The Last Dream: other people's wars (1988)

In this documentary from 1988 John Pilger looks at the complicated relationship Australians have with war


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Aug 14, 2016 6:58 PM

Thanks for sharing this film at OffG, which was very interesting to watch.
For instance, I did not know about the coup d’etat against Gough Whitlam in 1975 by the Americans and the British because he wanted “to buy back the farm”.
I found an article from John Pilger where he writes about this history of Australia in some more detail: http://johnpilger.com/articles/the-forgotten-coup-how-america-and-britain-crushed-the-government-of-their-ally-australia
That surely is revealing if you look at how recent politics are now evolving in countries like Argentina and Brazil.

Aug 14, 2016 10:56 AM

The same story can now be told about the British, utterly devoid of Empire since the 1950s.
Harold Wilson refused to go to war in Vietnam and we all know that MI5/6 sought to undermine him in office. The only question is whether they acted after briefing by the CIA….
The USA does not consider relations with the UK to be overly important, particularly when it invaded the Sovereign territory of Grenada, whose head of state was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Oops…..and no punishment resulted from it.
We went to war in Iraq, a nation we and the US had been supplying with chemical and biological weapons, because the CIA’s man had gone rogue. He represented no danger whatever in either 1990 or in 2003 to the nation of the UK.
We have recently been to bomb Libya, a country we had very good relations with until a woman PC was shot dead in London in the early 1980s, solely because America told us to. Colonel Gaddafi represented no threat to the UK militarily and his people enjoyed an excellent standard of living, something which had to be destroyed as they lived independent from Washington’s diktat.
Our politicians currently wish us to bomb Syria, whose leader was educated in Oxford and who enjoys wide popular support amongst his own people despite all the lying propaganda to the contrary in the West. His crime is to have long-term alliances with Russia and, traditionally, Turkey. He is not minded to have a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Turkey through his country, something which is not threatening the territorial integrity of the USA.
We have just agreed to spend £200bn over the lifetime of a new generation of ‘independent’ nuclear weapons, with no-one even discussing what realistic targets exist for their use. My view is that a realistic target is a primitive country with mineral assets which Western corp[orations wish to loot. At least it is realistic to threaten to use them there to get your way economically. It is certainly national suicide to consider using them against Russia, China, India, the USA or Israel, as they have rather more weapons that we will ever have. So it is a £200bn mafia payment to US companies, with no economic benefit to the UK whatsoever.
Here in Britain we have just voted to leave the EU, against the express wishes of President Obama, who sees, like all US Presidents, the EU as a US vassal for the benefit of transnational corporations.
There is strong opposition to TTIP in Britain, again something the US wishes to impose on Europe without democratic mandate. Such opposition is also strong in Europe and I have signed petitions in German language against TTIP.
The time has arrived when the world must unite against America and tell it to return to its own national borders. To get that to happen, it must also be made clear to Russia, China, India and any other potential ‘superpower’ that they are not to advance in their place……
Any chance of small nations achieving that??
If not, you can see why there are cries for political constructs like the EU, the African Union or some similar organisation for South America.
That film shows the disgusting attitudes of Americans who clearly see themselves as some master race. Their whole attitude is: ‘we have the power, so we are beyond punishment’.
Oh but the deaths of their children, not ordinary American children, but children of powerful Americans, finally taught them that they are wrong………..

Aug 13, 2016 8:37 PM

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