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Videos: On the Aleppo frontline

Screencap from the video below.

The rebels used to let residents out of east Aleppo to visit their families or hospitals, but not anymore.

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  1. William Bentley says

    Prove any of this and I’ll believe itg, otherwise it’s just more of the same propaganda. You base your information on a flag leaning over on a hill in a bombarded area. One person could have came out and stuck the flag there or resurrected it after it fell, wtf. A flag, thats your resource….pitiful.

    • No Mr Bentley the only pathetic thing is ur response. . I suggest u read the 2012 DIA report out of Washington and also Vanessa Bealey and Eva Bartlet and further more their is an Us group of senators and congressmen and woman who went and visited Syria and they can maybe shed some light on ur ignorance with matters pertaining to Syria. Wesley Clarke retired US General statement in 2006 “SEVEN COUNTRIES IN 5 YEARS’and Syria and Libya were on the list. I also suggest u do ur home work Dumas the Sarkozy regime foreign secretary in 2010 was approached by the then UK foreign secretary and asked him if he wanted to partake in destroying Syria. Voltaire Therry Meiisen article dated 2014 their is enough evidence out their to have UK,US,Canadain, and Australian ,French Governments up for charges of war aggression and crimes against humanity

    • Derek_J says

      What do you not believe? Do you not believe that terrorists are occupying East Aleppo? Whatever name they call themselves and whatever flag they fly, they are terrorists and they have been subjecting the citizens of Aleppo to barbaric attacks for years. It is only now that the Syrian Army is starting to win the battle that Western media have suddenly started to be interested in the predicament of Aleppo. Of course that interest is confined to the 200,000 living in the terrorist occupied East of the city. They still have no interest in the 1,500,000 living in the West.

      The people of Aleppo have been living under constant bombardment from terrorists “Hell cannons”, mortars firing bombs improvised from gas canisters for years.
      Check out for example this video from April before the Eastern part of the city became besieged. WARNING- Contains gruesome images.

      If your stomach is strong enough I do recommend that You Tube channel “R+U Video” if you really want to know what those lovely freedom loving moderate terrorists are up to in Syria. This channel does a daily round up of clips from all sides in the conflict.

    • deschutes says

      It is obvious from your ignorant comment that you did not bother to watch the video the image grab is from in its entirety. So, if the black flag was planted in the rebel held area, are the large screen sheets blocking off sniper fire from the rebel area fake? Are the people interviewed lying when they claim rebel snipers shoot at them when civilians try to escape to West Aleppo, the SAA held area? Are all the houses with linen and sheets covering their windows to protect from rebel sniper fire also faked? And the interviews of Syrians talking about not being able get water from wells because of sniper fire, is that fake too? Talk about pitiful, take a look in the mirror homey. What an idiot you are.

  2. BALDEAGLE 11 says

    Perhaps the Syrian Government could bombard by night all area held by the Islamic terrorists , with the ” stars and stripes ‘ USA flags, with the attached arabic message for them, explaining that the Syrian/ Russians are afraid of attacking the USA, and with flags they will be safe from the the all of the forces supporting the government of Syria to go wherever they please. Of course this will greatly embarrass the ” imperial USA/UK/NATO forces !

    But will dramatically once and for all show who who those imperial forces are really allied with !

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