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Larry King and Donald Trump Follow-up: The Guardian keeps on lying


Following our story regarding The Guardian’s coverage of Donald Trump’s interview with Larry King on RT, we feel the need to point out the increased dishonesty on this issue.

From this article in The Guardian this morning [our emphasis]:

Trump’s comments followed a series of embarrassing links to the Kremlin, including an appearance by Trump on a Russian state propaganda television channel, where Trump defended Putin and criticized US foreign policy.

Trump’s campaign later said television personality Larry King had somehow tricked the candidate into accidentally appearing on the Russian channel

The fact is that, in the interview (which you can watch in its entirety here), neither man mentions Putin’s name once, let alone “defends” him. Nobody who’d seen the brief interview (it’s only 9 minutes long) could possibly make that mistake. So either the Guardian writers/editors are publishing stories about videos they have not even bothered to watch, or they are simply straight lying to try to paint Trump as some kind of Russian spy.

Either is ethically indefensible for a “proper” news outlet.


  1. archie1954 says

    The truth the media doesn’t wish to get out, is that Putin is a very astute and powerful leader. He is head and shoulders above other international leaders both in foreign policy and intelligent economic policy. Let’s just say that the foolish Western sanctions against Russia are not working. In fact they are hurting the sanctionors much more that the sanctionee. No wonder Trump admires him!

  2. Seamus Padraig says

    “Blairites read the guardian and think it represents progressive views but failing to understand that it sold its soul to the hedge fund mob a few years ago.”

    That’s why the Blairites like The Graun so much: they’ve sold their souls, too!

  3. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    How the hell does such a bigoted lying propagandist mainstream toilet rag like the Graund stay in business?

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      How does Rupert Murdoch stay in business?

  4. Willem says

    Lying about Trump’s interview at RT by the Guardian is foolish. This “news” will not influence voting decisions for US citizens (who are unlikely to read the Guardian). But it will raise eyebrows by at least some other (mostly British) Guardian readers who are able (like you did) to expose the lie by just seeing the interview at RT.

    This type of reporting by the Guardian will only result in less individuals who read the paper under the impression that it is a “proper” journal. Therefore, it is foolish, etc…

  5. rtj1211 says

    I”m afraid you’d do better looking for a single UK MSM outlet that IS ethical, rather than being shocked about finding one which isn’t.

    The UK MSM is a paid-for propaganda smorgasbord, organised prostitutes pimped out to order……..

    • We’re not shocked. We’re doing our job and calling it out when we see it.

    • Blairites read the guardian and think it represents progressive views but failing to understand that it sold its soul to the hedge fund mob a few years ago. Now its worse than the daily mail for expecting to read the truth. Are you listening Owen?

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