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RT jubilant after US Intel report gives it tons of free publicity


 Russia Insider reports:

So who is really working for the Kremlin here?

Last Friday the US Intel Community published a report on Russia’s alleged (and unsubstantiated) interference in US elections and gave RT more free advertising than it could ever buy itself.

Almost one third of the 25-page report talks about RT. Its TV hosts feature as prominently as alleged Russian hackers and spooks.

And RT could not be happier about it, in fact they’re running victory laps.

Its report on the CIA hatchet job proudly highlighted RT was a prime target with the headline “RT stars in ODNI report on ‘Russian activities and intentions’ in U.S. presidential election”.

Its follow up rebuttal of the report took things to its logical conclusions and openly thanked the US Intel Community ending with the words:

“Oh, and thanks for the free advertising, ODNI! Be sure to check out more of our coverage on the RT America YouTube page.”

With RT popping champagne bottles over the report maybe we ought to ask who is really in the pocket of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump or the US Intel Community?


  1. michaelk says

    One could see the Triumph of Trump as something that resembles Game of Thrones. What we’ve witnessed is the defeat of two great political dynasties who’ve basically run the United States for the last forty years or more. Trump beat both the Bushes and the Clintons last year and boy, are they both pissed! Fuck! It was Hilary’s turn in the White House and then Chelsea could have had her shot after eight years, or one of the young Bushes. What the hell does Trump think he’s doing butting into their game like that!?

    Now, a new family is now in charge in the imperial capitol Washington, even though Trump doesn’t seem all that keen on moving into the White House. Who would, exchanging the opulent luxury of Trump Tower, with all that space and fantasic panorama views of the New York skyline, for a poky little place like the White House? Also Trump Tower is far easier to defend than the White House. I hope Trump’s got his own team of bodyguards. He looks like he’s gonna need them. I can imagine if a black, transgender, disabled, person assassinated him, one conviniently steered by the CIA, Trump’s enemies wouldn’t be all that sad, and think he had it coming.

    • “I can imagine if a black, transgender, disabled, person assassinated him, one conveniently steered by the CIA, Trump’s enemies wouldn’t be all that sad, and think he had it coming.”

      I had to laugh at that. But shouldn’t it also be someone who Trump supposedly abused as a kid….?

  2. Alan says

    Those that prepared and released these reports have a dreadful history, that we are aware of. Whatever the reason we can be assured such publicity has been carefully constructed and not for the benefit of RT.

  3. michaelk says

    That the Guardian and Julian Borger should choose to publish the latest monumental smear aimed at undermining Trump and turning him into a ‘lame duck’ president, before he evern takes office, is another extraordinary low for the Guardian. That the Guardian’s source the Buzzfeed thingy, even distances itself from the report, should have, at the very least have allerted the Guardian that this thing was a hoax. Christ, if John MCcain was involved in it how could anyone take it seriously? The Guardian seems to have totally abandoned editorial quality control under the new editor, Viner, to an extraordinary degree. Okay, it’s clear they don’t care much for Trump, but this stuff is ridiculous.

    We’re dealing with something that looks like a pre-emptive coup aimed at destroying Trump before he takes over. Never has a president been subjected to such a campaign designed to undermine his status. Don’t these dim liberals and leftists not wonder for a second about the precedent this sets for the future? Are they okay with the Establishments attempts to reverse the outcome of the election like this? One would think that somone like Chomsky would have some kind of opinion about what this kind of ‘media coup’ means for American democracy, but no, he remains silent because the coup is aimed at the ‘right’ kind of politician.

    • A Moynihan says

      I agree with you on Chomsky, Michael. I am also disappointed that Chomsky has yet to come to the support of Wikileaks lately. All the ‘left’ have really turned on Wikileaks/Assange the last two months – some even having the downright cheek to call it a right-wing website. So Wikileaks needs Chomsky’s kind words of support now more than ever. I don’t expect those like Bill Maher, Amy Goodman, or Michael Moore to offer any words of support because of their democrat bias but I’m sad a high profile leftie like Chomsky hasn’t. Chomsky is basically revered as a left wing God (deservedly for the most part too) and a kind word from him would have traction. John Pilger is one of the only high profile lefties who still publicly stands by Wikileaks in its our of need – fair play to him.

    • “We’re dealing with something that looks like a pre-emptive coup aimed at destroying Trump before he takes over.”

      This is all either a genius-level orchestration to make Trump look like a genuine outsider, enabling him to provide the kind of “outsider” cover that will help him to slip TPTB Agenda through the transom as easily as BHO did it… or he really is an outsider (thick-fingered vulgarian or not). I’m sticking to a wait-and-see policy on this one (I was fooled by TPTB before… not by BHO’S smarmy “goodness” but by the fact he got elected at all… did NOT see that coming and I had to admit the evil fucks were brilliant on that one)…

  4. BigB says

    Treasonous traitor; phoney war hero and FSA/ al Qaeda loving ‘Hanoi’ John McCain has dropped a ‘bombshell’ dossier (sarc) – documenting Trumps ties to the ‘enemy’ Putin. The sources are “unverified and unverifiable” (which is now good enough for the M$M) and include ‘sweetener real estate deals’ that Trump didn’t partake in. I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of the BS (I think it was favourably fact-checked by Snopes though!)
    So it is not just RT that benefits from the blatant lies – Trump has been made to look vaguely credible (until he takes office at least.)
    The Obama ‘witch-hunt’ has backfired to the point that several key officials (BHO, Kerry, Carter, Lynch, Clapper and Power to name a few) could be said to have disgraced the office they hold/held.
    Being America and the many scumbags that have preceded them, that is quite a praiseworthy achievement indeed.
    As for McCain, given his actual record for passing information to the enemy – well…. people in glass houses……. Trump could withdraw his qualified support and hang his ass out to dry.
    IMHO – Reagan should have saved him the bother – and shot him for treason way back then.

  5. Amongst a background of tweets and leaks the US Intel Community produces a Hacked Off report and are surprised no one believes them…

  6. captain Swing says

    Anything that chips away at BBC News has got to be a good thing: it’s unwatchable pap.

  7. “Do you now or have you ever used your mind to think?”

    Why bother, when here in the States, we have sports, drugs, rampant nudity, more sports, alcohol, teens that dress like hookers and Hollywood injecting poison into our minds constantly? Add in the WH and MSM lies and we’re in SOMA heaven!

  8. Joy says

    I watch RT because a typical BBC, ITN and Sky news bulletin will be heavy on Royal non-news, celebrity chit chat, adverts for forthcoming programmes, football scores and inaccurate weather forecasts, but very little news.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “Bread and Circuses”……Keeps the ‘Plebs’ distracted from reality.

    • Chris says

      …and ‘information’ sourced from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

      • Brian Harry, Australia says

        “…and ‘information’ sourced from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory”

        I’m not sure what you mean by that………..but, if your country was being attacked, information coming from the “Syrian Human Rights Observatory” is probably as reliable(or as unreliable) as any other source.
        “The first victim of War is the Truth”………………………..

        • Joy says

          The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is an Al Qaeda affiliated fake news outlet, run by one man in Coventry UK, who hasn’t been to Syria for 17 years, and gets his information from Facebook and bizarre ‘remote viewing’ techniques.

        • Chris says

          Human Rights Observatory for Syria run from a clothes shop in Coventry by an individual opposed to the current Syrian government who hasn’t been to Syria for over 10 years and yet is miraculously heavily quoted by all the English speaking mainstream media.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            ….”and yet is miraculously heavily quoted by the English speaking mainstream media”
            Being “miraculously heavily quoted by all the English speaking mainstream media”, is like the “Kiss of death” these days. “Mainstream Media” is the Problem….not the Solution……..

  9. The report claims that RT is now the most widely watched foreign news channel in the UK although, like most other claims in the document, no source is quoted to back this assertion. When you have to watch RT to find out what is really happening in your country because the leader of the opposition is either being boycotted or undermined by the BBC, is this so surprising?

    My favourite bit of the report is Annex B on page 13. It was clearly written by none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Here’s a sample: “Estimative language consists of two elements: judgments about the likelihood of developments or events occurring and levels of confidence in the sources and analytic reasoning supporting the judgments. Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, was well as logic, argumentation, and precedents.” In plain English that translates as “this is bullshit and we know it is.”

  10. rtj1211 says

    How many 36 year old women run TV networks in the west? Priceless how backward, sexist racist Russia could allow such a thing to happen. Must be all the blokes going to seed on two bottles of vodka a day, eh? All the anchor blokes on RT UK version are Brits and Yankees…is it only the girls who studied English at school so they got their own shows?!

    I hope Russians understand U.K. Humour or they might take this the wrong way…..

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      I’ve made the comparison between America’s “Intelligence” Agencies, and Maxwell Smart in the past, but who knew that these agencies were actually full of ‘Dummy spitting cry babies’…..Aren’t the American people highly embarrassed by their petulant display?

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