RT jubilant after US Intel report gives it tons of free publicity

 Russia Insider reports:

So who is really working for the Kremlin here?
Last Friday the US Intel Community published a report on Russia’s alleged (and unsubstantiated) interference in US elections and gave RT more free advertising than it could ever buy itself.
Almost one third of the 25-page report talks about RT. Its TV hosts feature as prominently as alleged Russian hackers and spooks.
And RT could not be happier about it, in fact they’re running victory laps.
Its report on the CIA hatchet job proudly highlighted RT was a prime target with the headline “RT stars in ODNI report on ‘Russian activities and intentions’ in U.S. presidential election”.

Its follow up rebuttal of the report took things to its logical conclusions and openly thanked the US Intel Community ending with the words:
“Oh, and thanks for the free advertising, ODNI! Be sure to check out more of our coverage on the RT America YouTube page.”
With RT popping champagne bottles over the report maybe we ought to ask who is really in the pocket of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump or the US Intel Community?


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