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MSM and Selective Blindness


The McCarthy-like witch-huntery is gaining momentum. Where it’s going is hard to gauge…but, where ever it is, it will get there fast. Currently in the media cross-hairs is Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions. He is accused of lying about talking to the Russian Ambassador when asked by the Senate, his defence being he didn’t speak to them about the election, which is how he understood the question. He contends that, as a Senator and member of the Armed Services Committee, it was not unusual for him to be contact with the Russian Ambassador’s office.

Essentially, unless you’re inclined to believe that a career politician who, in over 30 years in public office, never had a kind word to say about either Russia or the USSR has actually s been a deep cover agent for the past few decades, it seems like a minor semantic misunderstanding. It probably means nothing…as an issue in and of itself. As a chess move relating to the crazy media storm and intelligence leaks trying to undermine the new administration, it means a little more. But only a little.

The media have taken a pick-and-choose attitude to the related social media storm. Gleefully repeating the words of Claire McCaskill, a Democratic senator and fellow member of the ASC, who tweeted out:

Unfortunately it took very little detective work to sniff out these, earlier tweets:

Ironically, McCaskill then tried to get around this on…you guessed it…a question of semantics.

This received some coverage, notably on CNN and in Business Insider, however The Guardian simply removed their embed of the original tweet, with no explanation, and made no comment on the other tweets.

There was very little media comment on this tweet either, where the AP directly quotes the House Intelligence Chairman on this issue, who couldn’t be more clear:

Pretty hard to get around that one on semantics. Better to just ignore it.

I suppose the question becomes, does any of this really matter? Is this all just an elaborate sideshow to distract an increasingly impoverished civilian population? A method to spread discord and unrest? Or does the Trump administration pose any kind of real threat?

Either way, while this distraction and/or witch hunt (delete as appropriate) dominates the headlines, bigger and more important issues are being pushed backwards out of the public eye.

The Syrian army retook Palmyra yesterday…with barely a word spoken about it in the MSM. The US is taking a more and more active role in the conflict in Yemen…apparently, the illegal execution of foreign nationals is something for which even Donald Trump can escape criticism.


    • There’s a section devoted to 9/11 discussions. Comments about thermite belong there

  1. Americans are getting to see first-hand a Color Revolution, or what our psychotic leaders have been doing to governments around the world for decades; removing an elected leader in a bloodless coup so that leader can be replaced by one more pliable and willing to do the dirty deeds required these days of an American president.
    Led by the hyena-howling MSM, which is nothing more than a Deep State propaganda organ.

  2. Karen says

    Nancy Pelosi meets with Russians all the time, why isn’t she being asked to go?

  3. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    The MSM circus is well used to kicking a guy in the proverbials, but as with other previous “same” and “like” tactics where no moral or ethical code is apparent or even an awareness of the meaning of such words, they still manage to disgust so many who see them for the weasels and rats they truly are. They leave me cold with disgust.

  4. rtj1211 says

    All it proves beyond all doubt is that the only leadership America can provide is at the end of a gun. No vision, no integrity, no respect, nothing but self-serving electronic criminality (that is you NSA/CIA/Google etc etc), global murder and fiscal grand larceny.

    No one respects America any more, all they ask is how to survive the bullying criminal hegemony.

    A shame, but the deal is done, the card game finished, the world has moved on. Bye bye American leadership, grow up and maybe in 500 years, people will admire you again. Everyone uses you, uses false honey words to take advantage.

    Your state is bankrupt, your people on their knees, your businesses tax avoiding electronic hackers.


    • Lavarov said it plain and simple succinct and to the point at Munich. So just like when Putin spoke 2007 and forewarned the exceptionalist then . IT APPEARS THAT NO ONE IS HOME AND THE LIGHTS R OUT AT THE CASTLE PAX-AME3ERICANA.Post Scriptum Our leaders in the west our educational institutions our governments our financial institutions r morally financially and intellectually bankrupt.

  5. Daniel Rich says

    This can go either way: hysterical or hilarious. With a bit of luck, it’ll be a mutational meltdown of both.

  6. summitflyer says

    From an outsider looking in , it is clearly a propaganda war . A few events that seem to me to have ignited a run on Trump and everyone /everything associated with him because of his wanting to to talk to Russia and Pedogate . These 2 things IMHO lit the fire.

    • BigB says

      Interesting alternative theory on Flynngate was that Flynn had a list of paedos with Mike Pence’s “best friend’s” name on it – nothing to do with Russia. The source was ex-CIA senior officer Robert David Steele – so I dismissed it as disinfo (you never really leave the CIA.) Then I read the article below on Sputnik, that Trumps FBI have made 1,500 arrests in the last month for child trafficking (compared to 400 in 2014.)
      I’m not presenting this as factual (the arrests are real of course, whether they are linked is speculation), or a fait accomplis, but one to watch. Just maybe, Trump is draining the margins of the swamp, and the so the Deep State are targeting Trump’s Attorney General Sessions because he “won’t back down” on paedogate?
      [Caveat – Steele is definitely playing the ‘Game’; like Shaffer, Pieczenik and Alex Jones’ ‘DisinfoWars’, I personally have no doubt they are spreading disinformation – problem is, some of what they say – and more importantly, when they say it – is true.]

  7. Marc Krizack says

    The term “McCarthyite Witch Hunt” is not appropriate here as it makes it sound like these guys are victims. It may be true that some or even most of these meetings were innocuous, but the bigger picture is that there is a right wing coup taking place in the US right now and anything that can be done to stop it is justified. So, I cry no tears for any possible unfairness. I do regret that the US relationship with Russia is not going to improve and may even worsen, but right now I am more concerned about the loss of democratic freedoms under a Bannon/Trump regime. If you lived in the US, you might feel the same way.

    • Jen says

      Dear Marc,

      Are you not concerned though that these moves to remove the Trump government are themselves based on lies and thus opaque and unaccountable to the public? All these moves by the US intel community, Washington bureaucrats, the Democrats, all their backers and the rest of the Deep State against Trump create a precedent that can be used against succeeding presidents. You may not like Trump but if he is to be impeached, the evidence of any wrong-doing or criminality has to be strong, verifiable and open to public scrutiny. If he is impeached on flimsy, even fabricated evidence, and replaced by Pence, how do you know that he will not also be impeached in similar future circumstances if he tries to pursue domestic and/or foreign policies that the Deep State will not countenance?

      Then no-one (apart from the sociopathic Hillary Clinton) will want to run for the presidency in 2020 and in subsequent election years – unless s/he wants to commit career suicide by presidential guillotine.

      If you are concerned about the loss of democratic rights and freedoms, the loss began long before Trump even started running for the presidency. If you believe there has been a fascist coup, the conditions for it were created under George W Bush and Barack Obama’s times as president.

      • That the deep state and all Trump haters or better put, Killery Clinton Croneys, should even be considering Trump for impeachment shows just how egregious the thinking behind this is, Obama was a narcissistic murderer who showed a merciless disregard for human life, truth and integrity. He lied to get into office, he lied about his knowledge of the “moderate head chopping and murdering terrorists, has presided over an illegal coup against ethnic Russians and the President they elected by democratic process, he lied to the UN, Congress and couldn’t find the courage to make the right decision throughout his term of office with regard the 54th rogue State we know as Israel, except as a spiteful parting shot against Trump and yet, not once did anyone offer to impeach the lying toad. As a now proven war criminal, Obama should not only have been facing impeachment, but also an appearance before the Hague. What a f*****d up country the US has become.

      • BigB says

        Absolutely spot on @Jen! The situation in America is parlous, and the crazy crazy thing about it, that for all the concomitant evil he poses – Trump also offers some limited hope. The Deep State alternative, for the reasons you eloquently address, does not.
        I hate to channel Charles Koch, but the choices are terminal “Deep State” cancer, or a severe Trump heart attack – the prognosis for both is poor – but the latter at least may be survivable.
        BTW @ Marc: where have you been? The coup d’etat has been going on in plain sight since November 22nd 1963.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      I’m from the US, and personally I’m far more concerned about the attempts made by the loser of an election in conjunction with the deep state to reverse the result of our constitutional process. You, along with the CIA and George Soros, are perpetrating a ‘color revolution’ coup, and in the off chance that you succeed, there will be hell to pay …

      • “I’m from the US, and personally I’m far more concerned about the attempts made by the loser of an election in conjunction with the deep state to reverse the result of our constitutional process.” That implies that there’s nothing undemocratic or against the rules and the Constitution about Trump’s win. Before someone asks whether I’ve read the Constitution, the answer is no. Not straight in one go anyway. I’ve read what others have said about it. Chomsky points out that it was crafted so as to ensure that the 1% (my paraphrase) would never lose control of the country.

        The problem ‘is’ the system (which is not just faulty, but is corrupt), contrary to what promoters of the myth of Camelot would have us believe. It isn’t the only problem, but those who think it’s fine, but imperfect, are anti-democratic.

  8. bevin says

    I’m getting miserly in my old age. Here is a comment that a certain website, which preens itself on its liberalism, (No not The Guardian- that train left the station a decade ago) won’t publish:
    “Is this all that there is, on Sessions A couple of public meetings at the Convention and another less public meeting to discuss something?
    “The trick is to subject a few other, randomly selected, Senators or Political aides to the same tests: how many met with foreign ambassadors during the campaign? Any Democratic Senators meet with Mexican officials and possibly talk about walls? Or deportations? Any meetings with Ukrainian or Georgian officials (Ambassadors for example) at which Donbas or the IMF might have come up? Any meetings with Saudi officials? etc etc.
    “Bandar virtually ran Al Qaeda from the Embassy in Washington for decades. The Israeli Ambassador could sit in on NSC meetings except that it would be a demotion.
    “There really is no evidence that Sessions did anything, or that there was anything that he could do that had anything to do with Russian intervention in the election. But then there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that the Russians had any involvement in the election-except, against their will, as Aunt Sallies and scapegoats.
    “If you guys want a coup have one, for Christ’s sake, but don’t do in every brain in the nation while doing so: you might need to start thinking sensibly afterwards when Mike Pence is Mr President and the Pentagon gets its wish of war with Russia.
    Hell, you might even not want a hot war. Or a Cold one. “

    • bevin says

      Of course the classic instance would be Obama’s private assurances to Israel in 2008, during the assaults on Gaza in December.
      Does anyone doubt that Obama was engaged in talks with the Israelis, reassuring them of his support, while Bush was still President?

        • bevin says

          And if he did so he was doing what Flynn was accused of. There is one law for the War Party and another for their opponents.

    • Marc Krizack says

      You make good comments. I do not mean my comment as a counterpoint to your comments.

    • Frank says

      ”Here is a comment that a certain website, which preens itself on its liberalism, (No not The Guardian- that train left the station a decade ago) won’t publish:”

      Come on, don’t keep us guessing – which website would that be?

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