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French General Calls for NATO’s Liquidation


NATO’s present format and the alliance’s continuing expansion eastward is beneficial only to the United States, which seeks to keep Russia and Europe at odds, says retired French Army General Jean-Bernard Pinatel. Accordingly, he suggests the alliance be liquidated or ‘Europeanized’, and the creation of a European-Russian alliance against terror.

Interviewed by Le Figaro, Pinatel, a retired officer who now works as an expert in geopolitics and economic intelligence, recalled that if Russia and the European countries had succeeded in forming an alliance in the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, they would have been able to effectively challenge US pretentions to global hegemony.

Now, the retired general emphasized, the threat of radical Islamist terrorism has once against opened a discussion on global leadership, and whether the US truly deserves its hegemonic position in Europe. According to Pinatel, the spate of attacks in Europe has clearly demonstrated to the French, and to other NATO members, that the US-led alliance is helpless in the struggle against the terrorist threat.

Moreover, against the background of NATO’s ineffectiveness is the example being set by Moscow, which, according to the expert, is once again forcing the French to consider an alliance with their eastern neighbor.

“This evidence, obtained at the cost of 234 civilians killed and 671 wounded since 2012, should not only jolt NATO, but lead to its total liquidation, or its full Europeanization, since the current policy of the alliance serves only interests which are not those of France,” Pinatel noted.

The general also recalled that Russia has repeatedly proposed cooperation with the United States in a coordinated campaign in Syria against Daesh and the Nusra Front terrorists, but has been refused, under the pretext that the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ still had potential.

As a result, he noted, the Middle East is witnessing the formation of a new equilibrium. “Russia, which has always been present in the region historically, is returning there once again. China, for the first time, is also actively poking its nose in the region. And only France, having once been privileged with the position of mediator, has lost everything under the patronage of the United States.”

The officer emphasized that he believes that Russian and French geostrategic and economic interests are “completely complementary” to one another, and that the history of the two countries has shown periods of fruitful cooperation and friendship, most recently during the Second World War.

Ultimately, “the US desire to return the atmosphere of the Cold War to Europe is being carried out through NATO, and serves the interests of the Americans, as well as incompetent and corrupt European leaders,” not those of the European people, Pinatel concluded.

July 30, 2016


  1. John says

    If it is the case that the US calls the shots within NATO and that Israel calls the shots within the US, that must mean – indirectly – that Israel is calling the shots within NATO through their tribute-paying lackey, the US.
    Are NATO member states happy about being the unwitting servants of Israel?

  2. C. Canuck says

    Just seems to me that the biggest benefactor of NATO aggression has been Israel, we have seen the video of Nutty Netanyahu bragging that he can move USA anyway he wants, we have seen the video of Nutty Netanyahu speaking to the USA congress and getting standing ovations everytime he paused for breath. Yes indeed USA tells NATO where and when to kill, it is Israel that dictates to USA what to do.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “Like”. It must be SO embarrassing for the American people, to see the USA led around by Israel, like a donkey with a ring through its nose.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Embarrassing it is. We live under an Israeli occupied government.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      As Ariel Sharon bragged, ‘We, the Jewish people, control America’. But it’s also Canada, France, Germany, Australia and much else besides. There are secret clauses in both the TPP and TTIP, outlawing the BDS movement.

    • Disagree. Always thought that the “Israel directs US” story is backwards. More plausible is that the US promotes this myth to plausibly deny its own actions. The tiny Israel bullies the gigantic US? Israel is the US attack dog in the Middle East, but it’s only a dog.

      • John says

        In the past, you might have been right but even starting with the blackmailing of Harry S. Truman onwards, Israel has been increasingly calling the shots within the US political elite. True, AIPAC have not always been as influential in recent times as they would have liked but can anyone seriously imagine any member of the US Congress or Senate proposing any reduction in the financial tribute currently paid by Washington to Tel Aviv? Any US politician who even thought about – let alone proposed – such a course of action would be committing the equivalent of political suicide.
        It is probable that Israel was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his replacement as President by Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1967, after Israeli naval and air forces attacked and almost sunk the USS Liberty, what did LBJ do about it? He conspired in – and possibly led – the coverup of the event.
        Nixon and Kissinger buckled under Israeli and zionist domestic pressure in 1983, ensuring that Israel had all the military hardware it wanted and that a US $ 1 billion stockpile of weapons and munitions would be available locally to Israel for use in their subsequent murderous attacks against Gaza.
        From the invasion of Iraq under the Bushes to the equally unwarranted assaults on Libya and Syria, the US has been permanently involved in promoting the Yinon Plan in pursuit of Israel’s Eretz (Greater) Yisrael strategy.
        Today, US foreign policy is all largely geared towards forwarding and achieving Israel’s objectives.
        The US has racked up US $ 20 Trillion in debt and lost and maimed the lives of countless young Americans, while depriving the quality of life for all US citizens by squandering their inheritance for a mess of Israeli potage.
        Whoever wins the presidential race in November, Nutty will be looking forward to a US President with a daughter married to an ultra-orthodox Jew. From his perspective, what’s not to like about the next President?
        Out of 9 US Supreme Court Justices, 4 are Jewish and supporters of Israel.
        The US mass media is largely controlled by Jews, pro-zionists and neo-traitors who are loyal to Israel first.
        It is not racist to point to the dominance of Israel over the US domestically inside America.
        You have to face the incontrovertible facts.
        Israel is not accountable to the USA.
        It is the other way around.

  3. Kenneth Lindemere says

    This further fracturing of the US stranglehold on Europe is going to ruffle a few feathers in Washington. They’ve gone to all the trouble and expense over the last few decades of creating a situation that they thought would firmly subjugate the continent to American hegemony, yet Russia’s diplomacy is slowly winning.

  4. Well that former general sure tells it the way he sees it. He is right of course and the weak kneed European leaders know it, but are too timid to deal with a rogue America. I know full well that General De Gaulle would have belled that particular cat long before this juncture. What the World requires is someone strong enough (like another Putin) to tell the US to go peddle its warmongering and foolish sanctions elsewhere. Who will it be? Maybe an Eastern European leader, maybe a new leader still to be elected in Western Europe or maybe someone else altogether!

    • It won’t happen as the US has a hidden financial stranglehold on the EU that the befuddled people of the EU know nothing about.

      Example the US/uk Elite has (c) $8Trillion sitting with Saudi Arabia (who’s more accurate name is Exxon) so in January “Exxon” AKA Saudi Arabia sold off $1Trillion of stocks in the Chinese stock market Beijing – this was a warning slap in the face to China for moves to take the Yuan to hard currency status.

      Now think of EU – US went nuts on BREXIT as the UK tool to control the EU got weaker but the US/uk Elite have maybe $100 Trillion up their sleeves to blackmail the EU leaders with. This is a long & complicated fight against a very evil & determined Mafia.

      Globally people need to reject US Corp goods & using dollars & that is a long road. Next time you buy an iPhone or a Coke – think…….

  5. Brian Harry, Australia says

    I think this French guy is right. It seems NATO is not there to defend Europe any more, but to push its way into Russia, after having been put to work for the Americans in Afghanistan. I think the world would do well to withdraw its support for the American “Military Industrial Complex”.
    “Jaw Jaw is better than War War”.

    • rtj1211 says

      It’s quite high in the UK too, it’s just not high with the politicians, the media prostitutes and the defence spokespeople……

      • James Carless says

        Could you imagine the response of the MSM if Jeremy Corbyn even inferred that he’d read this !
        They’d be scraping the Brylcream off Owen Slimey Smith’s head to oil the wheels of the rack in the Tower of London before he could say ” if I was leader of the Labour Party, I’d negotiate with ISIS……..or drop Trident on them ……or …… ?”
        The best defence for Poland,the Baltic States or the Ukrainian nutjobs,is to tell them openly “if you start poking the Russian Bear,don’t come crying for suicidal back up,clean up your own shit”.

  6. John says

    This is all uncertain but France and Russia had a very strong relationship prior to the First World War.
    Arguably, German was concerned about the strength of that relationship on both their East and West borders.
    This situation also arguably contributed to a sense of being surrounded and constrained, and helped lead to war.
    If any such relationship between Europe and Russia is to be formed, German interests will have to lie at its heart.
    A simpler solution might be to incorporate Russia more fully into Interpol and to strengthen Interpol’s effectiveness.

    • rtj1211 says

      Given the historical troubles for the Eastern Europeans when the Germans and the Russians argue, I would posit that the interests of Poland, the Baltic States, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine have to be central.

      That may not be possible before 2030, but protecting the sovereign interests of these smaller nations has to come first……

      • archie1954 says

        Yes, but the question is how to do that. NATO is not the answer unless you remove the non European members. Both the US and Canada have to go. Let Europeans defend themselves. Without the two interlopers, Europe will do what it would have done in the early 1990s and that is invite Russia to join. End of Made in America security problems!

        • Seamus Padraig says

          Yes! Please kick us out of NATO. It’s time our boys came home.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            Way too many young, gullible American soldiers have died fighting ‘Patriotic Wars’ started by their lying politicians, and millions of peasant people in those countries died, simply trying to live in peace.

            • John says

              One of the reasons young men and women enlist in the US and other armed forces is because they come from areas of high socio-economic deprivation. If they do not join their army, navy or air forces, they will probably end up just rotting away in some tiny little town where there are zero prospects of any kind of a decent life.
              The same is probably true of the young men and women on the other side too.
              It is always the rich who start the wars but the children of the poor who end up fighting and dying in them.

              • Brian Harry, Australia says

                “Like”. I agree. It’s also the reason why so many American poor people resort to selling drugs, as their employment prospects decreased after NAFTA.
                America’s rulers couldn’t care less about the American people.

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