ll never happen. The Olympics isn’t about sport, it’s a corrupt institution that’s about power and money.

  6. I am under the impression that Russia did not annex Crimea belligerently. Their Black Sea naval port at Sevastopol is there by long standing treaty with the Ukrainian government (20 years in 2017). It was only after Kiev underwent the pro-Western coup and Crimeans identifying as Russian were threatened, that the border was closed. The Russian troops were already in Crimea as part of the aforementioned treaty. The article should not have glossed over these details because it may lead to the belief that the annexation was a punitive or retaliatory action (invasion).

    • reinertorheit says

      Entirely correct, and the Sevastopol Black Sea Fleet of the RF was not only there by treaty – Russia paid exorbitant rental fees to the Ukrainian Government for the use of the port, coastal waters, and so forth. Russia also paid for the upkeep of roads that served the port, even though they were not obliged to do so.

      Not a shot was fired in this ‘occupation’, nor were any troops deployed. The only troops on Crimea were those based at the Naval Base (see above). There was no ‘annexation’. When the population of Crimea saw the illegal regime which had come to power in Kiev, the refused to be governed by them, or to recognise their right to govern. It was a popular overthrow of a fascist junta.

    • DavidKNZ says

      There’s lots of evidence for this, if one cares to look.
      A fellow Australian ( well almost a Kiwi ) has a home made vid which spells it out clearly

      I have on file a US Navy document calling for building renovations in Sevastapol
      dated 2013 – clear evidence of US intentions

  7. Kathleen Lowrey says

    Americans (Lance Armstrong) never (Lance Armstrong) cheat (Lance Armstrong) at (Lance Armstrong) international (Lance Armstrong) sports (Lance Armstrong) and (Lance Armstrong) hide (Lance Armstrong) it (Lance Armstrong) successfully (Lance Armstrong) for (Lance Armstrong) years (Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong).

  8. Nerevar says

    When sports became a very profitable business, nobody was arguing. Why such surprise, now?

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