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The Entire World is “Fake News”

by Andre Vltchek


Imperialist demagogues, as well as religious fanatics, are known to live in their grotesque realities. They erect huge sand castles, invent mascots, and bombard the public relentlessly with self-promoting messages.

Those who refuse to listen and believe, those who dare to doubt and resist, are sidelined, starved to death, humiliated or simply liquidated.

Western religions and European/North American brutal colonialist practices are intertwined culturally. Hand in hand, for centuries, they have been destroying our Planet, from corner to corner, on all continents and even on the high seas.

All conquests, all genocides, all plunders have been eternally rationalized, painstakingly justified. Grand bogus concepts of charity, of ‘altruism’ have been erected. Subjugated nations have always been ruined in the name of some higher principles, in order to save them from themselves. For centuries, the West has portrayed itself as a sacrificial lamb, as a hand chosen by some divine power, as the greatest civilization that is continuously and altruistically liberating the world.

In the West, scribblers and ‘scholars’ have been paid to soften every barbarity committed by the rulers, soldiers and even common citizens.

The cults of formal learning, of facts and information have been erected. Holed in innumerable officially recognized institutions, the scholars, certified demagogues, researchers and media people have been ‘studying’ each other, recycling and quoting each other, filling millions of books with essentially the same narrative.

‘New’ and ‘revolutionary’ academic discoveries mostly lead to the same old conclusions, to stale intellectual and moral passivity, cowardice and spinelessness.

Endless libraries have been filled with useless volumes, first arriving in print, then later in electronic form. Tens of millions of young and not too young men and women are busy wasting their lives, chasing diplomas, those colorful pieces of paper with the seal of approval, certifying people as fit to serve the Empire and the victorious civilization.

At some point, all major philosophical and existential topics ceased to be discussed, in official academia, in mainstream media, in the film houses, libraries and best-selling books.

No one paid any attention. The world simply ‘moved forward’.

The ‘issues’ did not disappear. Genocides are still administered by the West in order to plunder the world, the world of the ‘un-people’.

Western colonialism was never really stopped or defeated.

Great ideologies based on humanism were successfully smeared, even erased from the sub-consciousness of the people. Gutless masses, but especially cowardly intellectuals, got convinced that it would be the best ‘not to take stances’, and not to wear ‘old labels’ and gather under ‘old flags’. Passivity combined with the extreme selfishness eventually mutated into collaboration with the regime.

The environment has been getting ruined, progressively and irreversibly.

The press, mass media, gained mastery in saying nothing, addressing nothing, criticizing nothing related to the plunder of the world, and to the suppression of new and truly revolutionary ideas.

Enormous hordes of teachers, lawyers, scientists, and bureaucrats got converted into fundamental idiots, but armed with their licenses, bar exams, patents, contracts and other ‘feel-good’ sheets of colorful papers.

Tens of millions of lawyers failed to form even one single powerful international organization fighting for justice, against the terror of the Empire.

This make-believe world has by now managed to expel Reality and become ‘real’ itself in the minds and brains of billions of men, women and children.

True Reality went underground. She had to become a fugitive, a refugee, paperless and disrespected, belonging nowhere.

She is roaming our Planet, searching for scattered allies, for those few human beings who are still not fully indoctrinated, or fully sold.

Whenever she is caught, she is beaten, stripped naked, and humiliated. A piece of paper saying ‘A Lie’ is hanged around her neck.

Those who are still standing tall, defending great ideals, fateful to the ‘old labels’, are being ridiculed. Old flags, under which millions used to march forward, often victoriously, are now being dirtied, defecated on.

Whatever contradicts the Empire is gradually labeled as Fake News.

In the West, no one seems to be noticing. There are no mass demonstrations, no clashes with police, as laws and regulations are being changed and entire Constitutions violated.

It is because an overwhelming majority is actually collaborating with the regime.

It is because it is suddenly so frightening, or at least impractical, to think outside the box.

It is because there are very few examples of intellectual courage left in this world.

Fake News, fake history, fake emotions, and fake ideals… Everything that is not supporting the official narrative is slowly but seemingly irreversibly becoming ‘fake’.

The only way forward, and the only way for our humanity to survive, would be for at least one group of extremely bright people to fully break from that straightjacket put on the world by the Empire, to reject official perceptions and ‘knowledge’, and to completely cast off all major tools of analyses of Christian and Western supremacy ideologies which are still functioning as the main ‘intellectual’ pillars of the Empire and its collaborators in the colonies.

One’s thought, in order to be original and revolutionary, would have to be almost completely cleansed, even isolated, from the official propaganda of the Empire, from its movies and music, from its schools on all levels, from its professionally manipulative narratives.

Diplomas and licenses supplied by the indoctrination institutions should be used as a toilet paper for extremely severe cases of intellectual food poisoning, and flushed immediately, together with all that toxic shit that consists of so-called ‘facts’ and ‘news’.


While the ‘Real News’ package is being disseminated all over the world by the Imperial propaganda machine, hundreds of millions of ‘un-people’ are continuing to die annually, aimlessly.

Many are actually vanishing while still fully believing in every word of what they had been fed by the news channels and newspapers. Would they be told the truth (now also known in the West as ‘Fake News’), they’d most likely refuse to die, even opting to fight for their survival.

Fight against whom, against the Empire? That would be unacceptable. Therefore, alternative sources of information must be immediately suppressed – exactly what the Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Obama has been aiming at during the last months of this year, before stepping down from his throne.

The Empire is in panic, because resistance in the form of alternative thoughts and concepts is now coming from various parts of the world, especially from those places not yet infested with the English-language (as well as French or German) standardized storyline. It comes from such places as China’s Academy of Social Sciences, from several Russian institutions and many fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as from numerous new and not so new media outlets in Latin America.

It is now easy to imagine that the Empire might soon introduce some fascist institution like a “Department of Truth”. Its employees could start demanding that each essay and book is ‘well researched’, insisting on ‘facts’.

Writing and philosophy could be reduced to the level of present-day academia: only recycled thoughts would be acceptable. It would not be enough to say that last week it was raining four days a week. A suitable alternative would be: “Last week it was raining four times a week, according to Professor Sigmund Brown.” Or even better: “Both Professors Brown and Green agreed that last week it was raining four times a week”. Then, footnotes would have to be supplied, as well as other information.

Otherwise – it could be defined as Fake News.

The Fake News clause could be invoked if someone wrote, for instance “the true and the most brutal terrorist in modern history is the West.” Or “Several hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered by European empires, and then by the US Empire, in the last several centuries. This holocaust took place in Africa, Asia, what is now known as Latin America, in the Middle East and Oceania, basically everywhere. No alternative system including those of the Soviet Union or China ever came close to the barbarity committed by the West.”

Anyone spreading such blasphemy, such sacrilege, could be caught, charged, tried, punished, and ‘neutralized’.

Just imagine, someone writing this: “All basic narratives on which Western propaganda is based, are either false, or at least have been heavily twisted and manipulated. This includes all storylines related to the Soviet Union, China, colonialism and the anti-colonialist struggle, Cambodia, Cuba, and even Rwanda. The list is long. Ignorance of the Western public is almost complete.”

How could this not be identified as ‘Fake News’? No Professor Blue would utter such judgment, and no Professor Pink would confirm it. You can spend your time digging your snout into millions of books in official libraries, but only handful of them would mention it.

Therefore, it is all fake, all fabricated. It does not exist, and should be forbidden, censored.

You can of course hear all this in Havana, Caracas, Beijing, Moscow or Johannesburg. In Beijing, in a normal big state-run bookstore there is much greater variety of political opinion than on the entire island of Manhattan. Even many common folks in non-Western places know things and pronounce them freely. However, ‘unapproved’ people cannot be trusted, can they? Especially when it concerns such explosive pieces of material! Also, foreigners speaking their strange twisted tongues cannot be trusted.

Actually, nothing and nobody can be trusted!

Fake News is everywhere, creeping, ambushing us behind each corner. If the Empire is not vigilant, Western supremacy may one day collapse. Which would be against God’s will… Oh, sorry, that was a slip! The correct way to put it: It would be against all reason, against all logic and all facts.

President Obama cares, he understands.

And now we will be defended with even greater fervor: now comes Donald Trump!

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are revolutionary novel “Aurora” and two bestselling works of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire” and “Fighting Against Western Imperialism”. View his other books here. Andre is making films for teleSUR and Al-Mayadeen. After having lived in Latin America, Africa and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.


  1. pavlovscat7 says

    Perfidys’ trick is persecution…and in the ibri frachise of christianity..the most persecuted is INRI.

  2. Beginning on November 9, 2016 the western media abandoned all pretense of being concerned with facts and truth and began the nonstop blaring of the crudest, most outlandish propaganda imaginable.

    Not only that but the vast majority of people either but into it on some levelor remain indifferent to the madness that is consuming the liberal “left”. In 2003 the Bush regime had its little dog and pony show at the UN and provided bogus evidence to “prove” Iraq was hiding WMDs. Cut to 2016/17 and the public no longer requires “fake evidence”…it takes the most outlandish, weasel-word riddled claims at face value. And liberals and bogus leftists agitate for another Cold War with Russia simply because Trump says he opposes it.

    This is insane. For the first time in my life I knew what being rendered speechless feels like. Words failed me…are people really so easily swayed and manipulated? How did I not notice this before? Not many people are talking about this aspect of the current meltdown.

    I suspect this is the beginning of the first stage of the west’s slide into overt totalitarianism and/or social breakdown.

    What are some other perspectives regarding recent events? Are most people in denial or some sort of psychological shock or am I overreacting here?

    • Ellipseer says

      I don’t see the sense in doing this other than taking a shot at Christianity in general.
      You agents who work these information sites are the ones taking part of some kind a community test.
      I would be a useless tool of Satan, like you, if I didn’t question the people who run alternative information centers. One little mistake, is all I need to know if you are a fake government role player.

      • Whatever was going through your mind when you quoted my post and wrote that reply it certainly was not anything I actually wrote.

    • Melissa says

      the imperilaist nations are in crisis, deep state intra-bourgioise conflict has risen into the open fo all to see in this US election cycle, the seemingly incredible self delusion and blindness of the liberal class is just a result of the parasitic nature of the imperialist countries they live in, so too is the racist settler mentality of trump supporters. Imperialist degeneration at its finest.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Yes you are overreacting here but, it is a hard lesson. the fourth estate was ever thus. there is no democracy and never was and never will be. the media is a religion and it cares not what the audience thinks..the truth is its own dogma unto its own belief in itself. Like I said, its a hard lesson. democracy is the carrot to make you believe there is a democracy.

      • I was never the illusion that the press was fair or spoke truth to power. What surprises me, however, is when it became (to me at least) blatantly obvious that the media is acting to support the current global order the reaction of people in my circle was muted…and that’s putting it mildly. In other words nobody reacts beyond a shoulder shrug and a “oh don’t take it so seriously”. I’m talking here about people who do not fully buy into the hype.

        The possible trajectories with a snoozing public, an ascending right and a weakened left that is under siege by the Guardian-style neoliberal “fake left” range from bad to social breakdown and armed conflict. What happens, for example, when a far-right wing party wins an election in the EU?

        I have come to the conclusion the vast majority of people on the left are armchair activists who won’t stand up and be counted, so to speak, until their creature comforts and economic stability are existentially threatened.

        The djinn are out of the bottle and they are not going back into seclusion. The struggle over the West’s future has begun.

        • pavlovscat7 says

          Your peers react to reality the way you say, because humans are instinct made art form. When the murderous a’morality of dominion is bought to their attention, dismissal and denial is a refuge. You are the ‘ Lucky Man’…don’t second guess it.

  3. BigB says

    “Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind
    Cannot bear very much reality.
    Time past and time future
    What might have been and what has been
    Point to one end, which is always present.”

    This is how Eliot put it in Burnt Norton, written in the immediate aftermath of WWII.
    As a philosopher, I am sure Comrade Vltchek does not need me to point out that compared to the ‘eternal present’ – which, as truth in the raw, is the only verifiable data-point we have – the countless external streams of unverifiable data have always, and will always, be #FakeNews.
    Nevertheless, this piece remains apposite – you don’t need to be a poet or philosopher to realize that ‘human kind’ is being forced into a paradigm shift. TPTB have always disseminated their particular take on truth; we, the uninitiated masses/proles have always had our beliefs manufactured and maintained through a self-reinforcing consensus (of fear?). To a greater degree – we have been ‘informed and influenced’, then allowed to police ourselves (through conformist and normative peer pressure). Within confined parameters, a certain amount of countervailing views are tolerable – for balance and rationality – but not to disrupt or challenge the authority of the narrative.
    For want of a better way of putting it, this ‘Chomskian’ model is breaking down. It is no longer acceptable for TPTB to control and manufacture the ‘#news’ and let us make up our own minds then measure the response. They want to hold us accountable to that (verifiably false) narrative. Consent is no longer discriminatory or optional, but demanded. When peer pressure is no longer enough; legislation is called for – so that the parameters of allowable deviation and dissent are codified and defined. Soon, they will want to think for us.
    When fake is real, and real is fake, TPTB must be aware that growing numbers of ‘human kind’ have come to bear enough reality to catch a glimpse of themselves in the endgame of the narrative we are being offered/having imposed. It is neither a poetic vision or a ‘state of grace’ (Eliot’s theme.)
    The #FakeNews can be as #Real as we want to make it when we choose not to “follow the deception of the thrush”

  4. Herman's Helmet says

    Feminist bias indicated by the characterization of truth as a female victim. Elitist view of the masses as brainwashed. Anti intellectual dismissal of education. Intolerance towards religion. Obvious bias in favour of China and Russia.
    Fake news? Maybe address your own biases first.

    • Well, no, First let’s have a look at your sophistry, HH:

      1) “Feminist bias indicated by the characterization of truth as a female victim.”

      The standard bias indicates the male pronoun as a default; you prefer the standard bias, obviously… do you think this makes you some kind of hero?

      2) “Elitist view of the masses as brainwashed.”

      Well somebody went to see all those George Clooney/ Tom Hanks/Brad Pitt/ Captain America propaganda vehicles… if it wasn’t the Masses, who was it? Whoever it was, it was a lot of them.

      3) “Anti intellectual dismissal of education.”

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it’s your lack of education impeding your ability to correctly interpret the scare quotes around the word “knowledge” in the relevant passage. Because you wouldn’t want us to think you’re cynically spinning things in a disingenuous fashion, would you….?

      4) “Intolerance towards religion.”

      We are pretty far along after the point at which rational people with a basic working knowledge of the world would have been expected to actually believe in their (or any) culture’s quaint old dowry of creation myths. It’s also a bit late to fail to notice that the vast majority of these religions morphed pretty quickly from sincerely naive, explanatory tales of Anus-Free Sky Giants to a means for Mass Psycho-Social Control. (Que: genital mutilations, honor killings, witch hunts, inquisitions, crusades, pedo priests, The Troubles, lethal rites of exorcism, culture-wide sexual hysteria/repression, backstreet abortions, Christian rock…)

      Until any Unbeliever actual persecutes The Metaphysically Credulous (you know: rocks through the window/ bombs in the church/ cream pies at the vicar), “Intolerance” is not the proper word for it. “Tolerance, in fact, is precisely the word covering the civil behavior of co-existing with beliefs/ practises/ sights/ sounds/attitudes one does not, personally, kick one’s heels over. We’ve all (as far as I know: any hate-crimers reading this…?) been exercising Religious Tolerance our entire adult (enlightened) lives.

      Again: you’re not being slightly off on purpose, are you?

      5) “Obvious bias in favour of China and Russia.”

      See My First Point (above)

  5. michaelk says

    Trump is, I think, a far more interesting character in the contemporary narrative than Obama, prescisely because he’s such a contradictory one. The way people perceive him is extraordinary. Here’s a multi-billionaire, born to great wealth, who at the same time is embraced by the ‘deplorables’ as a champion of ordinary people.

    He, by nature of his upbringing, is clearly one of the economic elite’s golden children, an aristocrat; but not an accepted member of the ruling establishment elite. He’s as despised by them as he is by liberals and the left. Everybody hates him acroos the entire political spectrum, yet the people like him and have just chosen him as the USA’s next president.

    Here’s a man who has publically defied the entire political, cultural, Hollywood, showbiz, media, establishment; and stood up to the CIA and questioned their motives and actions. I don’t think a president has criticised the CiA like this in my lifetime. Perhaps Kennedy did, but that wasn’t in public. He talked about ‘smashing the CiA into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind’ after the Bay of Pigs debacle, when they were trying to get him to invade Cuba and start WW3 with Russia. And look what happened to Kennedy. Trump is doing this in public, openly fighting and disagreeing with them, and they are openly criticising him. Telling him to ‘watch what he says’ and ‘choose his words carefully.’ This is amazing and unprecedented. What is it they are so afraid of in relation to Trump?

    Kennedy read a novel called ‘Seven Days in May.’ It was about a military coup organised by elements in the US military against a president who wanted to come to an accord with the Russians. A powerful and charismatic four star general, played by Burt Lancaster, thinks this is tantamount to treason. Kennedy knew the director John Frankenheimer and twisted his arm, baggered him to make the movie, according to Frankenheimer because it told a very interesting story, his story about his stormy relationship to the military leadership. It’s still a powerful and chilling movie.

    The coup against Trump is different because it’s all out in the open and so obviously happening, nothing is being hidden. What’s bizarre, is that then, back in the early sixties, Hollywood was on the side of Kennedy, today, in contrast, they are part of the plot to topple Trump. Kennedy used Hollywood stars like common prostitutes and Hollywood and the media knew but accpeted it as both normal and his right. The woman were honoured to share his bed. In contrast, today, Hollywood and he media are, in public at least, apppalled by Trump’s words relating to sex and rumours about his behaviour and attitudes to women. Times have changed, seemingly, very radically and a new form of puritanism has emerged, but it’s incredibly selecively applied. Bill Clinton is a charming rascal and Hollywood still loves him, whilst Trump is a dangerous monster.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      I ask the same very simple question again: Who are the CIA accountable to?

      • That’s a tough question to answer (I’d just be happy to learn, finally, what the CIA really is, and how many factions it’s subdivided into since 1947)… but whoever the CIA answers to, that entity, ultimately answers to a more powerful creature (drum roll before Ultimate Irony) : The People.

        Otherwise, “They” wouldn’t waste another year, or another trillion, on fooling The People. The People are a Dozing Godzilla, in aggregate. It’s Seven Billion against, what… a million? One hundred thousand? Five hundred? “Population Control” indeed. That’s why that Dozing Godzilla is heavily drugged, and constantly distracted, and hypnotized into being at odds with itself…

      • BigB says

        Other than the POTUS and the people, the CIA are accountable to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (James Clapper for a short while longer.) The role was created by Bush to oversee the alphabet soup intel community after the erm, ‘intelligence failures’ of 9/11.

        • Brian Harry, Australia says

          Clapper has openly lied to the Congress, and he got away with it, because that’s how things work in the USA…..So having Clapper as your “Boss” is like being answerable to the “DEVIL”……….Too bad what the American people think, Huh?

      • pavlovscat7 says

        Not entirely sure whom the CIA swear alliegence to Brian… could be ,the lords’ anointed temple..we call her lizzie two. I think its the Saxe Coburg Gotha clan.

        • Brian Harry, Australia says

          I really have no idea, but given the way Israel seems to push the USA around, it could be Mossad, but I really don’t know…..
          “I want to tell you something very clear; Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”…Ariel Sharon…..Oct 3 2001.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            Sorry……Have I quoted “Fake News”?

  6. Brilliant article. A Credo for all heretics like myself.

    Not quite so sure about the very last sentence. Trump might do some very good things. He might abolish the Federal Reserve, bring down the CIA ….. not holding my breath but it is just possible he really wants to “fix” America … i.e. reverse the globalist (Imperialist) agenda. That would be a very good start to a larger program of change.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      Anyone who wants to abolish the FED and/or bring down the CIA, will get the same fate that Kennedy got. And, it will be done in a spectacular way, like Kennedy’s death, publicly televised for the World to see……….as a warning to ALL. And the MSM will shut down any public discussion of it that doesn’t comply with the “Official Commission Report”

      • Brian Harry, Australia says

        The “FED”(A privately owned Bank, it is not owned by the USA Govt) is owned by very powerful European and American Banks who receive interest on the money they issue. They even charge the USA government interest and when the National Debt is moving towards 20 Trillion dollars, that’s a huge amount of interest every year.
        If the USA Government had the power to print money, they wouldn’t have to pay interest to the FED. It’s the greatest ‘Scam’ in history, and it’s the reason why the FED saved the Biggest American and European banks(by issuing ‘QE’ 1,2 and 3…..ONLY to the biggest Banks, not America’s regional banks, hundreds of which have gone bust, since 2008/9.

        • Nonsense. The Fed is a US government agency and is subservient to the Congress and administered (and junior to) the Secretary of the Treasury.

          It’s head is appointed by the POTUS and it returns all its ‘profit’ to the Treasury.

          You don’t understand the monetary system.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            The FED is a Privately owned Bank. It is not owned by the USA Government.
            It’s ‘head’ is selected by the Potus from people nominated by the FED itself. Profits are returned to the Treasury after ALL expenses and a 6% Profit to the FED.
            It is owned by several European and NYC Banks.

            • You can believe that if you choose to. If you’d care to learn how a fiat monetary system actually works you’d see the absurdity of your claim.

              The Fed is junior to the Secretary of the Treasury and its ‘independence’ is a charade.

              That 6% figure is not retained by the Fed as you claim and it is not related to profit. It is the interest paid on the capital reserves required to be lodged by the member banks and LFIs.

              You’ve been led astray by a bunch of libertarians that don’t understand the system in even a superficial way.

            • “It is owned by several European and NYC Banks.”

              If that were the case there would be evidence available.

              I first heard this conspiracy theory over 40 years ago and I’m yet to see a shred of evidence for it.

              • pavlovscat7 says

                Render unto Caesar…the living head on the quid.,all the american printed heads are dead…….why is that?

  7. flybow says

    wonderful piece. thanks mate. Love and much respect.

  8. Andre’s article was kind of rambling. Like a lot of leftists, he has a hate-on for God. The thing that might save him, from my standpoint, is that the Christianity and God he hates is ‘his’ Christianity and God. (He doesn’t know the real Christianity or the real God, in other words. If he did, he would have said so.) I have no use for those. Neither does God.

    “It is because an overwhelming majority is actually collaborating with the regime.” Indeed. The 1% is comprised of vampires. It you’re not out and out killed by them, then you’re turned. Look at progressive media. Just about daily now I’m finding a progressive org dishing out fake news, even alongside real news. Is schizophrenia now cool or something? (Last night I was appalled to find the establishment line about Putin issuing from one of Alternet’s staff, Steven Rosenfeld. I left a comment on their abusive site telling them what I think. Meanwhile, There was a Noam Chomsky article. I haven’t given up on him yet. And Alternet carries the excellent Max Blumenthal. I figured out Alternet a couple years ago, but this was just awful, which is what other commenters on the website also thought.) Another analogy I like is presented in The Matrix. So many of the plugged in ones are just too comfortable in their illusions to be capable of receiving real news. They therefore will fight those who bring it to them. As I always say, You can be happy being miserable or you can be happy being happy. The latter no doubt are undamaged. They haven’t self-modified into believers in inequality, violence and deceit. They haven’t drank the cool-aid, swallowed the blue pill, etc.. The damage manifests in multiple ways. People find ‘contentment’ and ‘self fulfillment’ in listening to ‘music’ that’s excrement. The language is violent. The tone is violent. Rap has always sounded to me like the audio equivalent of being mugged in a dark alley. People mutilate themselves with tats and (unhygienic, unsafe) piercings. They can’t get enough industrial food, music, culture. The real stuff? What’s that? For one thing, Someone who actually has a personality, opinions, etc, as a result of putting his (or…) head up and looking around (caring is knowing), seems strange and vaguely threatening and is, accordingly, shunned. Or worse. It’s like in the clever (but foul) Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy, when the soldier, who was in hybernation as a result of an army experiment, wakes up way later, by accident, than intended and emerges from his pod into a nightmare of degenerates and crumbling civilization. Civilization ‘can’ be worse. When he tries to talk to people, they laugh at him, call him names and get violent with him.

    • Tubularsock can tell, Arrby, that you know better that to irrigate your crops with Gateraide!

    • “Like a lot of leftists, he has a hate-on for God. The thing that might save him, from my standpoint, is that the Christianity and God he hates is ‘his’ Christianity and God.”

      We are each a dense complex of the accretional onion skins of our brainwashing; we shake off many or even most of the layers as we “wake up” but it’s hard to get rid of all of it, chiefly because the deepest programming is difficult to recognize as such: we usually mistake it as “fundamental truth”. What we cannot see in ourselves, on the other hand, is easy to see in others.

      Arby, while it’s obvious with just a moment’s thought that the question of whether the Universe was created, or merely came to be, is impossible for humans, at the present time, to answer (factually), it’s also obvious that the odds that a tribe of bronze age desert-dwellers… who didn’t even understand the molecular composition of salt and who stoned women to death for being too sexy, somehow managed to come up with a narrative that cracked the Question of Existence (while, coincidentally, inserting themselves at the center of this narrative)… are extremely slim. In fact, the very idea is even more ridiculous than the bestselling hodge podge of myths, legends, incest porn and gore that you were persuaded, at a tender age, to take literally.

      And that concludes the third “rambling” entry on this page! laugh

      • oh, fuck, I deployed the ellipses in the wrong spots! (it’s early)

      • Brian Harry, Australia says

        “GOD’s” representative on Earth(The Pope) wanted to put Galileo to death because he discovered that the Earth revolved around the Sun(and not the other way around). Science always ‘trumps'(can I use that term?)Religion.
        Jesus? What has he ever done for us……..?

        • Brian, just try to imagine the first “priests”, all those thousands of years ago: clever enough to come up with compelling narratives to “explain” natural phenomena and clever enough to understand the power this storytelling ability could grant them, especially if they invented a Superbeing that only they could comprehend/ interpret/intervene with on behalf of the tribe. The temptation to abuse the power would be (as it has been ever since) too great to resist. Interesting, too, the eternal tension between the Warrior-Kings (who got their power with bloody prowess) and the Priests (who got their power by fooling the masses).

        • Thanks, your comment qualifies all preceding comments referring to “God” perfectly.

          The declaration of FAKE NEWS by the MSM is the ‘Own-Goal’ of the past century.

          • Brian Harry, Australia says

            If “GOD” made the Earth, who made the rest of the Cosmos? It didn’t get a mention in the Bible(that I’m aware of). Whoever wrote the Bible, didn’t even know where the Sun ‘went’ at night.
            “Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intellect. It will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines”…Bertrand Russell.

            • Or your intellect in its infancy can only operate within the confines of your beliefs?

              If you use ‘Religion’ for the baby AND the bathwater – then you wont see anything that your current identity wont let you see.
              I’m not aware that Consciousness is mentioned in the big bang theory – but that doesn’t mean the theory cant be a lens through which to experience Existence in a unique way – for those who so choose.

              Bohm offers insight to the incoherence of thoughts that fragment our experience and also the role of our theory, model or belief of our world as a cultural Meaning – and not merely as an ‘explanation’ by which to gain power to manipulate or ‘control’ life or others in terms of mechanical processes.

              THAT identity in anything operates a distortion filter ought to be obvious. But not to the self-righteous or the enlightened elite!

              My fundamental response to the headline is that a fake mind can ONLY meet a fake world – at expense of participation in Creation – which I hold to be one with (Intimate) and embodying Cause – which wont SEEM true because miscreation is equally one with miscreative thought and intent – in which true worth is neither extended nor received. You simply cannot SEE what you are not the vibration OF – you may ‘see’ something else so that you mind is protected – or manage to pass over and forget.

              I don’t defend organized or institutional religion because I find it a self-contradiction. Life doesn’t happen from the outside in – but you can believe it does if that’s the life you want to be subjected to. If you change your mind – your world must change with it – unless its only a re-branding of identity in different clothes.

              One can only ‘receive’ at the level one is awake to giving. If ALL your investment is in the ‘world’ – then you interpret everything to fit its meaning. In modern terms I could use the term ‘matrix’ for world.

              If God Gives Existence in the same freedom God Is – then what you choose to accept and follow and invest in and grow is yours to share. In the short term, investing in that which robs us of our peace and sanity, seems to be a profound mistake – but mistakes don’t exist in science – for all results are opportunities to learn of or open more transparently to the Truth that is already true – and needs no ‘believers’ to make it so.

              • You may not be aware that you’re doing it, but you’re using a rhetorical trick in your effort to reintroduce “God” into the conversation: by being so vague about this being and its attributes, you place it out of the range of critique. But “God” is such a vague construct in your comment about her/him/it that it’s also useless… you could just as well substitute the word with “Happiness” or “Peace” or “Goodness”. Which reminds me of the first iterations of New Agers I’d run into, years back, who always wanted to invoke a “higher power” (to which, naturally, they had special access: just another status-hungry move, eh?) but who didn’t want to veer too close to the downscale territory of the Born Againers… they’d refer to It as “The Life Force”. What the fuck does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything… but it was harder to shoot down, as a concept, with logic’s arrows, than some Jehovah Witnesses’ (or Mormons’ or Scientologists’ or Animists’) detailed and ridiculous Cosmology, with so many concrete, anti-factual howlers to take aim at. I always felt that the Witnesses/ Mormons/ et al were dumb but more honest, at least, in their presentation of the Self-aggrandizingly-Preposterous. I think you need to tune up your own presentations of “God” to make them as honest (and un-weasely) as those simple folk.


                “If God Gives Existence in the same freedom God Is – then what you choose to accept and follow and invest in and grow is yours to share.”


                “If Sperm Gives Existence in the same freedom Sperm Is – then what you choose to accept and follow and invest in and grow is yours to share.”

                With zero loss of “information”. But it certainly feels a little more true, now.


              • pavlovscat7 says

                I think, binra..the specific god in question is the jewish one. yahweh or something unpronounceable. the monotheistic god that Lenny Cohen mentioned in his song, ‘The Future,’ was created by..” you don’t know me from the wind, you never will you never did, I’m the little jew who wrote the bible.” its theological genius..you create the god of gods, you make yourself that gods’ favourites and halleluah!!!!use the texts as an operators manual to drive the world, if anyone asks, refer them to god..and if you say anything other than an endorsement of god..then what I have posted here is not an ‘asemetic.. its anti-semetic. Marketing genius, proven by all the bush theologians and their interpretations of a narrative of complete bullshit……. don’t forget to vote!

        • pavlovscat7 says

          He said all men shall be sailors then, until the sea shall free them. But he himself was broken, long before the sky had opened, forsaken, almost human, he sank beneath your wisdom, like a stone:…Lenny Cohen:

          Oh yeah!..and holidays:

    • pavlovscat7 says

      I think christianity is franchise from the jewish parent company. INRI and all that?. Theology of course can be subjectivized to comfort the mortally insecure. Hard to know which is the origional..Christian or Jewish Zionism. Gods are an invention of men..this perfidy of human potential can only be further invalidated by idiot theology.
      The evidence for intelligent design, the faithful say exists..It’s provenance prefixed in acronym…The futile fits of I.D.iots:

  9. We do have evidence though, that the empire has been producing fake news ,and it came from the horses mouth. One of Bush’s cabal of neocons stated baldly in public, that “We (the US) are an empire, we make our own reality”)!

    • It would be so easy for someone with smarts, the capability (real research) and time to write the book about fake vs real news. I’d buy it! One thing I’d point out in such a book is that we all know by now that the 1% and it’s tools subscribe to the neoliberal/ neoconservative approach. Neoconservatism is all about violence and deceit. That’s not someone’s interpretation of the philosophy. It’s actually the thinking, put to writing, of ‘thinkers’ like Leo Strauss. If that’s what they’re about, Why would we for one minute suppose that they have any regard for truth and real news? And why wouldn’t we remind all those who have been bitten that darkness is darkness? Point ‘believers’ to this overlooked fact. Deceit, which would include fake news, is consciously embraced by those who they now look to for guidance.

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