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The NeoNazis Protesting Trump

by George H. Eliason

An Open Letter to Those Who Voted for Clinton and may not realise the company they are keeping when they take to the streets

There isn’t an easy, kind, or right way to open this conversation with people that have stood up for the rights of people worldwide as well as on the home front for decades. Any and every starting point seems wrong.

Since there is no good starting point, let’s go to the honest one. The current political climate be damned.

How are 25% of American voters, the percentage that voted for Hillary, now a protesting majority?  What’s the makeup of that 25%?  Do all of them care about women’s, human or civil rights?

These questions aren’t as difficult to answer as the truth will be to hear, especially for progressives.  I’m going to show why the best qualified candidate Bernie Sanders never stood a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected to the US presidency.  To get there, look at the simple math which shows that if Sanders had got the nomination, we might be looking at president Romney today.

Starting in early June 2016, I started writing about real voting blocs that have the size to shape national politics. The simple math works like this.  Out of 231,556,622 eligible voters, 25.6% voted for Clinton, and 25.5% voted for Trump.  This is the final voter percentage tallies.

Out of the eligible voter pool, if we take 13% (low conservative reckoning) for the combined emigre bloc vote, their contribution is 30,102,360 bloc votes. Not shown at the CEEC link are the Middle Eastern, South and Central American, Russian, or the Asian portions of the emigre bloc.

These articles show the background of the groups and how they work together en-bloc. I wrote them back then for today.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Out of Hillary Clinton’s total count of 65,844,610 votes, the emigre bloc made up 45% because 92,622,648 Americans didn’t cast their ballot.  Keep that last figure in mind for later.

In real terms 13% became 45% because of low voter turnout. The emigre bloc percentage is based on total eligible voters (231,556,622) and the bloc number didn’t change. When the real vote total was known, it could be measured against the bloc. The value of the votes in the bloc skyrocketed with low turnout.

The reason Bernie Sanders did not have a snowball’s chance in hell is the combined emigre bloc vote. Bernie should have been a shoo-in for them. His father is Galician. Galicia is the still disputed land between Poland and Ukraine, including the regional capital of Lviv. He claims Polish ancestry, and that is the true nationality border or no border. Both emigre groups claim to support Polish and Ukrainian people. He was the natural candidate for them except for one thing.

Until the fall of the Soviet Union, these groups were known as the anti-communist emigres. They are the children of groups that manned Hitler’s SS. The problem with Sanders is he calls himself a Socialist. He was not electable as long as this type of bloc vote exists. If Sanders got the nod to run in the general election, a deal would have been cut for a new Republican candidate at the convention. If you look back, things started to shape up that way.

The only thing a nationalist hates worse than an enemy outside his country; is the enemy within. For an anti-communist and nationalist, there is no greater enemy than a socialist. Progressives have already forgotten how Sanders was derailed. Most progressives don’t realize that, very directly, it WAS the emigre community that did it. Even after seeing Propornot, progressive, libertarian, and conservative publications are spewing the memes created by these same people that put them on lists to be hacked, isolated, and eventually shut down. It began when journalists started questioning the Syria narrative that supported the creation of  ISIS.

Did the “Berners” make any change to the Democratic party? “It is very concerning that Bernie Sanders is so intent on taking over a party that he’s not even a member of that he’d insult the beloved vice president — and really the president — about a failed status quo approach,” said Texas Democratic chairman Gilberto Hinojosa.” Was Sanders ever a viable candidate for the Democratic Party? Was he ever treated like one?

The only chance he had was to tap into the over 90 million that did not vote. It’s not coincidental that the number coincides with Obama’s 5% jobless report. Obama adjusted the economy so the wealth would flow upward by dehumanizing these people. They no longer count. They are no longer counted. They no longer get counted as a part of society. In eight years there was no serious attempt at decreasing unemployment. In a country of 320 million, under Obama math, 90 million unemployed is 5 %.These people are too disaffected to vote, but had they, would it have been for another Democrat?

If my analysis is correct and Sanders stood no chance because of the emigre bloc, then there would have to be some evidence of this in the Woman’s March/ Inaugural Protest and following protests. And there is, but it’s not pretty.


The photo on the left is of a Ukrainian-American OUNb nationalist out to support the Women’s march in New York. The Photo on the right shows OUNb Ukrainian nationalists celebrating their nationalist heritage in Ukraine. They are literally the soldiers and children of the soldiers from WWII that committed the atrocities.

If you look at the gray hat in the left image and the one in the center of the right image, you’ll notice it’s the same hat. This particular hat, as well as the rest of the young man’s clothing are a designer version of the OUNb Nazi uniform. This is the same uniform the Bandera OUNb wore when they manned the concentration camps in Europe. This is the same uniform that they wore when they starved 3 million prisoners of war to death. This is the same uniform they wore when they murdered over 250,000 Jews and close to 500,000 Ukrainians. Behind him is the Ukrainian flag.

Today, this is the same uniform the unknown Ukrainian-American in the photo wore to support the Woman’s march. The CEEC and Ukrainian emigres are behind most of the press hype demonizing Trump, support articles, and organization for the Women’s march and all the subsequent protests. Standing next to him and working in concert is Shia Labeouf, actor, activist, and a Polish Jewish- American by background. In the video below, if you turn the sound off and focus on the image, you’ll see them smiling at each other. The unknown Ukrainian- American Nazi and Labeouf appear to be dancing together. Labeouf got good press for it.

What do the Central and Eastern European American emigres believe politically? Are they Democrats, Progressive, or even Conservative?

According to the Ukraine Weekly:

Over 55 years ago, a group of Ukrainian-Americans, guided by a love for their native Ukraine created a committee in the United States that would support the liberation of Ukraine during World War II. Their committee supported the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as they fought against the Nazi and Communist occupation of Ukraine. This committee became the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine, named after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s famous address wherein he…”

What they don’t say is that before America got into the war, they tried to murder Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During the war, operating from the USA, Ukrainian Americans were commanding the SS battalions that were fighting against the USA. As late as 1945, the Ukrainian Diaspora was asking Adolf Hitler to fund new armies so they could fight the Soviets. That part of the Ukrainian-American Diaspora haven’t changed. The emigres are still integral nationalists just like Adolf Hitler was.

Today they still celebrate the SS murderers that perpetrated the Holocaust. The most awesome weapon fascists have in 2017 are human and civil rights. Every time they successfully hide behind a legitimate cause, they win. Every time they create a “legitimate cause,” they win. In the most cynical fashion, progressives are being corralled into supporting memes they stood against for the last sixteen years.

For years progressives, centrists, and libertarians have complained about the George Soros inspired color revolutions around the world. Why are progressives flocking to the very people that want to take away their freedoms hoping they are protecting them?

What does this have to do with the Women’s March or protests that have followed it? Along with George Soros, the CEEC and Ukrainians are  providing most of the media coverage. They are providing tens to hundreds of thousands of protesters depending on location to liven things up.

Among the nasty women at the protest, the term has real relevance for them, the Ukrainians provided their own homegrown version to show women how to protest Donald Trump.


She looks like a “nasty” woman protester doesn’t she? What they didn’t say is what it takes to make them happy again.


As you can see, the young woman in this photo has her clothes on. Behind her, almost 400 people were killed or are missing at Odessa in May, 2014. Ukrainian integral nationalists burned them to death. This is Femen’s vision for your protests.

Among this group’s natural partners is the Syrian American Council. By protesting a stronger vetting process, the US may end up with the same problem the UK had in 2015.

The Prime Minister has come under under fire after the International Development Committee, which is investigating the Syrian refugee crisis, received evidence that ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups were running the camps within the war-torn country, but also in Lebanon and Jordan where the majority of the 20,000 heading for the UK are currently based.”

In one of the most cynical manipulations yet, Holocaust survivors are being asked their opinion of Trump’s refugee policy. While it makes a good headline, instead of being asked about refugees, they should be asked if mixed groups should be vetted for terrorists too. A fair question would be “were they willing to let the Nazis that killed their families emigrate with them to America?”

It was Steve Bannon that first breathed “Muslim ban.” And Soros media is sticking that statement down Trump’s throat now. Maybe that part is for the better. The US government needs to say precisely what it means. The problem is while everyone and their brother are having their relevant article day, they are ignoring National Security issues.

Let’s look at how the CEEC and Ukrainian emigre groups look at Holocaust victims and Jews in 2017. We know their families tortured and killed during WWII, but that was over 70 years ago. Today, they want the Holocaust survivors to speak out for human rights.


Like many of the CEEC countries that are managed by the American emigres, Ukraine is no exception. Ukrainian-American emigres were behind Yanukovych’s ouster and the nationalist uprising, the murders in Kiev and Odessa, and the war in Donbass. Apparently, they still don’t think much of Holocaust victims or Jews in general.

In Berkeley, they have already started the escalation. Shooting fireworks at the buildings was the precursor to the molotov cocktails that followed in Kiev during the coup. Then they needed martyrs. These were the legitimate protesters that actually have no place in their nationalist society. If this escalates, that will be you.

The fact that they have to hide their background and try to keep their involvement quiet does not cover their sins. For progressives, women’s rights, civil rights, or human rights activists, are these legitimate partners to protest with?

I’ve seen how our heroes, activists, journalists, and celebrities have completely sold their souls to support something no person with an iota of morality would do. I’ve seen them say and do things to derail candidates who would have been a million times better for those less fortunate around us. It’s unfortunate most pretend to fight the establishment, to act like they love the people more than they love the struggle and the relevance that it brings them. I am not one of those and I won’t continue to be until the good Lord takes me.” Cesar Vargas

If US progressives see Ukrainian-American ultra-nationalists as legitimate partners, then I agree with Cesar Vargas wholeheartedly.


  1. Alan says

    Although there are probably connections the author relies too much upon questionable data and assumption of voting system integrity to support it’s theory. Suspect the article is a vehicle to deliver something other than what it states.

  2. Matt says

    This is truly of the most rabidly pseudo-scientific and anti-Ukrainian articles I have ever seen. So, if you’re an anti-Communist, then your parents manned Hitler’s SS and you are a Nazi? Absolutely ridiculous.

    Next is the insane cherrypicking of the nationalities of a few people (Sanders, Labeouf) and attempting to exaggerate the importance of their ethnicities to voting blocs, something most people wouldn’t even care about. No evidence is given that these emigre groups (some of whom were actually born in America and who ancestors, so they don’t even count as “emigres”) cared about Sanders’ ethnicity, the exact name of the historical region his family is from, or anything like that.

    Next comes the shameful “Ukraine isn’t even a real country!” propaganda, in which the author states “Galicia is the still disputed land between Poland and Ukraine, including the regional capital of Lviv.” Huh? This is news to me. There is literally no land dispute over this entire historical region. What dispute is there? Lviv is in Ukraine. The Polish government doesn’t dispute that. Rubbish.

    Then there’s some more anti-Ukrainian propaganda and some pseudo-connection between the Women’s March, OUNb, and Shia Labeouf. The author decides a random guy in the March is a OUNb nationalist because of the shape of his blurry hat. The Ukrainian flag, by the way, isn’t even being held by him.

    What a disgusting article. I am sure the author has some personal enmity with Poles and Ukrainians. There can be no other reason that this mis-mash of cherrypicked connections between anti-Trump forces, Ukrainians, Nazis, anti-Communists, and the ethnicities of certain politicians and actors has been made.

    It’s actually worse than trash.

  3. Johnny Hacket says

    Seriously it’s all Ukrainians ? . This is up there with Aliens eat my baby , it makes that story about a London doubledecker being found on the moon quite credible.
    As I read through the article it felt like I had stumbled into some weird political porn site .

    • No, it is’t “all Ukrainians”, as the article makes clear. You appear to be trolling. Please stop.

      • Johnny Hacket says

        “It’s all Ukrainians”, as in its all about Ukrainians, not all Ukrainians taking part obviously. As for you article making anything clear , well , it certainly makes it clear that Off Guardian has blasted off from the launchpad of reality and is now currently heading further and further away .
        The need to bring the Graun to account for its reporting is a important function. Giving space to this childish made up nonsense undermines it to such an extent that if one was susceptible to conspiracy theories one could imagine pieces like this being put here by the Graun to make you look rediculous.

        • Matt says

          I agree wholeheartedly. So-called Leftist “anti-imperialists” here are now repeating propaganda from Russia about Ukraine not being a real country or being a country of Nazis, etc.

          • Pavlik says

            Well done! What a great patriot you are. Truly a shining exemplar of Ukrainian courage and honour.

            But there’s more you must do: despite the heroic efforts of Ukrainian commenters, the information war has been well and truly lost. The glorious fatherland’s only hope is for all Ukraine’s infowarriors to put aside their keyboards and take up arms in Ukraine’s defence!

            іди, синку, в армію!

  4. Any American who wouldn’t vote for a lying, thieving, back-stabbing, mass murdering psycho like Hillary is just un-American!

  5. The piece had me hooked from the start and it got very intriguing and the dots were coherently connected…then suddenly it became a disjointed rant and turned into yet another hackneyed Trump apologist piece. This site needs to do more to attract PizzaGate wackjobs and right-wing paranoiacs for whom every hunch and flight-of-fancy becomes the newest “fact”. /s

    • PizzaGate arrests have already started & think why Comey didn’t lose his job at the FBI? And why was Jeff Sessions nomination delayed by the Democrats?

      Clinton was heard thinking she was off Mic leaving a debate saying “If that f**king bastard wins we’ll all hang from nooses”……wonder why she would say that ? See

      The unfolding facts are in plain sight now which makes your comment err well BS.

      • Johnny Hacket says

        where’s the audio ?
        you don’t have any audio or footage ? You don’t have anything ? . For people who try to differentiate between stuff that may be true and other stuff that is just made up it would be helpful to actually come up with some fucking proof .

      • Matt says

        Absolutely zero arrests have been made based off of PizzaGate, a hoax cooked by reactionary partisans looking to vent their leftover anger after the Election cycle ended, against those they’ve been brainwashed to hate.

        There is no evidene of child s*xual abuse by Podesta and co. If there is, present it. Sooper-secret code words and nude statues don’t count.

        • “PizzaGate, a hoax cooked by reactionary partisans looking to vent their leftover anger after the Election cycle ended, against those they’ve been brainwashed to hate.
          There is no evidene of child s*xual abuse by Podesta and co. If there is, present it. Sooper-secret code words and nude statues don’t count.”

          Nah, that’s nonsense, actually. Those leaked emails have never been questioned as the actual emails of the people the emails would appear to implicate. And, FYI, when various law enforcement agencies are investigating drug and/or sex trafficking rings, code words (of the “sooper secret” variety especially) are precisely what they are looking for. Which would explain why the FBI has a list of child-sex-trafficking code words , no? Many of which appear, coincidentally, in apparently nonsensical sentences (if the words are taken at face value) in these leaked emails. Most cases of suspected high-level corruption and/or murder that have ever been investigated were driven primarily be circumstantial evidence. since very few detectives/prosecutors have the luxury of starting with a videotape of the crime in progress or a videotaped confession from the perpetrator.

          “Pizzagate” is no hoax, but the name “Pizzagate” is certainly a good way of making it all seem harmlessly silly to people who can’t spend more than five minutes thinking it all through (aka: Duh Masses) or looking through the damning circumstantial evidence, of which there is a considerable amount… certainly enough to warrant an investigation; but what am i talking about (?)… it implicates the highest levels of government (just like the Dutroux Case)… which means it never happened.

          Had the matter been referred to as “The Washington, D.C. Child Sex Trafficking Ring Scandal” perhaps you’d take it more seriously. Which is why it wasn’t.

          • Matt says

            I never claimed those emails are fake. There is nothing in those emails indicating pedophillia. The Podestas are well known in D.C.. to be food aficionados. In fact, Podesta’s own mother was famous for cooking food at political parties.

            Out of context references to culinary dishes aren’t sooper-secret code words for pedophillia.

            I recall one viral story spread on fake news websites, about the Podesta brothers having their faces sketched as the prime suspects behind the kidnapping of a girl in Portugal, some years ago. Apparently, since the sketches looked similar to the Podestas and since a random guy on 4chan claiming to be an FBI agent said the Podesta brothers were visiting Portugal at the same time, the Podestas were blamed for kidnapping the girl.

            This was later debunked, since the two sketches were of the same person based off of two different eyewitnesses, so it couldn’t have been the Podestas. That, and the fact that a random troll on the internet was the original source for the claim that the Podestas were in Portugal at the time, means this viral news piece was a hoax. And yet, videos on YT got millions of views based off of this.

            Other lies are about the scary logos, lies about Comet’s basement, etc. It’s all been debunked.

            Zero evidence of pedophillia by the Podestas. As for the name itself, it sounds ridiculous because it’s based on a ridiculous notion.

            • “There is nothing in those emails indicating pedophillia. The Podestas are well known in D.C.. to be food aficionados.”

              Yes, gourmets with an inordinate interest in “pizza” and “hot dogs” and “maps”. The Podesta/Portugal/McCann meme was blatant distraction-disinfo… designed to help “debunkers” engineer strawmen; you learn soon enough to ignore such tactics.

              “As for the name itself, it sounds ridiculous because it’s based on a ridiculous notion.”

              Pedophilia among people of power is not ridiculous, it’s especially frightening.

              “It’s all been debunked.”

              Nothing has been debunked. When powerful people are accused of pedophilia, the stories tend to disappear. People like you are blithely ignorant of the facts and are, in fact, blatantly hostile to any suggestion of the evidence because such things threaten your innocent worldview. But this isn’t the first time D.C. had a pedophilia problem that was momentarily exposed, then “debunked”:


              • Matt says

                “Yes, gourmets with an inordinate interest in “pizza” and “hot dogs” and “maps”. ”

                As I said, out-of-context references to culinary dishes are not evidence of pedophillia. That’s like reading my texts, which lack context and are vague, and then pointing to a text in which I asked for “pizza” as evidence of pedophillia. Absolute delusion.

                “The Podesta/Portugal/McCann meme was blatant distraction-disinfo… designed to help “debunkers” engineer strawmen”

                Ah yes, the good ol’ tactic by conspiracy theorists of calling anything they got wrong “disinfo.” You can’t simply state something just because it calms you down. Present evidence this was “disinfo.” If you know anything about PG, it’s that it was birthed from 4chan, Reddit’s /r/conspiracy and /r/the_donald subreddits. The same people who started the hoax believed these lies. Now that I’ve debunked one of the major lies peddled, you move the goalposts by calling it “disinfo.”

                “Pedophilia among people of power is not ridiculous, it’s especially frightening.”

                I never denied that. But that doesn’t prove Podesta and co. are pedos. You can not use the existence of pedophillia in other elite circles to prove Podesta is a pedo. False logic.

                “People like you are blithely ignorant of the facts and are, in fact, blatantly hostile to any suggestion of the evidence because such things threaten your innocent worldview.”

                No facts have been presented so far. Not a single one. The only thing presented has been the interpretations of reactionary partisans of what they call “sooper-secret code words.” This has nothing to do with my worldview. Rather, it is about the proliferation of fake news cooked up by partisans to continue bashing the politicians they’ve been brainwashed to hate and distract them from the very real problems of the world.

                The Elite are happy. They are jubilant. While partisans get distracted by hoaxes online, they get away with their dirty dealings. How sad.

                • “That’s like reading my texts, which lack context and are vague, and then pointing to a text in which I asked for “pizza” as evidence of pedophillia.”

                  No it’s not; it’s like detecting a consistent pattern in the unusual/inappropriate/incorrect uses of words, in many private messages between various parties, and inferring that the strangely-used words are part of a code in place to mask an illicit activity. Now, either you’re THICK or you’re EVIL or you’re just plain too STUBBORN to admit that you’re presenting a very wreak case against that reading. I hope it’s C) STUBBORN but it’s probably A) THICK… though I’m not ruling out B) EVIL. Or maybe you are just D) phenomenally innocent. If you’re 17 or younger: you’re forgiven.

                  “Now that I’ve debunked one of the major lies peddled, you move the goalposts by calling it “disinfo.””

                  A major lie that you introduced in this exchange, no? I never used that nonsense as an example supporting my argument; it’s a major lie appended to a genuine smoking gun in order to distract from/ discredit the smoking gun. It is, I repeat: Disinfo… and you’re using it as a Strawman. I haven’t moved any goalpost but you’re one of those Liars too… hmmmm… stupid (one supposes; or do you think that other readers are?) to understand that all of our comments in this thread are part of a public record and it’s clear what we’ve both written, and not written, no?

                  “Rather, it is about the proliferation of fake news…”

                  “Fake News” is the latest Rhetorical Stink Bomb given, like “Commie” and “Conspiracy Theorist”, before it, to Duh Masses in order to protect The Norm from Free Thinkers capable of seeing through the Bullshit every time The Owners pull some stunt to further their agenda (or when get caught out by some leak or hack etc, as with “Pizzagate”). You’re just parroting that moronic catchphrase, hoping to shut down a debate you can’t win, seemingly immune to the irony that “Fake,” in the phrase “Fake News”, when it comes to the Norm, is redundant. How much of what CNN/ BBC/ NBC/ FOX/ NPR/ PBS / YAHOO, NYT/ WAPO, et al, sprays isn’t just blatant propaganda? The Time and Temperature…?

                  Now do please bother someone else with your Entry Level Bad Faith Debating techniques.



                • Just to clarify, this citation:

                  ““Now that I’ve debunked one of the major lies peddled, you move the goalposts by calling it “disinfo.”

                  …Refers to the absurd “The Podesta Brothers abducted Maddy McCann” meme, which I never fell for nor introduced to this exchange. The fact that you introduce it in order to “debunk” it speaks volumes about the integrity (zero) of your argument and your possible motives (peculiar at best) for posting here. Do sincere people (or civilians) use such techniques… ? Because, of course, the “Podesta Brothers/ Maddy” meme was engineered precisely to be used as you just used it.

                • Matt says

                  Haha, I was going to reply to your ad hominem, but then I found this post of yours about the moon landings being faked in which you repeat practically every debunked pseudo-scientific meme there is:


                  Never mind. The only person sick here is you, StAug. This is very, very sad. With the internet, all your arguments can be debunked in seconds. Yet, you believe in this fake news.

                  Your blog’s tag-line about “critical thinking” at least provided me with some good humour today.

                  I wish you well in life, StAug.

            • “With the internet, all your arguments can be debunked in seconds. ”

              Even quicker than seconds if the target audience is as dim as you, Matty.

              Little Matty is an Obedient Believer in the Total Kool Aíd Diet: he not only drinks it, bathes in it and brushes his teeth with it: he can’t let a Saturday night go by without his Kool Aid Colonic! With Dupes like you “manning” the cash registers, Matty, TPTB can relax. Don’t forget to add “9/11” to the long list of lies people with twice your IQ don’t buy, Matty! I mean, that is, if you just don’t go around trolling Radical Parapolitical Sites professionally, if you know what I mean…



              PS Then again, how much of a professional can you be if you didn’t try to smear me with that “Flat Earth” bullshit (the greatest Cointelpro meme yet engineered)? So I guess you really are just thick…

              • Matt says

                “Then again, how much of a professional can you be if you didn’t try to smear me with that “Flat Earth” bullshit (the greatest Cointelpro meme yet engineered)?”

                That you think the flat earth meme was created by COINTELPRO says to me you are in need of a psychiatrist.

                By the way, in these discussions of ours, you have not given any evidence for pedophillia acts by Podesta.

                Your education was a waste:

                It’s a long read, but that may be the only thing that can reverse your brainwashing.

                You’re welcome!

                PS: My name isn’t even Matt, so keep calling me Matty, I don’t mind.

                • “My name isn’t even Matt, so keep calling me Matty, I don’t mind.”

                  Really, Matty? You’re posting under a pseudonym? I’m flabbergasted by this revelation!

                  “By the way, in these discussions of ours, you have not given any evidence for pedophillia acts by Podesta.”

                  Being that I’m not a detective with the support of a crime lab, my project here was somewhat less ambitious than proving anything other than the fact that these allegations of pedophilia deserve a serious investigation (by the above-mentioned detectives and crime labs). Re: the crap you’d like me to read: I’ve read that and much more, Matty; I believe in being thoroughly informed before arriving at a conclusion on a topic (controversial or otherwise)… I suggest you adopt this ethos. Because, erm, one article on the Web? Won’t quite get it. But I’m sure it reaches your standards, Matty, so, yeah. You have my blessings: be as dim as you like. The Smugness of the Dim is sort of touching, sometimes…

    • “This site needs to do more to attract PizzaGate wackjobs and right-wing paranoiacs for whom every hunch and flight-of-fancy becomes the newest “fact”. /s”

      You mean to balance the flood of Conspiracy-Theorists-Who-Accuse-Other-Conspiracy-Theorists-of-Being-Conspiracy-Theorists-in-the-same-kind-of-vacuously-prejudicial-language-that-they-themselves-are-abused-with-on-Mainstream-comment-threads? Yeah, agreed. The Cognitive Dissonance such people display is astonishing. It’s as if they think the OffGuardian is or Slate or… The Guardian… somewhere where clueless NeoLibs gather to protect their severely blinkered and filtered image of Reality. But what can one do but laugh at such silly fucks? Aluta Continua!

  6. This information is important. What a scary world, unless your head in completely in the sand.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      When Flight MH17 was shot down in the Ukraine-Russia frontier. The Australian Government under Tony Abbott was ordered to give Poroshenko and Co. $100,000,000 plus from our stash…by the people who give orders to the Australian Government. Poro stood stoically in our parliament as the deaths of the plane passengers were disingenuously appropriated to the purpose: I would not be surprised if the bastard actually took the cash home in a bag…. The grinning, prevaricating actors on both sides of the political divide here, are willing subjects to the same masters that direct the show in the other hemisphere.

  7. summitflyer says

    Hope you are correct about the arrest leruscino .These pedos need jail tail and none to soon.

    • Here’s some info & there’s a lot more coming out now on the Pedo Rings & Devil Worship shenanigans of the Clinton ‘Mob’.

  8. PizzaGate arrests have just started & Hillary Clinton was very recently barred from getting on a plane to leave the country! Heading for Bahrain from the info I got? I bet Bill throws her under the bus (if he could) ?

    The entire Soros camp of protesters is about to melt into shite & embarrassment so no real need to write a letter to these ill-educated manipulated fools.

    • Johnny Hacket says

      interesting apart from the fact that no one has been arrested and HRC was not stopped trying to leave for Bahrain .

      • Jen says

        Has anyone asked why Hillary Clinton was visiting Bahrain in the first place?

        Couldn’t be to ask the Bahrain government for more money for the failing Clinton Foundation now that Norway and Australia among others have pulled out of supporting it?

  9. Frank says

    Yes, it was as a result of the ‘Orange Revolution’ in 2003 that the ruling dual axis of Yuschenko/Tymoshenko awarded the ‘Hero of the Ukraine’ award to Stepan Bandera. This was later annulled by Yanukovic after his electoral victory in 2010. However, Mr Bandera’s prior status has since been reissued by the present regime. Street names are changed in his honour. I suppose it might be a bit like having a Heinrich Himmler Strasse running through uptown Munich. Suffice it to say also that the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) have also been recast as ‘Freedom Fighters’. At the present time, only two political forces of any consequence in the Ukraine are the neo-nazis and the oligarchs.

    In 1945 the remnants of the UPA, easy to identify with their red and black flags, and 14 Waffen SS Division, easy to identify with their lion logo which bears resemblance to the Peugeot lion, surrendered to Anglo-American forces in Italy, and subsequently were given permission to settle in the UK, US, and particularly Canada.

    These forces were mobilised, both inside and outside of the Ukraine, in the 2014 putsch. They now strut around completely unabashed in Lviv and Kiev with their banners and photos of Bandera, baying for blood and war.

    Along with their overseas branches these neo-nazi militants are now fighting a rerun of WW2. This has upset many jewish groups, and even the ultra-Russophobic Poles are getting edgy harking back to the memories when tens of thousands of Polish peasants were murdered – sometimes quite brutally – in the massacres carried out by the UPA in eastern Galicia and Volhynia which took place in 1943-45.

    So the western ‘democracies’ apparently have no problems being on the same side as jihadis and neo-nazis?

    Speaks volumes I think.

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