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Our favourite search term

Obviously we get a lot of hits from search engines every day and some of them are fun to read. But today we got what is probably our favourite up to this point….

“complete and utter shit from the mainstream media…”

We feel their pain. Let’s hope they found a little solace here.


  1. I’ve had a rethink. What if I make a list of every MSM hack outlet(is there any other kind outside of Russia?)and store it on Word, then when I want to find “real” news I can just copy and paste into my search request and pick out the ones like socially inept Elliott Higgins and his ilk, add their names to the MSM side of the equation and eventually I will have a very long list, but almost refined search criteria. well that’s the theory.
    “complete and utter shit from the mainstream media…” There really is quite enough excrement in the daily assault passing itself off as news, so I probably wouldn’t want to be directed to a page listing the various ways one could utilize horse manure, cow dung and bat droppings, although they do at least have their uses.

  2. A sign that at least one person is out there searching for vulnerabilities . . .

    Probably an attempted denial of service attack against Google or some such engine, a new way of doing it: the perpetrator knows that there is so much “complete and utter mainstream media shit” out there, that the search engine will eventually have to dedicate all of its resources queuing up possible ‘hits’ to satisfy the request — a Sisyphean task if ever there was one.

    Expect search engine disruptions shortly . . . and his or her webpage, whoever he or she might be, will probably be stuck in refresh mode for the next month . . .

    • Maybe there is a boolean that will find the result without attracting the wrong attention. One way would be to put in the words, ‘fake journalism’ and your search will give you a massive list of well informed and honest “real” news, with a chosen topic like the Syrian ‘civil’ war and finally ‘Assad’s war crimes’ and hey presto you will get news feeds like OffG, NEO and Global Research etc. because, as Google would have it, anyone not touting the lies and propaganda is by their definition, absolutely, most definitely NOT the MSM. All daftness aside, their must be a way of circumventing the predictable and soon to be “filtering” by the likes of Google and Facebook?

      • The filtering will be to their detriment and they will relent or feel it in their profit margins. If not, there are a lot of programmers out there who are just plain old maliciously anti-establishment in their naughtiness. It will only be a matter of days when the filtering begins in earnest, I predict, before some anonymous team of geniuses somewhere cobble something together and everyone begins to migrate to that new platform or others like it, which are no doubt in the works even as we text and type.

        But, yeah, it’s a hilariously inverted and convoluted world, isn’t it?

        (And with all these ‘irrational accretions’ dangling about, in either biological or cultural terms, people like Arrby (who I think is just being tongue in cheek about this) just can’t or won’t see the ubiquitous reality of evolution, you know, that things just really do kinda ‘happen,’ with structures and patterns developing and emerging completely at random, without rhyme or reason, but nevertheless taking the shape of intelligible structures and patterns. (And that’s about all the flu-based philosophical reflection and tangential digression I can muster for one day . . . Tomorrow may be different, though.))

        • Since Google started acting the bullying policemen they have seen the loss of chunks of their profits. One of the financial advisers warned them this would happen and they obviously thought they were “too big to fail”. Perhaps the mere thought of losing that precious dollar will make them think twice before plunging in with a cavalier attitude towards alienating customers and sending them to other search engines, because their competitors are probably praying they do.

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