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Many people have been expressing a wish to support our work here. We have been a little reluctant to jump on the funding bandwagon, because we didn’t see ourselves as anything but a small group of people giving themselves a forum for expressing their own thoughts. But we have to admit OffG has grown beyond that original remit and now has a readership and output that does require a lot of hours and dedication. In addition we are fast outgrowing our original WordPress home and are planning to move to our own webspace, which will bring with it increased costs of hosting and maintenance. We figure the time may be right to listen to our readers.
So, if any of you would like to send us some pennies in support of what we are doing, you can visit our new “support us” page. Your assistance would be very much appreciated at this time and would certainly help us in keeping this project moving forward.


If you enjoy OffG's content, please help us make our monthly fund-raising goal and keep the site alive.

For other ways to donate, including direct-transfer bank details click HERE.

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Greg Bacon
Greg Bacon
Oct 20, 2016 10:52 AM

Just sent in 80 British pounds to your very worthy enterprise. Freedom of the press and speech is under attack across the West, but especially here in the USA, where the one-sided, corrupt MSM has been laid bare, exposing its teeth to the public by its lop-sided cheerleading for Clinton.
If we don’t make a stand now for what’s right and ours by law and design, what kind of world are we leaving our children?
The donation is just that, a donation. I’m not trying to buy ‘influence,’ so if a comment is a bit out-of-line, I fully expect OFFG to step and properly chastise me.
P.S. Suggestion: I’m guessing that most of the donations will or could come from the USA, so maybe if you changed the PayPal form to show the USD amount being donated, it might help us clueless Americans.

Oct 20, 2016 11:08 AM
Reply to  Greg Bacon

Thank you Greg – and thanks to everyone else who has contributed already. Your generosity is very much appreciated. We’ll look into your suggestion.