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The Brilliant Boris Johnson Explains Syria Conflict in Four Short Points

by Dean Parker from Russia Insider


Nobody does the UN, or ziplines, quite like Boris Johnson.

He didn’t quite get to speak at the actual Security Council meeting on Syria (guess Britannia no longer “rules the waves“), but he did find some reporters in the hallway to speak to, which technically makes it “Johnson’s speech at the UN”.

He told them:

What is absolutely clear is that the Russians bear the moral responsibility for what is taking place,”

“You have got aid convoys with UN markings on them being targeted, you have got medical facilities being blown up.

“This is not a civil war, this is a proxy war conducted by puppeteers and those puppeteers are principally in the Kremlin.”

“They have an opportunity to bring an end to this. They could tell the Assad regime not to fly, not to bomb, to engage with the whole negotiation.”

Instead, I’m afraid you’re seeing a cynical and barbaric protraction of violence and it is tragic.”

Leave it to Boris to cut through the clutter and point out what’s important. The sage of London brilliantly condensed the seemingly complicated war in Syria to four fundamental points:

  1. We are the moral superiors of Russians.
  2. West played no role in the Syrian conflict.
  3. Assad should negotiate with the 70,000 Syria moderates.
  4. Russians are barbarians.

Any questions?


  1. Len says

    You are quite right. Britannia now waves the rules so idiots like bozo get their chance to spew the crap and, unfortunately, due to sheeple mentality, get away with it.
    After all, it is a lot easier to lie than to admit that taxpayer will have to fork out millions, again, to train more combat experts ‘cos lot of them were killed while working for IS (Israel subterfuge?) mercenaries.
    And, of course, nobody likes Ruskies, right? Just ask bozo.
    Time for truth will come though when we are islamised enough.

  2. mikael says

    Yup, bozo the clown is running free.
    From time to time we get statements so far out, and detached from reality and truth that ones jaws drops.
    And to then argue against this “rant” witch confirms the spectaculare level of lies and downright propaganda, and on top of it, no shame.
    What morale, yeah, f… knows.

    And another new red line in our eminent reality of MSM covering “truths” Yemen arrived.
    Like Palestina, they simply dont write about it, other then from time to time an little sniplets about Yemen and that from the British/Saudi perspectives with out mentioning, of course Al-queda/SIS/a.s.o., and the puppet the “election” the western backed scums staged.
    An “color revolution” nobody bothered to mention.
    Like Mali, dead silent.
    Again: Brits and France.

    When B. Shitforbrain Johnson starts to drool, about atrocetys, I want to puke, its so hiddeous its scary, what and how is this possible, one thing is to investigate terror suspects, but why arent we examining the real wackos like Bozo the clown.
    And CaMoron along with bLier.
    Whom is responsible for deaths and destruction of such scale and scope, is numbing.
    And the Saudis blatant rape of Yemen is not mention when Hospitals are bombed, how convenient, isnt it, Boris shitforbrain Johnson.

    Its somehow, stange, the MSM, the shamles lies and forgerys of “events” like the Aid Convoy just further confirms their bias, and yet the MSM dont care, sawing of the branch, and they look like they dont care, and when FaceBook is controlling the “truth” in their commentary fields well, what could possibly go wrong.

    I hope the Russians stops pussy footing the Brits and the Imperial banana republic UssA.
    Shoot them down, period, anything that they sent over Syrian territory, wack it.
    You could always nuke Ankara and just say, as the YankeeBoys drools from time to time, that this was just an honest mistake, really, just an cleaner lady whom accidentally pushed the nukem button with her washing cloth, , and say you are Sooo sooorry.


  3. archie1954 says

    Yes, my question is where did he lose his brain?

    • Len says

      To lose one you he’d have to have one in the first place 🙂
      His is non existent since the day of his birth, his mom dropped him (push hard dear) head on concrete 🙂

  4. Sav says

    What a position in the cabinet does to your ‘views’. His opinion on Syria was very different before he became Foreign Secretary.

    • BigB says

      Exactly Sav – whilst he was hardly pro-Assad – he said we should back Assad and Putin to fight the ‘evil death cult’ (Daesh); he questioned Camerons (who he?) 70,000 strong Free Syrian Army (700 maybe!); and posed the question ‘Who else?’ (as in who else would be our ground troops)
      Now he has had his road to Damascus (or should I say road to Washington) conversion; he backs Kerry’s no fly/ no bomb zone (which would be a “cynical and barbaric protraction of violence” by prolonging the siege of Aleppo and al-Nusras eventual defeat) and he calls for the ouster of Assad.
      So the question remains: if not Assad ‘who else? ‘
      Just say it Boris – we’re backing the evil death cult now. Venal mendacious puppet for the state that you now are.

  5. He wants to help fast track Turkey’s application for EU membership,that way the UK won’t be missed so much after Brexit.Turkey also has a much larger land army, experienced in the quelling of civilians, which will help boister Junker’s proposed new EU force.
    The small detail of who is going to pay for this and the likely reaction of other EU countries doesn’t appear to bother Boris.If chaos theory is good enough for the ME,then it it’s good enough for Europe.

  6. Well what can one say. Boris comes from a long line of moral superior beings just like Churchill. Oh did Boris mention the gassing of civilians in the levant and Iran in the thirties by the moral civilised Churchill. Did Boris mention the fact that then British government approach the french foreign minister Dumas on trying to force regime change in Syria back in 2011. Did Boris mention the 30 secret service members that just were sent to collect their 72 virgins from the hills of Aleppo in september the 17th and they were from UK,US,Turkey and Israel. Did Boris mention Wesley Clarke revealing the Pax Americana blue print for changing governments . 7 COUNTRIES IN FIVE YEARS . Syria and Libya were on that list. No of course not .

  7. BALDEAGLE 11 says

    My guess, which is only a rough ‘ guesstimate ‘ is that only a minority of the UK adult population are actually informed by the real news content of say RT or this site, among the thousands of websites which add to our knowledge of the real state of current affairs ?

    And even when ‘ they ‘ challenge my quotation of publications and sites, because they claim to want to check the publication for themselves. But, I am invariably disappointed when I later meet them to learn that they never checked the quoted site, often because some other person had warned them that the site was not to be relied upon ! Moreover these are normally well educated people who seem to be unconcerned at the implications of the evil in our current management of our National societies ?

    Of course, I am forced in all fairness to re-examine what I have learnt and invariably rediscover that the fact of the event since my first intimation has turned out to be correct.

    For example I have been reading much about a new class of nuclear weapons apparently being used in places like Yemen, etc. But there has not been no such information about these so called military ‘ neutron nuclear weapons ‘ in the mass media for the last two/ three years.

    Until I read the most latest warning by Ash Carter the US military chief about new threats against the USA and NATO and his prediction of local wars by small nuclear weapons ?

    • Neutron bombs are nothing new. They are just nuclear warheads designed to have the highest possible radiation output. But there would still be a very large blast, due to the minimum mass of fissile material required to initiate a chain reaction.

      Seems unlikely that even low yield weapons could be deployed without anyone noticing – as the analysis here fairly convincingly demonstrates:

    • deschutes says

      I wouldn’t compare RT to this site. This site is trying to get to the facts, whereas RT for sure only promotes the Russian government side. Don’t get me wrong–I like RT because it does offer a fine counterweight to the pro-Washington corporate media narrative. It even has Larry King and amazingly Thom Hartmann doing shows, not to mention Abbey Martin. But RT is not impartial. I take them with a grain of salt. For example, their coverage in 2013 of the Greenpeace imbroglio at Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya drilling platforma was disgraceful propaganda, easily as bad as anything served up by America’s atrocious NPR, or CNN/MSNBC/NY Times etc. Then there’s the Pussy Riot fiasco, also very biased coverage by RT of that.

  8. The leader of the 1916 Irish Rebellion Padraig Pearse (who was executed) famously said that “the English upper class was the most intelligent in the world and its working class the most stupid.”
    It would have been slightly more accurate to say that the English upper class were the most cunning liars and the working class the most trusting.
    The internet has torpdeoed this reality. The liars are no longer nearly cunning enough and the truth about our masters has dawned even on the plebs’

    There ain’t no going back.

    • Len says

      Wrong. Even when sheeple nod in agreement as soon as you turn your back they revert to their pre-programmed brainwashed state of mind. Those who can (partially) think for themselves (tie your shoe laces, breathe and similar) think of themselves so highly that they will never admit that they were wrong, their ego would kill them. It is impossible to wake up majority of those who are intellectually disarmed.
      Unfortunately, that leaves only about 5% of population to do all the “fighting”.

      • Your view is overly cynical, in my opinion. At least 50% will realise what’s going on when details are explicitly explained. Maybe only 5% will initially take the initiative to try to act … but most will move with the crowd when it becomes safe to do so even if that crowd is a minority. This phenomenon is visible today in the way the likes of David Aaronovitch is whining about “conspiracy theorists” in the community who “believe Putin’s lies”.
        The liars are starting to get worried. These changes cannot be undone.

  9. Willem says

    Here is a question:

    Why are we still listening to people like Johnson?

    Or maybe

    Does anyone still listen to people like Johnson?

    Or this one perhaps

    When will we stop listening to people, like Johnson, and instead start to listen to ourselves?

    I am quite sure that these questions are very naive, i.e. that people stopped listening to people like Johnson a long time ago, and can think for themselves quite clearly. The only thing is, these people are not allowed to have a stage in papers or on television, because that will break ‘the story’ that people are still interested and like to read about people, like Johnson. This is what one calls ‘being marginalised’ or ‘the law of setting your standards (as a news medium) lower and lower all the time as dissenting views (so fruitful in scientific debate) are not allowed in the unmoving world of the closed society’ (I guess there must be shorter version than this one that summarizes this ‘law’)

    But then the internet exists, which is a pussing wound for those who do not like to hear that people do no longer care about wat people like Johnson say.

    Which brings me to another question: How many (if any) people take the stories from papers and television still seriously? Is there any evidence that they still do? Or are people who still read papers and the news, just like our ancestors did, fire-gazing after a long hard day of work, and therefore read stories of people like Johnson without actually noticing what he is saying?

    • Willem says

      Actually, thinking for yourself was a crime in Orwell’s 1984.

    • I see the nature of pervasive propaganda as setting norms that any deviance from seems dissonant to. This alone operates a ‘switch’ in many – and it operates beneath any rational or honest evaluation to frame and filter the scope of rational thinking.
      The power to set so many dancing to a false piper is the hidden or unacknowledged tyranny. Hidden power is masking it as well as masking to hide from it. I don’t for a moment believe that Boris believes these statements but I accept he currently believes it is his self-interest to dance to such a tune – just as the many dance to the tune provided for their own reasons.
      Unhidden or unmasked hidden agenda – along with exposed powerlessness or complicity in hatred or betrayal – are all something that is no longer being passed off as just, righteous, cruel to be kind or necessary protection. Hatred is revealed – unless of course the hate of hatred asserts itself as the ‘righteous defender of the faith’.
      Does hatred operate in a context that its acting out denies the awareness of?
      Is it not a lack of love in the form of attack that successfully hides its lack of power in the usurping of it – using a false framing to set life as if against itself while crying foul?
      Once the sense of being attacked is set in wounds it is difficult to regain perspective of what is actually operating as blame and hatred operate in place of a mind. The blame-dump of guilt grows like the debt deficit – never much hesitation to invest in or should I say sacrifice to – such a god.

    • Len says

      Yeap, had one just few hours ago – “you talk rubbish, I so it on the box. You are nuts, conspi…”
      Anyway, most of them does not care any further than having latest mobile…

  10. Guest says

    Boris statements on Syris, just illustrates that the UK has no independent foreign policy and that they are lock step with the U.S. and its whabbists supporting allies in the Middle East.
    He is prepared to tell any lies necessary, look at his dismissal of an enquiry into Yemen civilian bombings.
    He is just another in a long line of hypocrits in the foreign office.

  11. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Disappointing effort by Boris there. I’ve always regarded him as a comedian who wants to be England’s PM, but inexplicably missed out after the Brexit vote. His explanation of the situation in Syria is complete bollox, so I will have to regard him as a liar from now on. Too bad, so sad when you finally find out the truth.

    • Boris is and always has been a morally flexible toad. Don’t be taken in by the chummy old buffer act.

      Read a biography such as “Just Boris – a tale of blond ambition” if you want the dirt – there is plenty.

    • rtj1211 says

      BOris has always been a liar, it’s just he has not held senior Cabinet rank until now…

    • Len says

      Brian, he always was a liar and opportunist. The only reason that he managed to “reach” so hi is not that he is good at what he does but, he is a good lapdog. I believe that the only reason he backed Brexit was because he was expendable, a plant and his masters thought its going to fail. He was always part of Karnegie plan.

  12. Boris the Brexiter. Out of Europe campaigner who then tried to get out of the EU exit implementation… but not out of NATO’s control. The Bullingdon Buffoon. Ah the stunted intelligence of the upper-class good at lying to everyone even themselves.

    • Quite clear that he didn’t expect to actually win.

      The more topical question is whether Theresa May thinks she is giving him a enough rope to properly hang himself, by making him For. Sec.

      • Len says

        I hear through the grapevine that he will soon suffer from foot-in-mouth disease and will be put out to pastures green to recuperate 🙂

  13. Not quite Boris.. you’re running the ops. Fars and Sputnik news have reported the Syrian Intel has the audio of the US comm. with IS just prior to the 1 hour bombing of Syr. positions. And.. that was followed by an IS attack just as the bombing stopped. Heck you’ve been caught airdropping ammo etc to IS and the rest, also in Iraq for years. Recently over 30 US, Brit and coalition Intel special forces were wiped out in their secret Command Centre in the Damascus mountains.. by 3 Kaliber missiles from a Rus. destroyer in the Med.

    Careful with the finger pointing, it may point back at you!

    • Len says

      Yes, but, the truth has no place in politics. Especially when conducted by lefty libtards.

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