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CNN using intentionally misleading headlines (again)


This is CNN’s latest article on the all ways Trump is allegedly linked to Russia, Russian spies and Vladimir Putin. Above, a screen-grab of their headline.

It seems intercepted communications show that members of Trump’s campaign were “in contact” with Russian officials. This is shocking and treason and stuff, so the CNN brought in “intelligence experts” to analyse what all this could mean. It’s all very serious.

Buried half-way through the story is this:

Officials emphasized that communications between campaign staff and representatives of foreign governments are not unusual.

“Not unusual”. So what it could mean…is nothing. So that’s that then.


  1. John D. Flanagan says

    The Obama Administration and their neocon operatives and handlers were trying to provoke Russia before leaving office, in order to lock the new administration into a continued hostile footing with Putin. It seems justified, even necessary, for the incoming administration to contact the Russian Ambassador and tell them NOT to fall for it. Flynn was not just a private citizen, but acting as an agent of the President Elect. I would have advised it–even assumed it was being done. Doesn’t the 1799 law have to do with traitorist contacts? This whole discussion, including the argument that it’s all bogus and Trump no different from Obama and Clinton, is beyond stupid, IMHO.


  2. Looks like war with Russia is back on the front burner. So when those mushroom clouds start appearing on the horizon, hope those Hillary supporters are happy.

    Speaking of Hillary, why isn’t she being investigated for selling access to her Top Secret SD emails for a donation to the Clinton Global Initiative slush fund, which only uses 10% of its donations towards the actual charity, which is another story, but not here in Dumbfuckistan, AKA the USA.

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    • It didn’t matter who you voted for or supported. The two parties are really just two factions of the same capitalist imperialist war party. The candidates for president are just puppets; they are administrators for the ruling class, the real decisions are made elsewhere. It’s heads I win, tails you lose. Anyone who voted and participated in those sham elections deserves all the scorn and shame you can heap on them.

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      • It didn’t matter for another reason.
        Both presidential candidates had daughters married to ultra-orthodox zionists.
        It was an election Netanyahu and his neo-traitor zionist friends in the US could not lose.
        No wonder he had a huge smile on his face when meeting President Trump in the White House.
        It must be incredibly gratifying for Netanyahu to have only Jared Kushner to deal with.


          • It is not – as you define it – a story; nor is it ‘made up’.
            I wish it were the case that it was ‘made up’.
            Go and check who Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are married to.
            Maybe then you will understand.


    • Jack straw says

      Those charities are only required to donate 5%, this is greedy America, get with it.


  3. The same headline came in as “breaking news” to my email box from the NY Times. Not sure who was first. But importantly it basically calls Trump’s team spies. Cf this to the immediate “old” news about the Russians “violating” the missile ban and you have a clear picture where we are heading!


  4. aaronmicalowe says

    If Flynn resigned for lying why hasn’t Trump resigned for lying about not knowing this conversation took place days before the story became public?


    • He resigned for not keeping Pence in the loop. Pence is the establishment’s horse collar on the Trump administration. Most importantly, it still isn’t clear where all this (dis)information is being leaked from. One report I saw stated that the FBI told WaPo, but since when is the FBI in the business of foreign surveillance and listening to the phone conversations of Russian diplomats? What we’re seeingi s the death of the Trump foreign policy, the neocons have won the war in less than a month.


        • Oh no, it was quite real. Don’t let the screaming Clintonite sideshow distract you. The last person the deep state wanted in office was Trump–what does it tell you when even the rabid neocon right were telling everybody to vote for Hillary? Trump promised independence from the establishment, and that’s the last thing the neocon/neolib cabal wanted. Now we’re back to business as usual, with the neocons running foreign policy and Goldman Sachs running the economy. Trump can do what he likes about the rest, the deep state doesn’t give a shit.


  5. The Big Red Scary says

    Are we to believe that Flynn, himself a spook, did not expect a telephone call with the Russian Ambassador would be recorded?

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