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The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury


Long lost footage of George Soros appearing on 60 Minutes in 1998. GS has allegedly gone to some lengths to suppress this interview, and it’s not hard to see why.

He does not come off well.

  • Sit back and enjoy the media-vaunted “philanthropist” inadvertently reveal his textbook psychopathy to an incredulous interviewer (who does his best to cover for him).
  • Listen to George tell us it’s all about making money and the social consequences of his actions just don’t bother him.
  • Watch George admit he feels no shame for selling out his fellow Jews to the Nazis and pocketing their gold.
  • Marvel at his blank incomprehension when asked if he is tortured by guilt for what he did. Guilt? Moi? Nah, he says, with what may pass for a smile to those familiar with his facial expressions, it’s just like business really – if George wasn’t doing it someone else would be.

Still think George is funding Avaaz and all those other NGOs because he just cares so much about humanity to the depths of his big soft heart?

UPDATE Feb 15 2017 – our original link was taken down and this is a replacement. please take a moment to download and save this video.  It will probably not be available for long. It’s very easy to find extensions for most browsers than enable one-click download of Youtube vids, so if you haven’t got one already, this is the perfect time to do so.

UPDATE Dec 27 2017 – Our second link was also taken down. The above is our third.


  1. yo says

    How can I get the full 60 minute video?

  2. “George Soros is like Donald Trump without the humility”. Interesting observation! I’d say George Soros is a much more polished and clever devil.

    • Peter N says


  3. I can’t get the video now. It’s blocked. I’d like to see it, how do I get a chance to see it?

  4. Enquiring Mind says

    The Eye of Soros, like the Eye of Sauron, gazes at the world to identify opportunities according to its own sense of propriety. Greater public awareness of the Soros actions in funding social unrest like BLM in the US would help continue to unmask the malefactor. Look at the parties who benefited from his interests, and how they rationalized those interactions. Few will miss Soros when he is gone, and who will be the next one?

  5. He strikes me as being very empty, despite having a belly full of good food and wine (or whatever). He’s clearly self centered. His vision, like other power trippers without principles, is all about how he can play ‘riches for the strongest’ – a game in which there ‘has to be’ losers – and win. His vision is the betterment of himself. The problem with that is that, as a self-modified person who now embraces the neoconservative/ neoliberal order (judging by what he does), His idea of what betters him is crap. Rejecting God and then proceeding to replace him can’t benefit you. He says, later in the show, that’s he’s not God. But earlier in the show he says, in so many words, that he is. The thing is, When you’re God, you can make the rules. You can lie, lie, lie and call it truthtelling. Can’t you?

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “Nobody owns anything, when we die “it” all stays here”………….George Carlin.

  6. During the Nazi occupation of Hungary Soros’ wealthy Jewish father bribed a government official to ‘adopt’ George as his Christian god son. George then went around posing as a Christian helping this same government official confiscate property from the Hungarian Jews who he watched being rounded up and sent to the death camps. “Was this a problem for you?” asks the interviewer. “Did you feel any guilt about doing this?” the interviewer probes. “No, not at all” replies George. He rationalizes his utter lack of empathy for his fellow Jews who died in the holocaust by explaining “If we didn’t take their property someone else would have”. Another revealing quote from this interview: ” I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do”. He excuses his criminal and ‘above the law’ behavior by rationalizing “If I didn’t do it someone else would do it”. Utterly lacking morality, integrity or social conscience whatsoever.

    • kev says


      He was 14 years old, what did you expect him to do ?

      “I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do”

      Well he can and he should, but thats not how business works. Hes rational in what he says. The system determines how the game is played and an individual has no control over it. Thats probably what he learned when he was 14. Once the rules are set by the system you play by those rule or you lose. Its the system that needs to change. hes right in what he said.

      Personally I think hes deep state and theres a lot hes not admitting to, but that another story.

      • It’s reasonable to assume a non-psychopathic 14-year old would feel guilt or remorse, if not at the time then in later life. The excuse “if I didn’t do it someone else would” is an almost textbook antisocial indicator.

  7. John says

    Having listened to the interview – or parts of it – I am not sure what all the excitement is about.
    Soros is a fully paid-up capitalist, sometimes to the point of being red in tooth and claw.
    Why are you surprised that a successful is like this?
    Soros is not the problem; capitalism is.
    He is just doing what it takes to be successful under such an all-consuming system.

    • There does exist moral Capitalists, however, higher institutions of learning in the social sciences promote your view.

      • John says

        Do you remember what Lord Acton wrote about power?
        He said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
        Exactly the same can be said of capitalism:-
        “Capitalism tends to corrupt and absolute capitalism corrupts absolutely.”
        There is no such thing as moral capitalism.
        Such a term is an absolute oxymoron.

        • R Guijarro says

          Which is why the US is a regulated capitalist society . Which is why the clintons friend and benefactor, soros, has his company outside the US. This gives him a huge benefit over his regulated American competitors. A benefit that he bought and paid for by buying the votes of democrat congressmen and senators. Note the Haitian government the clintons introduced him to was so corrupt, even by Haitian standards that it was overthrown. Then note the Ukranian government he advised was overthrown because it was a puppet of Putin.

    • He didn’t say anything, technically, that was all that damning. Folks who wanted him to break out into tears, fall on his needs and beg God, who he rejects (fully) for forgiveness won’t see that. At the same time, You didn’t find him to be empty? Really, He’s happy to be a godless player in the game of ‘riches for the strongest’, acting like God. He likes the attention and whatever power that playing gets, clearly. Progressives who have been paying attention know that his words about wanting to help, as a human being, are empty. If he wanted to do that, he wouldn’t be a willing, important cog in the evil machinery of corporatocracy. Someone should do the forensics and compile the known instances where his influence in color revolutions was there.

  8. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Could it also be that George operates from the Dutch Antilles as a way to avoid income tax(along with lots of other “Philanthropists”) which, if paid in the USA would go towards reducing the $18Trillion National debt(which shows no sign of even slowing down, let alone being paid down)
    I imagine that the Billions of dollars ‘allegedly’ given away by George is just like Zuckerberg ,’giving’ his 54 Billion away(whilst retaining total control over all the funds, and their income).
    The myth of American philanthropy is just that, a myth, which costs the US Treasury multi billions in avoided tax year after year after year…….And everyone want’s to blame the poor(welfare recipients) for the deficit.

  9. perhaps your assessment of Soros and this interview is more projection. On the basis of this interview I would judge him sane with some considerable moral depth and complexity.

    • Kathleen Lowrey says

      The textual summary is very dishonest — one certainly should watch the original video. I’d be interested in an honest investigation of the Soros Foundation, but to describe George Soros’ experiences as a 14 year old surviving the war by hiding his identity as having been exploitative of other Jews is disgusting.

    • ‘Considerable moral depth’? Like his openly admitting in this interview that his hedge fund operates on the Antilles Islands specifically in order to avoid SEC regulations?

      • John says

        What has morality got to do with capitalism?
        Unless being perceived as immoral or amoral affects the bottom line, maybe?
        Like that 14-year old boy he was who collected items from Jews being deported to concentration camps, Soros is simply doing what ever is necessary to survive in a highly competitive capitalist fascist world.
        When questioned about his acts of philanthropy, Soros made the point that he is one person when at work in a capitalist environment and another person when he is acting as a social – as opposed to an economic – individual.
        That is how this weird capitalist world we all live in works.
        At work, people can be absolute tyrants but outside of work, someone altogether different.
        This kind of dichotomy is what confronts everyone – not just Soros – in a world ruled by greed.
        Some “go with the flow” while others choose an alternative – arguably much less lucrative – way of life.
        The only thing that is different about Soros is the scale of what he is involved in.
        He deals in billions while most of the rest of us probably deal only in hundreds or thousands, at most.

        • “What has morality got to do with capitalism?” A lot, actually. Morality, i.e. know what is right from wrong obviously has a lot to do with capitalism: do you walk out of a store without paying for what you took? Or the Christian work ethic. Or, paying your taxes–or avoiding paying taxes by basing your business in the Antilles. I think you’re reframing the debate to suit your own position.

          • John says

            Now you are bringing religion into it – ‘Christian work ethic’ – which not only is irrelevant to capitalism but simply places the “business” aspects of religion formally within the capitalist framework.
            If you want to talk about a ‘Christian work ethic’, then look no further to what Soros was doing as a 14-year old pseudo-Christian. Does that fit it in with your concept of ‘Christian work ethic’? Remember, he was not the only “good” Christian “processing” the valuables of Jews being sent off to death camps. No morality there.
            Going right back to Adam Smith – though he was described as being a Professor of Moral Philosophy – he never mentioned morality in the invisible workings of the capitalist system. Markets do not work around any concept of morality. They simply reflect a balance between competing individual interests of suppliers and consumers.
            Soros obviously learned this true lesson about capitalism at a very early age.
            The truth is that he is just one of the best in the world when it comes to exploiting the capitalist system.
            I suppose we all ought to be grateful that he chooses voluntarily to apply some of his wealth to good causes.
            If we don’t like him doing that then we should all be clamouring to our elected representatives to toughen up the tax laws across the capitalist world in order to ensure that people like him do not benefit unequally from them.
            Welcome to the real world – the real capitalist world.

            • vernie newtown says

              Hello John, he says he was a Christian ( his view ) but who was it he perceived as his God ? Islam parallels Christianity almost to the letter as the teachings of a madman copied from memories of the original koran . The Muslims ( Islam, if you choose ) where allies of Hitler. Especially evident in the SS of whom Soro’s adopted father was . Also if true, look at it this way; He doesn’t believe in the belief in God of his adopted father that saved his life ????? His ‘story’ is utter hogwash, like today the best CEO’s are sociopath’s. That is a documented fact. The self proclaimed intellectuals are the fuel of entities like Soros . But go ahead keep making excuses and explain your hero…it amuses me and I’m sure enlightens others as well.

        • pavlovscat7 says

          Something about fathers and sons and gods and willingness to sacrifice sons to god and collect from mammon… some recurring theme in this cult?

      • This is not a moral question, anymore than playing Monopoly (the board game) is a moral question (unless you try and cheat). Soros is not acting illegally, he is just playing the game as well as the rules allow. And in this interview, and elsewhere, he himself is arguing that the rules of the game should be changed so that people like him cannot “game” the system. He clearly compartmentalises his business from his philanthropy and would defend that by saying that he uses his business “winnings” for good ends. If he did not “win” others would and maybe would not be so philanthropic.

        • Go ahead and think he’s a great guy, I just happen to see things differently. I have a problem with people who say one thing and do something completely different, i.e. crashing economies via currency manipulation while at the same time spouting off righteously about the so-called need for more regulation. But you’re okay with that. Check.

          Here’s a quote by Paul Krugman on Soros:

          “Nobody who has read a business magazine in the last few years can be unaware that these days there really are investors who not only move money in anticipation of a currency crisis, but actually do their best to trigger that crisis for fun and profit. These new actors on the scene do not yet have a standard name; my proposed term is ‘Soroi’.”

          btw he was tried and convicted in France of insider trading in 1997.

          • It’s not that I think he’s a great guy, I genuinely don’t know. My beef is really with the bullet points below the video, which as others have commented, seem to bear no relation to what the man actually says (hence my remark about “projection”).

            It’s also entirely possible IMHO that the Soroi (good word) are gaming the system to death, exposing its absurdities and grotesqueries to the point where everyone agrees enough is enough.

            • I agree with you about the misleading bullet points, clearly someone at this blog has it in for Soros. And I hope you’re right that ‘enough is enough’ changes the status quo about the Sorio’s casino capitalism, but ain’t holding my breath. What did Congress and Obama do after the 2008 crash? Pretty much nothing–except mandate a taxpayer bailout (TARP) of Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Wells Fargo, AIG, etc.

            • pavlovscat7 says

              So the ‘rule makers’ have written the rules for the gamers,, who take advantage of the rules.. which makes the gamers innocent and the rulers guilty? Sounds like an idiot saying the devil made me do it.

        • vernie newtown says

          LOL ! He’s still playing the ‘game’ no matter what his lips are saying you just perceive his lies as truths. Like his prodigy obummer , actually he was just a tool from the same ilk doing the same thing with the same goal. What is ole Geoge’s end goal…..? What has he accomplished that benefits his fellow man……? Also does he really use his wealth but more importantly influence to do what actually benefits mankind ….? He doesn’t have a great track record probably his goal is to have more dead at his hand than Atilla . Also there’s another name mentioned in the Bible but that would scare you as an undeniable truth so unlike Soros, I’ll spare you. He thinks so little of people and life he names his ‘ movements ‘ as colors.. I believe the takedown of America is Purple . If you think he is telling the truth look back at the countries he has destroyed and see if you’re going to like your future……just saying.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Keep that death grip on your portfolio Dave.

  10. We, BARBARIANS (of course) hate ALL western “philanthropists” and don’t give a flying f*** what Avaaz has to say about that. It is very simple – mind your own business or we will start minding your business just as much as you are trying to mind ours. And guess what – you will not like it at all.

  11. Rhisiart Gwilym says

    And if you take that Patel innocence-spiel seriously, I have some wonderfully-profitable shares in a bridge to sell you, too… 🙂

  12. Michael Skoruppa says

    All the enemies of the “free West” are united against the philantropic Soros and totally member funded Avaaz. I must cry bitter tears about this scandal, the discrimination of just another government NGO. Unite with NED who were so successful in helping Ukraine to get there where it is with the peaceful warriors of Bandera. Heil to all those friends of mankind, these totally “leftist” NGOs.
    Michael Skoruppa, Germany

  13. We need a MASSIVE PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON THOSE “PLAYERS” that pretend / believe to be “GOD” and “BESIDE THE LAW” or at least like to exploit all kind of flaws in the law and tax and financial system. (that’s why they study law – to make immoral business in the “gray-zone” between crime and legal.

    What kind of philosophy is this?

    Exploit people and the planet – in order to give out afterwards… is this MASSIVE ADDICTION TO A FEELING OF IMPORTANCE to the extend – that they are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and THE PLANET, THE ECOSYSTEM, THE UNIVERSE in order to achieve that feeling of importance.

    This is not success – it is sickness.

    Another question: If you invest into weapons-or-ammunition-manufacturer or even work for a company like that – would you hand over the weapon you developed/produced to your child and send it to war?



    Possible Solutions:

    train your consciousness by vipassana awareness meditation
    people can be beneficial to mankind or criminal – what would you consider George Soros?
    listen to what bernard lietaer has to say

    related links:

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “We need a MASSIVE PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON THOSE “PLAYERS” ……. Good luck getting that played out in public on the corrupted MSM, who have been bought by these “robber barons”.

  14. Here is a facebook reply from Ricken Patel after Avaaz was accused of taking money from George Soros….. Ricken Patel. – soros’ foundation gave us a small grant when we first started, but we’ve been 100% member funded for 9 years! Look at what his foundation (open society institute) has supported – just about every good NGO you’ve heard of. I’m proud to have had help from it. The people who hate soros are mostly the far right in the US – precisely because he’s been so effective on pushing progressive causes. If you’re far right, then Avaaz is probably not for you, but if you’re not, don’t believe their propaganda! Oh and there’s also a far left that criticizes Avaaz too but they’re mostly shilling for Putin and al Assad because our members have overwhelmingly supported campaigns against Assad. Some of the far left just can’t contemplate that an enemy of the US could actually be a really terrible dictator. Their animosity towards the us means they can’t hear the voices of the large majority of Syrians who are crying out for help against Assad and Putin. Such a sad lack of perspective, and one that Putin is happy to stoke and take advantage of. The lefty sites posting on Avaaz are often traceable to the Russians.

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