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VIDEO: Syrians flee East Aleppo under terrorist sniper fire


  1. Manda says

    Isn’t this a video of fleeing citizens under SAA/Russian humanitarian corridor from a previous ceasefire? It looks very similar to one I watched a few weeks ago and I have been reading reports that few, if any, civilians have managed to escape East Aleppo in this cease fire. There is a de facto hostage situation now in East Aleppo.


  2. chrisb says

    ‘People fleeing East #Aleppo under the fire of terrorist snipers, to the West part ruled by the government #Syria’

    Is this meant to suggest a popular mandate for Assad? Get real. The refugees are trying to leave a part of town being bombed into the next world for a part of town which isn’t being bombed.

    For those kids with short memories, within the last decade the US rendered prisoners to Syria to have them tortured by real experts, the Mukhabarat, as opposed to the amateurs in Guantanamo. The Mukhabarat answer to Bashir as it did to his father.


      • Manda says

        West Aleppo has been under constant attack from terrorists in East Aleppo during the Russian/SAA cease fire. People killed and injured in W. Aleppo almost daily. Murad Gazdiev has been reporting from W. Aleppo.



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