Two Russian paramedics killed in rebel attack on mobile hospital in Aleppo (w/VIDEO)


Aftermath of the attack against a Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo

RT reports:

Two Russian medical specialists were killed and another injured when militants shelled a mobile military hospital in Aleppo, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, while calling on the international community and human rights organizations to condemn the attack.
One Russian medic was killed immediately at the Russian military mobile hospital set up in western Aleppo, and another died later in a hospital after succumbing to her injuries, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
The doctors are now fighting for the life of Russian pediatrician, who was also severely injured in the attack.
Today, between 12:21 and 12:30pm [local time], a medical center of the Russian Defense Ministry’s mobile hospital in Aleppo was shelled by the militants during the reception time,” ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told journalists.
Some local residents attending medical appointments were also injured during the shelling that targeted one of the field hospitals set up in the government held part of the city, the ministry added.
We demand that the international community, as well as the International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies, Doctors without Borders (MSF), and other international organizations strongly condemn this deliberate killing of Russian military medics that were fulfilling their duty of care by treating Aleppo residents,” Konashenkov said, adding that the crime would be investigated, and all those responsible would be brought to justice.
RT has requested comment on the shelling of the Russian hospital from the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, and Amnesty International.
In response to a request from RT, Amnesty International said it is trying to check whether it is “able to comment on this.”
“But usually if we have not documented and been able to verify details for ourselves it can be tricky for us to provide a comment on specific attacks,” the emailed response reads. […]

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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I apologize unreservedly for the insensitive nature of my earlier comments – thirty five years of government lies have taught me to trust nothing and question everything. Only this time I was too quick off the mark.
New videos that have appeared online quite clearly show that the female paramedics injuries were not fake.
May Nadezhda Durachenko and Galina Mikhaylova rest in peace – and may Vadym Arsentyev recover from his injuries.
I’m off to learn some humility.


@BigB December 6, 2016
” I realize that this is not a wholesome topic, but in the wider context of #fakenews –
are we really to believe…that this is not a hoax ..?
I really would value a second opinion ..?
You want a second opinion?? Here’s mine 🙂
In the wider context of fake news, there have been careful exposes’ of “sympathy
propaganda”, principally on Moon of Alabama and 21st Century wire.
These have covered a number of shelling incidents in minute detail, and have essentially
demonstrated “White Helmets” to be part of a sophisticated propaganda campaign.
Nowhere in these incidents, or in the many careful comments on them,
did I see the the name BigB appear. Perhaps he was just lurking and learning a trade. 😉
In a wider context, the American deep state is about to have its ass handed to it on a plate
The arrogance of 2003 “Mission Accomplished” carrier landing has lead, pretty much
inexorably, to death and destruction over wide parts of the Middle East.
Once Alleppo rejoins Syria, a rag tag army will have thwarted the designs of the worlds
sole super power. Hasn’t happened since a rag tag army returned Saigon to Vietnam in 1975
It also exposes the “American Democracy” plan that ensures the arms manufacturers
get rich and the American people stay poor.
The deep state is not happy with this loss of primacy, and is spending up large to blame someone else for the laws of Karma.
Hence the well funded attacks on alternative news sites ( such as Off Guardian )
And sure, RT is state funded, and has its biases.
But its increasing audience share is due to the audience preference to being told the truth,
rather than the clever but increasingly unhinged / deranged alternatives.
Don’t believe me?? Check out Rear Admiral John Kirby or Jennifer Psaki

They’d be funny if it weren’t for the deaths of the 2 medics and so many many other innocents.

Zoharariel Underscore Obatala
Zoharariel Underscore Obatala

@BigB – I refuse to believe you’re a dingbat conceived from a polyandrous marriage between sahara forest roaming bonobos .
Atleast, we know Russia set-up mobile field hospitals to treat the wounded soldiers and to help the Syrian civilian casualties.
Just how many mobile hospitals has Amerika & her war-mongering vampires set-up to helping the Syrians – aside drilling for oil & misleading the world with her manipulative propaganda?


And the mainstream media ignore the story.


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Funny how the many supposed International Observers don’t need anything but a whiff from a biased source in order to report on war crimes but when it suits their purposes, this:
“……….RT has requested comment on the shelling of the Russian hospital from the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, and Amnesty International.
In response to a request from RT, Amnesty International said it is trying to check whether it is “able to comment on this.”………”


Perhaps if the corrupt US funded Aleppo Media Centre, White Helmets or SOHR had made the report, the shelling would be condemned outright and front page MSNM as examples of “Russian Aggression” blah blah blah.


I realize that this is not going to be a popular view – but are we to suspend our critical thinking here?
Look carefully at the videos above – both pan out to an aerial view at the end. The original report by @LizziePhelan said that “nine mortar shells landed in the area.” Where? Given that this is a warzone – can anyone discern the cratering?
My initial thought on watching that part of the video was “that is a very tight arc of fire, even if it was satellite guided.” Or did one mortar round burn down four tents without cratering the ground?
According to the early report – the tent that was hit was a ‘reception tent’ and there were ‘several’ civilian casualties. Where? (Bear in mind that the video is tagged as ‘immediate aftermath’ in the report.)
More convincing is the female casualty (in the second video.) On my low resolution screen I can’t make out whether she has sustained severe lower limb damage – all I get is a pixelated bloody mess when I enlarge. My suspicion is aroused by the fact that she has already been triaged (her arm is bandaged.) In another video the translation of the Russian is that there is “three minutes maximum between rounds” (the time given for the attack is nine minutes [12.21-12.30] – nine rounds were fired – that is a more rapid rate of fire.) Unless her arm was hanging off – why stay in a spot that you know is targeted? Basic human – let alone military – instinct would be to move. Fast.
And she seems to be the only victim.
I wait to be elucidated by more expert medical/military points of view – but until then the unburdened evidence of my eyes is that I am looking at a ‘precision fire’ – set by the Russians.


I don’t know if you realize but there is ample evidence that “fire bombs” and there are many types, were all made available to al Qaeda and have been found in abandoned caches. Many of them do not “crater” as you might believe and in fact do very little damage to heavy or armoured structures. They burn everything and much of the kinetic energy they release is carried through the fire damage they create.
As for triage – mend what you can in order to move a patient and as long as any bleeding has been staunched where possible, move the patient to hospital without useless interference. Anybody in the proximity, who was hurt or damaged would actually be more inclined to make themselves small, ie curl up – it’s human nature when in avoidance mode without mobility. The reality is that others, also injured, but able to flee, would not have noticed her if she lay dazed and frightened and rapid response does not mean teleportation to the scene, merely, getting there as quickly as they were able without getting blown up themselves.
It is right to ask questions, but sometimes, looking for something that just isn’t there, is counter productive unless you can analyse with detachment, which is what emergency responders must always be able to do, there will be time later to grieve for those you cannot save.


I’ve got the benefit of a larger screen now. I still can’t clearly make out the damage to the lower limbs (the digital watermark of the Anna news site doesn’t help) – but from 0.52 on there is a clear view of her upper legs. I have been told that – given her right upper arm is bandaged for a possible arterial bleed – to expect a tourniquet to the femoral artery if she has lost a leg. I can see none. On either leg. Nor is she on a drip.
Also, her blouse is blown open and bloodied without any apparent burn/blast marks to her torso.
I realize that this is not a wholesome topic, but in the wider context of #fakenews – are we really believe that the Russians are unimpeachable – that this is not a hoax – just because RT says so?
I really would value a second opinion – do any trauma doctors/army paramedics read this site?


I am a qualified paramedic and trauma nurse. The person in question my dear friend was one of the paramedics that died from injuries sustained according to the Russian MOD. further more if u look at the ariel view one can see at least three distinct points where their was definite explosions left and right of the pool.. Thats my take plus I am biased cuase I am with the Syrians and their official government. Regime change of the likes of Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are pretty well documented and the western governments r knee deep in this terrible imbroglio they have created in the last 16 years. So Fake news is well and ready when it comes from the west. Further more ask ur self a simple question and look at what Mr Skull and Bones Kerry did on the weekend in Rome with Lavarov and then what happened yesterday at the UN ,connect the dots and Viola deception and deceit and the deal that the US had just tried to work out with regards to peace is no longer on the table. Just like September and the bombing of the SAA by the west and killing 80 soldiers. Lies and deception . I suggest u start reading Terry Meyssens website Voltaire.net.org . and Syrian perspective website .


Heartfelt sympathies to the loss of your friend. It is not a nice way to loose someone dear. ;-(


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John Kirby threatens – Sept 2016
“Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources”
When it actually happens, and –
“It seems that the rebels received advanced weapons in order to carry out the attack
were given the coordinates of the hospital, and attacked as the hospital started operating – (RT)”
The US State Dept, yet again protests its innocence.
“I’ve seen the reports. We’ve not been able to confirm; it’s difficult to do obviously given
the fighting and given the lack of access to what’s happened on the ground,”
And not a White Helmet in sight. Maybe they are allergic to real blood. Theirs.


Couple this with the UN Security Council resolution on an immediate seven-day ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo brought yesterday to the UNSC by Egypt and sponsored by the US and UK. This is another attempt to bolster the failing position of the Jehadists in Eastern Aleppo.
Interestingly both the US and UK used the session as an opportunity for more groundless Russian bashing. Clearly both US deputy ambassador Michele Sison and UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft ought to be sacked for supporting such a motion as it represents, yet again, the nefarious actions of western diplomatic gerrymandering which is intended to interfere with the agreements made which are attempting to bring the conflict to a resolution – the most recent of which being the agreement reached on the 2nd of December in Rome between Lavrov and Kerry.
However both of these events seem to have NOT been reported by most WMSM outlets. So we see once more the failure to report on crucial events like these which shows a failure by the WMSM to inform their audiences. Allowing for Faking the narrative at a future date no doubt!