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9/11 Truth? – Was it an American coup?

by Philip Giraldi at the Unz Review

the  South Tower at the moment of collapse

the South Tower at the moment of collapse

Here Giraldi argues – as we do at OffG – that, whether or not one believes 9/11 was an inside job, there are enough lacunae and inconsistencies in the official investigations by FEMA and NIST that a new inquiry is essential

For the first time a presidential candidate, admittedly from a fringe party, is calling for a reexamination of 9/11. Jill Stein of the Green Party has recognized that exercises in which the United States government examines its own behavior are certain to come up with a result that basically exonerates the politicians and the federal bureaucracy. This has been the case since the Warren Commission report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which, inter alia, failed to thoroughly investigate key players like Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby and came up with a single gunman scenario in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary.

When it comes to 9/11, I have been reluctant to enter the fray largely because I do not have the scientific and technical chops to seriously assess how buildings collapse or how a large passenger airliner might be completely consumed by a fire. In my own area, of expertise, which is intelligence, I have repeatedly noted that the Commission investigators failed to look into the potential foreign government involvement in the events that took place that day. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan just for starters may have been involved in or had knowledge relating to 9/11 but the only investigation that took place, insofar as I can determine, was a perfunctory look at the possible Saudi role, the notorious 28 pages, which have recently been released in a redacted form.

A friend recently recommended that I take a look at a film on 9/11 that was first produced back in 2005. It is called Loose Change 9/11 and is available on Amazon Video or in DVD form as well as elsewhere in a number of updated versions. The first version reportedly provides the most coherent account, though the later updates certainly are worth watching, add significantly to the narrative, and are currently more accessible.

Loose Change is an examination of the inconsistencies in the standard 9/11 narrative, a subject that has been thoroughly poked and prodded in a number of other documentaries and books, but it benefits from the immediacy of the account and the fresh memories of the participants in the events who were interviewed by the documentary’s director Dylan Avery starting in 2004. It also includes a bit of a history lesson for the average viewer, recalling Hitler’s Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin incident, all of which were essentially fraudulent and led to the assumption of emergency powers by the respective heads of state.

The underlying premise of most 9/11 revisionism is that the United States government, or at least parts of it, is capable of almost anything. Loose Change describes how leading hawkish Republicans were, as early as 2000, pushing to increase U.S. military capabilities so that the country would be able to fight multi-front wars. The signatories of the neocon Project for the New American Century paper observed that was needed was a catalyst to produce a public demand to “do something,” that “something” being an event comparable to Pearl Harbor. Seventeen signatories of the document wound up in senior positions in the Bush Administration.

The new Pearl Harbor turned out to be 9/11. Given developments since 9/11 itself, to include the way the U.S. has persisted in going to war and the constant search for enemies worldwide to justify our own form of Deep State government, I would, to a large extent, have to believe that PNAC was either prescient or perhaps, more diabolically, actively engaged in creating a new reality.

That is not to suggest that either then or now most federal employees in the national security industry were part of some vast conspiracy but rather an indictment of the behavior and values of those at the top of the food chain, people who are characteristically singularly devoid of any ethical compass and base their decisions largely on personal and peer group ambition.

9/11 Truthers are characteristically very passionate about their beliefs, which is part of their problem in relating to a broader public. They frequently demand full adherence to their version of what passes for reality. In my own experience of more than twenty years on the intelligence side of government I have frequently found that truth is in fact elusive, often lying concealed in conflicting narratives. This is, I believe, the strength of Loose Change as it identifies and challenges inconsistencies in the established account without pontificating and, even though it has a definite point of view and draws conclusions, it avoids going over to the dark side and speculating on any number of the wilder “what-if” scenarios.

I recommend that readers watch Loose Change as it runs through discussions of U.S. military exercises and inexplicable stand-downs that occurred on 9/11, together with convincing accounts of engineering and technical issues related to how the World Trade Center and WTC7 collapsed. Particularly intriguing are the initial eyewitness accounts from the site of the alleged downing of UA 93 in Pennsylvania, a hole in the ground that otherwise showed absolutely no evidence of a plane having actually crashed. Nor have I ever seen any traces of a plane in photos taken at the Pentagon point of impact.

The film describes the subsequent investigative failures that took place, perhaps deliberately and arranged from inside the government, and concludes that the event amounts to an “American coup” which changed the United States both in terms of its domestic liberties and its foreign policy. After watching the film, one must accept that there are numerous inconsistencies that emerge from any examination of the standard narrative promoted by the 9/11 Commission and covered up by every White House since 2001. The film calls the existing corpus of government investigations into 9/11 a lie, a conclusion that I would certainly agree with.

The consequences of 9/11 are indeed more important than the event itself. Even those who have come to accept the established narrative would have to concede that “that day of infamy” changed America for the worse, as the film notes. While the United States government had previously engaged in illegal activity directed against for suspected spies, terrorists and a variety of international criminals, wholesale surveillance of what amounts to the entire population of the country was a new development brought in by the Patriot Acts. And, for the first time, secret prisons were set up overseas and citizens were arrested without being charged and held indefinitely. Under the authority of the Military Commissions Act tribunals were established to try those individuals who were suspected of being material supporters of terrorism, “material supporters” being loosely interpreted to make arrest, prosecution and imprisonment easier.

More recently, executive authority based on the anti-terror legislation has been used to execute American citizens overseas and, under the Authorization to Use Military Force, to attack suspects in a number of countries with which the United States is not at war. This all takes place with hardly a squeak from Congress or from the media. And when citizens object to any or all of the above they are blocked from taking action in the courts by the government’s invocation of State Secrets Privilege, claiming that judicial review would reveal national secrets. Many believe that the United States has now become a precursor police state, all as a result of 9/11 and the so-called War on Terror which developed from that event.

So who benefited from 9/11? Clearly the executive branch of the government itself, which has seen an enormous expansion in its power and control over both the economy and people’s lives, but there are also other entities like the military industrial complex, the Pentagon and intelligence agencies, and the financial services sector, all of which have gained considerably from the anti-terror largesse coming from the American taxpayer. Together these entities constitute an American Deep State, which controls both government and much of the private sector without ever being mentioned or seriously contested.

Suggesting government connivance in the events of 9/11 inevitably raises the question of who exactly might have ordered or carried out the attacks if they were in fact not fully and completely the work of a handful of Arab hijackers? The film suggests that one should perhaps consider the possibility of a sophisticated “false flag” operation, by which we mean that the apparent perpetrators of the act were not, in fact, the drivers or originators of what took place. Blowing up huge buildings and causing them to pancake from within, if indeed that is what took place, is the work of governments, not of a handful of terrorists. Only two governments would have had that capability, the United States itself and also Israel, unfortunately mentioned only once in passing in the film, a state player heavily engaged in attempting to bring America into its fight with the Arab world, with Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently saying that “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq swung American public opinion in our favor.”

To be honest I would prefer not to think that 9/11 might have been an inside job, but I am now convinced that a new 9/11 Commission is in order, one that is not run and guided by the government itself. If it can be demonstrated that the attacks carried out on that day were quite possibly set up by major figures both inside and outside the political establishment it might produce such a powerful reaction that the public would demand a reversal of the laws and policies that have so gravely damaged our republic. It is admittedly unlikely that anything like that could ever take place, but it is at least something to hope for.


  1. Gordon says

    One of the most interesting interviews regarding the mechanics of 9/11 is provided by Dimitri Khamenev, a Russian, on YouTube. A 2 kiloton micro-nuke placed approximately 150 feet below the parking basements of WTC 1 and 2, results in an atomic fireball of 200 foot radius which blows straight up and atomizes steel and reinforced concrete, reducing 90% of the buildings to talcum powder that blows away on the wind, as seen in the videos. Watching the videos carefully provokes a few questions. One, who was standing on the New Jersey side of the Hudson with a movie camera on a tripod in advance of the operation? Two, why do the supposed commercial jets upon impact appear to either dissolve like liquid entirely into the side of the building, or pass completely through it, leaving the aluminum skin of the nosecone intact as it passes out the other side? Common sense tells you these planes were entirely photo-shopped into the video. Watch one of the planes, which looks like a black shadow from a distance, pass both outside and inside of the steel wires of a crane standing in the foreground. Three, note the massive spike in thyroid cancers in New York that occurred about a year after the incident, which infers the effects of plutonium.

    There were NO planes, either in Shanksville or Manhattan. Audio heard of unseen people speaking on the street in Manhattan claiming to have seen the planes hit, and the hundreds of CIA trolls who type in chat rooms and blogs claiming they were there on the ground when the planes hit are bogus. They consider all of you sheep because you can’t put all the pieces together, and have been robbed of common sense by a deceitful newsmedia that since CIA Officer Fran Wizner was given the task by Allen Dulles to infiltrate the press and broadcast networks with officers, agents and paid assets to accomplish the objective, as CIA Director William Casey put it, “we will have succeeded when everything the American public knows is false.”

  2. pavlovscat7 says

    al jebr
    The patriot hasn’t sussed it yet..but embusques’ smirk on their tv sets..was the missing piece of the jigsaw jets.

    no planes?…..or no brains?

  3. Silliness says

    The stink of hasbara fear makes my day.

  4. Alan says

    The pain of that day has over time grown to mythical proportions. In the absence of ‘acceptable’ fact, explanations and scenarios worthy of a Hollywood extravaganza fill the gap, given the actual events closely resembled a Die Hard script, one shouldn’t be too surprised. There appears little perspective, as though no other country at any time has suffered to such a degree or that any event has been such a trigger as what is dubiously coined 911. A new commission will have but one effect, it will perpetuate all that is deceitful and base at the expense of those who lost their lives just because they were a convenient means to an end.

  5. Silliness says

    Hey, embarrassing hasbara concern trolls (no really, your seemingly earnest and polite trolling is obvious to us familiar w/ said technique), a word of warning to you and your paymasters. The American public is slowly waking up to decades-long Israeli perfidy in the US. In addition to not being able to refute or offer counter-examples of equal involvement by other nations besides Israel in 9/11 – where are the comparable Saudi spy rings on 9/11 involving HUNDREDS of agents? where are Saudi agents celebrating and driving around NYC on 9/11? Most importantly, where are the scores of Saudi-faithfuls inhabiting the highest echelons of power in the US that were needed to pull off and cover up 9/11? – I wonder if you don’t want us to remember about the Israeli spy master MEGA who most people now believe to have been Richard Clarke – yes, that Richard Clarke – and who was one of the KEY players involved 9/11.

    Here’s an article about MEGA from – gee, what a coincidence – August of 2001. Although it’s a LaRouche site it contains enough info about Israeli infiltration throughout the 90s and into the GWOT to start one on their research:


    So, to recap, there were massive Israeli spy rings – including the ones “monitoring/handling” the “terrorist” cell in FL – uncovered across the US just prior to 9/11. No other massive spy rings by other nations noted.

    There were Israeli spy rings uncovered w/ demonstrated foreknowledge in NYC on 9/11. No other country’s spy rings were caught celebrating w/ foreknowledge in NYC at that day.

    No country other than Israel – not SA, England, France, Canada, Mexico, etc. – enjoys the level of fanatical – i.e., 100% – support as Israel in the US government. Not one. No one can even openly CRITICIZE a full-blown racist apartheid state much less vote against it.

    And no other country besides Israel had moles in the highest levels of government.

    You can say that it was the US but as others have pointed it out that’s not saying anything as w/ regards the power elite, Israel and the US are one and the same.

    • johnschoneboom says

      FFS, “silliness” indeed. I think you make some excellent points, so let me just point out that you could have made them just as well — scratch that: much better — without accusing people of being “trolls” and having “paymasters”. Jesus H Fudgebucket. There’s a real world out here bud. (At least, I think it’s real…)

      Maybe it’s just me, but I generally find people are more receptive to conversation when they’re not being insulted, but that presupposes you’re not paranoid AF to the point where your immediate assumption is that anyone with a different point of view is a paid operative of a secret enemy.

      Take a deep breath once a day or so. May I recommend an occasional walk outside, perhaps a conversation with a few live human beings now and again?

      • Jaques says

        Whenever someone accuses me of being a shill, a dissinfo agent, or what-not: I immediately conclude they are an idiot. Its stupid to accuse people of things when you couldn’t possibly be sure you are correct- but when they can be absolutely sure if your accusation is true or not. If it isn’t true and they insist it is- they just look stupider and stupider.

      • pavlovscat7 says

        Yes sillybilly…go outside and meet the apologists and the Pollyannas.

  6. GTFONWO says

    The entire intelligence community has long known it was an inside job.
    Here’s a Q&A of 911 facts:
    Q: How many skyscrapers fell down in New York on 911?
    A: 3. Yes, 3. (If you dont even know of the WTC7 collapse, you must watch the AE911Truth video.)
    Q: Why didnt the dozens of fighter jets in N-E USA respond to shoot down the planes?
    A: Because virtually all of them had been assigned to exercises in Alaska, Canada, and mid-Atlantic – by Cheney.
    Q: How many video cameras around Washington DC were confiscated by the ‘FBI’ within an hour of the Pentagon hit?
    A: 84.
    Q: How many frames of any video ever released showed an image of a plane hitting the building?
    A: Zero.
    Q: How many Pentagon accountants looking for Rumsfeld’s announced $2.3 Trillion, strangely missing from defense budget accounts, were killed in the Pentagon hit?
    A: 39 – nearly all of them – except one who got himself a great promotion…
    Q: The only back up of the missing $ Trillions data was kept where?
    A: In WTC 7, NYC – also destroyed (despite no plane hitting it) on the same day.

    Fact: The military was running the largest ever drills of attack scenarios – of planes attacking NY and DC – on the very day of 911. What a coincidence!
    Fact: Some NY stock traders shorted the two airlines involved in the attacks – placing volumes of shorts which were 600% greater than normal, making billions in profits:

    AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

    9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

    9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger

    The Chief CIA back-channel asset who exposed the fore-knowledge of 911 survived the attempts to rub her out, and finally told the truth:
    CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything – “Extreme Prejudice”

    If you only have 5 minutes, this is a great distillation:

    I posted this numerous times on the Guardian – it is ALWAYS removed. Hence my delight to find OffGuardian.

    • Q: How many skyscrapers fell down in New York on 911?
      A: 3. Yes, 3. (If you dont even know of the WTC7 collapse, you must watch the AE911Truth video.)

      Not to argue, but actually FOUR, if you count WTC 6 exploding that afternoon, leaving only a hollow shell with debris scattered in all four directions. Those that are trying to keep the lie alive will claim a steel beam from one of the Twins hit the 6 and caused the damage.

      Check out the pic of 6 and see if you think a steel beam caused that damage:


      One should also ask who stole several hundred million in gold and silver the night BEFORE 9/11 from WTC 4, which had a gold and silver bullion depository in the basement.

      • GTFONWO says

        100% agree.
        I generally dont count WTC 6, simply to avoid muddying the waters for the quislings trolls and shills who’ll distract the genuinely inquirer from the main point. WTC 6 was hollowed out in a manner consistent with Dr Wood’s scalar weapon thesis. The knowledge level of physics needed to understand these terrible special weapons is very high, but then again so was the A-bomb before 1945.

      • pavlovscat7 says

        One should also ask why the evidence of the eminently qualified, Dr Judy Wood and the extensively researched material in her book, ‘Where Did The Towers Go’.. and her many video presentations, are mocked, misrepresented, and sometimes arbitrarily disallowed on offguardian???

        • jackyjacky says

          as i see it.. like GTFONWO says, he avoids building 6 to avoid the trolls.
          J wood may or may not be right, Im not qualified to say either way, but im lucky enough to have enough common sense and cognitive reasoning ablity to understand from all Ive read about 9/11, that the official account is impossible.

          re the top of the article “…there are enough lacunae and inconsistencies in the official investigations by FEMA and NIST that a new inquiry is essential”

          just get the new enquiry happenning, where all evidence, all testimony, can be heard under oath and cross examination, by qualified experts, until a verdit can be reached beyond all reasonable doubt.

          That is the best way to sort out the whos and the hows and the whys… surely everyone can agree on that.

    • John says

      What about WTC6 – the FOURTH building that was destroyed?
      It was the main NYC office for US Customs.
      What outstanding prosecutions did the destruction of WTC6 forestall?
      Also, what happened to the gold and silver bullion stored in one of the buildings?

  7. meanwhile back at the ranch; the fires under the rubble pile at Ground Zero burned for 3 months hotter than Molten Steel 1585 degrees Centigrade. in spite of being hosed by thousands of gallons of water by NYFD . the only comparable Fire was at Reactor No.4 at Chernobyl . which could be only reduced by Liquid Concrete dropped by Helicopters , whose pilots died from radiation . all the Concrete in the WTC 1&2 was blown to dust, which rolled through the streets like a volcanic thermoclastic flow.

    • rtj1211 says

      Does the argument show that your proposed solution induces quasi free-fall descent of buildings into their own footprint, creating thermate residues in the rubble?

      Nuclear devices tend to create circular waves radiating outwards, so these new weapons must have very different characteristics concerning damage profiles….

  8. You only need one piece of clean evidence to show that 9/11 was an inside job: WTC-7 came down by controlled demolition. The twin towers did too (and, of course, there’s so many other problems) but all you need to prove it was an inside job is how WTC-7 fell.

    It looked exactly like a classic controlled demolition.
    Scientific method demands that you examine the most obvious hypothesis first. NIST, the government agency who has tried to show that WTC-7 came down by fires, did not test this hypothesis first or at all.
    It came down in 6.5 seconds, 2.25 seconds (or thereabouts) was at free fall acceleration (agreed by NIST). That means the bottom of the building had to give way all at the same time – this cannot be caused by fires, only by controlled demolition.
    It was known that it was going to come down before it came down
    There is zero consistent about its fall with a fall caused by fire and everything consistent with a controlled demolition.
    NIST kept changing their mind about how it came down and cannot explain certain things about its fall according to their hypotheses
    There are good reasons that elements within the government and others would want WTC-7 to come down but no obvious reasons that terrorists would.

    For points on the fall of WTC-7

    For reasons that people wanted WTC-7 to come down

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      You forgot to mention that the owner of Tower 7, Larry Silverstein, is officially on record as saying that, after discussions with the NY Fire Department re the (small office fires), “it was decided to ‘Pull’ the building”. ‘Pull'(in this case) is a term used(in the Controlled Demolition industry) to indicate that building is to be brought down by C/Demo,
      NY Fire Department officials have since contradicted his statement by admitting that they have NO EXPERTISE in controlled demolition whatsoever. Has Silverstein been held to account for this contradiction? Apparently not, and no one in the Department of Justice in the USA feels the need for Silverstein(who received Billions of dollars in an insurance payout) to explain in a court of Law.
      The whole 9/11 story is beyond ridiculous, which seems to indicate that the Government of the day, was complicit in the FRAUD.

      • jaques says

        Silverstein said, “I remember getting a call from the fir department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire, and I said you know we’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it,ah and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse”. Later when questioned about this he made the absurd claim (via a spokesperson) that he meant ‘pull the firefighters out’. Firstly he said ‘pull it’ and not ‘pull them out’, and secondly he immediately followed with ‘and then we watched the building collapse’ indicating that the order to pull- lead to the subsequent ‘collapse’. Lastly: the NYFD later claimed that in fact there were no firefighters in Building 7! In the NIST FOIA released videos we can clearly see that Blg 7 was completely evacuated before the second WTC tower fell:

        The above footage was filmed around 10.15 am. There is no evidence that firefighters ever entered the building beyond a rescue mission for Barry Jennings and Michael Hess. These two men had become trapped in the building after multiple explosions destroyed the stairwells…

        Beyond the well known Silverstein damning ‘pull it’ quote-mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti actually says Silvertein made another claim on the History Channel in 2004 where he directly used the words ‘Controlled Demolition’ to explain what happened to 9/11:

        Apparently the History channel will not release copies of that show… If someone could find a copy of that show it would be one more big fat nail in the (already nail riddled) coffin of the 9/11 Official Big Lie. It would also be further proof of Silverstein’s direct knowledge and/or involvement with the 9/11 crimes.

  9. Reckoning says

    The US Government did this , the same folks that brought you the JFK Assination. The same institution that has killed over a hundred million people, five times more people than Hitler and Stalin killed, combined. The enforcement arm of a global csbal made up of a handful of crooks that have most of the world’s wealth and power concentrated in their control to the oppression, impoverishment, and murderibg, by design, of everybody else, through and by way of one hundred percent corruption, greed, and force. And a citizenry, that 95-97%, are absolutely and totally worthless that go along abd worship and embrace this heinous, cancerous-blight on humanity and the world. A one-hundrednpercent, totalitarian, police-state.

  10. Hertog Jan says

    The next time you will be looking at a high rise steel frame building, ask yourself how one such as WTC7 could fall at the speed of free fall onto its own footprint because of office fires, no matter how hot they could have been.

    The simple fact that the US government took no or little interest to explain how WTC7 collapsed the way it did should be enough to incriminate several officials at the top — and most of the mass media bosses and other gatekeepers with them. Their luck is: the public doesn’t want to know.

    • Reckoning says

      The American public don’t not only want to know, they don’t care if they did know, and won’t do anything about the truth. That defines 95-97% of the worthless morons.

  11. Mick McNulty says

    Looking back I believe Clinton was impeached to ruin the Democrat run in the 2000 election because 9/11 was years in the planning, and their treasonous plot would have been uncovered by the security agencies under a Gore White House. When impeachment failed and Gore was elected they actually had to go in and steal it or the fascist neo-cons may have faced trial for treason. They got in, now we have proto-fascist law and war.

    Unless they are overthrown Hitler will win WWII after they completely shift the blame from Jews to Muslims.

  12. John says

    Before now, I too would have had little idea as to the degree of duplicity and criminality of governments.
    However, what ever johnschoneboom has to say, he cannot explain away Mossad agents on the scene.
    Clearly, they – and the Israeli government – knew about the event before it happened.
    Yet, US citizens have treated the attack on the World Trade Centre just like the attack on the USS Liberty.
    Don’t they ever learn? Why have they not severed all diplomatic, military and financial ties with Israel?
    We now know too that senior Saudi politicians have been working hand-in-glove, alongside US intelligence agencies, with a whole range of terrorist groups all round the world.
    Prince Bandar bin Sultan acted as Saud Ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005.
    According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandar_bin_Sultan#Disappearance_and_rumors, ‘A court affidavit filed on 3 February 2015 claims that Zacarias Moussaoui served as a courier between Osama bin Laden and Turki bin Faisal Al Saud in the late 1990s, and that Turki introduced Moussaoui to Bandar.[68] Zacarias Moussaoui stated on oath and wrote to Judge George B. Daniels that Saudi royal family members, including Prince Bandar, donated to Al-Qaeda and helped finance the September 11 attacks….Leaked information from the redacted portion of the 9/11 Commission Report states that two of the 9/11 hijackers received $130,000 in payment from Bandar’s checking account.’
    What might have seemed fanciful in 2001 might now be thought rather ordinary. i.e. that 9/11 was a conspiracy entered into by senior members of the US, Saud and Israel political and military elites.
    Such a suggestion is no longer fanciful or shocking, as we have all seen exactly the same pattern being repeated over and over again in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.
    What is absolutely clear in my mind is that the Saudis not only funded 9/11 but also supplied the personnel who carried out the attack. Who they actually were may never be known but they were not the people identified after the attack as none of them had the knowledge or expertise to fly the large planes so professionally.
    Wolfowitz, Pearl et. al – all the neo-traitor Israel Firsters – and Dick Cheyney clearly manipulated the idiot Bush Junior into this unending conflict.
    People like Cheyney and other members off the advisory board of Genie Energy (includes Murdoch, Rothschild and the former heads of the US CIA and US Treasury) continue to be rewarded handsomely for keeping their mouths shut by being awarded a slice in energy exploration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights by Israel.

    • damien says

      Good comment. The Saudi involvement in the events of 911 are discussed in more detail here and here.

    • jaques says

      “What is absolutely clear in my mind is that the Saudis not only funded 9/11 but also supplied the personnel who carried out the attack. Who they actually were may never be known but they were not the people identified after the attack as none of them had the knowledge or expertise to fly the large planes so professionally.”

      this point is not at all clear in my mind. You seem to be suggesting that there were ‘suicide pilots’ just that they were not the ones the official story told us? If you conclude that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ then the matter of ‘suicide pilots’ become problematic. What CIA, MOSSAD or Saudi intelligence asset would put up their hand to pilot the doomed flights? If you insist on human pilots you are left with two options:

      1) VERY committed or totally brainwashed agents
      2) Committed Jihadists being ‘run blind’ by intelligence agencies (they think they work for Allah- but their real boss is at Langley)

      However there are several factors about 9/11 that make these two possibilities unlikely if not impossible. First and foremost is the incredible speeds at low altitudes of the panes in NYC both of which were flying around 480-550 MPH at 1000 feet above sea level immediately before impact. At these speeds the planes risked breaking apart- and the air resistance would have made them difficult to fly even for experienced pilots.

      What is absolutely clear in my mind: Given that the buildings were demolished via controlled demolitions- it is highly likely the planes were flown via remote control. Remote control solves the problem of finding pilots willing to die- and also the issue of potential human error causing a plane to miss its intended target. Just imagine if one of the WTC flights had missed its target: but the building had ‘collapsed’ anyway an hour later?

      There is also circumstantial evidence of remote control in the form of the so called ‘doomsday’ planes that were observed flying over Washington and NYC as the events of 9/11 unfolded. These planes may have been the control centers from which the operation was conducted.

      And it is perhaps not a mere coincidence that Dov Zakheim Comptroller of the Pentagon and PNAC member had a company that manufactured remote control flight systems that could be retrofitted to commercial airlines in the years immediately prior to 9/11:

  13. mog says

    Better films in my opinion are ‘911 – The New Pearl Harbour’ and ‘Zero’. They are more up to date and cover more evidence.
    Other intelligence officials who do not ‘demand full adherence to their version of what passes for reality’ but rather demand a proper inquiry, include Ray McGovern and William Christison. A list here:

    • jaques says

      Absolutely- Loose Change is quite good though- and one of the earliest films to really delve into the 9/11 Big Lie.

      To date- the very best, most comprehensive film made- as far as I have seen is- Massimo Mazucco’s ‘The New Pearl Harbour’:

  14. Silliness says

    Hasbara concern troll is concerned.

    Or is it scared?

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Perfidys’ trick is persecution…….six million dislikes SVP

  15. johnschoneboom says

    Giraldi’s contribution is welcome and he is in many ways an astute observer but he has an unfortunate general tendency to be over-eager in his desire to blame everything on “the Jews”. It’s not just this piece, but it’s here all right. I’m well aware of the evidence of Israeli foreknowledge — the “dancing Israelis” sent “to document the event” are hard to ignore — but he goes rather beyond any evidence that I’m aware of in dropping controlled demolition and primary planning into the Israeli lap. He specifically bemoans the lack of Jew-blaming in Loose Change. His admitted preference not to imagine a US inside job yields to a distinct keenness to imagine an Israeli one. It is a point of view directly inverse to the preponderance of evidence. The fact that it’s a pattern with him detracts from his reliability as a useful source.

    • archie1954 says

      And you sir are deliberately ignoring the modus operandi that points to Zionism in this case. Remember the USS Liberty? Well if you do, you certainly don’t bother to mention the fact that destruction of American lives and property is not unknown to patriotic and immoral Israelis. That they had a part in 9/11 is not known but that they would have done the evil deed, given the chance is very well known!

      • johnschoneboom says

        As my manager at Taco Bell once said to me 35 years ago or so: don’t “sir” me, my friend, I work for a living! Also, I’m not deliberately ignoring anything. Honest. I’m not arguing that Mossad was ignorant of 9/11: clearly not. As I already noted, the dancing Israelis more or less gave that game away. But let me ask you this: do the Israelis control the US air defense? Was it the Israelis who told Cheney to issue an apparent stand-down order on the incoming Pentagon flight? Do we have specific reasons to believe the Israelis had special access to the WTC complex, say, ownership of Ace Elevator for example? Were Richard Blee and Tom Wilshere of the CIA’s bin Laden unit, which intentionally misdirected FBI investigations that would otherwise have uncovered Al Midhar and Al Hazmi before 9/11, were they Israeli agents? Was it Israel who told the US Army to destroy Able Danger data? Was it Israel who prevented Colleen Rowley from doing her job at the FBI?

        I trust you get the idea. Where does the preponderance of evidence pointing regarding the “head of the snake”? Israel is at best (worst?) complicit, informed, supportive, helpful. If there is good evidence to suggest they had the capability to serve as primary organizer, and pull off everything from preventing the FBI from blowing the lid off the plot to cutting the nuts off the US air defense, I haven’t seen it. And I’ve done my research. So if you’ve got something — evidence — not insinuation — spell it out or STFU.

        • It’s a flaw in logic to think in terms of a single state running the psy-op of 9/11. It’s pretty clear from all the evidence unearthed since then that this a combined effort of US, Israeli and Saudi deep state operatives, and a number of key US government controllers sowing confusion, disinfo and distraction then and today.

          The same perps have been funding, arming and repairing the terrorists who are destroying Syria now. Russia can see that, and so the Kremlin has become the biggest enemy propaganda target now.

          The coverup, the removal of crime scene evidence prior to any serious investigation, the empty hole at Shanksville, the eyewitnesses at the Pentagon and WTC, all the amazing stuff that David Ray Griffin has disclosed, this massive effort by thousands over 15 years to disprove the Official Myth, is still not enough to wake up a critical mass. Perhaps this is because the deep state employs millions and pays them well, and they are working even harder to keep the lid on the greatest lie of the century.

          Historians, if we are lucky enough to survive as a species, will look back at the beginning of the 21st century as a period of deep international psychosis and a pandemic of cognitive dissonance, produced by a failed attempt to make universal truth out of a pack of lies.

          • johnschoneboom says

            I think you’re on the right track here, windjammer. I’d even say it’s a mistake to think in terms of states at all. More like a well-dispersed cabal whose interests are rather larger than nations can contain.

            • jaques says

              exactly so. We are talking about a transnational cabaal. These people have no allegiance to any state as such. If they do have an allegiance to a state- it is the one that doesn’t yet exist- The Global State. They run a supra-national enterprise that is global in scale and seeks nothing less than total domination of humanity. The only allegiance they have is to money which IS power. I think if you want to speculate as to who exactly were the true ‘masterminds’ of 9/11 you have to look to the 1% of the 1%. 9/11 was all about money, banks, weapons, oil: in short- BUSINESS. They don’t call it the military INDUSTRIAL complex for nothing.

              I think- if you want to know who ‘did’ 9/11- you can go all the way back to the late 1970’s- and you will find the answer in the film: The Network- which has possibly the greatest and truest Monologue in film history written by Paddy Chayefsky and brilliantly acted by Ned Beatty:

              The World IS a BUSINESS!

        • pavlovscat7 says

          Yes.. leave Israel out of 9/11 and let it get back to lebensraum in Palestine,

    • damien says

      Gerald Shea presented a detailed report to the 911 Commission on the activities of Israel in relation to the events of 9/11. It was comprehensively ignored by the US media.

      Shea does a good job of documenting:

      (1) that Israeli intelligence agencies were closely tracking the 911 terrorists inside the US, and

      (2) that Israeli diplomatic warnings to the US were both too late and too meager to prevent the attack.

      He might also have included:

      (3) That Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and Newark on 9/11, was Israeli.

      (4) That Hani Hanjour, the alleged pilot of Flight 77, could not fly a 767, into the Pentagon or anywhere else, and a dozen flight schools and trainers who dealt with him said exactly that to the 9/11 Commission. The only positive assessment of his flight skills — the one cited by the 911 Commission — was provided by pilot trainer, Eddie Shalev, who had previously served as a jumpmaster in an IDF paratroop regiment.

      (5) Israeli monitoring of the 9/11 terrorists while they were in Germany.

      • Jen says

        Slight correction: Huntleigh SA that was in charge of airport security at Logan International Airport in Boston and Newark International Airport (renamed Newark Liberty International Airport after the 9/11 attacks) at the time was a subsidiary of ICTS International, a Dutch-based firm set up by ex-Mossad and Shin Bet agents. ICTS is in charge of airport security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the same airport where, er, the Underwear Bomber boarded a plane bound for Michigan on Christmas Day in 2009, and from which Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 departed on its ill-fated journey to Kuala Lumpur in July 2014.

        • damien says

          I’m sure you’re right, Jen. The Israeli company ownership changed quite a bit. There’s some background on ICTS is here.

          The “crotch bomber” Farouk Mutallab also has some interesting parallels to the 9/11 flights by way of terrorist trial runs and inflight videotaping.

    • damien says

      In Dec 2001 Fox News ran a four-part series reported on by Carl Cameron that let the cat out of the bag regarding likely Israeli involvement in the event of 9/11 — or at least a culpable awareness of it prior to the event.

      Justin Raimondo also discussed the evidence of Israeli and Saudi connections.

    • He didn’t mention Jews only Israel. The militaristic government of Israel (are you going to deny Israel’s government is militaristic?) is a whole different thing to people of the Jewish religion (and even to many Israeli people who deplore their government’s militarism). But the US will not sever ties with Israel – it has too many dual US-Israeli citizens in its halls of power and that, as Alan Sabrosky points out, is a big part of the problem: a significant number of dual US-Israeli citizens whose primary allegiance is to Israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR-bUmCjv5s

      • johnschoneboom says

        My comments aren’t intended as a generalized defense of Israel. Yes, Israel is a militaristic, aggressively violent state and I don’t have a Zionist bone in my body. Yes Israel has a lot of influence on US politics (and vice versa). Yes there’s no doubt one can find elements of Israeli involvement in 9/11. All I’m saying is it’s possible to overstate the importance of Israel to the operation, and that is what Giraldi seems to want to do, he seems to want to give them primary importance, which as far as I can tell flies in the face of the available evidence. And you’re right, he says Israel, not “the Jews” in this article, but I noticed reading through some of his other articles that he frequently references “the Jews” and “Jewish control of the US media” in lots of his other pieces. I haven’t done an exhaustive quantitative study of everything he’s written, so my opinion should be taken with as much salt as you like, but it begins to appear that he has a certain preoccupation, which he appears to be attempting to force reality to fit the shape of. It’s not entirely wrong but it’s distorted, or so anyway it seems to me. It seems to me he has a problem.

        • pavlovscat7 says

          So you’re calmly suggesting Giraldis’ ‘asemetics are anti-semetic?

    • Jen says

      @ John Schoneboom: Giraldi has not blamed Jewish people as a group for any inside involvement in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. All he has said is that the US and the Israeli governments have the capability for carrying out a sophisticated false flag attack. This statement would be based on Giraldi’s knowledge of incidents like Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 in international waters close to Egypt. The Israeli government does not represent the Jewish people or the Jewish religion and nor does it speak for either though it frequently claims to do both when the occasion suits. You are deliberately trying to disrupt proper debate and discussion by pulling out the anti-Semitic smear. Your comment is unwelcome and crude slander.

      • johnschoneboom says

        Well that’s a little over the top, Jen. The suggestion that somebody has over-emphasized the role of Israel in 9/11 is now an anti-Semitic smear? Crude slander? Honestly. I have argued that I think the preponderance of evidence points in a different direction, and I have given examples of why. I have also offered that Giraldi has a recurring theme in his work that is not entirely indefensible but shows signs of being something of an obsession — and that suggesting a primary role for Israel in 9/11 is a sign that he has gone a bit over the edge with it. The evidence indeed shows Israeli connections, but they are dwarfed by the connections to the US government. Making it a bit odd to emphasize them. If you have a reasoned counter-argument instead of a bunch of hysterical insults, I am all ears.

        Good god people are paranoid and accusatory and quick to freak out these days.

        • pavlovscat7 says

          Good God?.. histrionics?…would that be the hebrew god that in god, we the Americans trust? Or would you swear on a stack of bibles that it ain’t so?

    • jaques says

      If you were a paranoid type- you might even wonder if efforts to lay 9/11 at Israel’s door- are part of the deliberate disinformation strategy of the 9/11 planners. If you blame Israel for 9/11 you become an easy target for the anti-Semitic label. Whilst there is a certain amount of evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11 (as well as Saudi, Pakistani, British and German, etc): there is FAR more evidence of direct US involvement: who rigged the NIST reports, the 9/11 Commission, etc. Who managed the clean up operation in NYC? Who arranged all the 9/11 wargames? Who provided the alleged hijackers with student visas? Who wanted to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc?

      • Greg Bacon says

        But you neglect to mention that the USA isn’t a sovereign nation, it’s become a colony of Israel and as such, will gladly do its bidding, even helping to hide Israeli involvement in 9/11. Look at how many UN Security council resolutions condemning Israel for its latest Gaza or Lebanon atrocity the USA has vetoed.

        Israel savagely attacks the USS Liberty for nearly two hours, killing 34 and wound 141, using rockets, torpedoes, napalm and even going so far as to machine-gun survivors trying to escape in life rafts and all President LBJ can do is to call back the US Navy jets going to help the Liberty, because LBJ “didn’t want to embarrass our Israeli ally?”

        Flint, MI needs 200 million to replace the toxic water pipping? Too bad, Congress has to give Israel 38 billion.

        US vets are homeless and or committing suicide in record numbers, but Congress has no time for them, since they’re busy crafting another sweet weapons deal for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ system.

        Congress invites Israeli PM to speak, which is a function of the Executive branch, crapping on the Constitution, Congress doesn’t care, in fact, they gave Benny more standing ovations than any other US president.

        And please, leave the worn-out canard of ‘anti-Semitism’ at home. Anytime anyone anywhere questions Israel, out come the flying monkey battalions screaming anti-Semitism.

        9/11 was an Israeli masterminded FALSE FLAG, aided by American traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA.


        • johnschoneboom says

          Well, thanks for this, Greg. Your response at least has the merit of offering an explanation of why the apparent preponderance of evidence showing a US-masterminded operation is really an Israeli-masterminded operation, namely, that behind all the US agencies and individuals is the Israeli puppet master.

          And I think you do a good job of offering examples of how US policymakers are weirdly skewed towards Israel’s benefit at the expense of other values, despite even extreme events like the USS Liberty incident. And in that I fully concur.

          Those dots connect to prove a close relationship and shared goals. They do not connect to prove that Israel was the mastermind of 9/11, any more than our close association with Saudi Arabia proves that it was a Saudi-generated plot. They also do not connect to prove that tiny little utterly dependent Israel is the puppet master and the massive powerful US is the puppet. Question: which nation is better equipped to survive without the other?

          If you can supply other dots that make a better case, of course I am always happy to entertain them. I don’t pride myself on much, but I’m afraid I will insist upon having an open mind.

          Please note finally that I’m not accusing anybody of anti-Semitism. I am just a regular joe trying as best I can to stick to the facts and ensure that any speculation doesn’t stray too many unconnected dots away from them.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            Nice job of “fence sitting” Johnschoneboom….but I’m calling it bullshit. There is overwhelming evidence everywhere you look today, about Israel’s “undue influence’ right up to the absolute highest levels of the USA government, Treasury, corporate, media, defense, CIA, NSA….The FED….etc…etc. If we’re to be completely honest here, the Americans aren’t anti-Semitic, it’s the Semites that are anti American………….Remember the USS Liberty?

            • johnschoneboom says

              And lovely trading ideas with you in a civil fashion as well, Brian. I am delighted to be reminded for the fourth or fifth time about the USS Liberty incident and the undue influence of Israeli interests in American politics, neither of which I have disputed in the least. I’ll refrain from repeating my minor, simple argument since it’s fairly clear you’re not actually reading it anyway. Perhaps it’s best if we get back to congratulating Mr Giraldi for his statement against the official narrative, which is, after all, the main point, and one we can all agree on.

              • Brian Harry, Australia says

                Hahahahaha….I did read what you sad, that’s why I felt compelled to mock your “each way bet” replies. You’re trying to agree with everyone, but in the process, you appear to be disingenuous.

                • jaques says

                  actually to me he reads as being sensible. YES I ‘remember the liberty’- but no- that does not mean that Israel is the puppet master… You’ll need far more evidence than that to make your case. I have looked- and other than inferences, allegations and suppositions- I have not seen actual evidence that proves that 9/11 was orchestrated solely by Israel. The evidence I have seen suggests it was mainly a US made to order inside job. As elements within the US ruling elites have strong ties to Israel- and share the same views and goals- it is unsurprising that there is an Israeli hand in 9/11. But there are also Saudi hands, Pakistani hands, German hands and British hands.

                  • John says

                    More to the point, what was the aftermath of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty?
                    The Johnson administration covered and hushed it up – that’s what.
                    The USS Liberty was sent to a dock outside the USA to be repaired and repainted to cover up the damage.
                    All the US Navy personnel who died as a result of the Israeli attack were buried without publicity.
                    Those who survived were warned to keep quiet about the incident.
                    To this day successive administrations have chosen to ignore the event.
                    Johnson – at the time in 1967 – was concerned about being re-elected and he did not want to lose the “Jewish” vote.
                    However, what is the “excuse” for all subsequent administrations?
                    They have all conspired to keep the incident quietly ignored.
                    Is this not proof that the Israel lobby continues to dictate US internal and external policy?

                • What you feel compelled to be, Mr Harry, is a twat.

        • johnschoneboom says

          Also: I’ve read through the wikispooks link, and I find that the quality of the logic is frequently poor throughout. I think it certainly succeeds in showing a likely Israeli role. I’ll say that much, and I think that much is clear. But in “marshaling evidence” that “Israel did it” it stoops to things like this, in describing James Schlesinger’s role as head of MITRE:

          “It has been said that Schlesinger is a devout Lutheran, but his Wikipedia profile states he was born to Russian/Austrian Jewish parents and is therefore a Zionist.”

          I hope I don’t need to enumerate the weaknesses of this assertion. I’ll limit myself to saying it is so astonishingly weak, so flabbergasting in its weakness, that it severely compromises the argument as a whole.

          But goodness me, more importantly, I never meant to hijack this entire discussion into a focus on Israel. The most important thing here is that Giraldi has added his very credible voice — finally — to the proposition that the official 9/11 narrative is eminently farcical. It is a welcome development.

        • jaques says

          38 billion over 10 years is chicken feed and proves nothing. Declared US military budget for just one year is over 650 Billion. Therefore 3.8 billion represents considerably less than 1%- which would be a surprisingly small amount if it’s true that the US is a colony of Israel as you claim so matter of factly. Don’t forget either- the declared US budget does not include black ops money and God knows what else. The day before 9/11 Rumsfeld said the Pentagon had ‘lost’ 2.3 TRILLION. The US owes Saudi Arabia 117 Billion. So who owns whom?

          there is no doubt that the US/Israel relationship is deeply suspicious and suspect- and played a role in 9/11. There is strong evidence that Zionists were involved in planning and benefited from 9/11. But there is also strong evidence that Saudis also were involved and benefited. Are you going to suggest that the house of Saud is an Israeli puppet too?

          • pavlovscat7 says

            Those Saudi boys do have narks like Punch from the classic puppet show

      • pavlovscat7 says

        Who put their hands on their hearts and thanked god?…..and whos’ god was it?

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