An ID for "Mahmoud Raslan"

updated 23/08/16 to include video

We’ve been sent a link to what looks to be the “Mahmoud Raslan” named in the AP piece as a “photo-journalist for Al-Jazeera Mubasher.” Here’s a screencap of page:
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 15.01.33
Here he is in a screencap from the video (bottom left & right) wearing a distinctive blue patterned shirt, and again, wearing the same shirt (top left) with some men who very closely resemble the “rebels” filmed tormenting a 12-year old boy before cutting off his head.
And here’s a screen cap from his personal Facebook accountc-child-beheaders
And here he is with some colleagues, hanging out in the usual style of reputable photo-journalists just doin’ their job.

So, the alleged event the MSM are doing their best to make a catalyst for more Western intervention in Syria, was filmed by friends of al Nusra, and its chief witness seems to be an associate of the worst and most depraved murderers in the region.
Is there any independent confirmation that this video is showing what it claims to show? Do we positively know the little boy was hurt by a bomb and not by any of his handlers?
Maybe those misguided people currently chiding and insulting us for daring to question the video should turn their attention to the real issues here. The boy in the video is fortunately alive. The one beheaded by Mahmoud Raslan’s chums is not. If your outrage is real and not feigned – turn it where it deserves to be.

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a question!
Is the opposition in your country may appear on the streets with a gun?
Is the opposition in the country can have tanks?
Is the opposition in your country can appear in the streets with tanks and army attack your country?
Why is the opposition between people in cities live?
Does this strategy is defensive killed ordinary people?
Why not fight the opposition outside cities?
And again I ask the question …
Is the opposition in your country may appear on the streets with a gun?
And whether the government in embryos when you give up? And country delivered to opposition?


As a friend:
The picture on the top right,
An image of a boy and terrorists are seen,
Mohamed Raslan is on Facebook.
And he called on her Facebook page his supporters. (12-year-old son’s head cut off terrorist group)
So even if the upper left of the image in Photoshop, can not reject pro-Mohamed Raslan of the terrorist group.
And more important question,
Why only news media like CNN Syrian boy was wounded in the bombing, his reflection?
Why the media such as CNN about a boy who was beheaded in Aleppo said nothing?
Broadcasters such as CNN beheaded because the child did not cry? Dear Professor communications ?????
Persuasion ???????????
Highlighting the news !!!!!!
So you know you’re communicating a master of persuasion What does it mean?
What is the attraction in the news?
You know what the news informed choice?
And you know what balance of positive and negative in the news?
You know what that is hurting people crying woman entrepreneur?
You know how you can hurt people’s feelings?
But the benefit of that?
Saudi Arabia?
With this win the support of public opinion CNN news media bias in favor of the terrorist group Islamic State.
Why not play media such as CNN news Aleppo boy?
Since then it has been supported Bashar al-Assad?
After more important than the news of opposition to Assad was beheaded the boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This proves that the people and the pain does not matter
Whether the operator could not beheaded the child’s cry Aleppo ??????
CNN news that matters to their policies approved.
Naive, believing selected news, without thinking about government policies.
My friends!
Think of this as news of the boy’s Aleppo as Syrian boy was not highlighted?
The highlight of the period was over, my friend.


Good grief!


LOL – this website didn’t produce the photos. They were on Raslan’s Facebook page. The man admires al Nusra and calls child-murderers “first rate” men. Even if he shopped himself into the pix it makes no diff. He’s a terrorist and the MSM were calling him a hero. They’re exposed as dupes or worse than that.


Give me a #[email protected]$^#! break! Either this is an incredibly dishonest piece of “reporting”, or you are some of the most naive people in the world. I am a communications manager who regularly uses Photoshop for my work. The top left photo that purportedly shows Raslan with militants is a terrible fake. Look closely at several of the elements. The bandanna is unusually bright compared to the rest of the photo, has jagged edges along the bottom that indicate that it was manually cut, and does not have the hint of a shadow that would appear either on the top or bottom. The cloth around his neck was placed there for a very simple reason: the person editing the photo either wasn’t very good at it, or didn’t have time to correctly align the head and body. Look for where there should be a shadow on the right side of it, where it balloons out from his neck, and also notice how no hairs from his beard are visible over it. A telltale vertical distortion appears on the left side against his neck. The scarf also enabled the editor to then easily extract portions of the blue shirt and re-position them to match the photo from the ambulance.
All of this is even clearer if you right click the photo and open it in a new tab to see it in full color. Again, this is blatantly dishonest, and it’s incredible that people are actually believing it.


Errr…two different guys both claiming to be Photoshop experts, both posting almost identical comments a few mins apart??? Anyone think this is a coincidence?
FYI “Stephen” – the photos are on the guy’s own Facebook page! So nice try but no sale.


As Janey already said, the image you’re talking about was taken from Mahmoud Raslan’s personal FB page, so unless he’s been photoshopping his own pictures for some reason, your analysis is unlikely to be correct and doesn’t change the fact that Raslan is on record describing himself as an admirer and ally of the men who beheaded a 12 year old boy.


shame on you Mahmoud Raslan
shame on you Saudi Arabia
shame on you CNN
lyier !!!!!!!!
CNN ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this media?
Media truthful ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Professional media ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the claim
Fetal mistakes ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unbelievable this Fetal mistakes ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a mistake from media such as CNN that allegations of so unlikely?
Information and the media are allowed in the free world can not do such a scenario that the people write about?
This insult to the intelligence and understanding of human beings.
Playing with the feelings of human beings.
You’ve to make a choice in the news.
why ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is behind this scenario? CNN !!!
Why the news about the beheadings of Syrian children by the media did not reflect you?
You who claim to be free of state and media in the world is unlikely to appear?
Terrorism and human task and feel like Mahmoud Raslan and his dunce or a country like Saudi Arabia’s history and background are clear.
The barren desert is expected to grow roses.
But the thorns grow in the country like you who claim to be defenders of human rights are unlikely to be?
Sorry for
If I had written wrong
I do not claim to professionalism

Salman Wajid
Salman Wajid

saudi dubai qatar kuwait etc. shame on u n al the othr muslim nations
one day wen u’l die, ur arrogance, self conceit, ego, ur wealth, ur gold, nothing’s gonna cum along
Dis little boy is lyk a big slap on al ur faces u fcking date palms !


Surprised there isn’t a product placement in the image. Cynicism aside, those that peddle and publish such imagery fully understand the depravity of their actions. How do those that trade in such lies live with themselves, knowing what they are aiding and abetting?

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

Yet more evidence that these insanely evil butchers MUST be extirpated, as a warning to other such vermin, and to make sure these particular scum do not live to saw off another child’s head.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Thanks for the link, falce. PCR nails it once again!
I would add only one thing, a propos his question, “So where is the left?” I think a lot of the 60s radical types, as they got a bit older, tired of the hard living that came along with being a true radicals. So, taking comfort in Gramsci’s old strategy of making “the long march through the institutions,” they basically gave up, joined the system, and consoled themselves with the idea that they were somehow doing good by doing well. But instead of capturing control of the institutions they entered, those institutions captured control of them. Now they are hostages to them, and must fight to keep them alive, however evil and decrepit they may be. Why? Because they simply can’t live without them. They are now like tiny little ticks on the body of a dying beast. So, in and increasingly desperate bid to convince themselves that they are still on the side of the just, they cling to an empty and morally bankrupt political correctness, peremptorily labeling all their critics and opponents as ‘racists’, and justifying whatever the system does.


Thats rite the washington consensus/pressitute has been busted again. Unfortunately like most of their propaganda pieces it never gets exposed or given any credence from the propagandist. The west is just like zombies the only semblance of existence is they continue to eat drink and defecate and consume. So on with their propaganda pieces and then throw in the presidential novella then the exposure of lies just gets wrapped in todays fish. Will the western civilians ever wake up. Heres hoping . Old Italian saying ‘HE WHO LIVES IN HOPE DIES A DESPERATE MAN’. Action is needed and more civilian dissidents must be organised. The Chinese ,Iranians and Russians r not listening to the Washington consensus any longer.It appears they r now taking the ball and bat and r starting to dictate some reason and humanity to the rest of the west . CITIZENS WAKE UP CAUSE WE R ENTERING A NEW PARADIGM. the sooner we realise it and stop with these western cabalist the better for all.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Good work, Off-Guardian! I’m so proud of you all, breaking this story and solving the mystery (with the help of our dedicated commenters, of course). It’s a sick world we live in, where the same people who exploit the (putatitive) suffering of a (supposedly) wounded child would turn around and finance takfiri jihadi groups that would behead another small child. Just disgusting …


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steven chovanec

AP named him as working with Al-Jazeera? can you provide the link for that?


The “Al Jazeera” ref seems to have been pulled from the full AP article. But it’s still there on their quotations page
Here’s a screen cap of how the article now reads:

And the exerpted quote on their quotations page:

It’s been repeated in virtually every news story that used the AP source. For instance this BBC report.


“Raslan gave the child to a rescue worker, who rushed him to the ambulance” … where he promptly left him unattended. :/

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

The ‘wounds’ and ‘blood’ were probably faked, or perhaps the jihadists slashed the child’s head themselves. Al-Jazeera is a propaganda organ for the jihadists, long and often caught faking ‘news’.


Thank God real journalism still exists !!
Merci Off-Guardian & Merci ‘M”.


I’ll turn it where it deserves to be, against those nations that deceitfully and hypocritically support and fund these human monsters. Hear that Obama?

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

The operatives in Operation Phoenix, the Nicaraguan Contras, Operation Condor in Latin America, the murderous graduates of the ‘School of the Americas’, etc, were all also ‘human monsters’ and all creations of the USA. However, this incarnation, driven by the genocidal barbarism of the Saud family death-cult, Wahhabism, is Evil to a new and utterly unprecedented extent and depth. Something truly diabolical has been unleashed and must be exterminated, no matter what the cost. As for the Western MSM and other propagandists for this Satanic depravity, what do we do with such evil hypocrites?


There was a video claiming to be a funeral for several Syrian kids, probably about 4 years ago, posted by the Guardian. Again care of ‘activists’.
In it you see pale faced kids surrounded by adults crying, along with another child. When someone posted that one of the mourners could be seen laughing the Guardian deleted their comment. I posted the same and again deleted. Also all the supposed victims kids had cotton wool or something stuffed in their mouths?? I’m trying to find that video at the moment but it seems a lot of the early stuff is being removed or being ranked very low on search engines.


Guardian journalists belong in jail for propagandising for known terrorist groups, just like Anjem Choudary was jailed a few days ago.
They are only protected at the moment because our government supports those same terrorists.


Try clicking on the link – I get a blank screen now ! Same happened on link provided on this excellent article on Moon of Alabama
The “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt


That was not the case here. The little boy is no paid actor!

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

No, Archie-he’s a little boy either injured, by who knows who, or deliberately slashed by the jihadists, or is sitting there wondering why the bearded, gibbering, jihadist thug has just rubbed dust over him, and some stick, red, substance over his head and hands.


Oh for goodness sake! That is definitely pushing the envelope and that scenario is not even the least bit credible.


Tell my why it’s not entirely possible that the terrorist linked group that produced the video faked it.


Did you look carefully at the child’s face? One of his eyes is injured!


It really does not look injured. As a nurse I can tell you eye injuries swell and bruise almost immediately. There’s no swelling visible there. I’ve never seen any kind of trauma produce that strange drooping effect. It looks more like the aftermath of a stroke or paralysis, which is obviously impossible, or some sort of bad make up.
Also bear in mind the “doctors” who treated him said he only had scalp abrasions. Nothing about an eye injury.


Oh please! Your explanation is too much


I don’t see any eye injury.


Reading glasses anyone?

Captain Kemlo
Captain Kemlo

Oh, yes. As warned on these pages, the propaganda war is stirring again. Don’t the MSM have no shame.

Paul Smyth

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