Brzezinski and the US national interest – a comment from Rome

by Giulietto Chiesa, Defend Democracy

In summary: separate Russia from China and set them against each other, persuading whichever of the two will agree to become a privileged partner of the US.  Easy to say but hard to achieve.  And yet it must be achieved.  Otherwise the alternative for the US will be clear and unavoidable: losing its dominant role in the world, or encountering “mutually assured destruction”.  It means engaging in a strategic battle (nuclear and otherwise) with one of the two antagonists, or both.
Aged but untamed, Zbigniew Brzezinski tackles the “catastrophic” situation of the US in an article that – like others in his career – is meant to create a lasting impression and perhaps go down in history.  It is published in ” The American Interest”.
The text takes the form of a proposal to Mrs. Hillary Clinton as the next American president.  And it is, as usual, a brilliant exhibition of raw truth, accompanied by total impudence toward the rest of the world.  Zbigniew Brzezinski the Pole remains convinced that America can do whatever she wants.  All that is required is a decision.  Of course, the situation is not good: the problem is to find the right orientation. The solution is “global realignment”.  The title leaves no room for misunderstanding: realignment of the world behind the United States, which can be achieved by putting an end to the season of “Global political Awakening”.  Brzezinski cites none other than himself, the Brzezinski of 2008 who published the equally epoch-making New York article whose obvious aim was to provide a line of action to President Barack Obama (NYT 2008,12,06).  Who in fact adopted it, with the catastrophic effect that the whole world, America included, is now experiencing.  The trick that Brzezinski suggested to Obama was not very different from what he proposed for use against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  Was America beginning to stumble?  Was the enemy becoming arrogant?  Well, let’s give him his own beautiful Vietnam and see how he likes it.  To carry out the operation it was necessary to invent and unleash Al Qaeda Islamic fundamentalists nurtured by Saudi Arabia.  It worked perfectly.  Even on September 11 2001, when former Mujadiheen were transformed into a useful cover story for “making the world safe” in a coup organized by neocons to cement the entire West around American leadership.
It was useful to distract the world’s attention from the fact – increasingly apparent – that the crisis was not deriving from the red enemy (who now was no more) but was totally internal to the so-called Western market mechanism.  And thus, it was necessary, at the same time, to create another enemy, “Islam”. Followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, (and later Libya and Syria).  This was the “realignment” of the time.  But it lasted only seven years.  After that came the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, the subprime crisis, the failure of Wall Street and the huge mountain of paper derivatives that America had scattered in all directions.  Through the “Global Political Awakening” Brzezinski (and his disciple Obama) prepared another beautiful Vietnam: this time for Europe (and, again, Russia).
This time there were “Colour Revolutions”, wherever possible. There were “Arab Springs”; there were coups (Kiev in 2014, Ankara in 2016); there was (and is) ubiquitous and widespread terror, organized (with the support of the secret services, all, one after another, controlled by the Americans, and by Mossad.  Always in the forefront, and more or less spontaneous; were (and are) the mass migrations that were moved towards Europe, and which will be intensified.  There were the massive campaigns for manipulating public opinion, through spreading disinformation.  There was the massive use of “metadata” , accompanied and complemented by social networks, monopolistically in the hands of US.  The “Global Political Awakening” was essentially the application of Chaos Theory.  The application was meant for Europe.  But all of this – and we must acknowledge that Brzezinski plan’s has worked well in Europe – has also infected America.  The chaos is not only artificial, and aimed outwards.  It is also the poisonous fruit of the mad mechanism that is the US itself.  But above all it has failed to harm external enemies.  Russia and China are still there.  And the more that time passes, the more they appear capable of “suddenly creat(ing) the conditions to make America militarily inferior”.
It is at this point that Brzezinski reappears with his new recipe for realignment.  As stated above, we are not talking here of Europe.  Europe is already dominated (or considered as such), and will obey come hell or high water.  The strategy of organized chaos, now also spontaneous, will be intensified, if necessary.  The problem is not Europe, the problem is Russia, which does not give up.  And China, which remains in the race, not even touched by the West’s crisis.  Which should one choose as tactical partner?  Here Brzezinsky loses his clarity, revealing uncertainty. American leadership, he writes, must “contain” both, with a view to eliminating one of the two.  And the most likely candidate at the moment is Russia.  But it doesn’t seem easy to force the surrender of Russia.  Equally difficult is turning China into a reliable partner.  This, at present, seems like giving a youngster on a bicycle the task of dragging an elephant.  And then there is the time factor: “in perspective – Brzezinski writes – China could become intractable in the future”.  What a mess!
This time Hillary Clinton is being left without clear instructions.  The Brzezinski recipe is not a recipe.  But it will be applied: intensification of global chaos and concentration on the offensive against Russia.

Giulietto Chiesa is one of the best known Italian journalists. He was Moscow correspondent for twenty years for “L’Unità” and “La Stampa”. He worked with all major Italian television channels, from the TG1 to TG3 and TG5 and is currently political analyst for major Russian television channels.  An expert in international politics and communications scholar, he founded the political-cultural movement “Alternativa”.  His new book, “Putinophobia” is to come out simultaneously in France and in Russia.

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J CalvertNUK

Perhaps but . . . When I read the original Zbig document and Mr Chiesa’s review of it, I had to wonder whether I had read the same one that Mr Chiesa had read. Most of the points and allegations made by Chiesa are not there in black-and-white in the Zbig document. He seems to have read an awful lot into this – seemingly from his own imagination and opinion. Who to believe? Would it be too much to expect citations etc. from such an article?


Interesting article from the Economist 1992. It’s a ‘scenario’ looking back from the future to the The Disastrous 21st Century. It tells off an uprising of Muslims in 2011 and their rage against the West. It also talks of a scenario where China and a Muslim army attacks Russia around 2050.
Now China had to decide what its relations should be with the other new great power of the 21st century. This was the force that burst upon the world, almost as explosively as a similar phenomenon had done 1,400 years earlier, out of the long-sluggish Muslim world: the New Caliphate, as amused outsiders called it until they learnt not to joke.
The failure of Muslims to match the political and economic advance of the democracies had puzzled the 19th and 20th centuries. These people had, after all, an earlier history of dazzling achievement; more recently many of them had shown great skill in science and the arts; and, since the early 20th century, their lands had contained most of the industrial world’s chief source of energy. All they lacked, it seemed, was the right combination of circumstances for organising themselves into a coherent power. That this analysis was correct was demonstrated by the results of Colonel Algosaibi’s coup in Saudi Arabia in 2011.
Algosaibi succeeded, where so many would-be unifiers of Islam had failed, because he quickly took control of almost all the Gulf’s oil; because he could point Muslims towards a new geopolitical target; and, above all, because by 2011 Muslims felt that at last they had a chance to work off their ancient resentment against the now-splintered western world.
The first victim was Turkey, a country accused of betraying its fellow Muslims in pursuit of the false western idea of democracy. A bungled British-French expedition to Antioch (2014) failed to prevent the invasion of Turkey. The forces of the New Caliphate swept up to the Bosporus and, in the War of the Sanjak (2016), established their first bridgehead in south-eastern Europe.
The main target, however, was the decaying corpse of Russia, itself a fragment of the broken Soviet Union; and here the New Caliphate found the basis for the alliance with China that was to shape the next two centuries. The Chinese wanted to recover the Siberian territories they had lost to Russia in the “unequal treaties” of the 19th century. The new Muslim power started by wanting to remove the last Russian influence from the Muslim southern parts of the ex-Soviet Union; and then, having achieved that, found itself pushing still farther north. China supplied most of the weapons the Caliphate needed. The Caliphate provided China with a secure western flank.
By the mid-21st century, all this had been accomplished, because there was nobody to forbid it. The Americans politely repeated that the rest of the world was no business of theirs. The West Europeans, divided, isolated from America, and shocked by the Antioch disaster, did not intervene. India, intimidated by the new Muslim power and weakened by the secession of some of its north-western states, was helpless. Africa south of the Sahara had for the moment vanished out of history.
I have scans of the original article as it appeared in the Economist.

Secret Agent
Secret Agent

It’s too late. The train has left the station. Russia and China see their future as partners as the Americans, under Brezinski’s tutelage, have established themselves as duplitious assholes.
Who would ever be fool enough to believe them or trust them again.
We can see the new new world order shaping up based on the China Russia axis. Iran and India are talking. Pakistan is also interested. Turkey, in a colossal loss to NATO and the American Imperium, has broken ranks and will drift into the SCO orbit.
BigZ’s plan for Obama was clever but it put too much pressure on Europe. Where deftness was required, America used a bludgeon. The European vassal states have begun to question the value of their relationship with America.
Brezinski’s new plan to partner with either Russia or China while destroying the other is the last option America has for war. Problem is, it ain’t gonna happen. America has nothing to offer, and a bad reputation. Anyway, the ever savvy Brits have occupied this niche. That’s why they left the EU.
America really only has 2 options now. Nuclear war with Russia AND China, or join the new new world order as an equal, and that’s what the American election is about this year.


I am sickened to the core by the callous hatred and finger-pointing witchery I’ve seen on this site today.
Particularly by the Chief Witch and Child-Hater, Catte – the so-called “moderator” on this site (the co-author of anonymous posts, laughing at a boy who was pulled out of bomb wreckage in Syria. There are no words to describe the despicable inhuman hatred behind gobshite of this kind.
It’s a pity, because what started so promisingly has turned into a pile of shit.
So I am leaving this site with immedate effect. There are a number of you here who have been friends and comrades, and I salute you as I leave – you know who you are.
And to Catte – fuck you, you hatemongering shitty witch.

Joe Staten
Joe Staten

Oh no. Words can’t convey how much we will miss your mature commentary.
Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

jack garbo (@Seua2557)

OK, that’s the infantile rant. Now give us the adult examples.


See also:
„Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“ https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/geo-politics-the-core-of-crisis-and-chaos-the-nightmares-of-the-us-power-elite/
Andreas Schlüter
Berlin, Germany


What a ridiculous insane man Brzezinski is. I do hope he doesn’t have any children, as were I his child, I would give an interview to every major US network saying it would be a service to the world for my father to be brutally murdered.
The man needs to go to war himself. He is the typical imperialist coward, in the vein of Andrew Roberts, Niall Ferguson et al, who have never seen military service, extol virtuously about the supposed wonders of British conquest in the 19th century and make darn sure that their children never risk getting their legs blown off in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else.
I am a strong believer in having people like Brzezinski have their legs blown off by IEDs. It’s the only way to teach them what war is really about. For him it is a chessboard with millions of people inanimate pawns, knights and rooks. He needs to learn that war is about mass human misery, suffering death and insanity. The best way for him to learn that is for all his children to die, however it is unethical to assume that his children are evil just because he is. They should be spared, but he should not…….assuming any woman could turn a blind enough eye to his inhumanity to want to spawn children with him………
Please don’t say I am inhuman. I have campaigned all my life against wars whilst Brzezinski has seen acceptable collateral damage as his favoured military terminology. I propose mutilating one inhuman psychopath, whereas he was sanguine about murdering millions.
No amount of propaganda can compare those two positions.


I do hope he doesn’t have any children

Unless you poison their nests, cockroaches breed at an alarming rate. Brzezinski is no exception.
One of his pestlient brood, Mark Brzezinski, has been promoted in the Barry O’Bomber administration, as US Ambassador to Sweden. He has no diplomatic training whatsoever.
His daughter Mika Brzezinski is a TV presenter for MSNBC.
His douchebag son Ian Brzezinski is – no surprise – a senior NATO warmonger, as well as holding a job on the Atlantic Council. Ian has been particularly virulent in spreading evil and mayhem – he has responsibilities for the expansion of NATO towards Russia’s borders.
If only their nest had been poisoned in due and proper time. No doubt 2-3 further generations of Brzezinski cockroaches are already due to hatch.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

There’s no chance of people like Brzezinski or Kissinger getting their legs blown off. They start the wars and the (young) people have to fight them because, “Military men are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns in Foreign Policy”………..Henry Kissinger(War Criminal)


Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.


Brzezinski is generally thought of as a realist in geopolitics but his latest pronouncements seem more akin to crackpot neo-con theories. Firstly does he really imagine that the Chinese and Russians are going to fight each other at the convenience of the US. This really stretches credulity to breaking point. So he is left with a war on two fronts. Wars on two fronts are rarely successful, just ask the Germans who tried it in 1914 and 1939. He then assumes that the people of the US and a fortiori Europe (with the exception of Poland) can actually be enthused and mobilised for such a war. Is this realistic? . A more realistic assessment of US hegemonic ambitions, however, is that of the conservative realist, Professor John Gray of the London School of Economics.
“First, [Pax Americana] presupposes that the US has the economic strength to support the imperial role it entails. Second, it assumes that the US has the will to sustain it. Third, it requires that the rest of the world be ready to accept it. It is questionable whether any of these conditions can be met.”
Even if the Anglo-Zoinists could convince their populations of the need for the ultimate military adventure, a simultaneous war against Russia and China would be a massive gamble with only a 50-50 chance of succeeding and then at a massive cost. It would make ‘pyrrhic victory’ a huge understatement.
So the Americans are left with regime change; mobilising the 5th column inside both countries in order to bring them into line with US hegemonic ambitions. Problem is the more they try this the more the respective populations get behind their leaderships. Moreover, regime change requires more than psychological warfare, it also involves bombing and military intervention, so on its own psy-ops and soft power is not going to work.
From the Russian viewpoint the Anglo-zionist empire is hostile to the very existence of Russia. Mr B has gone on record that the Russian Federation is to be conquered and then broken up. Very reminiscent of Hitler’s view prior to Barbarossa: ‘We have only to kick the door in and the whole rotten structure would come tumbling down’. Well the whole rotten structure did indeed come tumbling down only it was the Third Reich, not the USSR.
These are dangerous times and if the US war party continues to drive towards an outright conflict it seems that Russia has the following alternatives.
Outright surrender and colonization to the Anglo-Zionists.
Do nothing whilst the Americans upgrade their missile system on Russia’ borders with a view to creating a very real first strike capacity.
Game theory Russia must strike first and destroy these bases in Eastern Europe without triggering a nuclear exchange with the US.
Will the US be prepared to sacrifice its cities and peoples for Romania and Poland? Is Article 5 a bluff. I hope we will neve have to find out, but it may come to that.


Brzezinski is generally thought of as a realist in geopolitics
Thought by whom? He is an insane warmongering fascist, and always has been. We are talking here about the man who organised the distribution of US weapons to the Afghan mujahadeen, How did that “realism” end up???
He’s a discredited blowhard, a madman, and embittered Pole who would send the US Air Force on a suicide mission if it resulted in a Russian pensioner’s shopping bag splitting, and spilling her potatoes all over the main street of Obninsk.
Out and out crazy, and always has been. A dangerous ignorant and lunatic man.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

The USA thought they could easily beat the Vietnamese, but those tough little people kicked their arses out of their country. What hope would the USA have against Russia AND China? Chairman Mao bluntly told Richard Nixon that if America and China went to war the Americans could never win because of the 1.5 Billion vs 300 million, would ensure victory. Mao was not worried about losing Millions of his countrymen at all.

jack garbo (@Seua2557)

As usual the US military lost the war, but the US defense industry and its beneficiaries won the war, as usual. The Americans finally worked it out: wars don’t need to be won, only waged.

Kenneth Lindemere
Kenneth Lindemere

Where did you find such a great picture of Kissinger?

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

I think reinertorheit as using Peter Sellers character to satirize US Pentagon General Curtis(Bombs away)Le May, who wanted to Bomb the Vietnamese back into the Stone Age, after openly bragging that the USA had destroyed 90% of the buildings and killed 20% of the people in the Korean War.


Actually I am using the ‘Dr Strangelove’ image to satirise Zbigniew Brzezinski – an insane cold-war bigot and warmonger, responsible for the creation and founding of the mujahadeen in Afghanistan. He armed these psychopathic loonies for one reason only – they were ready to fight the Red Army in Afghanistan. As a Pole, the psychotic Brzezinski could justify anything, if Russians died in consquence.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

Yeah. I figured that out. Brzezinski is just another Neocon/Zionist war criminal psychopath.