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Leaked John Kerry audio: White House wanted ISIS to rise in Syria


South Front reports:

On Wednesday, Wikileaks released new evidence of US President-elect Donald Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama was the founder of ISIS – a leaked audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with members of the Syrian opposition at the Dutch Mission of the UN on September 22. The audio also is an evidence of the fact that mainstream media colluded with the Obama’s administration in order to push the narrative for regime change in Syria, hiding the truth about arming and funding ISIS by the US, as it exposed a 35 minute conversation that was omitted by CNN.

Kerry admits that the primary goal of the Obama’s administration in Syria was regime change and the removal of Syrian President Bahar al-Assad, as well as that Washington didn’t calculate that Assad would turn to Russia for help.

In order to achieve this goal, the White House allowed the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group to rise. The Obama’s administration hoped that growing power of the IS in Syria would force Assad to search for a diplomatic solution on US terms, forcing him to cede power. In its turn, in order to achieve these two goals, Washington intentionally armed members of the terrorist group and even attacked a Syrian government military convoy, trying to stop a strategic attack on the IS, killing 80 Syrian soldiers.

“And we know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that DAESH [the IS] was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened,” Kerry said during the meeting.

“(We) thought, however,” he continued to say, “We could probably manage that Assad might then negotiate, but instead of negotiating he got Putin to support him.”

“I lost the argument for use of force in Syria,” Kerry concluded.

According to Wikileaks, “the audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative.”

Earlier the audio was published by the New York Times and CNN, however, the both outlets chose only some its part, reporting on certain aspects, and omitted the most damning comments made by Kerry. In fact, they tried to hide the statements that would allow public to understand what has actually taken place in Syria.

The full audio has never been published by the New York Times; the outlet released only selected snippets. CNN deleted the audio at all, explaining this with the request of some of the participants out of concern for their personal safety.

Full tape of John Kerry’s statements as released by Wikileaks (the part quoted in the text above is from 26:30 to 26:55):


  1. JamesH says

    US Secretary of State John Kerry: “The problem is we in the US care about international law and Russia does not. This is the reason why we can’t directly attack Assad forces. The only way we can directly intervene is if we have a UN Security Council resolution, or if our forces are under attack by theirs, or if we are invited by the LEGITIMATE regime… well… not saying here they’re “legitimate”… ok, Assad’s regime. The Russians were invited in and we’re not.”

    The U.S. knows their presence in Syria is illegal
    Kerry contradicts himself when he said that Russia does not care about international law when fact is Russia is legally allowed to operate in Syria at the invitation of the “legitimate” Syrian regime (admittedly, his tongue slipped at that point)

  2. fmf says

    Its not about Syrian regime change, US also wanted to topple Shiite Iraqi Government through ISIS to install Sunni/Wahhabi regime to counter the Tehran influences in Iraq.

  3. doug says

    I had come to the conclusion many years ago that democrats can never be trusted. All the do is lie and plot and cheat and cast aspersions and smears on everyone who disagrees with them. The smears are usually them trying to smear others with lacks in character that almost always apply to themselves. This news is nothing new. Glenn Beck for just one example has claimed this for years. He has maintained from the fall of Libya and the attack in Benghazzi that it was all about moving arms to Syria to arm and bolster ISIS.

  4. JDD says

    PUT him in a rioom with families of the victime of 911. Lock the door.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Put him in a room with the families of Sandy Hook and he’d have to take out his wallet again.

  5. D3F1ANT says

    None of this evidence matters. Look at what happened with Hillary and the proof of her MYRIAD crimes. Someone could post a video a Democrat breaking the law and it wouldn’t matter. Lynch and Comey and their minions have proven that power-brokers on the Left are simply beyond the reach of the “long-arm” of the Law.

  6. Lumpy Gravy says

    CNN deleted the audio at all, explaining this with the request of
    some of the participants out of concern for their personal safety.

    So, who then took part in the meeting at the Dutch UN mission? What are the names and the whereabouts of these so called Syrian opposition types? What are the names of the colluding Dutch mission staff? Seeing that none them ever cared in the least about the safety of the Syrian people, why should anyone care for their personal safety? With hundreds of thousands dead, millions of refugees or internally displaced and the country in ruins these people have a lot to answer for. I do hope that they and the hyena who over the past five years so eagerly promoted this mayhem in the western media will be held to account for their crimes at some point.

  7. bill says

    if this is to inform us that Kerry is a duplicitous weasel,then id guess this has been known for at least a decade

    • Sam says

      He is just a puppet of some big families and interest groups. He is their voice. He is maybe good in tactics but not in strategy. That’s why he made a faulty assumption in Syria. I really hope that all the responsibles of casualties of civilians and innocent people will face an international tribunal or face the direct cosmic judgement. They betrayed all the secular and tolerant forces in the Middle East by creating a religious confusion. Just to remove Assad? What about the feudal system in Saudia, Qatar (slavery, stoning, beheading…)? Where are the Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Who voted democratically for all those wars in the US? What is the power of Congress ? Who is going to bring back or payback taxpayers money? Poverty is rising in the US and the number of homeless people becomes astronomical.

  8. I hope someone, at some point, will be able to provide a transcript. It was a bit hard to follow, hard as I did. The women talked fast and maybe the accent didn’t help.

    The audio, which gives us a glimpse into the pathology of politicians who sell their souls for gain and have to do verbal contortions, speaking in code even to each other (lest somebody want to stab someone else in the back), in order to communicate. There was so much vileness attached to Kerry’s inconsitent comments.

    • BigB says

      Hear hear! I got most of the slime coming from Kerry (and the 2nd American?) – but the female and particularly the male opposition rep – I couldn’t quite pick.
      I did get the bit when she had a meltdown when Kerry suggested an open election (because the US is big on free and fair elections – including their own as we have just seen.) Apparently the Syrian opposition aren’t that keen on them either.
      Do I take it from this that the Americans think that if the ‘diaspora’ is included in the vote, that there are enough Syrians abroad inculcated by western propaganda to ouster Assad? Or will that just blowback in their face?
      BTW – as most regular commenters are well aware – the recent 2014 Syrian election was completely ‘free and fair’ – certainly by American standards. Assad won by a landslide.

      • Yes, I think that you have that right. Kerry is keen on an American managed election (a la Haiti or Honduras) and must believe that the diaspora is sufficiently bamboozled for that to go swimmingly.

        • BigB says

          Kerry said that Assad was worried by the prospect of an election. I wonder where he gets his intel from – WaPo or the CIA?
          Mind you, that’s a single-source these days!

          • I can’t remember exactly what, but I noticed he was inconsistent in his bullcrapping. So he wanted an election, and democracy – gotta mouth ‘democracy’ -and he didn’t. He of course expected to ‘negotiate’ with Assad, assuming that after Assad tasted fire he’d get lost, but that didn’t go well when the evilest people around, the Russians, who just don’t care about international law, were invited in to Syria, lol, because the law is the law. He was all over the place! Meanwhile, How many different scholars and politicians declaim loudly that the US should forget about international law?, starting with Michael Glennon.

            • Pierre-henri Bredontiot says

              “the Russians, who just don’t care about international law, ”

              How can you say such a thing?
              Only Russians are allowed to fight in Syria. Assad has been choosed by his people, and call Russia for help, nobody else.
              No country but Russia is allowed to put a foot in Syria: that is International Right. That is ONU’s law.
              USA, GB, France, Qatar, South Arabia, THEY don’t care about international law.
              Please excuse my bad language, I’m French. But you understand what I mean.

              • How can I say such a thing? Easy. Because I didn’t say what you’re saying I said. Are you for real?

              • Those are Kerry’s words. Among other things of interest, the recording also shows that the establishment actually do mouth their lies even to themselves, perhaps as a means of disciplining their own ranks. It’s institutionalized schizophrenia.

      • Ron says

        Amen. Kerry babbled about ‘all the people in the camps” voting. Yeah, we know how ‘free and fair’ the voting will be in Erdogan’s camps! — And we know — and these hotel-dwelling shysters know — how many Syrian missions were closed, as in the US, Australia and many other countries — or were denied allowing voting, because they knew bloody well who ex-pat Syrians would vote for! Over a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon trekked many miles, though Hariri-occupied salafist ghettos, to vote in 2014, so many that there was chaos finding enough voting slips. And ALL for Assad!
        The tone of this cabal is all. It’s losers, and so they will remain.

      • bevin says

        “Do I take it from this that the Americans think that if the ‘diaspora’ is included in the vote, that there are enough Syrians abroad inculcated by western propaganda to ouster Assad?”
        He was obviously hinting that the opposition need not worry about the ‘free and fair’ bit. After all we have seen, in Haiti most clearly, what they will do to ensure that the people they don’t want lose. In Haiti Aristide- a shoo-in- was not allowed to compete. In Yemen only one (US/Saudi approved) name was allowed on the ballot for President. In Iraq no Socialists were allowed to run. In Ukraine the Communist Party was banned. The beauty if the diaspora option is that it would allow ballot boxes to be stuffed in every city in Europe and Arabia, away from the supervision of the election authorities.
        But poor old Kerry’s audience didn’t understand him-they are afraid he really believes in ‘democracy’. They probably think that they are smarter than him and have cheated him by pretending to subscribe to democracy!

  9. BigB says

    “Democracy has some virtues, folks” – so sayeth the old Bonesman. Enjoy your retirement , John.

  10. The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup Trucks
    Posted on October 12, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog

    U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys.

    They don’t have to look very far …

    The Spectator reported last year:

    The [Toyota] Hilux [pics] is light, fast, manoeuvrable and all but indestructible (‘bomb-proof’ might not, in this instance, be a happy usage).  The weapons experts Jane’s claimed for the Hilux a similar significance to the longbows of Agincourt or the Huey choppers of Nam. A US Army Ranger said the Toyota sure ‘kicks the hell out of a Humvee’ (referring to the clumsy and over-sized High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle made by AM General).

    The fact is the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS.

    Al Nusra Front is literally Al Qaeda.

    • jeb1511 says

      The US govt via the CIA provided Ford F250 in their thousands to “liberation” movements in Africa back in the 70’s.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      So, the U.S. taxpayers paid for the vehicles. No wonder the USA’s National Debt is heading towards $19 TRILLION. There seems to be no end to the stupidity in America, giving Israel $3BILLION/year, fighting Israel’s wars, and supplying their mercenaries, while the debts keep piling higher???
      Not to mention sacrificing young American soldiers etc.

  11. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Is it any wonder that the people who put Obama in the White House(to act as their stooge) are now in panic mode as Trump readies for the White House, having thumbed his nose at them(by threatening to “Drain the Swamp”). Despite the USA’s image as “The most powerful nation on Earth”, the people in charge now find themselves in a very weak position, and in danger of loosing control. Trump will need to watch his back during his term as President, the people behind the façade of Freedom and Democracy will do ANYTHING to hold their grip on power.

    • Sav says

      Wondering if John Hinckley Jr’s release was for a reason 🙂

      • BigB says

        LMFAO – I expect he’ll be having dinner with the Bush family soon! That cut throat gesture by the old man HW was a promise – not a threat!

      • Brian Harry, Australia says

        Sav. Good comment, but, I’m sure the CIA have a ready supply of ‘guns for hire’…..

  12. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    Assad was going to cut a deal with Russia regarding the Russian pipeline through Syria, Iran and on to China. No way could the US allow this to happen. How to destroy Assad’s plan? Deploy murderous nutters and pretend it was all Assad’s own fault with a prepared false narrative which the complicit MSM would spoon feed their public with. Simple. Enter Russia’s Putin with the most sophisticated and advanced military force in the world, add Hezbollah/Iran and China and watch the carnage the US and it’s backers have unleashed. Simple, effective, murderous and criminal.

  13. How much more evidence does one need these days to have these people tried for crimes against humanity
    Hers some historical facts.
    Germany in the 30’s invaded Czechoslovakia
    US and Nato bombed Yugoslavia in the 90’s
    Germany invaded Poland in the late 30’s
    US and Nato bombed and invaded Afghanistan in 2001
    Germany and Italy bombed Spain in the 30’s
    Us and nato bombed Iraq in the first Gulf war in 1991
    Germany invade France and western europe in the 40’s
    US and Nato have the biggest military buildup on Russians border since the second world war
    Germany in 42 initiate operation barbarossa and invade the USSR
    Using critical thinking and historical analysis.
    The difference in time is circa 70 years . All we hear in the west is Russian aggression , Chinese aggression, Iranian aggression. The parody is amazing .
    The washington consensus is loosing badly and just like most bullies is behaving badly and here where the danger lies. These establishment characters whom ever they may be ( mind u most of my fellow bloggers know full well whom they r) r dying for a war . Seeing that their terrorist islamaphobic narrative can only carry so much destruction we need to really muddy the waters with a Russia whom historically speaking has been such a bogie man for the west going back to Peter the Great.

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