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“Experts” reveal their “evidence” of Russian “hacking”

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence convened today, hearing testimony from three “star witnesses”. If you have a spare three hours, and a strong stomach, feel free to watch the whole sordid ordeal here. Not surprisingly there was no mention of that fact the that the FBI didn’t analyse the DNC servers – they were not allowed to. Likewise, there was no talk of CrowdStrike, the private firm that did get to do analysis, and then had to backtrack on their own findings.

None of that was deemed important. Instead we got three hours of speeches from people who had nothing to say. The three expert witnesses have startlingly similar backgrounds, all hailing from the intelligence community in some way or other. They are all very long on exposition…and very short on actual evidence. Rather than citing statistics, or bringing up evidence of any kind, the Senators are more than happy to just let the three men ramble along twisting narrative pathways.

Two of them had the good-grace to be non-committal, or at least vague, in their answers. Preferring to rely on out-dated historical references and unspoken “modern parallels”. The third man, Clint Watts, a bounty of unsubstantiated Russophobic gossip, and all out paranoia…his testimony was a goldmine for headline writers and scaremongerers the world over. Asserting there needs to be a complete “media black-out” of wikileaks, and declaring:

We are weak. We do not respond, we have no organized response as a country or even a policy towards Russia right now,”

I’m not sure what, if any, experience of Russia Mr Watts has, there’s certainly none listed on his brief biography, supplied by the Senate website. But putting together his seeming lack of serious credentials, his penchant for over-stating wild speculations as if they were established facts, and his statement that all his work is done with “three laptops, from my house”…one begins to get the impression he’s a kind of American Elliot Higgins. Self-important enough to believe his own BS, and crazy enough to say it out-loud, without realising he’s being used to voice a position with which more important people refuse to tarnish their “credibility”.

For example, this line from his bio:

Clint used modeling to outline Russian influence operations via social media and the Kremlin’s return to Active Measures.

Is classic Bellingcat. What “modelling” likely means is looking at Facebook and deciding everyone saying pro-Russian stuff is a “troll”, and then making a bad diagram about it in MS Paint. A visit to his twitter did not disappoint:

And then right on cue…in with the diagrams:

This is truly startling evidence of Russian hacking, I mean….there’s writing EVERYWHERE, lots of pictures of people…and look at all the arrows!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sold.


  1. Curious how vague accusations of Russian ‘interference’ in the US election process has morphed seamlessly into unequivocal statements of fact–all without anybody adducing a single shred of credible evidence. Now we have the unedifying spectacle of senators repeating the same idiotic nonsense, and the BBC reporting it as if it were sober fact. The noise level is simply deafening. The question becomes, then, what is this screaming dog-and-pony show meant to distract us from? The fact that the espionage arm of the ‘nonexistent’ Deep State has conducted a coup against the duly elected president–love him or loathe him, that’s what he is–and nobody noticed?

    • Psychological defences operate against exposure, feared and believed and lived as a ‘reality’ to never be repeated – ie: associated with conditioned psychic-emotional trauma.
      As long as one engages the defence – one plays the same game in shifting roles. I don’t believe it possible to understand the nature of such ‘defences’ without meeting and moving through our own. The name, blame and shame game persists a narrative assertion upon one’s reality that overrides the true in a movement of self-survival – within the conditioned framing of the mind-fragmention passing off as ‘self’.

      For political issues there will be a variety of causes that are themselves symptoms. In a sense there is the ‘way things work’ at the level of social agreements – that one usually conforms to as the parameters in which to NOT attract penalty and perhaps to find a measure of success. Corruption is systematic. The system itself has to be challenged – alongside whatever else we are moved or obliged to do. Systems are ideas accorded currency by adoption and acceptance. So challenging the system begins with suspending allegiance and agreement to a pervasive insanity regardless the fact that it will make you seem to be the insane one.

      First, change the world you perceive and react as real – and then you are in the territory of discovering what is operating beneath the masking that you used to simply blindly operate as if true. Name, blame and shame wont allow this to happen – and the crab-barrel world will pull you back into its own. So one has to WANT truth enough to pause and challenge the mind of guilt – which may seem mostly everyone else’s – but then that was what it was assigned to do. Self-guilt in any pervasive belief, operates a crippling and self-destructive agenda – generally under ‘good intentions’ as the spin of seeming to offset or validate an invalid sense of self. Exposure to your true nature may be felt as damning of healing – depending on your alignment with true – or an attempt to make something true that by definition sacrifices truth to a seeming – that doesn’t become any more true no matter how many and what force is invested in pushing it.

      The whole global ‘Economy’ – and all its agencies – is a pack of cards. This is not just banking, but pharma , military and energy cartels, and the whole of the institutional establishment that has been subverted to their influence. The world we think we know is false. But this exposure is itself potentially psychotic. My sense is that everything is coming up (from a suppressed and denied unconscious) ANYWAY – and so guardianship or guidance is for those willing to learn to swim rather than ‘protection’ from changes that are felt dangerous or threatening. A false kind of protection is costing the Earth – and on an individual level costs a true appreciation of Everything while we are alive.
      Instead of seeing the world crash and burn – take a crash course in self-knowledge. The only difference is a willingness in place of cursing and damning. Regardless such behaviour can be presented as if rational or as if wise.
      What is hidden is not just our fears and sense of lack or guilt – but the true movement of our being. Think like the fairy tale; the true love is protected by terrors. Therefore something has to truly MOVE you to move past the boundaries set upon your consciousness by a negative conditioning loop. That calls for a cease and desist of the false in some moment of willingness for true. The fruits, grow the shoots by illuminating a different pathway than define, divide and control. Because it is different, the mind of the old paradigm cannot and will never – see it. But what is left unused fades, while what we appreciate, appreciates (grows).
      We are obliged to grow a different mind by acting from a fresh ‘take’ instead of subconsciously persisting a mis-take. No one else can accept for another’s willingness – but we can extend faith in another’s capacity to choose by honouring this instead of seeking to manipulate them to align our own private agenda – (regardless the good intentions).

  2. No shortage of ‘useful idiots’ that can be hired to push anti-Russian propaganda. Jobs and more importantly, hundreds of billions are at stake. If this Russia hate campaign fails, some MSM morons will have to–Gasp–look for actual work.
    Maybe it was Russia that stole, sorry, made those NINE TRILLION DOLLARS go ‘missing’ from the Pentagon?

    • YES, THAT’S IT! Greg, Tubularsock thanks you! So it was RUSSIA that took that 9 trillion! You have cleared up one of the “known unknown’s”! Damn you’re good! And as we know, A FACT is born. Damn Russians!

    • Aninnymus says

      Another mystery of Whovian proportions – how does so infinite an ego fit in so finite a brain? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please.

  3. Manda says

    ‘You have now entered the twilight zone’. That is how I feel these days about US and western state/government and press/media machinations and rhetoric.

    • notlurking says

      Yes agreed….it’s the only way to explain all of this madness…

      • Labelling something is not a diagnosis or cure – but rather a way to package and normalize a dissonance calling for attention. This reminds me of disk software that maps out bad blocks – ie: just don’t go there! It is also the basis of a fraudulent medical paradigm.
        The matrix mind is wrapped in multiple complex layers of wrappings that all share the intent NOT to know – and in this purpose it works very effectively – while seeming to be busy managing the every more complex and insane symptoms as if realities in themselves.
        But twilight as the crack or cusp between worlds – is a bleedthrough portal for consciousness denied by the mapped out definitions of daylight focus – so observing an increasingly fake and crazy world can only stir the deeper currents of an otherwise discarded or denied consciousness.

        • Manda says

          There is no need to analyse and demean my gut reaction. I am just expressing my emotional response to the parallel world presented to us.

  4. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

    Now to add to this there’s

    Dumb, Dumbing Down and US Intelligence


    Clearly the “can you fit the info on a bumper sticker” communication strategy is still in operation.

  5. Michael Leigh says

    If I did not think this is an evil plot by Government insiders, like the FBI etc, and their malleable political representatives; to defeat Mr Trumps claim to re-organise all the innumerable security agencies and enforce them to desist in their un-lawful activities and be accountable to the USA presidency and the public – I could joint in the merriment of the commentators here and out in the wider world, but I apprehensive that the unacceptable secret services will win, which will be an ever present danger to the world peace and, the North American peoples ?

  6. It’s almost as if these wise and insightful people are using their evidence-free -accusations of Russian “hacking” as a pretext for pushing an imperialist and expansionist agenda, or something.

    On the off chance they are in fact being di foolish, surely the fourth estate will call them on it, their job being speaking truth to power…right? Hello? Hellooo… Hmmm…strange.

  7. bevin says

    Clint was just saying “Gi’sajob.”
    And if that leads to war, well, so be it.

  8. Martin stanley says

    Sometimes it makes me truly wonder how uncle sam land could possibly look more utterly pathetically desperate than in this ‘fake’ endlessly extended fabricated fiasco. How low can they go?!
    Stay tooned folks …

    • Michael Leigh says

      Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the bottom of the depravity of the USA’s political machinations – it will get worse not better and even homicidal, me thinks !

  9. tarqu1no says

    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…

    Thanks for the giggles. The diagram reminds me of a very neat illustration of the Krebs cycle I did for O’ level biology when BBC Micros were a poor substitute for protactors and LOTS OF RED PEN.

  10. Jen says

    Clint Watts’ “analysis” sounds just like what Amnesty International got Forensic Architecture to do for its report on supposed Syrian government human rights atrocities, going into the thousands of cases, at Saydnaya Prison: create a model of what might have happened based on the evidence of about five former prisoners living in Istanbul and then pass the model off as lock-stock-n-smoking-barrel evidence.

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