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VIDEO: Poroshenko pledges to raise Ukrainian flag over Crimean Peninsula

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stood alongside a daughter of the Ukrainian hero Volodymyr Rybak, Maria Rybak, when he participated in an annual flag-raising ceremony in Kiev on the National Flag Day, Tuesday.


  1. Alabama Mothman says

    And Putin says “like hell you will”. Who do you believe.

  2. Eric_B says

    How long can this so-called state run by delusional criminals survive. IMF money has been cut off now.

    • Secret Agent says

      I heard the European Central Bank was buying Ukie bonds for cash and that’s what keeps them afloat. That’s how they pay for the army.

  3. chrisb says

    Echoes of the Argentine claims to the Falkland Islands, the main difference being that the Crimea was already inhabited when taken over by the Russian Empire.

    • passerby says

      Very similar. In 2013 the Falklands had a referendum, where 99.8% voted for British rule. It’s Crimea all over.

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