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Russia to deploy mobile hospitals to Aleppo

Photo taken yesterday in an area of East Aleppo from which jihadi rebels were expelled by the Syrian army and its allies.


RT reports:

Russia will soon deploy mobile hospitals to Aleppo region to provide treatment to residents, according to the Kremlin.

The President ordered the Defense Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry to send to Syria’s Aleppo mobile hospitals, which will provide treatment for residents of the city and its neighborhoods,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

The Defense Ministry will operate a special 100-bed clinic with trauma equipment for treating children, he added. This hospital will be able to service about 420 outcare-patients daily.

The Emergencies Ministry is also to deploy a 50-bed clinic capable of treating 200 outcare-patients each day.

The facilities will be operational “very soon,” Peskov said.

It comes as the Russian military announced a breakthrough in Syria’s operation to retake the militant-held part of Aleppo. Tens of thousands of civilians, who were previously kept by armed groups as human shields, are now in the government-controlled part of the city and require supplies and medical attention.



  1. John says

    I have never been able to perceive the UN in the same way since their Nepalese peacekeepers introduced cholera to Haiti in 2010 – as if those poor people had not already suffered enough natural disasters.
    The UN spent years denying responsibility and claiming diplomatic immunity against claims for compensation.
    According to, ‘Roughly 9,500 Haitians have died from cholera — some researchers say the toll could be far greater — and hundreds of thousands have been sickened. The disease has surged in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.’
    … About $200 million [of a proposed US $400 million package] is meant for what United Nations officials call “material assistance” to families and communities that were most affected. (The other $200 million would help pay for cholera eradication and improved sanitation.) The [UN] officials avoid the term “compensation” partly over fear among donors that it could set a precedent.’
    I hardly think the UN can claim any kind of moral authority after its actions and inaction in Haiti.

  2. BigB says

    “Pounded by accelerating bombardment, deliberately deprived of food and medical care, many of them – including small children – report that they are simply waiting for death,” he (the UN rights chief [sic]) said.

    This is the takeaway quote from the agency report stenographed in todays Guardian – mostly compiled from ‘facts’ (#fakenews) supplied by Rami Abdurrahman – frontline reporting from a tee-shirt shop in Coventry.
    Meanwhile, the UK/NATO has delivered how much humanitarian aid?
    What can I say, other than rather than listen to the excruciating death rattle of a once great institution – I propose a campaign to have it closed down immediately. Anyone want to join?

      • Actually, I think you coined a new idiom, there, BigB:

        Some examples of usage come easily to mind:

        Other than rather than listen to other opinions, you are rather close minded, eh.”


        Other than rather than drive your car into oncoming traffic, it’s in the ditch for you, eh.”

        See, it works rather well for purposes of emphasizing a contrast between negative ‘degrees’ of severity of a given state of affairs.

        So yeah, other than rather than listen to the excruciating death rattle of a once great institution, I just want to see this thing dead, already, too. Because other than rather than a once great institution, NATO has ever rather and always been about rank Western aggression.

  3. DavidKNZ says

    Russia delivers the goods…
    With not a White Helmet in sight..
    And the US contribution???
    .. Food supplies?? Nyet
    Medical assistance ?? Nada
    But, in the words of General Stanley McChrystal: “We’ve killed an awful lot of people”

  4. johnny says

    anyone else notice that the BBC now refer to the Syrian government as opposed to “regime”

  5. BigB says

    Tomorrows headline in the Guardian – “More #fakenews – Putin sends mobile hospitals to Aleppo – a cynical ploy to satisfy the Kremlins useful idiots?”

    • Boo Radley says

      You can be sure there will be fake news in tomorrow’s guardian

      • Jen says

        “… there will be fake news in tomorrow’s guardian.”

        That’s just like saying the sun rises in the east, fish swim in the oceans and the US wants regime change in Syria.

    • . . . or rather, the news might run along the lines of:

      Russia deploys ‘fake’ mobile hospitals, a cynical ploy to entice innocent and ailing Syrians into them, so it can bomb them more easily. After all, there are no more hospitals left to hit in east Aleppo, and these are the only targets Russian pilots were ever trained to destroy.

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