VIDEO: A timely reminder – "The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp"

from the Corbett Report

While people on both sides of the phoney left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone has lost sight of the bigger picture: The blithering morons who are the face of international terror are aided, funded, controlled and handled by the intelligence agencies. It is all part of the con to get you scared of your own shadow so the terror-industrial complex can laugh all the way to the bank. Today James breaks down the latest chapter in this never-ending psy-op saga.

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Re the main video: There’s nothing to argue with there. It’s a solid, straight to the point, authoritative report.


For diligence, thoroughness, analytical and factual content, Corbett is the best of the best. I’m proud to sponsor his work.

Ross Hendry

Just a personal observation but I can’t listen to the clip for longer than 30 seconds. What on earth is wrong with the presenter? It’s painful. The psy-op is terrible enough, it certainly doesn’t need any patronising dramatics to describe.


Agreed. Someone in OG is clearly a big fan though, I got slated for questioning his tactics a while back. . Won’t try to again.


No one is “slated” for questioning anything here. What we don’t tolerate is baseless accusation. Any questions you have are always welcome and please feel free to air them. 🙂


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Greg Bacon

The CIA–Cocaine Importing Agency–has been calling the shots since at least JFK’s murder. They’re nothing more than a gang of vicious thugs who live off violence and pretend to be patriotic, while at the same time, attacking anyone and everyone who dare think of freedom, just like they helped Israel attack the USA on 9/11.
Now that Herr Trump has folded like a cheap suit when accused of something or the other and didn’t defend his NSC advisor, the endless Wars for Wall Street and Israel are back on track and as an added bonus, maybe even WW III with Russia.

Prole Center

The US is the primary bad guy, not Israel. Israel is the 51st state. When people start attacking Israel instead of the US it smacks of far right-wing scapegoating and bigotry that led to such disastrous results in the mid-20th century.


Not to mention that the idea is ludicrous. Yep, Israel is a vicious, powerful nazi state. But it would disappear quickly if uncle Sam, the godfather, pulled his support. Israel is merely a stationary US battleship in mideast.


Not totally correct , the Zionist lobby in the US together with the US industrial military complex are evil ones.

Prole Center

Israel is the 51st state.


I used to completely trust James Corbett … surely he isn’t really suggesting that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11?

Prole Center

Don’t trust Corbett. He has an agenda that he is not revealing openly. His politics are right-wing. He seems to want to deflect criticism away from the bourgeoisie and the capitalist system and instead fixate on individuals and institutions as the “bad guys.” I have an agenda too (everyone does), but I am completely open and honest about it. I promote my ideology of Marxism-Leninism aka Communism. It has been the most successful at opposing what I believe to be the main problem of humanity – capitalism and imperialism.
When it comes to 9/11, nobody except the conspirators really knows what happened. Knowing the individuals involved is not so important. What does seem to be clear is that Wahhabi or radical Islamist militants were used by the CIA as they always are as mercenaries and terrorists wherever they are needed.


It seems to us Corbett is very open about his “agenda.” He’s a “voluntarist”. We see no reason to assume any agenda on his part beyond the sharing of those beliefs.

Prole Center

What I should have said is don’t blindly trust Corbett, or anyone for that matter.
It sounds like he has invented a new term as if people aren’t confused enough. The important thing to remember is that the more things change the more they stay the same – the names change and political ideologies are rebranded from time to time, but the essence remains the same.
Corbett sounds like what I would call a right-wing libertarian, but then he mentions anarcho-syndicalism which is a left-wing, or what I would even call an ultra left-wing ideology, so it is a bit confusing. Overall he seems to be what in the US is called a libertarian. He tries to straddle the line between left and right, but that is impossible. I’d have to read or listen to him more, but from what I have already gathered there is an absence of a class analysis of capitalism with him and so that would put him, again, on the right. He seems to be a petty bourgeois right-wing libertarian.


Corbett’s personal philisophical journey and current cosmology (view of everything) refelects a solid, right thinking person to me. I have long felt that no human, outside the parent child relationship (for a limited time period) should have power over another.
Anyone principled, whose reportage is honest therefore, would come to the conclusion that unequal social relations and social hiearchy is unnatural. I HATE bosses, even good ones, for example. Why? Because in this monstrous money system that I and others call corporatocracy, even good bosses eventually (99% of the time) abuse their workers in order to protect and/or make gains for themselves. And the politicians, who have their (improperly conceived) laws and instruments of force (security orgs, police and the military) back them up. One day you may be doing okay. The next, Your boss lays down the law and whammy!
That’s what’s happened to me recently. I’m in security (and the company I work for is evil.) I work on a farm and its been wonderful, until now. The non security here is mostly wonderful. They all treat me well. The on site manager of the farm is awesome. I was left alone, not micromanaged and was lucky enough to have work that wasn’t work, which was fair considering I don’t even make a living wage with this scammy security company. Then one day we had a trespasser on my fellow guard’s shift. He was found (with beer and an iron stake or something in his hand; they won’t even tell me the details, because they don’t have to) by the staff in the morning, first thing, but right after the guard had left. Then everyone goes crazy. The farm is not physically secure and if someone wants to they can enter it and easily evade security, if they see security. So that brought negative attention from bosses (on site and off) who have to be/look professional, for their bosses, who doubled our patrols and issued instructions that were not even entirely reasonable.
Crap flows downhill and in a society that features unequal social relations, that means that all the people/workers who the 1% depend on for their wealth are constantly abused because the world is not perfect and not paradise and someone is always making trouble and the consequences too often are borne by those with the least power in society.
Corbett is rational and sets a good example, in my opinion. None of us is perfect.


The only question we ask about our fellow alt news people is – are they challenging the deceptive orthodox narrative and getting overlooked truths out there? Anyone who does this will have our support.


The picture shows that Trumps statements about fighting terrorism results in awards for terrorists biggest sponsors along with the USA.
In Syria they are still supporting moderate jihadis
In Afghanistan they are still protecting the opium trafficking
Plus ca change
There is no obama star power to gloss over the degraded USA policies

Prole Center

The video does a great job of explaining the War of Terror, but the Left / Right divide is real – it’s just that the labels get muddled and confused. The ideologies are quite real, but there really is no Left in the US for instance. Both liberals and conservatives there subscribe to the right-wing ideology of capitalism. Liberals are moderate conservatives whereas what passes for a conservative or Republican is far-right or ultra-conservative.
The CIA sent radical Islamic militants to fight the Soviet Union because the right-wing US wanted to defeat the left-wing Soviet Union. The ideologies are real.


Can you please clarify your last point? It reads to me at the moment as a reference to the Chechen War, which was under the nominal Democrat Clinton – the ‘left-wing’ US wanted to defeat the ‘left-wing’ SU too – which is why I am confused. Thankyou.

Prole Center

BigB, thanks for your question. I should have specified that I was talking about Afghanistan. The CIA sent radical Islamists to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The Chechen War took place in the 90’s after the USSR was gone, but that was still another case of the CIA sending these Wahhabis to chip away at Russia since even though it became capitalist (right-wing) it still threatens US control of the entire planet.
Also, all American governments are essentially right-wing. I don’t care what they call themselves or what they pretend to be. The US is a right-wing, capitalist imperialist power.

Prole Center

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