VIDEO + photos: Life slowly returning to normal in Aleppo

Christmas preparations in the Azazyeh neighbourhood of Aleppo. Photo Lizzie Phelan

Locals were trying to get back to some form of normality in the Alshaar district of east Aleppo on Sunday, two weeks after the government took control of the area. Small stalls, selling bread and cigarettes, could be found among bombed out buildings and some cars could be seen driving through the streets, as the remaining residents seem determined to hold on.
SOT, Vendor (Arabic): “We came back approximately a week ago.
Journalist: How is the situation in general?
Vendor: The situation is good. People are coming back. It’s safe and stable and God bless our Syrian army and our government and president Bashar Alassad.”
SOT, Child (Arabic): “I have been here for two weeks.
Journalist: You came here from the first day this area was freed. How long has this area Alshaar been freed for?
Child: It was freed a month ago, after the 3rd or the 4th day of the liberation. I came and started selling here.
Journalist: How is the situation? Did the people come back to the area?
Child: Many people came back to their houses and shops are opened selling vegetables and other things.”

A march held in December 18 in east Aleppo, in solidarity with the victims of the jihadi occupation. Photo Samia Al-Assad (more)


Displaced east Aleppo civilians receiving assistance. Photo Andrew Ashdown (more)



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