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Guardian flagrantly lying about Western policy in ME, trashing its own comments to silence dissent

For five years the US and other western powers worked to unite Syria’s disparate rebel factions, combat Islamic State and broker a peace deal with Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Prospects of such a deal have all but evaporated after Russian air power crushed rebels in their stronghold of Aleppo.

Above is the Graun’s debased re-writing of recent history in its latest piece of Pentagon/Langley/GCHQ propaganda. The article itself tries to whip some sort of moral outrage out of Russia “doing a Syria” in Libya – viz Russian companies daring to make deals with Libyan oil companies, and possibly even funding the “anti-Western” forces currently battling for control of the oil fields. The tone is, of course, that Russia has no business trying to protect its own interests in the ME or anywhere, since only Western colonialists are empowered to do that.

Capturing the glittering prize of the Oil Crescent has become the focus of a bitter civil war now in its third year and US officials fear that Russia has now entered the conflict, with Haftar the likely beneficiary.

In testimony to the Senate’s foreign relations committee on Thursday, the chief of the Pentagon’s Africa command, General Thomas D Waldhauser, said: “Russia is trying to exert influence on the ultimate decision of who and what entity becomes in charge of the government inside Libya.”

As usual they think their readers have no memories and don’t recall how the “bitter civil war” actually began, or the cynical and deliberate destruction of Libyan society by NATO just six years ago, solely to enable the West to capitalise on geopolitical chaos and easy access to cheap oil. And, as usual they are wrong. Predictably the comments section is full of people balking at the grotesque extent of lies and revisionism, and either having their opinions censored or scoring “up votes” in double figures.

Par for the course.

UPDATE: The comments were closed three hours after we published this piece.

This is a response to US accuses Moscow of aiding warlord in battle for Libya oil ports in the Guardian, March 11 2017


  1. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    They really should rename the Guardian the Disinformation Centre(a longer version of the acronym BS&C) for it’s egregious misrepresentation of the West’s role in destroying Libya and previously to that Iraq and since, Syria. More of such trash may be expected until journalists are admitted into the editorial clique rather than the propagandist crap merchants currently employed vomiting lies on a regular daily basis. Even the Daily Fail can at least sometimes manage a grain of truth to find it’s way onto the page and sometimes articles with a modicum of integrity, which is really saying something about the Guardian’s cringeworthy reputation. The greatest insult, however, is the Guardian’s belief that it’s readers really are that dumb and stupid, what an utterly contemptible attitude.

    • BALDEAGLE 11 says

      How strange that no-one formally attributes the GUARDIAN’s current decline to it’s USA-adopted editor m/s Katherine Viner, and. I am surprised that there has been no derogatory comments from the ‘ Fleet Street Iregulars ‘ if only we guess where could they comment ?
      But under the fashionist regime of our unelected Government leader ( and her similarly hand-picked be-tamed team of prized political incompetents ) the Prime Minister May – can only prove one thing that now that our nation only has a ruling fascistic-ally press.
      Of course I am not attributing all of current un-democratic evils of today’s ‘ British Society ‘ upon the traditional more gentle sex ?

      • sabelmouse says

        you can’t criticise the site on the site, if there’s comments in the first place.

  2. Similar load of old propaganda appears in the New Statesman (“Enlightened thinking in dark times” – very funny!). “The return of al-qaeda: Assad ruined Syria. Now a new generation of islamists is rising.” by Shiraz Maher.

    • new statesman used to be a really good periodical when I was at university on the 70’s. But then again – private eye used to be funny then.

  3. Derek_J says

    Thanks for reading The Guardian so I don’t have to.

  4. michaelk says

    The Guardian’s journalists remind me of a priesthood preaching from the pulpit. They endlessly tell us what all decent and civilized people should be thinking about events in the outside world. They keep on moralizing, endlessly. It’s all rather irritating, being told what to think all the time. Their tone, that they are special and know the Truth and can save us all the bother of fining it out for ourselves, is, on the one hand… comical, but also extremely dangerous. What if they are wrong about the Truth, like in Iraq, Libya and Syria?

    Pretending that the West is a benign empire intent on spreading democracy and freedom throughout the world and not for gain, for ourselves, but because it’s the right and moral thing to do, is an article of faith, a dogma, that one has to accept as a fundamental Truth if one wants to be taken seriously and a serious media career. Question that core dogma and one becomes ‘radioactive’ and might as well pack up and go home. That this… Truth is in fact a gigantic… lie, really, really, false news, is pereived as tantamount to treason or heresy by the established Church, sorry, I meant the established media of course.

    What’s scary and depressing is how easily one slips into using religious terms these days, or at least I do, to describe the structure and rhetoric employed in our media. This isn’t a good sign for the future.

  5. “For five years” is about the only true words stated in the original Guardian article. They forgot to mention that the rebels were not a majority of Syrians but insurgents from all the Islamic state remnants kicked out of other countries and reformed as ISIS or ISIL or some other God forsaken name but funded, armed and supported by the US and is puppet state hangers on. The US totally destabilized the Middle East and what has happened there can be laid on the doorstep of the White House. I propose they change the name of the president’s residence to Blood House!

  6. michaelk says

    The Guardian has developed an extraordinary business model under its new management… alienate as many of its core readership as possible in the shortest possible time. At time when most news platforms are struggling economically and fighting to retain every reader, this is an odd strategy, to say the least. But perhaps the Guardian doesn’t really need readers anymore? Maybe its role is a wider one and that’s worth paying for? To give the false impression that the liberal/left media exists at all and, at the same time, control the boundaries of what decent lefties are allowed to say and think.

    • sabelmouse says

      something like that is quite possible.

    • Guest says

      I think you may be onto something regarding the Guardian,
      They are now a faux liberal paper

      • sabelmouse says

        so faux. i am being pre moderated again after saying something yesterday on one of their ”journalist integrity and other’s doing fake news ” articles.
        i’d be embarrassed to be working there. probs unpaid interns.

        • Make screen caps of your comments before you hit the post button, and tell them you are doing it.

          • sabelmouse says

            i read this before and had forgot again. thanks.

    • it has also started to make big waves in the USA. Perhaps that is the direction of their business model

  7. John says

    Hey, it was the Americans (and the British and French) who caused all the mess in Libya.
    Of course, there was a reason for it.
    Qaddafi was threatening to undermine the global role of the US Dollar by creating a new African currency.
    That is the main reason he had to go, even if it created a power vacuum left gaping wide for decades.

    • He also entertained the notion of doing a deal with Russia re the pipeline, ergo, since the US does not allow “spheres of influence” except their own, he just had to go and hang the consequences. Something they fully understood when they sent McCain and Carter to enlist the help of Muslim Brotherhood, whom they had set up to destroy Syria first. For expediency’s sake, they re-routed MB to Libya and took up SA’s offer of Al Qaeda. Simple expediting of contingency terrorist plans previously set in motion, but easily adapted to fit the needs. It isn’t just the lefties or Marxists who need to take a stand against the US/Atlanticist and NATO Alliance, it is every decent person who understands the truth.

    • BALDEAGLE 11 says

      Also JOHN we should not forget the especial role of the British army who invaded Libya before the USA financed ANGLO-FRENCH invasion began by the air “dropping teams of military spotters to protect all of the oil fields and refineries infrastructural assists “.

      And, even today the USA-enabled looting of the major Libyan banks, as well as the Libyan government’s reserve investment with Goldman Sachs, which were wiped out by imprudent investment practices against a major block of the nation’s sovereign fund ?

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