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Requiem for the suicided: Gary Webb

Was Gary Webb murdered? Friends claimed Webb had told them any violent death he suffered would NOT be suicide, yet he apparently did take his own life. Others said he had talked about “government” people following him and snooping close to his home.

Meet the man who knew the secrets of the CIA’s Dark Alliance. From the jungles of Nicaragua to the mean streets of south-central LA, Gary Webb’s groundbreaking journalism uncovered a scandal so huge that the story could not be allowed to continue. Help us honour the memory of this intrepid reporter by exploring the suspicious death and passing on the life’s work of Gary Webb.”

Some will believe these stories, some will not, but perhaps more important than how Webb met his tragic death is the lesson we can find in the way his groundbreaking work was buried in the mainstream media with lies and slanders. It’s a familiar story but at leat in this case, belatedly, the media (or part of it) ‘fessed up to what had been done. Too late for Webb, of course, who was already safely dead, bu at least they put the fact that Webb had been right all along on record.

So, if anyone tells you the MSM would never work in concert to bury the truth – remind them about Gary Webb, and point them to this article in the LA Times, where, in a singular moment of honesty, they admit to doing just that.

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  1. rtj1211 says

    YOu all need to ask yourselves whether the Security Services use the MSM to peddle their narratives and lies. I cannot speak for the US, but both the BBC and the Daily Telegraph in the U.K. have been riddled with Security Services agendas, patsies, agents and turncoats for decades.

    As soon as the media swallows government war, imperialism and bombing propaganda whole, it is not journalism, it is servility.

    Every war pretty much since 1990, the UK MSM has been, with honourable exceptions, utterly compliant.

  2. flybow says

    alex jones?. alex jones a a source????????????????????????????
    This intel shill says that the lee rigby hoax was real. alex jones is an intel asset.

    • flybow says

      see pinochet in Piccadilly . A book. Talks about the british ruling class links with the pinochet regime

    • flybow says

      As with the cases of the two British nationals, Michael Woodward, an Anglo-Chilean priest, and William Beausire, a British businessman – who were tortured and murdered under General Pinochet’s regime in Chile in the 1970s – which were deemed ‘insufficient’ to arrest the former dictator, so the sacrifice of Jonathan Moyle is discreetly forgotten in the presence of large arms contracts. Also sheila cassidy, who was tortured in Chile. But tory mps claim she lied. But they loved the pinochet regime. Now with brexit. They have their enabling act. UK facism.

      • Butties says

        “They have their enabling act. UK facism.” That assumes that the sheeple will continue to elect them! As Bob said, “The times they are a Changing”.

  3. I’ve known for some time the CIA are a bunch of heartless bastards, but until one actually starts digging into to these gangsters actions, you’ll have no idea. And if you do, you might wake up dead, with a suicide note on your chest and two bullet holes to the head, like Webb, one of which was to his jaw, the old Mafia signal to others to keep quiet.

    I’d also recommend the book, THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

    While researching Phoenix, Valentine learned that the CIA allowed opium and heroin to flow from its secret bases in Laos, to generals and politicians on its payroll in South Vietnam. His investigations into this illegal activity focused on the CIA’s relationship with the federal drugs agencies mandated by Congress to stop illegal drugs from entering the United States. Based on interviews with senior officials, Valentine wrote two subsequent books, The Strength of the Wolf and The Strength of the Pack, showing how the CIA infiltrated federal drug law enforcement agencies and commandeered their executive management, intelligence and foreign operations staffs in order to ensure that the flow of drugs continues unimpeded to traffickers and foreign officials in its employ.

    I had a friend get 10 years for growing a few pot plants, too bad he wasn’t with the CIA, he would of been paid fantastic sums of money for the same job w/o fear of prosecution.

  4. BigB says

    If anyone hasn’t read it, or wants it for reference, the original ‘Dark Alliance’ trilogy (as it appeared in the San Jose Mercury News) is preserved on the narconews website (which is a pretty good reference site in itself.)
    This article from the Intercept gives a pretty good insight into the ‘uncover up’ (as Alexander Cockburn put it – viciously denigrate; delegitimize and ostracize; then offer a limited retraction – in this case when Gary was already dead.) Cockburns own book Whiteout covers the entire sordid story of CIA drug dealing from Lansky/Luciano in ’47 (when the Agency was formed) to Webb.

  5. BigB says

    James Corbett does what Corbett best – investigative reporting and putting it ‘out there’ in an accessible format – and he pretty much nailed this one (especially the fact that it is ‘unlikely’ that you could shoot yourself twice in the head with a ’38.)
    The video shows some footage from a community meeting (at Locke Highschool) that was called in the wake of the furore of the ‘Dark Aliance’ series. What it doesn’t show is the interjection by former LAPD Narcocop Mike Ruppert who told CIA Director Deutch that “the Agency has dealt drugs in this country for a very long time” – which kinda undermined Deutch’s intention to placate the Black community. Ruppert went on to chronicle (as court admissable evidence) how the same men – ‘Ted’ Shackley; Tom Clines; Richard Secord; Felix Rodriguez; John Singlaub (a.k.a. North’s civilian partners in the ‘Enterprise’) and (lurking in the shadows as he was wont to do) George Herbert Walker Bush – had been involved in the importation of drugs since the mid ’50s. So much for the Agency not knowing.

  6. flybow says

    Reading his book at the moment. I recommend it.

  7. William Heron says

    One of the greats who was a victim of the MSM. Facts were sacred to him.

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