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Syrian Catholics denounce Western media biased reporting on Aleppo


A nunnery in West Aleppo was targeted today by militants.

Alexandra Nucci writes for The Catholic World Report:

[…] Earlier this month Carmelite nuns in Aleppo wrote to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need to denounce skewed reporting in the international media, citing only the most recent examples of unreported tragedies in the western part of Aleppo that is under fire, not from the Syrian government, but from rebel-held East Aleppo:

“As you already know from the reports that have reached the West, the air strikes on Aleppo are frequent. But the situation in West Aleppo is no better, even though the media won’t report it. This bias in the news is very painful to us, because of the things we witness each and every day, directly or indirectly, through the information we get from priests or from trustworthy people close by, of the plight of many of the neighborhoods in the West of the city, where more and more people are being killed by grenades, by missiles, and by ever-more sophisticated weapons, or are succumbing to the total lack of water and electricity, which have been cut off by the enemy; the West too counts dozens of dead and injured, daily. […]”

Bishop Antoine Audo, SJ, head of Caritas Syria and Chaldean bishop of Aleppo, corroborated the Carmelites’ words in an interview with Vatican Radio: “The testimony of the Carmelite nuns is reliable,” said the bishop. “To us it’s important to let people know that in the Western part of Aleppo, where there are two million inhabitants, many Christians have left because of the bombs that are being dropped everywhere and every day, with no one saying a thing. For example, yesterday morning they bombed a school in the Christian quarter, killing four or five children, and injuring some 50 people. A school!”

“I think,” Bishop Audo added, “that those who control the information in the West have a political agenda. We must, as Christians, as honest people, ask who is behind this manipulation, this exploitation of the media. And I think that if the war goes on like this not only will there will be soon be no one left in Aleppo. Whoever can, leaves. Only those who can’t leave are staying on, which means the poor and the elderly. Little by little it will be the end of this wonderful Christian community of Aleppo. This is our drama and our pain. We try to do everything we can. We say: ‘Peace! Peace! Peace!’ but on the side of the rebels there is no peace but ‘War! War! War!’ which will they continue all the way to destruction.” […]


  1. ADNAN BCHARA says

    but why do you need the western media to report about western aleppo? don’t you have enough coverage from bashar’s media. of course nothing more trustworthy and dependable than the alaween’s >>

  2. francesca says

    Hi. media reports coming out of east aleppo derive solely from White Helmets and Aleppo media centre, both aligned and funded exclusively by NATO countries all baying for the Gadaffi like fall of Assad.
    I emailed White Helmets for a copy of their annual report and audit. A google doesn’t bring it up, unlike Red Crescent or Red cross. At 100 million dollar tax payer donations. I think some kind of accountability is called for.
    anyone out there laid eyes on an independent audit undertaken by an internationally recognised body?

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      I cant help you with independent audit(there probably isn’t one, I’m guessing)
      This might help to understand WHO is behind them though

      • ADNAN BCHARA says

        rubbish report. full of ” you may say, possibly, apparently, note, had been linked, :”””

        so you are concluding that white helmets are nothing but front for cia, and all they do is work for usa cia israel, uk, sourous , .. trashy report.

  3. M.Amine says

    Well said brother Ivan Barrett.. I salute your awereness.
    Unfortunately, the zionist USA gov and most of the western European govs don’t give a shit neither about our Christian brothers or about us as Muslims or any human being here.. they are just doing what they have been taught to do i.e protecting the ugly bastard ungodly occupation the so called Israhell by waging these proxy wars through using their dogs all over the region.. That’s it. And btw the Iraqi and Palestinian Christians are facing the same of what the Syrians face in a daily basis. Sure the maistream media is singing out of tune and that’s the agenda.
    But in the end, we (the Arab Muslims and Christians and others) will never give up and will never accept their so called new Middle East and that creative chaos they used to talk about.. We were here and we lived together all these thousands of years, and we will remain Inshallah/God willing.
    When these wars end soon, you can come visit us and see by your own eyes our truth.. We are one whatever our religions and backgrounds, we are not what the media tells.. And for sure we gonna keep standing as ONE body.. Take a look at the new happy events in Iraq after liberating large places from the hell dogs hands (Daesh i.e Isis) where Muslims Sunnis and Shiites and Orthodox and Catholic christians were celebrating together after already fighting together.

    Sorry for making it a lengthy post.. Just one word.. by removing this Zionist occupation, the peace will see the sun again. Peace be upon you all.

    • ADNAN BCHARA says

      so westerns should support more muslims to kill more people.
      as long as there is islam, there is no salam

  4. Willem says

    Sadly, this is an old story. Here is the call for help by Dutch/Syrian Priest Frans van der Lugt, who was killed in cold blood by an al-Nusra ‘rebel’ in Homs in 2014.

    In case you do not speak Arabic (or Dutch), Van der Lugt says in the tape: ‘it is impossible that we suffer, while the world does nothing’

    Sharing these stories at OffG is at least something…

    • ADNAN BCHARA says

      muslims killed him in cold blood.

      muslims try to make it that it is the fault of other people why they enjoyed killing him, and many other like him

      we know muslims

  5. Alessandro says

    Who’s been specifically targeting the Christian minority in Syria this entire time? Not the Russians, nor the army, but the supposedly moderate rebels. Part of the problem is that a lot of ignorant New Left-y people in the west conceive of the Middle East as homogeneously Muslim, which has allowed the mainstream media to present even Islamist groups like Nusra Front as freedom fighters for the whole population, rather than ethnic cleansers.

    • Ivan Barrett says

      The new lefty people are bloody right wing parasites, that’s the problem, The original left wing and labour supporters understand that the west has trained and funded ISIS since the 1980’s in the training camps in Afghanistan and is using them as a mercenary army in a fake civil war orchestrated to remove Assad so they can build the Saudi oil pipeline through Syria, if a few thousand civilians die and a few million get displaced it’s not their concern as long as the pipeline gets built, the Right wing media give propaganda reports claiming the Syria army and Russians are bombing civilians, when the west do much worse and are the actual cause of these war crimes.
      Russia is the only foreign country that should be there, they came at the invitation of Syria to defend the Syria people from the attacks upon them from the western backed mercenaries. the UN has now become a joke in the eyes of most people, supplying terrorist and supporting Saudi Arabia commit war crimes against civilians. UN member Turkey is killing Kurds who are fighting ISIS.

      • Yonatan says

        The Zionists control and play both sides. That is how they ‘win’ whatever the outcome.

        • deschutes says

          Your post would be better if you actually elucidated your position with specific facts.

  6. If I remember rightly, it was Catholic nuns in Syria who in 2012 reported that the ‘Houla massacre’ was carried out by the so-called ‘rebels’. The Pope must be aware of this latest report, since the interview was on Vatican Radio. It will indeed be very interesting to see if he reacts and how.

  7. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Such is the grip that traditional media has on the vast majority of the Western world, makes it pretty fruitless denouncing ‘skewed reporting’, because it won’t appear in ‘traditional media’ unfortunately, so 90% of the people won’t hear their pleas.
    Maybe the nuns should appeal to the Pope himself, although I can’t see him putting his head up above the parapet, and denouncing the REAL aggressors in this fight. He’s got a(Tax Exempt) empire, riddled with paedophiles(and those who protect them) to protect.

    • deschutes says

      I’m not so sure about the ‘90%’ percent figure. I’ve read several articles talking about how traditional MSM news outlets are losing credibility, and hence viewers. More and more peeps just surf news websites, blogs for news rather than chill on the sofa and watch the 6 o’clock news on CBS, ABC, BBC, etc.

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