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East Aleppo civilians shot at by “moderate rebels” after protesting corruption (videos – updated)


Syrian civilians protest in East Aleppo today.

Al Masdar News reports:

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of Syrian civilians turned to the streets in the rebel-held Bustan al-Qaser district of besieged eastern Aleppo.

The demonstrators chanted for the removal of corrupt rebel commanders and proceeded to plunder the Yarmouk Aid Centre of its goods and distributed it among the local populace.

Local rebel factions did not dislodge the protests.

Two weeks ago, the Bustan al-Qaser neighbourhood was struck by infighting as Islamist groups overran several checkpoints held by the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Fastaqim Union, effectively disbanding the latter group.

Upwards of 200,000 civilians remain besieged in eastern Aleppo while some 9,000 militants have been accused of using local residents as human shields, refusing to allow their evacuation into government-held western Aleppo.


  1. I might add that since the RuAF and Saaaf have ceased their bombing in Aleppo proper the takfiri’s have been indiscriminately shelling civilians and multiple chemical shelling of western Aleppo. Where is that evil woman Samantha Power or the other schills from England and France whom everytime the foreign minister of Syria speaks at the UN they just get up and leave.. Once this terrible nitemare is over in Syria these people should all be brought to justice at the Hague. There is enough valid evidence that the western establishment had a hand in destabilizing Syria. These r war crimes under the UN they should all hang like Mussolini in 1945.
    Wesley Clarke said it all the foreign policy of the US was taken over by war hawks and liberal elitist. Seven countries in five years .

  2. John says

    Isn’t Yarmouk a suburb of Damascus?
    Is it not the main area where Palestinian refugees live – or lived?

    • Terrence Haley says

      Yes you are correct. But the name Yarmouk is frequently used as a place name in Syria because the Yarmouk river was the site of a famous arab battle in the 7th century.

      • John says

        Thank you for the information.
        So, Yarmouk is both a suburb of Damascus AND a suburb of Aleppo – and possibly elsewhere?

    • Amen to that. At the very least, there’s Brit and US special forces embedded with the ‘moderate’ head choppers.

      At least they won’t run out of food, there’s always liver available!

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