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VIDEO: Aleppo did not “fall”, Aleppo was liberated

Our reporter Charlotte d’Ornellas [French writer and Christian activist] comes back from Aleppo. What she saw there is not what western mainstream media have been saying in the last weeks.

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  1. Anger and sadness is what I feel as I catch a glimpse of the devastation that has been and, indeed, continues to be visited upon the people of Syria. All of the trauma that will not be outlived for a generation or more. All of the material destruction. The lives that have forever been ruined.

    And what for?

    To satisfy the egotistical imperative for more, the egotism of psychopathic parasites already in possession of more wealth and power than even they themselves can begin to comprehend, than is in fact at all humanly comprehensible.

    Without fuss you murdered children, women and men. Without fuss, then, may a bullet one day find the bull’s eye of you hearts, to echo one Pablo Neruda.

    • I’m a total ignoramous because I don’t know who Pablo Neruda is, but I whole heartedly agree with his sentiments as expressed by your comment.

      • Hi, Mohandeer,

        This is the poem I have in mind:

        <a href=”>I’m Explaining a Few Things — Pablo Neruda

        • <a href=””>I’m Explaining a Few Things — Pablo Neruda

  2. falcemartello says

    As more and more people are being liberated by the SAA and more telling tales of the reality of the people of Syria living under the takfiris is surfacing out . The anglo-zionist narrative is falling apart. Just like all wars truth is always a casualty of events. Truth then gets labelled propaganda by the perps of the humanitarian crime and more lies get disseminated b y the perps. One thing that history should have taught us humans is that war is a bankers war and that the washington consensus is only a name change for pure, vile and evil fascism.

    • Alessandro says

      Of course, it’s an imperialist war, exactly right. If you’re a marxist, you can’t support it.

  3. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    When western mainstream media use words like “fall” the victims of terrorism call “liberation”. Stop supporting gutter press double speak propaganda and terrorist support and pick up a toilet roll & place it next to your surface pro to remind you why you don’t buy MSM gutter press and why you DO read alt. social media. It’s the only way to tell them you know the difference between “fake” news(more likely to be the truth) and fake “fake” news(the terrorist enablers platforms).

  4. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Well, there you go. The USA loses another war(which was predicted by Gen Wesley Clark “7 countries in 5 years”). And it was the Russians who ‘snookered’ them, and subsequently there is a relentless propaganda assault on Russia(and Mr Putin in particular) in the American Mainstream ‘Missleadia”, instead of some deep self examination by Washington.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Well, there is not much difference between American Mainstream Missleadia and the Australian ones. Let’s be precise – we are talking about Anglo-Saxon mainstream media and their stooges in confused part of the world called the “west”. There is only one terrorist group on this planet at this moment and its name is also the “five eyes”. And make no mistakes, if they don’t change their “way of life” (sic) then we, the rest of the world, might decide to eradicate them completely MATE!

      • Brian Harry, Australia says

        Of course. I absolutely agree with you. I left Australia out of the argument because, in the great scheme of things WE don’t count.

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