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VIDEO: Scenes from the partial liberation of east Aleppo (updated)

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  1. shaksvshav says

    One thing is for sure: Western propaganda has brainwashed most of our MPs. They are a bunch of automatons when it comes to Syria.

  2. Joy says

    Why does the mainstream media call the Daesh terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, ‘Syrian opposition rebels’, but doesn’t call the exact same Daesh terrorists in Mosul, ‘Iraqi opposition rebels’.

  3. su33@ says

    Another anti-Assad piece of propaganda.

    The Western financed rebels affiliated to ISIS are being defeated. The lady in the photo may not be dressed as she wishes due to dress code of ISIS. In fact it may not be a recent photo. It is getting to be well known that the use of photos from other conflicts are now being attributed to recent attacks.

    ISIS refused to allow the citizens of Eastern Aleppo to leave in the recent ceasefire. Why? Just the usual media manipulation so we will believe what they want us to believe. The more casualties we believe have been a result of the conflict, the more we want it to stop. We see the media manipulation all across the M East – especially in Gaza. Also the Alawites will be slaughtered by ISIS. Is this what the West wants?

    Notice how we are being manipulated. There are NO reports and NO photos of Western Aleppo where the government is. We are not allowed to see the devastation the Western backed rebels have caused there, including the destruction of hospitals.

    The casualties in Aleppo are horrendous, but let’s remember who it is who are keeping it going.
    The anonymous author of the article has presented us with a strongly biased one sided piece of propaganda.
    But then I doubt he/she knows how Syria will be part of a horrible future. On the basis of the 2000 fulfilled predictions with no failures in that very old Book our forefathers knew intimately, I am certain the 500 predictions either still future or in the process of fulfilment will be achieved.

    Those who dismiss this as rubbish will wish they had not when the horrible days come about.

    Meanwhile we have to endure the erroneous propaganda.

    • What is it about the videos which are anti Assad and propagandist? I don’t speak Arabic but seemed to me relief and joy is what most of the inhabitants displayed after their rescue as prisoners and hostages from the monstrous ISIS. Don’t know what the chap on crutches was saying, if you do, then share.

  4. Secret Agent says

    Gosh, looks like the corporate media has been lying it’s ass off about what is going on in Syria.

    • BigB says

      Yes, they’ve being trying to whip up a media frenzy about people’s indignation at being liberated.

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