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A Christmas thank-you message from OffG


We hope the PC-worried everywhere will not be too upset if we at OffGuardian wish everyone a peaceful and maybe even slightly merry Christmas. Not because we think everyone should be Christians, or because we are spokespeople for the white patriarchy, but just because it’s December 24.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have donated some of your hard-earned cash. It means a great deal to us. Despite the libellous claims made by the Propornot website we are not funded by the Kremlin or by shadowy Russian sponsors, and the only subsidy we receive comes through readers like you clicking on the donate button.

Not only will your generosity contribute to helping us maintain and hopefully improve our output, but it is a tangible expression of your support that means more than we can say.

Thank you – and thanks also to those who support us by simply turning up and reading and/or commenting.

The OffG community has been growing steadily since we began in February 2015. Let’s hope for a continuation of the same in 2017! (Unless they succeed in shutting us all down).

Peace and warmth and hope to you all.



  1. Nick says

    I think you are doing an excellent job and have considered donating. However, I find your finances and your organisation too opaque.
    I agree that the Guardian isn’t a reliable source of news, or of informed comment. But at least I can find out who runs it, who writes for it, and something (not everything) about its financial situation. I can’t find out anything about off-guardian.org. Are you owned by a billionaire who laughs at the poor readers making contributions that are a lot to them, but nothing to him? Probably not; but how can we know?

    • We don’t have any “finances” or “organisation” Nick, beyond being four individuals and a loose group of regular contributors. None of us are millionaires or paid by millionaires. Our only source of funding is the donate button. If you don’t want to contribute that’s fine of course, you’re still a welcome reader. 🙂

  2. Soooo glad I found Off-G! You guys are da best, love your articles and (many) of the regulars who post here! All the best in 2017!!!!

  3. Jen says

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2017 to all the hardworking Off-Guardian crew and thank you all very much for your posts (whether original or reposted from other sites) and for providing great comments forums.

    Merry Christmas to all fellow commenters who’ve helped provide enlightenment and entertainment (even where unintended – I think you know what I mean) in the comments threads.

    Let’s all wish for a better year in 2017 and hope that we have reached a turning point with recent events, especially with Aleppo’s liberation, that may lead to a better world.

  4. John says

    I have made a small donation, which I hope you will be able to use to continue going in the year ahead.
    While I have challenged the content of some of the articles posted on this site from time to time, I have to say that – overall – you have correctly identified precisely what has been going on in Syria.
    All of us – in our own small ways – have I hope been able to contribute towards freedom for the people of Aleppo.
    During the coming year, we can all also hope that a changed occupant in the White House will see the rest of the people of Syria freed from the tyrannical yoke of religious extremism.
    As a secular humanist, I hold no religious beliefs of any kind whatsoever.
    Nevertheless, I can only join with you all in wishing to see a better and more truthful world in the years to come.

  5. Janet Beale says

    Its all bee said above in Comments. Keep going is all I can add. Your articles are so refreshing and interesting with an alternative narrative compared to the one thrown at the public

  6. I can’t really add to anything that has already been said by others but my personal thanks for what you, our hosts, are doing here. And yes, as BigB has already noted, the tolerance and willingness to engage differences of opinion among the people who frequently comment here is a breath of fresh air.

    To all of you, the best of my wishes.

  7. BigB says

    Kudos to the OffG team. I am particularly heartened that a level of tolerance has been afforded to some whose intention may have been to troll. A lot of sites (I would say most) can become very uncivil very quickly – but this site in particular seems more willing to engage and educate – and less likely to berate.
    It seems to me the more common ground we can find and the more humanity that we can share – the more likely it becomes of the emergence of a genuine system of governance that respects our shared humanity. One day the cream may rise to the top and render useless this current system, where it seems to me, only the sh_t floats! Peace to all.

  8. Jung once interrupted someone who was asking him – “as a Jungian, what do you think …” with “I am not a Jungian!” Christ is not a Christian and his core story is not sectarian or of an institutional organisation. “As I have loved you, go and likewise love one another”.

    The willingness to recognize and receive love is – I feel – denied by the presumption we ‘should’ DO it – but then meet with inevitable failure, to assign as guilt or sin. Thus to then be ‘love-unworthy’ and guilted to DO in order to become so. The substitution of genuine currency with guilt-backed inducement to debt is the state of a world gone mad.

    I notice that in one way of another, guilt operates ‘interference’ to a true Reception – and confers a sense of power to personally define, predict and control (at least the narrative outcome). This makes for a mindset that is all too clearly witnessed in the social and political breakdown of communication – that may be framed by fake news or fake narrative ideas, but which are then all to often fulfilled by a likewise fake sense of self that runs unaware of its own conditioning as entrained to respond.

    True or freely accepted responsibility rises as a genuine sense of worth and connection – which is fundamental to its gift and recognition in each other. The thinking-mind of a past made in anger CAN be rested from, and life anew rise from a renewed perspective.

    Gratitude shared, grows by appreciation. Thanks for standing in the willingness of true witnessing amidst deceit, fear and hatred. May such willingness find recognition and grow likewise.

  9. Wiremu says

    So glad to have found OffGuardian, thank you.

  10. Just to add my warm wishes and thanks to you all. A very welcome light in the darkness and proof that, despite the appearance of a generally comatose public, there are many people with a passion for the truth. Keep up the brilliant work! The most recent examples: of a ‘Gladio-style’ false flag event in Berlin, and of an attempt to undermine the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, are reminders (if we needed them) that the ‘Great Game’ is certainly not over.

  11. Runner77 says

    Thank goodness there are people like you who are prepared to challenge the propaganda of the mainstream press. I find the Guardian especially irksome, as it dishonestly pretends to be an alternative to the more blatantly biased papers. And then they have the nerve to ask for contributions towards its ‘fearless journalism’! One particularly admirable feature of OffGuardian, I think, is that you don’t engage in oppositional kneejerk reactions. Rather, your writings are generally thoughtful and realistic. In today’s world, that’s a priceless attribute . . .

  12. Brian Harry, Australia says

    I hope “The Guardian” don’t ask me for donation again…….I’m SO disappointed by the fact that “Comments aren’t Sacred” any more…………..Their new Moto should be “Comments are Censored”……SO disappointing that they have SOLD OUT……

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      Er, sorry, “Facts are sacred”…Comment is free……The Guardian doesn’t even say ‘Comment is Free” any more.

  13. Peter Schmidt says

    Thanks for the great service you provide. Always interesting.

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