VIDEO: From Anthrax to Iraq

Robbie Martin of AVeryHeavyAgenda.com joins James Corbett to talk about his research into the anthrax attacks of 2001

They discuss how false information claiming an Iraqi link to the attacks was sowed via the mainstream media and how the story largely disappeared when the anthrax traced back to the US government’s own bioweapons labs. They also update the case and talk about some of the legitimate suspects in the attacks.


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Oct 26, 2016 8:12 AM

IMHO there are many very good and important independent media sources, but the Corbett Report is the most thorough, intelligent and credible source anywhere right now.
Hopefully being based in Japan will keep him somewhat safe from being suicided in the back of the head twice with a shotgun – and he knows better than to ever get on a plane.

Oct 25, 2016 12:17 PM

My favourite part of the AMERITHRAX case is this: I call it Mohammed Atta-Boy buys a crop duster.
Once upon a time in a fabled exceptional and indispensable land; a fake Muslim Doppelgänger calling himself Mohammed Atta walks into the Florida office of the Department of Agriculture and demands $650,000 from the paid crisis actress loan official, Johnelle Bryant. He wants the money, there and then, in cash to purchase a crop duster. Not your average crop duster; a six seat twin engined crop duster. He says he wants to modify it by taking out the seats and install a custom made chemical tank that will fill the entire interior (FFS, just how much anthrax did these guys have?)
She spells his name A_T_T_A_H; but he says “No, it’s A_T_T_A, as in Atta boy!” He says he wants to go to flight school and learn to fly. She notices he has really black soulless eyes and a shifty demeanour. When he realises that he’s not going to get the money – he says “what’s to stop me from coming over there and cutting your throat and just taking the money from the safe?”
He then notices an aerial photo of Washington DC, pulling out a huge wad of cash, he says he wants to buy it and asks about the Pentagon and the White House. He then says he wants to visit the World Trade Centre and asks about the security arrangements there! Finally he starts to rant about al Qaeda needing recruits in America, and how much he admires Osama bin Laden before they finally shake hands as he leaves.
Depending on how much I have drunk, I tell a more or less embellished version of this when people question that I think that 9/11 was a false flag. The anthrax follow up attacks have disappeared down the memory hole for most; so its good to keep in mind that they really tried to pin this on al Qaeda and Iraq. We are supposed to believe Atta arranged this (including knowing which two senators would impede the passing of the Patriot Act) in advance.
I think it shows how lacking in credibility the official narrative really is. I mean, no one could believe this, right?
Except that a version of this story appeared right across the entire M$M – including our veritable BBC and Guardian – and all crop dusters in the US were grounded because of it. ‘Nuff said.

Oct 24, 2016 5:28 PM

the American MSM isn’t worth the paper its printed on or the soundwaves it pollutes.