Reporters Without Borders awards 2016’s Press Freedom Award to Jihadi partisan in Syria

Hadi Abdullah (right) interviews a Jaish Al-Fath/Jundul Aqsa commander in East Aleppo (screencap from the video below).

Yahoo News reported today:

Strasbourg (France) (AFP) – Syrian freelance journalist Hadi Abdullah on Monday won one of the world’s top press awards for reporting from some of the most perilous zones in his country’s five-year-old war.

Reporters without Borders (RSF) said it was awarding the 29-year-old Syrian the RSF-TV5 Monde prize, the second year running that the honour has gone to a Syrian.

Abdullah “has unhesitatingly ventured into danger zones, where Western journalists are no longer willing to go, to film and interview civilians,” RSF said.

Abdullah, who was briefly abducted in January by the Al-Nusra Front jihadist group, “has had frequent brushes with death,” the press freedom group added.

His cameraman was killed and Abdullah himself was seriously injured when a bomb exploded in the place where they staying.

The award will be presented in Strasbourg Tuesday on the sidelines of the World Forum for Democracy, a meeting organised by the Council of Europe. Abdullah will address the meeting via a video message. […]

Two video examples of Hadi Abdullah’s “citizen journalism” in Syria:


co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Why is it that any organisation describing itself as ‘without borders’ is so questionable?

Secret Agent
Secret Agent

I concur. This meets the standards of contemporary reporting.


Wonder will we see Julian Assange get any deserved peace prise? Not anytime soon I fear. The ‘liberal’ establishment have really turned against him these last few weeks, more so than the conservative establishment ever have. For example, google the words “Wikileaks is” when you get the chance. You get the following predictive suggestions – Wikileaks is fake, Wikileaks is bullshit, Wikileaks is Russian propaganda, etc, etc. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some Google employee has manipulated those search results, under orders from the top. I fear that some day Wikileaks will be impeded so greatly, it’s pointless to continue with it. If Offguardian gets too popular the same could happen. Hope not though.
To disgress a wee bit, my favourite alternative websites so far are Wikileaks, Offguardian and Counterpunch(which I’m aware is on the bad side of Offguardian at the minute …lol). Can anyone recommend any other ones they think are honest? I also wonder what Offguardian think of Michael Moore’s selling his soul to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It wasn’t just a lesser evil argument(akin to Chomsky’s) from him but he actually seemed to be gushing about her. I was really surprised. Does Moore suddenly lack integrity. Or did he always lack integrity. Or do ye think his heart is in the right place, and I’m the one who’s remiss. Keep up the great work, Offguardian.

james carless
james carless

Bill Maher has been particularly repugnant in pushing the “Russia,our enemy,fed wikileaks lies against Hillary” line.
The evidence of criminality and treason against her,even if only half true,are overwhelming. Unfortunately if she is elected,she will not need to rely on Obama for a pardon,as Presidents can’t be indicted for crimes committed prior to their taking office.
I usually check out ‘commondreams’ for what is happening on the ground in North America as it has a lively,informed readership comment after each article and many good contributers.
‘Moon of Alabama’,’globalresearch’,’truthdig’,’voltairenet.org’ and ‘vineyard of the saker’ are good sites for geopolitical analysis.
A less well known site I like to visit for positive news on American activism and history is by an artist,’AmericansWhoTelltheTruth’,look at the portraits and mini biographies,most of whom will be unknown to you.
We are not alone
Lastly,for some beautiful,progressive,thoughtful and often moving poetry,
look up Rene Sonsmann’s blog on the ‘smirkingchimp.com’website,
a contemporary,progressive Rudyard Kipling from Ausralia.whom I discovered by accident and often reread to cheer myself up.


Hi James. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, and recommend other news sources. Actually one more website I enjoy is Spiked Online. It’s got balls.


Great lets give the Nobel Peace Prize to the White Hats another Takfiri organisation. U can’t make this stuff up. What a total disconnect western organisations have become. ITS PAX -AMERICANA ALL THE WAY. So depressing that any left wing organisations in the western world or so out of touch. IE: Recall Libya. . All these western leftist. , Gallaway chearing on the demise of Qadfaffi. Look at Libya 2 day what a great job. Yugoslavia, Milosovic. Bombed to the stone age and Milosovic being tried and charged of war crimes which just months ago was rescinded . Hitler and Mussolini’s wet dream western society has gone total fascist. The corporate state. Ceta gets ratified in the EEC parliament . So TTIP no longer necessary due to NAFTA the US corporations can use Canada and enter via the back door.