Syria: 1000s of East Aleppo citizens flee for govt. controlled areas after army advances (w/ VIDEO)

Civilians escaping from East Aleppo today after a massive advance by the Syrian Army.

Geopolmonitor reports:

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that almost 10,000 civilians have fled Eastern Aleppo to government-held parts of city’s west and Kurdish controlled northern district of Sheikh Maksoud.
The Coventry-based Observatory, which relies on a network of sources inside Syria for its information, said that in the last 24 hours, families had managed to escape areas controlled by armed militant factions, seeking refuge in government and Kurdish held areas.
In the city’s northern part, now mostly controlled by government forces, “rebels have lost at least 30 percent of the territory they once controlled in Aleppo,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said
Rapid advancement and recent gains by the Syrian army have allowed civilians to escape districts held by armed groups, who have been accused of withholding aid and preventing non-combatants from seeking refuge in the government controlled west and the Kurdish dominated north of the city. […]

Translation of the tweet above:
Hundreds of civilians who came out of the eastern neighborhoods of the city [Aleppo].

A related Al Masdar News report:

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:40 P.M.) – For the first time in two years, the residents of Aleppo will have consistent running water after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) finally expelled the jihadist rebels occupying the Suleiman Al-Halabi Water Pumping Station.
Shutting off water to the residents of government-held Aleppo was one of the ways that the jihadist rebels would punish the civilians for not backing their forces.
Over time, the Syrian government would find ways to work around this problem; however, their fixes were always temporary and limited to certain neighborhoods.
With the Suleiman Al-Halabi Water Pumping Station under their control, the Syrian government can supply water to over 1 million residents in Aleppo, ending one of the biggest problems plaguing the city. […]



Syrian soldiers inside Aleppo’s water pumping station today

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Jihadist rebels officially surrender last West Ghouta stronghold to Syrian Army

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The caption underneath the picture at the start of this article presently reads ‘Civilians escaping from West Aleppo today after a massive advance by the Syrian Army.’
I assume this is an error and should read Civilians escaping from East Aleppo today after a massive advance by the Syrian Army?


The Guardian is going to have to back pedal on it’s false representation of the “evil Assad” as more and more evidence to the contrary to their propaganda fails, come to light.


Unfortunately, like the Clinton wuz robbed myth, the Guardian and other government stenographer media are doubling down on their nonsense.
I’m looking forward to what explanation the MSM will give if and when US and British personnel are caught when East Aleppo falls to the Syrian army (sorry ‘regime’ army).


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I suppose one could boil down the collapse of liberal/left opinon, it’s decadence, typified by the Guardian’; to their acceptance, despite the total lack of concrete evidence, that their actually exists a ‘moderate, guardian reading, rebel force’ in the Syrian conflict. It’s not just a detail or a mere symbol of how dreadfully they’ve covered the situation in Syria, it’s the core, central question. If one doesn’t accept the fantasy of the existance of the rebel army of moderates, then the rest of the entire absurd house of cards falls down.
I’ve challenged, repeatedly, the Guardian’s journalists to prove the existance of these moderate rebels, I mean if their are so many of them why is it so difficult to find and interview them? What didn Cameron say in Parliament, weren’t there supposed to be 50,000 of them fighting to topple the evil Assad from power? I even suggested sending some of the Guardian’s youngest and most attractive feminist journalists to interview them about their attitudes to the New Syria and LGBT rights, in a Muslim context of course, but for some reason the Guardian seemed deaf to my perfectly reasonably proposal.


”What didn Cameron say in Parliament, weren’t there supposed to be 50,000 of them fighting to topple the evil Assad from power …”
Pedantic point perhaps, but Cameron said that there were acutally 70,000 – repeate, seventy thousand – ‘moderates’ fighting to topple Assad.
Well, what’s 20,000 between friends?
MSM propaganda has become so ridiculous that it can no longer be taken seriously by anyone rational criteria.