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I find it rather comical.. no actually sad that the author of “How i became a 9-11 Truther” only discredited him/herself. Mildly . Its a nice article. Well thought out. We need more !! Lots more. I did catch the criticism of Alex Jones . Ok . I get it. Your not alone. But author you did the same exact thing Jones gets critized for and what many blogs do. You can tell the legit ones from disinformation . Pretty simple equation . The filter or no filter. Like Jones, i cannot recall a mention of the WHO part. THE most important . You can show me 1k articles telling me it was an inside job. Big deal. We know that. Until you discuss the who part as discussed in aforementioned link this country will never ever solve this problem. Its done. Forget it. So all authors until you point out who, when the military will arrest all individuals on the spot, and try them for crimes against the American People and the world, your whistling dixie in my world and this country is doomed. Some think the legacy of 9-11 is dead. No its actually stronger than ever.. Start with PNAC and work your way up. And if this post gets moderated then deleted. Well ill then know to move on , nothing to see here ! Keep the fight all. Your children’s future depends on it !!

Greg Bacon

I’m a retired career firefighter, having served over 20 years on a FD in a medium size Midwest city. During those years, I was on many a fire scene, and yes, even a few high-rise fires.
Also saw some ‘pancake’ collapse structure fires and NONE of those looked like the WTC collapses.
A pancake collapse building will fall down in a random, haphazard manner, and doesn’t emit a large cloud of pulverized contents hundreds of feet high, making it look like a volcano exploded. Neither does a pancake collapse generate enough energy to eject a 20 ton steel beam nearly 400 feet and still have enough energy left over to impale the beam into another building.
Nor does a pancake collapse turn humans into tiny bits of nothing, leaving only bone fragments no bigger than a fingernail.
Yes, we were attacked on 9/11, but the real criminals are still hiding behind these never ending ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’


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Israel was most definitely the country most responsible for this act of genocide not only to the American people but to all people.
The USA, UK and numerous other countries are puppets to Israel and do their bidding whilst they sit back with satisfaction knowing the goyim are dying for them.
The media, banks and large corporations are jewish owned and spit out their own rhetoric of what we should/have to believe. Of course, we are no longer allowed to question this so called race of people.
In the words of Voltaire:
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
I’m no muslim lover or apologist but Bin Laden, who denied any involvement, was set up for the USA, UK etc to invade that region. 10 years to get him, in the meantime CNN found him for an interview, but drones and the intelligence networks couldn’t. We all know the towers were beyond repair and the owner wanted them pulled but not before taking out an insurance cover against terrorist attacks.
I could go on but no time.
The truth should be sort after no matter how long it takes.


Having now read all of the “How I became a 9/11 ‘truther’” article, one possible additional explanation with regard to the Pentagon has suggested itself to me.
If it is the case that WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by controlled explosions, might it not also be the case that a controlled explosion was also deployed at the Pentagon?
If there was anywhere where an inside job could be staged, it would have to be at the Pentagon.
The planes – however visible – could have been the very obvious patsies of the piece, along with all the innocent crew and passengers on board, and all the innocent people inside the WTC buildings.
It was one effective way of ensuring that Paul Wolfowitz’s “Pearl Harbour” moment was achieved.

Norman Pilon

Yes, I know: a long, long presentation. But the copyright obliges:
Copyright © 2013 Barbara Honegger and Mark Snyder
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – Permission is granted to reproduce, distribute and/or embed this video as is, in its entirety, and unaltered in any way.
For those interested in finding out what happened at the Pentagon, it may be worth your while:
Behind the Smoke Curtain – The 9/11 Pentagon Attack – Barbara Honegger

Norman Pilon

BTW, John, in Honegger’s video, since your hypothesis gets an echo there, you may want to begin @ roughly 56 minutes and 40 seconds . . .


Whilst Saker’s analysis and arguments are, on the surface, seeminlgy strong, and his rhetorical abilities are impressive; it doesn’t follow that the events of 9/11 are explainable and linked like he thinks they are.

Norman Pilon

On the surface seemingly strong? If, as you seem to be saying, it does not follow that “free fall” across the length and breadth of the entire building implies explosives, that is, roughly 2.5 seconds of an entire building dropping SYMETRICALLY without encountering ANY resistance for what is roughly the equivalent of 8 stories (NIST’s very own calculation, BTW), then what?
How likely do you believe it might be that gravity alone could have caused 58 perimeter columns of structural steel to simultaneously fail along with 25 additional core columns to create a structural void equivalent to 8 stories, even though these structurally integrated columns were rigorously over-designed in redundancies to support far in excess of the weight of the 47 stories of which they were an integral part? This is not to say that buildings have never undergone structural collapse, but of those that have, the implosion was necessarily asymmetrical, with much of their structures retaining their integrity even in collapse, and therefore the buildings on the whole could not drop at anything approaching 9.8 m/s^2. WTC7 was essentially a pile of disaggregated rubble by the time it literally hit the ground.
A Chandler video for you:

WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part III)
Uploaded on Feb 12, 2010
Part III of this series fully explores the implications of NIST’s admission that WTC7 entered actual freefall and critiques the foundations of their “investigation.” In the end it calls for a new, independent, fully empowered, and open investigation.


I’m not an expert, but I like to think I can detect a questionable story when I see one. A large plane hits a building and the building falls down-I can buy that. A nearby building falls down without being hit by a large plane…then the questions begin. Check out this:
It’s a long read, but it builds a pretty compelling case as to why the official story (whatever that might be this week) is probably a real load of road apples.

Norman Pilon

There is absolutely nothing to add to this argument. Period. It says all that there needs to be said as an indictment of the ‘Official Story.’ Without a parachute, ‘free fall’ is a bitch.


There are 2 brilliant (youtube) comments that some up 9-11 for me.
First James Corbett, who made a 5 minute film about 9-11: a conspiracy theory, which you can watch here:
The second is from Chomsky who makes the comment that one should not care about who is ultimately responsible for 9-11. You can see that here:
This may not be logically consistent, but I agree both with Corbett (9-11 is a conspiracy), and Chomsky (who cares who is behind 9-11).
Here is my reason: those who want to know why 9-11 happened and who was ultimately responsible for 9-11 can wait a very long time and may never find out. Therefore, instead of wasting your time and energy in solving this crime of the century (9-11), aim for criticizing the non-enigma’s and puzzles that can be solved like how to stop the illegal wars and war crimes that the US with its leaders (and its allies) have committed because of 9-11.
9-11 happened before (if you believe that 9-11 is a false flag, or if you believe that it was ‘a perfect storm’ does not matter). Whether it will happen again depends on how we react on a new attrocity like 9-11. Will we allow our leaders to bomb and kill innocent civilians again, like our leaders decided back in 2001 and 2003? Or will there even be more protests than there already were back in those days and can we stop history repeating itself. That is the question that matters and deserves an answer, if you would ask me.


The most effective way to not solve the crime of the century is to not spend any time or effort solving it. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy that brings at least one certainty in our uncertain times: that the truth will remain unknown.
9/11 created the political reality of the 21st century. From that phoney event the phoney narrative of the war on terror was set in stone, leading directly to the illegal invasions in Iraq, Libya and Syria. If you want to stop the illegal wars and war crimes, you have to be able to establish the nature of the initial crime that enabled it all: 9/11, its perpetrators and their motives.
I’ve become disillusioned by Chomsky in recent years. On the most fundamental issues of all, such as 9/11 and the functioning of the Federal Reserve, he will reveal an uncharacteristic irrationality. Recently he did it again, urging people to choose evil in the upcoming US elections (“the lesser evil”, but evil nonetheless.) He is acting as a gatekeeper, leading the horse to the water but not allowing it to drink. I suspect he does not want to rock the boat too much in order to safeguard his academic legacy.


Could be. … or maybe he’s an enemy pretending to be a friend. Saying “It doesn’t matter who did 9/11. Who cares” marked him out as a Devil for me. Can’t stand the wittering creep with his near-tearful denunciations of “America”. He’s a fraud and worse than a fraud, a traitor.


Aah, patriotism – the last refuge of a scoundrel.
Please enlighten me – even if there was a political will to investigate 911, who do you think will be “brought to justice”?
5 will get you 5000 that the patsy you end up with is so far down the food chain as to be virtually unprosecutable.
The whole beaurocracy of federal alphabet soup agencies is rife with corruption. You will never reach the bottom of the cess pit of lies.
So what’s the point? Nothing will change, and millions of dollars will be wasted while the truth remains hidden. Chomsky is right, it doesn’t matter who did it, the point to learn is that they are still doing it and you need to concentrate on that.


If you’re trying to call me a patriot, let me call you an idiot.
Chomsky was not trying to elucidate your own brand of worldly-wise cynical boll*x, he was denying that there is any issue to address re 9/11 and that makes him an absolute four-letter person in any sensible person’s book.
The criminals won’t ever be chased while the current system remains intact so asking who’d get done for the crime is a meaningless question. We understand how things are. We are not stupid.
If enough people understand that 9/11 was an establishment crime, then the establishment might fall and THEN there would be every chance that major perpetrators and their enablers would be rounded up very quickly. People like Christopher Bollyn already know where we should sensibly start.
For the very same reasons we cannot deal with 9/11 perps, we also cannot stop the ongoing ‘false flag’ attacks happening now …
….so your post is not only arrogant and condescending it seems pretty dumb to me … unless you can improve or clarify what you were trying to but failing to say.


So you admit that no-one will ever be prosecuted under the current system, unless the political will exists to investigate the matter honestly.
You call me an idiot, condescending and arrogant, yet you describe someone who has outlined in vast amounts of verifiable detail the criminal transgressions of the US, as a traitor.
So which side are you on? You still think America is great?
While this divisive obsession over truth about 911 continues, there can be no concerted efforts against the wider long standing and ongoing crimes committed by the US on its own people and the wider world.
So continue your witch hunt, it only serves to bring ridicule on wider more verifiable issues by mere association with “conspiracy” This works in favour of the very people you claim are responsible.
Nothing can be proven now, the evidence is long gone. Yet you prefer to argue with people whose support you welcome in other areas of protest.
Yet I’m an idiot.
3000 deaths is not the crime of the century compared to the millions who suffer at the hands of the US even now. The only difference is that 911 happened on US soil, which is apparently against the rules.
Your use of the word traitor defines you in a way that I’m guessing you wouldn’t like. I don’t like it either, so this is my last post in this flamefest. I sincerely hope that offguardian had good motives for running this subject, otherwise they may be suspected of clickbait.


Chomsky’s position on 9/11 demonstrates that all his condemnations of “America” are PHONY. When push comes to shove, he protects the criminals. He is the very definition of “controlled opposition” to lead us all up the garden path and waste our energies by following his bogus antiestablishmentarianism.
Chomsky is an absolute creep.


That is the stupidest reason for not investigating a crime that I have ever heard. Because you “can wait a very long time and may never find out” is the reason for not investigating, arresting and bringing the perps to Justice? Are you Ashekenazi by any chance?


See also:
“Nine Eleven a Dozen Years ago – Stirred it the Third World War?”
„USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“
Andreas Schlüter
Berlin, Germany


“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”
It seems regarding the matters surrounding 9/11 an improbable conclusion is most certainly holds the truth in this case.
The actual conspirators seem to have got away with it so far. Hopefully the truth will out as there is plenty evidence out there to prove the US public were deceived and lied to systematically.

Tim Groves

9/11 was an evening event here in Japan, and I remember an American friend phoning me sometime between 9 and 10 pm and telling me to “switch on the TV, something weird is going on.” All the Japanese state and commercial TV channels had cut their programming and were switched to US TV coverage of the 9/11 event, broadcast live with simultaneous translation. To put this is perspective, 9/11 was the only time this full-spectrum TV coverage had ever taken place in Japan, apart from when the Showa Emperor’s death was reported in 1989.
This didn’t happen for the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 that killed 6,000, or for the much bigger Great East Japan Earthquake that killed over 20,000 in 2011, nor for the Indian Ocean Tsunami that killed 200,000 people. Those events were covered in depth, but viewers also had the option of switching to the baseball or the movie channel. But with the death of the Emperor and with 9/11, it seems that somebody decided that no alternative programming would be broadcast at all. These events were consciously framed and the framers demanded the viewing public’s undivided attention.
On 9/11 night, we were served the whole mass media enchilada. We were shown images of the second plane hitting the south tower, we heard that the prime suspect was Osama Bin Laden, and on the next morning we got to see footage of Palestinians dancing in the street to celebrate the attacks and we even got to listen to Solicitor General Ted Olson talking about the phone calls he got from his wife Barbara, who was a passenger on Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon. Within the first 24 hours, the official narrative was firmly planted in the public mind, even in Japan. It was superb programming aimed at penetrating the public mind. It was shock and awe. It was the crime of the century. It was a day that will live in infamy.


Speaking of mass media enchiladas… I was in the last years of secondary school that morning of 9/11. I had skipped classes and was sitting, of all places, in a Mcdonalds in my native Mexico City, when the TV programing was also interrupted and we got to see live the second plane crashing the tower. What they showed us on TV was exactly the same: the Palestinians celebrating, that same profile of Bin Laden that every TV channel in the world seemed to have handy… Most of the channels brodcasted at some point american news live, with translation, and/or made their own from NY throughout the entire day. I remember very well the histeria that TV was trying to propagate: don´t go to any public place, specially those related to American interests, be attentive and avoid concentrations of people, report anything suspicious, etc. All of that seemed of course ridiculous back then.
But one month afterwards, the 10th of October, 2011, a terrorist plot was uncovered. Two Israeli citizens, believed to be Mossad agents, were caught with weapons and explosives inside the Mexican parliament. They were arrested but released soon afterwards. The press reported the plot but any mention of it was removed after few hours. There are claims that very high ranked Israeli officials flew to Mexico CIty to negotiate their release. The US government had voiced their discontent few weeks before for the refusal of the Mexican government to support their war in Afghanistan.
Only two news report survive of the incident, one in the Russian Pravda and one in a small Mexican independent newspaper. But what it is more damning is the official press release of the Mexican government, that has been stored in the internet archive but, apparently, hidden for the public at some point last year. There is plenty of meat in that story for all of us “conspiracy theorists”


Brilliant presentation by one of the best commentator/analysts out there.
The issue is nailed by observable facts regarding speeds of descent of the buildings and now by government admission of the key detail regarding these facts … that WTC was in measurable “free-fall” for 2.5 seconds.
ONLY demolition explosives can do this.
That 9/11 was an inside job has been starkly obvious to me since 2005 and to others who had access to the facts from before that.
Our situation (and, obviously, that of the nations under military attack) could not be more serious when our own governments are murdering us by the thousand to create the wars they desire to advance their globalist agenda.
Looks to me like we are ruled by … umm … what’s the word?? …that’s it …Satanists.
Unfortunately there are a couple of religions out there that conform to this description. They are called Freemasonry and Orthodox Judaism. Could there be any connection between these organisations and the said catastrophic events on 9/11?
Distribute this article far and wide.
As Christ said, “The Truth shall set you free.”


Dear JWB – I notice the striking absence of any facts in your comment. Your dismissal of the perfectly legitimate – scientific – conclusion that controlled demolition is the only reasonable explanation for the observed phenomena is based on nothing more substantial than your vague feeling that “they” could not have got away with it. The facts speak loud and clear – the three towers were not brought down by planes or fires. All the evidence says: this was extremely sophisticated controlled demolition which could not have been arranged from a cave in Afghanistan. Therefore, as the writer states, even if we still do not know exactly how it was done and by whom (although we do know that Cheney and Giuliani were definitely involved – and a number of Mossad agents), we do know with total certainty that it wasn’t 19 assorted Arabs with box cutters. The FBI admitted in 2006 that it had no evidence of Osama’s involvement. It also admitted that there were no phone calls from any of the allegedly hijacked planes i.e. the calls were faked. Now who could have done that and why?
I suggest you stop trying to defend the indefensible.


I thought that the rush to kill Osama bin Laden was strange! Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to capture him alive and question his part in the 9/11 horror?


Agreed Paul Good . Anyone who buys the plane theory hasnt done their. homework. Jet fuel just simply would never get hot enough to met the steel. . What are planes mostly made of ? The most important thing i see not mentioned here , the nuke device. Look up a Davey Crockett and dig around. .3rd floor basement above the air unit. ,. Dig around youtube. Listen to sound analysis .. Its there. If your committing a crime hide the evidence. How else can you do that ? The debris was estimated to have been 20 stories high as is. Put a nuke under it and creates a hole that for the most part consumes and melts most of the building. . Then ship the rest out to China. Its a fact radioactive isotopes were found blocks surrounding ground zero. Now ask yourself. WHO can get mini nukes?? If one wants to go into a much deeper shocking rabbit hole. I refuse to say Joogle, so duckduckgo “Susan Lindauer Veterans Today”
get ready for that one. Shes quite a patriot !


No one loves a SCAD story more than me, but this one has to be a fantasy. Some part of the US establishment murdering over 3,000 people in New York City in broad daylight, and thinking they could getaway with it? They may well have contemplated bad things, but the risk of it being exposed and what would result from that rules it out.
The US was already playing dirty games in Afghanistan, setting it up for an armed intervention, and clearly did the same in Iraq. There’s plenty of evidence of stupidity and incompetence (cock-up theory), but this is what we mean by the term “shitting in your own nest”, and I just don’t buy it.
Come on Off-Guardian, where are the facts here, I thought they were supposed to be sacred.


This article is full of links to facts, sourced opinions and even a scientific paper. By all means dispute them – we want to encourage debate – but there’s little point in pretending they aren’t there.


Well, firstly, the author was asking for facts that the government seems unwilling to discover or disclose. Secondly, there are many “too good to be true” aspects to the whole incident. For example, how likely is it for one of the hijackers passports to be found in an incredibly well preserved state after being subjected to a plane crash, a super high temperature fire then being part of a collapse of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete steel and glass into a relatively small space on the ground?
Why were the bin laden family “spirited” out of the country almost immediately, before any investigation could possibly have led towards Osama bin laden? Could it be that the powers that be already knew who was going to be blamed?
If you think there is anything remotely suspicious about any of that, then there must be a conspiracy, not least to plant evidence at the scene and also to misdirect attention towards the desired culprit.


I too now find myself wondering about the involvement of the bin Laden family.
By flying them out at a time when no other flights were being permitted across the USA, were the US authorities deliberately drawing attention towards Osama bin Laden?
Can it be concluded that he – and members of his family – were useful patsies who were being used to draw attention away from the real culprits?
We know that Israeli agents were on the spot filming – and celebrating – the the sight of planes crashing into the World Trade Centres, do we not?
Was the bin Laden family used to draw attention away from a Mossad operation?
The aftermath of 911 – after all – has worked out very well for Israel, has it not?

Bryan Hemming

If we assume the 19 hijackers said to have died in the attack (their bodies were never recovered) could never have carried it out without the support of others, and that’s even according even to those investigating 9/11, then add to that the fact that nobody has actually been formally charged with the crime, it seems the perpetrators behind 9/11 have indeed got away with it.


I believe one guy whose supposed passport was found at one of the WTC buildings sued the FBI for defamation. In fact quite a few of the “hijackers” turned up alive and well and living in other countries.
This must mean that the hijackers were using fake passports with stolen identities and that some other fake passports were placed in strategically located vans for law and order forces to find and to be led on a goose chase that probably allowed the plotters to escape and possibly even leave the US through surreptitious means.

Paul Farmer
Paul Farmer

‘I just don’t buy it.’
But what don’t you buy? Newtonian mechanics? I’m afraid it’s a simple choice between your ‘faith and belief’ and Sir Isaac Newton. For me, that’s a no brainer.


You might not be Aware of the “intelligence paradigm” for such operations, which is “Need to know”. The overwhelming majority of People involved into such operations are not Aware of the intende result. If they find out the shock of what they were involved to closes their mouths, talkatives might meet nasty incidents. Let me remind you of the early “blueprint”:
Think it over!