The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 – Niels Harrit

from Press For Truth

In 2011, experts and scientists from around the world gathered in Toronto, Canada to present new and established evidence that questions the official story of 9/11. This evidence was presented to a distinguished panel of experts over a 4 day period. Through their analysis and scientific investigations, they hope to spark a new investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Dr. Niels Harrit is a former professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and is one of the key authors of the WTC nano-thermite paper.

In light of some of the disruptive and time-wasting commentary on these science-based 9/11 threads, we are asking everyone who makes claims of fact to post links or sources, be courteous, and stay on topic. Thanks….

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The lack of comments might indicate that Harrit’s logical science is pure teflon for the debunkeroos.

Norman Pilon

Excellent! Thank you for posting.