Who killed Vladimir Petukhov?

Farida Islamova, widow of murdered mayor

Farida Islamova, widow of murdered mayor Vladimir Petukhov

However much the likes of the Guardian try to portray Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky as a champion of freedom who suffered under the yoke of government oppression before escaping tyranny for the freedom of the West, the fact remains he was and is more Capone than Solzhenitsyn; a greedy robber-baron and willing tool of US hegemony, who exploited his country’s darkest hour, cheated his workforce and eventually served a well-deserved term in prison for fraud, tax-evasion and money-laundering, before scuttling out of his mother-land to live the life of a celebrated “pro-democracy” exile.
It’s less widely understood that there are even darker things being lad at his door than corruption, theft and opportunistic lying for profit. Murder for example. But yes, in 2015, Russian Interpol put Khodorkovsky on a wanted list in connection with the murder of a Siberian city mayor in 1998.
Vladimir Petukhov was the first mayor of oil-rich Nefteyugansk. Popular locally and considered to be a man of the people, he was shot dead on his way in to work, June 26, 1998. A subsequent criminal investigation described the killing as an assassination, and implicated two members of Khodorkovsky’s Yukos Oil Company in a plot to be rid of the Mayor.
A court eventually sentenced Alexei Pichugin to life in prison for multiple murders and attempted murders. His boss Khodorkovsky was not accused of, or prosecuted for, any involvement, though many have claimed he may have known more than he claimed. According to Pravda:

In May 1998 Petukhov accused Yukos of tax evasion, which resulted in the shortage of funds in the local budget to pay wages to employees of state-run enterprises. The mayor went on a hunger strike demanding chairmen of municipal and district tax offices be dismissed from their positions and a criminal case against Yukos be filed on counts of tax evasion.
Vladimir Petukhov was shot dead on June 26 on his way to work.
Local residents took to the streets soon after the assassination of their mayor. Many attempted to seize the local office of Yukos. The Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation brought assassination charges against an employee of Yukos’s security service, Aleksei Pichugn, only in 2005.

Petukov’s wife, Farida Islamova was and is convinced Mikhail Borisovitch was involved in the plot to murder her husband, and for many years she has been trying to have him brought to justice. She has even written a book – Khodorkovsky, who killed my Husband?, given an English language translation in 2014. In it she says:

Vladimir Petukhov, Mayor of Nefteyugansk, was shot down on his way to work, not far from the municipal administration building. The killer fired several submachine gun bursts from the cover of nearby bushes. Later on, the investigators would find 18 empty cases at the crime scene. In the face of such fire-power, the unarmed security man, Vyacheslav Kokoshkin, was helpless, he himself took several bullets, has never recovered from his wounds… At that time he was only 30 years old, and still today lives with one of these bullets – a sort of a message from Khodorkovsky – in his body…..
Vladimir Petukhov died in the hospital several hours after the attempt. That was a planned contract assassination…

Unsurprisingly, Farida has had little success in getting the English-language media to take interest in her story. No mainstream outfit has covered her book. Her wait for justice drags on as the western media continues to fete Mikhail Borisovich, embezzler of state funds, tax-evader and suspected murderer, as a symbol of the values they hold most dear.
Then again – maybe that’s not as stupid as it first sounds.

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Interesting story to say the least! This man was a hero to Russia, Petukov. He was the first democratically elected mayor of Neftyukansk. Through marriage this man was also my uncle, I know his wife and son well. There is no doubt that Khodovkosky is a butcher as oligarchs generally are. There is a beautiful statue of Petukov in the city center and people, to this day, are afraid to speak about the assassination. We should remember Petukov and the people who laid in the highway to prevent transport and equipment from moving to stop production of the Yukos oil fields in protest of his killing. These people, whom I have met, did so at great risk to their lives. Finally there is some light being shined on the butcher from the north.


Please put me in contact with Ruslan Petukhov. I am a friend from US. We used to be roommates. My email address is [email protected]. Ruslan will know who I am. Thank you.


Stephen, please ask Ruslan to contact me. My name is Patryk. My email address is [email protected]. Regards, Patryk


Please put me in contact with Ruslan Petukhov. I am a friend from US. We used to be roommates. My email address is [email protected]. Ruslan will know who I am. Thank you.


We will forward your email to the commenter in question


We should also look at who did not share Khodorkovsky’s fate. People like Abramovich who maintained his business interests and political office after coming to an accommodation with Putin. Just exactly what was that accommodation? Would agreeing to not challenge Putin’s political power have been enough? Or was Putin cut in on Abramovich’s deals?


This article is unsigned and unsourced. Who wrote it?

Norman Pilon

“. . . is more Capone than Solzhenitsyn . . .” (sic)
“. . . is more Capone than the shameless and reactionary Nazi sympathizer Solzhenitsyn.”
How to explain Alexander’s fame in the capitalist world? Might it be that he wrote the kinds of anti-communist screeds that helped to convince millions, both inside and outside Russia, of the absolute evils of a collectivist society?
Clearly, even under Nikita Khrushchev, since Alexander was permitted to publish his slanders in the Soviet Union, the capitalist counter revolution was gaining momentum . . .
As champions of freedom, Khodorkovsky is to Solzhenitsyn as a capitalist thug is to a capitalist shill.


‘How to explain Alexander’s fame in the capitalist world?’
He wrote a first hand account of the Soviet gulag.

Norman Pilon

Have a look here, my fairminded chrisb:
Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union — Mario Sousa | Northstar Compass

Norman Pilon

@ Admin:
As an accompaniment to Nikos Mottas piece, “The 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact & Imperialist Propaganda,” OffG should consider re-publishing Mario Sousa’s piece, “Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union.” See the link I left behind . . .
It’s well written and compelling . . .


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The Washington Times – Sunday, November 2, 2003
LONDON (Agence France-Presse) — Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky’s arrest, the Sunday Times reported.
Voting rights to the shares passed to Mr. Rothschild, 67, under a “previously unknown arrangement” designed to take effect in the event that Mr. Khodorkovsky could no longer “act as a beneficiary” of the shares, it said.


Khodorkovsky is an obvious western bankers’ agent. A traitor and a devil like the rest of his ilk.
This murder is shocking, sad, but par for the course when these people are pursuing their covetous goals.
It can be no surprise that our media are not interested when their (and our) masters are the very people who funded Khordakovsky.
Let us be grateful that Putin seems to have opted for a revival of Russian ethical government. This is how it would appear anyway.
Why, all those years (up to 1958, I think) when millions of Catholics (including myself as a very young child) prayed on a daily basis after Mass for “the Conversion of Russia” … these prayers appear to have borne fruit. Russia is today just about the only country wherein Christianity enjoys a protected status under government.
See this astonishing video where Putin addresses a congregation of Chabad Lubavitch* Jews at the opening of the Schneerson Museum. He tells them that 80-85% of the Bolsheviks were Jews and that, BECAUSE OF THEIR FALSE IDEOLOGY, they perecuted Christians, Muslims, Jews and other religions but that because their project has “FAILED” we don’t have to worry about this any longer. (roughly remembered. He says it better than this)

(less than 1 minute long. See how nervous his audience starts to look as he gets going)
Phew. Let’s hope he’s right. Brave thing to say out loud. It’s like painting a bullseye on the middle of your back. It’s easy to see why Putin is the West’s chosen Enemy Number One.
Read what Henry makow has to say about Chabad Lubavitch. This admirable and universalist Jew don’t pull no punches:


“He tells them that 80-85% of the Bolsheviks were Jews ..”
Which is not true, so, if he said it he was mistaken. Next year is the hundredth anniversary of the Revolution. It is to be hoped that by then we will have progressed a little beyond the historical theories that slavophobe propagandists, fascists and dispossessed exploiters promoted.
The Revolution was an event of enormous significance to humanity. The many mistakes that it made, which included hasty and desperate responses to international aggression allied with Fifth Columns, have not been forgotten. It also made many spectacular and enduring contributions to human history, not the least of which was to rid the world of the Nazi regime to which western liberalism and its dangerous foreign policies had given birth.
To attribute these achievements to “the Jews” -obviously in order to encourage another round of pogroms- is to refuse to recognise the sacrifices, political acumen and courage of the workers and peasants of the old Russian Empire.
TIme to switch to History and Philosophy revision.


Just what we need in this world … more religious fundamentalism. Not.

Le Ruscino (@LeRuscino)

Khodorkovsky killed or had murdered 73 people who got in his way while he was Exxon’s Trojan Horse to steal Russia’s oil industry.
The list of the dead & how they were killed varies but all got in Khodorkovsky’s way & all died violently.