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VIDEO: European Short Film award 2016: 9 Days – From My Window in Aleppo


  1. I sat through the entire 13 mins of this video and gave it my full attention. While I did find parts of it interesting, such as how the narrator and subject of this auto-video during wartime Alleppo bided his time, and his ideal window view upon an SFA checkpoint below, I nonetheless come away thinking this was a decidedly average video which doesn’t seem all that award winning. It doesn’t have any big ‘kicker’ that a European short film should have.

    • William Heron says

      This man risked his life to make this video. Had he been caught he would have had his head lopped off. That alone makes the film award winning. Most journalism comes from trolls in the MSM writing from their studies in the safety of leafy rural Europe.

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