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VIDEO: MSNBC Censor Trump Supporter to Preserve Narrative

This short video is very revealing, when confronted with a black Trump voter calling for people to “stop with all the race-baiting”, they simply cut his mic off and immediately move to undermine and disparage his position.

Just like the European Referendum in Britain, the media is determined to limit this election – and especially the Trump campaign – to racism and racial politics.

Anyone diverting from this narrative will be censored immediately.


  1. V for Vendetta says

    What a dismissive piece of human excrement…these liberal media Hillary campaigners are every bit part of the problem we see in our streets, our neighborhoods and our schools…when times get tough, they will have nowhere to hide.

  2. Seamus Padraig says

    While Trump has made disparaging remarks about Mexicans and Moslems, he has never AFAIK disparaged Blacks. In fact, he’s been actively courting their support, recently asking them, “What the hell have you got to lose [by voting for me]?” He knows that the Democratic Party takes them for granted, just as the Republican Party once took working-class Whites for granted. He also knows that many Blacks oppose immigration for the same reason that many working-class Whites do. This is an issue that could potentially drive a wedge between lower-class Blacks and the Democratic Party.

  3. ultra909 says

    Assange could release video of HRC barbecuing orphans and the MSM would brush it off as sexism from Trump.

    Having said that, contrary to popular belief Americans aren’t necessarily any dumber than Brits and an obviously biased media could well deliver a Mr Brexit style surprise come November.

  4. rtj1211 says

    So you are saying that America is a totalitarian state-propaganda-controlled nation.

    How on earth can that disgusting country called Russia be any worse?!

    • Secret Agent says

      Being a warmonger is like being an alcoholic. The first step to recovery is that you need to admit you have A problem.

  5. I’m ironically banking on Julian Assange to get Clinton behind bars before November so we don’t have to get screwed over by MSM dictating who the US President will be.

    Remember MSM lost BREXIT so it can be done !

    Trump should do a deal with Jill Stein of the Greens to sew this up as he’s the only one I trust to stop TTIP & TPP which will put my kids out of a job in Europe.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      I wouldn’t count on anything happening to Clinton just because Julian Assange intends to show her up for what she is/has done. It would seem that the “winner” of this election has already been decided(behind the scenes) and if the MSM is any indication, Hillary has already won. If it takes ridicule, mockery and ‘demonization’ of Assange, so be it, it can be arranged.
      The people at the top in the USA are above the law.

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