FARS News: Terrorists acknowledge defeat in Aleppo

Al-Goulani, the leader of Jeish al-Fatah (formerly Al-Nusra), oversees the recent jihadist attack on Aleppo.
 Iran’s FARS News reports:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Great Epic Operation – a last ditch effort by over 16,000 Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from outside Aleppo to help besieged militants in the Eastern parts of the city – ended in yet another failure even in absence of Russian airstrikes, the militants admitted, blaming their top commander for their “humiliating defeat in Western and Southwestern Aleppo.
“Jeish al-Fatah’s Great Epic Operation failed to meet the coalition’s military objective of lifting the siege on our comrades trapped in the Eastern part of the city,” militants told their affiliated media outlets and on their social media pages, adding that “relevant calm has prevailed over the Western and Southwestern districts of Aleppo since Monday afternoon”.

“No more attacks on army positions has been reported since the final hours of this afternoon,” the militants’ media outlets said.

Also, the militants complained in their social media posts left in the last 24 hours that Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah coalition of militant groups, is to blame for the “humiliating result” of the Great Epic Operation in Aleppo.

The terrorists slammed al-Muhaysini for his “totally wrong strategy” for removing the army siege on their fellow militants under siege in Eastern Aleppo, saying that his “naive plans sent hundreds of fighters to meet their death”.

“It seems that al-Muhaysini has sent the foreign members of the militant groups to the Aleppo battlefield to get rid of them,” several militants wrote in their posts.

Based on the latest reports, tens of non-Syrian militants have been killed in clashes with the Syrian Army in Aleppo in the last three days.

A sum of 16,000 terrorists raided the Western and Southwestern districts of Aleppo on Friday in rescue of their entrapped comrades in the Eastern parts of the city.

Some 5,000 militants took part in the first phase of the large-scale offensive that is called the Great Epic Operation. Arab media outlets reported on Sunday that at least 500 militants of Jeish al-Fatah had been killed and 1,000 more wounded only in the first phase.

“Several commanders from Jeish al-Fatah, Nouralddeen al-Zinki and Fatah al-Sham Front (the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) were among the slain militants in Aleppo,” the Arabic language al-Mayadeen reported on Sunday.

“At least 5,000 fighters, including scores of suicide attackers, participated in the first day of the terrorists’ attacks on government positions in the Western districts of Aleppo on Friday,” the source added.

“Terrorists also shelled residential areas in the Western districts of Aleppo with hundreds of Grad Missiles,” the report said.

Meantime, medical sources reported that Jeish al-Fatah launched chemical attack on residential areas under the control of the government troops in Aleppo city, inflicting casualties on the civilian population in the region,

“Jeish al-Fatah has fired chemically armed shells at government positions and residential areas in the Assad Military-Engineering Academy and 3,000-unit Housing Complex near the academy in Southwestern Aleppo city three times in the last several hours, leaving at least a civilian dead and 36 more vitally wounded,” the medics said.

“Based on evidence and the symptoms reported about the affected population, Jeish al-Fatah has used Chlorine in its chemical attacks this morning,” the sources underlined.

But after almost 4 days of heavy clashes, the Syrian Army troops and popular forces exerted unprecedented force on Jeish al-Fatah terrorists and drove them out of the Western and Southwestern parts of the city.

Reports from Western and Southwestern Aleppo said that the terrorists have withdrawn from all the few neighborhoods that they had captured in the last three days after sustaining hundreds of casualties in an all-out offensive to rescue their friends in the Eastern parts of the city. […]

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Not beyond the realms of possibility that the entire social media “bitching” is a Langley / London Psy-Op designed to trick the Syrian & Russian General Staff into making decisions based around this social media “intel” that will cause them harm either on the ground or on the world stage, or both.
Putin has temporarily stood down the air strikes so as not to give Killery any leverage with ramping up the voters via the MSM & getting an early 2017 war with Russia up & ready to be kicked off. But I reckon you can guarantee that next Tuesday night, USA time the gloves will be off in Aleppo & the Kalibr cruise missiles will be flying as will the helos’ & fixed wing ground attack jets and it will be full on until Aleppo is pacified, hopefully before Jan 20th 2017 when the next pResident takes over. That is Putins window of opportunity. Meanwhile in Mosul, B52s . . . . YES, those B52s . . . are pounding Mosul from high altitude, so as to minimise potential US casualties (but fuck the civilians . . . . . “they’re all Sand Niggers anyway right !?? And we might get the odd terrorist too !!”)
Slightly Off Topic : – Lets hope the turn out for Trump is huge as that bitch MUST NOT be the next C-in-C of the buttons controlling the missiles. It’s going to need to be huge to defeat the vote fraud being uncovered every day. Postal workers in Florida opening mail in votes & biffing Trump ones away. Electronic machines momentarily selecting Trump then flipping to Clinton as the voter goes to verify. Anecdotal evidence is that 3 – 4 tries are required to get Trump to “stick”. But the real dozy is Trump votes getting counted as FRACTIONS OF A VOTE !! Clinton gets 1 vote – it registers as 1 vote. Donald gets 1 vote – it registers as 0.5 votes, meaning he has to get 4 votes to beat her 1 by 2 to 1. And if a sea of red wearers turn up to vote, the fractions can be changed to a tenth of a vote. . . . meaning Trump would need 20 votes to get a 2 to 1 lead over her !! A vote count of 48 for Hillary & 42 for Trump might actually mean that while 48 voted for Hillary – assuming there was no vote flipping – there may have been up to 420 votes for Trump. I don’t think they would dare attempt that level of fraud but 3 or 4, even 5 to1 is entirely possible (48 – 126) Social media is being flooded with Vote Fraud stories, what to look out for, how to confront it when you see it, Trump has a legion of lawyers & poll watchers ready to move heaven & earth to block any certification of results when fraud occurs or is suspected.
Cheers, Chris in Ch-Ch.


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Well thank goodness. If the Syrian military can now mop up and free Aleppo once and for all from foreign jihadists before the US and Saudis rearm the terrorists once more, maybe Russia can maintain mastery of the skies to prevent air born shipments of new American armaments and supplies to these terrorists.


Once the Kuznetsov arrives, the Ka-52 ground attack helicopters it is carrying will do the final mopping up, with Su-33s providing air cover and additional ground attack support. Ka-52s are designed to attack tanks and armoured vehicle up to 20 miles away, so that will enable Russia to destroy ISIS with out the hinderence of the Anglo-Zionist whines about killing civilians. The land based aircraft will move to the refurbished T-4 airbase near Palmyra and then the SAA will be able to take on Raqqa and Deir ez Zor, then game over.
Takfiri video of ‘civilians killed by Russia’ – don’t laugh too loud.