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NIST finally admits free fall of WTC7


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David Chandler, physics teacher and member of AE9/11 Truth describes the journey toward NIST’s public admission that their initial calculations were incorrect and that WTC7’s first eight floors did descend at free-fall speed.

This concession by NIST (see section 11) raises many additional questions about the plausibility of the fire-induced progressive failure explanation for WTC7’s collapse that NIST published in 2008.

In light of some of the disruptive and time-wasting commentary on these science-based 9/11 threads, we are asking everyone who makes claims of fact to post links or sources, be courteous, and stay on topic. Thanks….


  1. To admin: some comments seem to have disappeared. In particular, a reply to a comment that Large Johnson had made here, suggesting that Walsh’s comments, to the minds of the 9/11 skeptics, was somehow transparent evidence of an ‘inside job.’ Would it be possible to check and see if those comments could be reinstated?

    • Sorry if there has been collateral damage, but if people reply to content-free abuse or trolling, the comments will disappear if the abuse is taken down. We have never encountered such dedicated trolling as has been the case on these 9/11 threads and it’s been a struggle to keep to our principle of open posting while making sure the trolls don’t succeed in destroying the discussion. Probably some mistakes have been made.

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    About time. So what took them so long to admit the truth when they must have known it all along? Allowing Washington to bully them into withholding critical facts in order to prop up the lies or saving what little credibility they have left should have been a no brainer from the start.

  3. Brian Harry, Australia says

    So, to summarize, 9/11 was an ‘Inside Job’……..No Arabs, lots of thermite, lots of computer animation showing planes hitting buildings, MSM ‘bimbo’s(both male and female) telling us it was a bearded bad guy in a cave ‘somewhere’ who directed the whole thing, while 5 Israeli’s ‘whooped and hollared, and Norad was asleep, multi thousands of tonnes of evidenced sent to China, after which lots of Arabs were jailed in Gitmo, and the dancing Israeli’s were released and sent home………………..The people responsible for this have utter contempt for the American people, and absolute power to do what ever they want, to whoever they want.
    And the President, the Congress and the media are all ‘onside’ with the bullsh1t………………….

    • realalerealale says

      Read the report there’s know new information in it. Just a fire that burned out of control which eventually caused the building to collapse.

      • Moriarty's Left Sock says

        Thanks for correcting the record. Was this you interviewed by Fox News on the scene perchance?

        .”..that’s when I witnessed the towers collapse, one first then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fires were just too intense…” – Mark Walsh, impartial bystander, eerily anticipating the NIST report by four years less than an hour after the buildings came down

        • There is a madman, bright in the morning light, with a lit lantern in hand, in the market place, shouting that he seeks the truth about 9/11. But everyone saw the planes, then the fires (and the structural damage), and then the collapse.

          It yet remains obvious to the many just what happened.

          The ravings of the madman do yet amuse.

        • You don’t get it, eh, Deal? Indeed, any goofball would see: planes, fires, and then collapse — “obviously,” eh. And that is the cover.

          The cover gets blown, however, when someone notices that, hey, “free fall,” among other things, but especially the “fact” of “free fall.”

          And then Jones comes along and reasons: if explosives, as “free fall” suggests, and explosives never go off without leaving incontrovertible signatures, then “someone” should check the dust for those signatures . . . oh, things like ‘elemental iron’ and unreacted ‘residues.’

          And low and behold, when people with the competence and the means all have a good hard look, guess what my dear Big Deal: elemental iron and unreacted residue, eh.

          If this is true — do try to reason along with me, here, Mr. Large — then the sequence,” planes then fires (and structural damage) then collapse,” which is “obvious” to any goofball, including you, IS THE COVER, and the RUSE has worked its hypnotic effect over pretty much the majority, eh. Furthermore, it may very well be that Walsh is reading from a script, so to speak, but one which was suggested to him and which his lying eyes told him had to be true. And thus it will be a good long while before everyone gets over the shock of what was “obvious” and begins to actually ‘hear’ and understand what the madman, who in the bright morning hours, running around in the market, a lit latern in hand, is shouting about 9/11.

          But, of course, anyone as Large as you, Deal, cannot yet get past what they “saw” when it was televised or as it happened right in front of them, there, in New York.

          But it’s okay, my Large one, because as someone who sipped the Kool-Aid and fell for some of the agit-prop lies, it’s difficult to see past the “obvious.”

  4. archie1954 says

    NIST officials as well as the individuals on the 9/11 Commission should be charges as traitors! These people actively conspired to cover up the real instigators behind the worst attack on the US since Pearl Harbour. If American freedom and justice are to survive, that actual perpetrators must be brought before the courts. Today’s politicians and government officials make themselves complicit in treason when they obstruct justice as we see here.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “We’ll know our disinformation is complete, when everything the American public believes is false”…..William Casey….CIA Director….1980.

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