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Video: Aleppo residents rush home after their neighborhood is freed of terrorists by Syrian Army


“The moment of the return of civilians to their homes in the 1070 apartment project after its liberation by units of the Syrian army and the Allies”


  1. John says

    I viewed the video and the overwhelming aspect of it was the joyous expectation of getting their homes back on the part of most refugees, followed by the recognition that their homes had – in reality – been largely destroyed.
    It will take many years for all these homes to be fully repaired and rebuilt.
    How anyone can consider these ISIS terrorists to have any religious values worth having is beyond me.
    It is tempting to call them animals but we all know animals are far better behaved than these terrorist scum.

  2. bevin says

    It seems to me axiomatic that, their neighbourhoods having been’cleared’ of violent terrorists, people should return to their homes and try to take up their lives again.
    These propaganda offensives are becoming very tedious. And nowhere more so at The Guardian where the fabled White Helmets-a humanitarian organisation funded by those funders of all that is humanitarian, the Foreign Office and the CIA- are being awarded a Peace Prize.
    Adding insult to injury, The Guardian recalls that the late Jo Cox, who I believe was instrumental in ensuring that Tony Blair’s humanitarian endeavours for children were rewarded, wrote letters to the Nobel Committee-before her death- asking that the White Helmets be awarded the prize for all the good work they do.
    It is difficult to recall the days when reading the Guardian and eating breakfast at the same time was a common practice rather than a trick performed by persons with exceptionally strong stomachs or weak consciences.

  3. Phil Crowe says

    Any corroboration for the description of what is happening in the photo?
    It doesn’t seem to be possible to play the video – which might have shed more light.
    As it is, I think I’d need stronger evidence that it is what you say it is.

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