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A Terrifying Glimpse of What Hillary in Charge Means

by Stephen Lendman

America is a warrior nation, Hillary its most despicable exponent; her rage for war humanity’s greatest threat.  WW III is too serious a risk to allow her to succeed Obama.

She supported and encouraged all US premeditated belligerence since the 1990s Balkan wars and rape of Yugoslavia.

As secretary of state, she orchestrated war on Libya and Syria, naked aggression against both countries – devastated by mass slaughter, destruction and displacement, along with unspeakable chaos and human misery.

London’s Telegraph said her “first key task” as president, if elected, will be ordering a “full review” of America’s Syria policy to complete what she considers unfinished business, according to Jeremy Bash, her chief foreign policy advisor.

On the phony pretext of combating the scourge of ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups Washington created and supports, Bash said Hillary’s top priority is getting Assad “out of there” – meaning forcefully through escalated war, risking direct confrontation with Russia, imperial madness too unacceptable to tolerate.

A same day article called Assad a heroic defender of Syrian sovereignty, democratically elected, overwhelmingly supported by his people.

Bash, representing Hillary’s viciousness, unconscionably lied, claiming he heads “a murderous regime that violates human rights; that has violated international law; used chemical weapons against his own people; has killed hundreds of thousands of people, including tens of thousands of children.”

Hillary’s agenda, if elected, will bring “moral clarity” to the conflict, Bash added – by greater mass slaughter and destruction than already, he failed to explain.

Fact: Assad and millions of Syrians are victims of US imperialism, unrelenting savagery, mostly harming defenseless civilians – murdered, mauled and maimed in cold blood by US warplanes and Washington’s terrorist ground forces, the supreme crime against peace media scoundrels suppress.

Hillary wants escalated war, not peace, Syria entirely raped and destroyed, an Israeli rival eliminated, Iran isolated ahead of targeting it the same way –  embroiling the entire region in conflict, likely challenging Russia belligerently, risking WW III.

When lunatics run the Washington asylum, horrors follow.  Hillary deplores diplomacy, supports Washington asserting dominance forcefully, likely intends escalated war on humanity to transform all nations into US client states by whatever means it takes.

What she has in mind for Syria reveals her global foreign policy – setting the world ablaze, risking WW III with nuclear weapons.

Is this the type lunatic to trust as US president and commander-in-chief of its military?  Is her finger on the nuclear trigger acceptable?

Is endless war on humanity a tolerable US foreign policy?  Is not peace on earth, good will toward everyone a better way to go?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.   His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


  1. Adm Tech says

    It’s like Alien vs Predator – whoever wins, we lose. I’m surprised that Chomsky would throw his lot behind Hillary though, he always seemed to be a big opponent of the interventionist policies of which Hillary is a big cheerleader, both as Secretary of State and as a presidential Candidate. She is is a Rothschild-emailing CFR Neocon Globalist shill with no ideas of her own. Chomsky has lost all credibility with me if this is the case.

  2. Bring it on Hillary – We are waiting for you to make that last wrong step. Come on – show us the money. Seventy years of murdering people in countries that had no chance of defending themselves. And managing to lose all these wars anyway. Bring it on – The Bear and The Dragon are thirsty and the rest of the world will help them as well. Time to behead the “five eyes”

  3. The American people are dealing with life or death in November. if they elect Mme. Clinton, they will have chosen death and unfortunately for the rest of the World that death includes them as well.

    • You can rest assured that she WILL NOT BE “ELECTED” She WILL steal it though. If we allow it she is what we deserve.

  4. EndGame says

    If America votes for the Hillary Trainwreck then, the world suffers….guaranteed!

    So, with the election fix being in and the DNC’s Jew-Rig-Expert Debbie Wasserman Schultz STILL in charge of voting and vote manipulations, Hillary failing health is the only thing that will keep the World from turning into nuclear dust for Eternity. God will need to get involved with this one if he wants Mankind to have a shred of hope to survive.

    • Which “God”? Christian “God” teaches in Bible destruction is coming. Don’t wait for this “God” to protect us. He CAN’T. It would screw up his “armageddon”.

    • Curious Animal says

      Many churches will begin worshipping Hillary as a God instead of Jesus, if she manages to steal the election.

  5. In this topsy turvy world is there any way toward peace instead of the rattling the swords every other day? It seems that Clinton can’t wait to destroy what’s left of Syria and perhaps beyond. This is the worse election cycle, in my life, that I’ve ever seen. What are peaceful folks to do? I’ll go green but it solves nothing but my own conscious; what about all the others trusting their leader(s) to keep their lives on an even keel?

    • All we can hope is that HC goes down either for the corruptions and or the health reasons in which case Bernie would have the most remaining delegates to be our nominee. Bernie did not concede. Otherwise, God help us all.

    • “peaceful folks” should be swarming every state capital AND DC. They should REMAIN there until they get HRC removed and provide paper ballot fair election process with complete public oversight.

  6. In his book ‘’Death of the Liberal Class’’ the American writer and radical, Christopher Hedges, charts the slow disintegration of the US democratic populist tradition from the early days of the IWW, Eugene Debbs et al., and later the New Deal – and the decamping of the American intelligentsia which led that movement, across to the corporate, neo-con establishment. The death of the liberal class, meant effectively the death of opposition as publications such as the New York Times and Washington Post swore allegiance to the new doctrines of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism. Pivotal in this transition was the Clinton ascendency in the 90s. Principal ‘achievements’ were the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) described as a knife in the back of the American working class, the annulment of the Glass-Steagall, which in 1934 was designed to separate the activities of commercial and investment banks, an annulment which Goldman Sachs was only too happy to witness. The bombing and break- up of Yugoslavia which lasted for 78 days were just some of the ’gains’ from the Clinton dynasty. Looks like now we are in for more of the same.
    But the real guilt should be heaped upon the sell-out of the liberal class. The fact that so many otherwise intelligent people in positions of power and responsibility seem unable or unwilling to challenge the spurious and dangerous orthodoxies of officialdom and the ubiquitous corporate culture represents a sad state of affairs in western civilization. Once described as the Trahison de Clercs the great counter-revolution of the late 70s seems to have insinuated its way into the ideological bone-marrow of our political and cultural elite.
    The great American social and political theorist, C Wright Mills, identified this phenomenon way back in the 1950s.
    ‘’Where is the intelligentsia that is carrying on the big discourse of the western world and whose work as intellectuals is influential among parties and publics and relevant to the great decisions of our time? Where are the mass media open to such men? Where are those who are in charge of the two-party state and its ferocious military machine are alert to what goes on in the world of knowledge and reason and sensibility? Why is the free intellect so divorced from decisions of power? Why does there now prevail among the men of power such a higher and irresponsible ignorance?’’ (C Wright Mills – ‘’The Sociological Imagination’’)
    Where and why indeed.

  7. michaelk says

    Given Clinton’s dreadful, terrible, record supporting America’s recent wars and ultra-aggressive foreign policy and her wish to confront and challenge both China and Russia on their borders; it’s surprising that a leftist like Chomsky is advocating that people on the left vote for Clinton rather than Trump, as, apparently she represents the ‘lesser of two evils.’ This is odd, awfully odd. Clinton has a proven record of waging war and flooding countries in blood and mass destruction. In contrast, Trump is pure, never having had the opportunity or power to destroy any foreign country.

    We’re in an election campaign after all. In the United States. Where ‘truth’ and ‘lies’ are routinely shoved aside in favour of hyperbole, rhetoric and the campaign. What happens on the campaign trail, like Vegas, stays on the campaign trail.

    Clinton called Putin ‘Hitler’, Trump wonders why we can’t just try to ‘get on’ with the Russians. Yet, Clinto is Chomsky’s preferred candidate. It’s a puzzle.

    • Jen says

      Chomsky seems out of touch with what has happened in both the Democratic and Republican parties. He advocates that people should prefer Clinton over Trump in the White House but has yet to realise that Clinton gets a significant amount of support and funding from parties like the Koch brothers who would have supported the Republican Party if anyone else (like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz) had become the party nominee instead of Trump.

      The fact that the Republicans have usually been climate-change deniers and that Trump tends to be a skeptic on climate change issues seem to be more important to Chomsky than anything else Trump and Clinton stand for. But does Chomsky not realize that if Clinton became President, then she would pursue policies that not only lead to more war and chaos around the planet but also more pollution, and pollution that itself could affect weather patterns in the short term and climates in the long term? Pollution arising from explosions add more particles and exotic gases into the air and the upper atmosphere, and these could trap heat or affect rainfall patterns. The US military is the world’s single biggest polluter and its actions have surely done much more than individual nations or corporations to harm global environments.

      Chomsky has also misread the situation in Syria, seeing Bashar al Assad as a brutal and vicious dictator but again failing to note that the Syrian President was voted back into power in June 2014 by a large majority of those voters who were able to vote, and that Syrian parliamentary elections held in early 2016 also favoured Assad’s party.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Chomsky (along with Ed Hermann) did some great work back in the 60s and 70s, but his time is past. He’s definitely turned into a gatekeeper in recent years. Sad …

    • reinertorheit says

      Isn’t it truer to say that Shillary represents the values of everyday Americans? Ignorant, warmongering, insular haters.

      Or are we not allowed to speak the truth about that here? It is Americans who will vote Shillary into the White House – and the reason that Trump is the only ‘alternative’ is due to the hatred and thirst for war among the American public.

      • Willem says

        That combined with stupidity and corruption. Stupidity by massive propaganda of which it is hard not to be affected by. Corruption, because if it would have been the voter’s decision, it would have been Sanders as presidential candidate for the democrats in 2016, not Clinton. But this election was a fraud, as is explained here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mLpCEIGEYGSlRsV0IxV1ByXzQ/view

        And that of course combined with the DNC leaks shows to me that it is not the American public who wants Clinton as the new president of the USA, but only some crooked individuals who count votes or make them up as they go along.

        Americans seem to know that all of their elections are a fraud. Which makes it not surprising that the majority of them don’t vote at all.

        And voting is useless anyway since the candidates only come with election programs that are not solving the issues that American people are struggling with. Or do not have a deeper meaning than that ‘coca cola is it’ or that ‘camels are the cigarettes prefered by the doctors’. Which is not surprising as US elections are made by the same people who make commercials about toothpaste, beverages, and so on.

        Or worse even, as voting for a president will make you complicit in war crimes since you voted for a president who will surely commit war crimes as they all did post WWII, should be reason enough to not vote at all.

        So I would not blame the American people…

        • reinertorheit says

          So I would not blame the American people…

          Regrettably we have heard this bleat since the days of their Vietnam war. “It’s not the people – it’s the government”. The government that Americans voted for.

          If they didn’t want that government, they had the right and ability to go to the polling stations and vote for another candidate, or to vote for “none of the above” and force an annulment of the election process.

          Blaming Trump or Clinton for the ignorance and bloodthirst of the people of the USA is simply a convenience. The reality is that US foreign policy is driven by the ignorant and hateful populace of the United States of America. The troops who do the killing are Americans. The drones which fly the attack raids are piloted by gutless American scum hiding in an air force base on the other side of the planet. The orders to attack are given by a brainless American moron in the White House. The planes which commit the air raids have “United States Of America” written on their fuselages.

          The problem is THE UNITED STATES. The killers are Americans.

          • People do not want war. People want to live in peace and raise their families. Profiteers and psychopaths want war. Election fraud is a crime against the people.

          • archie1954 says

            I remember seeing recently a short video of a day in the life of a drone operator out of Houston. She remarked in the video how she just loves going to work everyday so she can kill people half a world away.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        I’d say ignorance is the bigger factor. Most of the Hellbots are unshakably convinced that Trump is the bigger danger, because the MSM say so.

      • kat says

        Bernie got 45% of vote,many many votes stolen from him.(many think he won)—I voted for Bernie,along with many others.

    • Beijing expat says

      Chompsky is controlled opposition. That’s why he is allowed on TV occasionally.

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