9/11: perspective of a retired firefighter

Greg Bacon

I am a retired career firefighter, having served over 20 years on a FD in a medium size Midwest city. During those years, I was on many a fire scene, and yes, even a few high-rise fires.

Also saw some ‘pancake’ collapse structure fires and NONE of those looked like the WTC collapses.

A pancake collapse has the floors falling down on top of each other, looking like a pile of pancakes on a plate, hence the term. A pancake collapse building will fall down in a random, haphazard manner, not free-fall and doesn’t emit a large cloud of pulverized contents hundreds of feet high and blocks long, making it look like a volcano exploded. Neither does a pancake collapse generate enough energy to eject a 20 ton steel beam nearly 400 feet and still have enough energy left over to impale the beam into another building.

Nor does a pancake collapse turn humans into tiny bits of nothing, leaving only bone fragments no bigger than a fingernail. Nor does a pancake collapse evaporate tens of thousands of tons of steel and concrete.

I’ve read some of the NYFD radio transcripts from that day, from a crew working the fires in one of the towers. They radioed Command that the main body of fire was out, leaving only ‘mop-up’ duty.

Mop-up is putting our small fires that aren’t really dangerous, but could reignite the structure, so best to extinguish them. They also said they were going to start providing medical care to the victims, which means they inspected the fire floor and determined it was safe enough to provide medical care in place, if the floor had been deemed unsafe, they would have begun moving the victims to a lower level.

Then, their world blew up, killing 343 NYFD firefighters.

Now let’s speak of WTC 7: I’m here to tell you that some of the bunk about WTC 7 put forth is just that, bunk.

One of the lies is that the ‘contents’ fire in WTC 7 brought down the building. That is a bald-face lie. Content fires are just that, the burning of the buildings contents, like furniture, paint, carpet, paper, etc. A fire that puts out very nasty VOC filled smoke, but not near hot enough to warp steel.

As for the claim by ‘Lucky Larry’ that the firefighters were ‘going to bring the building down.’ Fire departments have neither the training, expertise, knowledge nor equipment needed to take down a 47 story skyscraper.

Our training is in fire suppression. extinguish the fire and save enough of the building so it can be remodeled, not demolish the building with HE.
Slowly, the real news behind what happened on 9/11 is coming out, I just pray that the truth is exposed soon, before all these ME wars that are based on the 9/11 lies, turn into WW3.

see also Voices of the Firefighters in the South Tower moments before collapse


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Sep 17, 2016 2:50 PM

Thanks for reminding us, Greg, that when it comes to the official 9/11 story, it remains a really tough call as to what part of it is the most preposterous. What does that say about people who still profess to believe it?

Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Sep 11, 2016 9:46 PM

I have good reason not to be surprised on learning, again, that the Westfiesl people are, to put it mildly, old fashioned gansters who could put the old Sicilian mafia to shame as they have reached ground zero morality; What does continue to worry me is the continued apparent naïvety of all the people who should know better and who are likely to get angry of their knee-jerk conformism is questioned.

Sep 11, 2016 4:19 PM

One of the most difficult aspects I still have to endure, since 9/11, beside the news related to the never ending wars enabled by the monstrous lies connected to the official story, is the stupidity of all these friends, colleagues and acquaintances who don’t want to know. That’s the reality: most people don’t want to know. Journalist friends are the worse: they believe so much in the system that nothing, not even the obvious picture of controlled demolition will open their eyes.
As long as the 9/11 lies will remain connected to the emotions triggered by the shock, most people will not want to see. And there is the horror: how deep the rabbit hole, if the ‘government’ lied to us?
How often has it happened to you? People will talk of 9/11 and ‘the terrorists’ and all the accepted cliches. . . and you just keep silent, knowing (from experience) it would be useless or too painful to object.
It hurts. The damn lies are hurting.

Sep 11, 2016 2:14 PM

The thing I can’t quite understand from this testimony is why people were jumping from the building if the fires had been contained? Was it that there was no way to reach the floors above the impact level, so that what is being referred to are fires on lower floors? Or were people jumping due to unbearable heat prior to the fire fighters being able to get to the floors they were trapped on??
The descriptions of a variety of ways buildings collapse under demolition scenarios is, however, highly valued………

Doug Colwell
Doug Colwell
Sep 11, 2016 11:50 PM
Reply to  rtj1211

In a word, smoke. Plastics produce an especially acrid smoke. It is less a problem with a hot fire. I was a volunteer fire fighter and if I recall correctly most fatalities are caused by smoke.

Greg Bacon
Greg Bacon
Sep 12, 2016 7:57 PM
Reply to  Doug Colwell

True, the smoke from content fires is so toxic and acrid, it’s a killer. That’s what kills most people in fires, is inhaling the smoke, not actually get burned alive, although burning will happen to the corpse.

Greg Bacon
Greg Bacon
Sep 11, 2016 11:45 AM

From the Youtube video: For 41% of people who died at the world trade center, there was not even a fragment left of them large enough to recover DNA from. Extreme pulverization & vaporization of people. More than 700 tiny bone fragments found on top of the Deutsche bank.

We could also ask about the fate of Flight 93, that Rumsfeld says was shot down over Shanksville, PA. But when no one could find hardly any parts of that jetliner, we were told that the ground had liquefied and swallowed the jet and passengers up.
Do you really believe that the ground swallowed around 200,000 pounds of jet and passengers?

Sep 11, 2016 1:47 PM
Reply to  Greg Bacon

I’ve commented here on other articles on 911 during the week, but forgot to mention 2 things, which I would like to acknowledge:
1) that I really appreciate the different angles OffG showed to it is readers how 9-11 can be interpreted. That was very good.
2) that it is outgageous and courageous at the same time that the best evidence that the official 9-11 story does not make sense has to come from people like Greg Bacon, and not from governmental agencies or government’s fourth estate. The burden of proof for 9-11 is to be placed on the US government. That they fail to answer the most simple questions like how the freefall implosion of WTC7 could happen, but also how it is possible that apparantly many WTC victims have been vaporized, is an outrage, especially for those who lost their loved ones there or who were very close in trying to safe people when the buildings had not yet collapsed.
It is courageous that other people question the official storyline of 9-11. I am sceptical if that will lead to an answer to the question who ultimately is responsible for 9-11 (knowing that the answer: “Bin Laden”, does not make sense) on which I commented more than enough in previous comments.

Sep 11, 2016 9:10 AM

Great post! See also:
„Nine Eleven One And A Half Decade Ago: Whose Conspiracy?“ https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/nine-eleven-one-and-a-half-decade-ago-whose-conspiracy-part-1/
Andreas Schlüter
Berlin, Germany

Sep 11, 2016 9:05 AM

WTC owner Frank Lowy, 9/11, Westfield and Croydon
The founder and owner of mega-property company Westfield, Frank Lowy, was a Haganah fighter (designated terrorist by the UK government), one of those who killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians and unarmed soldiers (according to Wikipedia) during the 1948 Palestine War when the masses of Palestinians were driven out of the country.
Once Israel was stolen he left Israel (for 9 months of every year) and went into the property business in Australia.
FIFTY DAYS before 9/11 he and Larry Silverstein bought the World Trade Centre in New York (how unlucky was that?) at a time when there was a requirement for massively expensive renovation and asbestos removal from the buildings:
‘To maintain the trade center as class-A office space commanding top rents, the [Port Authority] would have had to spend $800 million rebuilding the electrical, electronic communication, and cooling systems.’ The removal of asbestos raised this figure to well in excess of $1 billion.
Lowy and Silverstein double-insured the WTC for multiple terrorist attacks (meaning they could claim for the same damage twice if two planes or attacks were involved) and collected $4.577 billion for WTC’s 1, 2, 4 and 5 and $861 million for WTC7. Total $ 5,438,000,000
This man is obviously a business genius … or something.
What is very difficult to stand is that the centre of Croydon is being demolished to make way for a new Westfield Centre. So my town centre is going to be owned by someone who obviously (putting it kindly) should be in jail, someone deeply involved in the murder of 3000 New Yorkers on 9/11 and who knows what else?
What kind of sheep are we?
I have it on good authority from somebody who works inside the organisation that Westfield operates a “Jewish glass ceiling”. There is a level of management beyond which a gentile cannot ascend.
“They have a couple of token non-Jewish goons they wheel out to create a different impression but everyone inside the Company knows how it works.”
Lowy is obviously very close to the heart of the British (and International) establishment. This is the kind of squillionaire who funds the think-tanks that set out and enforce the anti-racist, multi-cultural, tolerant, secular agenda on our culture.
It is obvious that this man has no genuine interest in such principles, other than in the fact their imposition serves to divide-and-rule and further the interests of the globalist banking oligarchy that owns our governments.
The societal impartiality promoted by our leaders is as genuine as Westfield anti-racism and Israeli multi-culturalism.
Fake morality as an instrument for the imposition of centralised tyranny describes Communism in a nutshell.
Westfield and the rest of their corporate/banking pals ARE government.
The terrible thing is that this is OUR collective reality.
The good thing is that they can’t hide it any more.
The truth is out and THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

Sep 11, 2016 2:02 PM

You and everyone like you can exercise your democratic right never to shop in a Westfield Centre, ever.
I haven’t bought a cup of coffee in an American coffee chain since I became aware that they were tax avoiding crooks in the UK. That’s six years and counting. It’s what I can do and I hope lots of other people do.

Graham From New Zealand
Graham From New Zealand
Sep 11, 2016 9:30 PM

Well done But i have seen video Footage of the Story about the Larry Silverstein Connection and the Fact they Were insured with a “German” insurance company For Multiple Terror attacks .I also saw evidence about the Asbestos Issues .I never Knew about the Other Owner Partner Frank Lowry or his Westfield Links. But 50 days Before the Explosions were used to Bring down 3 of the Buildings. Pulverizing the Concrete and Asbestos Which was then Spread around New York . I Know about all the Rescue Dogs Dying from Asbestosis and many of the First Responders Dying from Asbestos related illness Due to Breathing in the Dust after the Explosives rigged Buildings came down in a Controlled Demolition. I Know about the Israeli owned Photo library that removed every Negative or photographic image from the Twin Towers Within the same 50 days time zone. and the Fact that one of George Bush’s relatives ran the security at the Twin Towers and Dules Airport Where the So Called And Named “Terrorists” were “Caught on Security Cameras” as they went through the Airport. and How they “Found” a rental? car in the Airport Carpark with a Booklet on How to fly a 747.. 😉 I also saw an article about a Movie Make up expert who said Even the CIA used the Latex Masks you see in some Movies like Mission Impossible to “Look Like” another person So they Could “Appear to be Well Known Terror Suspects ” just to be Caught on Camera .. Oh and How amazing was it to “Find” the Passport of one of the Suspect Pilots in Near Perfect Condition on the Streets Below the Towers after the event but No sign of any Luggage from Passengers .. Some how this paper Booklet Managed to Fall out of the pocket of a Terror pilot who Should have been Crushed on Impact as the Aluminum Bodied Plane Hit the Steel and Concrete Building and in spite of the massive Ball of Fire when the Fuel tanks ? blew up this Item was not Damaged. I also read that Some of the “Guilty” Terror suspects were not in the USA at the time ,But at Family gatherings or a wedding and Very Much Alive After 9/11.

John Flanagan
John Flanagan
Sep 11, 2016 8:32 AM

Thank you for this sober, experienced critique, especially for the comment about “Lucky Larry” and the decision to “pull” the building. What a sad commentary on America, this tragic farce of 9-11. Is there no way to get beyond this? America seems trapped in a nightmare and unable or unwilling to wake up.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia
Sep 11, 2016 11:38 PM
Reply to  John Flanagan

“America seems trapped in a nightmare………”. And that’s just the way the ‘people who own and run America’ want it.
The lies of 9/11 will continue to be believed, because even the President continues to perpetuate them.

James Williamson
James Williamson
Sep 11, 2016 7:36 AM

Excellent. Thank you for this analysis.