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Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US Lies at Security Council

by Richard Brandt via Information Clearing House

Russia just called out the West for using the UN to promote regime change — but no one reported it

Twitter was flooded with commentary about Nikki Haley’s call to arms against Russia during the Security Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon. But no one bothered to report what Russia had to say.

Russia’s deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said that the West’s “obsession with regime change is what hinders this Security Council.”

He noted that for Washington and its partners, “everything is guided by regime change” and allegations that Assad used chemical weapons in an attack in Idlib province on Tuesday are based on “falsified reports from the White Helmets”, an organization that has been “discredited long ago”.

He further added that “taking [the White Helmets] at face value is not professional and not serious.”

Safronkov pointed out that “the White Helmets are getting mixed up in their reports. Their versions keep changing. They speak of bombs from helicopters, then from planes”.

Russia’s UN representative observed that in “photos and videos we see the White Helmets acting very unprofessionally. Their behavior is very relaxed in these extreme circumstances. All of this is clearly meant to provoke. All of this has been reflected in the resolution.”

Safronkov then asks the US, UK and France: “Did this event take place? Have you even checked what you wrote?”

Russia’s representative finished by slamming the UK for blaming Russia for the deaths of children in Syria. He said that the UK “does nothing” for Syria except “submit drafts meant to provoke” and “pressure investigations” into reporting politically favorable results.

We can’t find a single mainstream report that focuses solely on Safronkov’s comments.

Apparently the media can’t even identify who Safronkov is.

Here’s how the geniuses at the Interpreter reported this — but misidentifying the person who was actually speaking. What’s the difference? They’re all Russians:

There’s something very wrong when the media won’t even report the other side.


  1. People might take off graun articles more seriously if they didn’t obsessively worship Putin and Russia so blindly. I’m no Russia nor America fan but I stick to the truth and keep things fair. I’m not afraid to criticise my friends nor compliment my enemies. That’s what it takes to be consistent with the truth.

    It’s not about coalescing around a central issue or idea. It’s about finding the best ways forward that benefit everyone. Continuously demonising the Western MSM will only entrench them further their views and justify arguing against what they’ll inevitably see as an extremism opposition. This doesn’t help anybody. We need to be more pragmatic if we actually want positive change.

    • It’s a sign of the times that merely running a few articles suggesting Russia may not have shot down MH17 and may not be a tyrannical empire and may not be run by kleptocrats is seen as ”obsessive worship.”

    • And pointing out that someone has lied is not “demonising” .

      Demonising means to use unfair or untrue allegations to blacken someone’s reputation. If a person lies and has his lies pointed out he is NOT being demonised.


      • Yes, that’s a common use of the term demonise, but there are more subtle ways to demonise, like to turn a blind eye to the flaws in one person while highlighting them in another.

        I’ve yet to see anyone point out one article I can read that shows a balanced view.

        • How do you wanna know from one short article with a precise topic, if someone, more generally “turn a blind eye to the flaws in one person while highlighting them in another.”, do you not see you are absurd? You simply do not have the material base for such a statement.

          And if these guys WERE incapable to face the tzar side of Putin, which you do not know, the fact of showing the truth in the given context, still is worthwhile. Since the mainstream media 100% do what you criticize, namely lie and turn a blind eye, two blind eyes, blindness in itself. So some alternative is helpfull, if we miss the better, people able to face the dark side of all parts.

    • Gordon Thomson says

      yeah let’s just continue lying to ourselves about the facts. The opposition to the MSM should be extreme. They deserve to be demonized. in fact, in my view, they should be prosecuted.

    • Aaron Lowe: First paragraph “it’s about truth”. Second paragraph: “Oh no it isn’t.”

    • Aaron Lowe – You are off topic. Simple as that. There is no demonisation here, and there is not praise for one or the other side. There are fact. Everybody knows that Assad NEVER threw chemical bombs to which population, everybody knows that the white helmets have always played the role of puppets for creating false scenarios, and not real fighters. NOTHING new about that.

      As to the West — as long as you identify the poor West to the propaganda machines which produces mostly lies, when it comes to topics like Syria, for instance: FORGIVE me, this is entanglement in decadence, the West still has much better sides to itself. So stop these simplifications, please.

    • aaronmicalowe says

      9/11 was a covert military operation by the Bush Administration against American civilians as a precursor to invade countries in Middle East.

  2. John says

    Poor Henry – you have been well and truly mind-washed, haven’t you?
    Try reading:
    If you want to be an apologist for Daish terrorists that is your affair but please keep your illusions to yourself.
    I have run the MIT Professor article by a friend of mine who is a senior retired army officer, whose conclusion is ‘Not surprised by his findings.’
    I think I will sooner accept his expert judgment than all your irrational ravings.
    Now go and lie down in a darkened room.

    • Dear John, that’s a very constrained response to what is best described as a deranged and embittered attack from le pauvre Henri. Well done you.

      • John says

        “Sticks and stones,etc”…….
        Why should I attach any significance to the ravings of a mad man?
        I’ve been called a lot worse than he has managed to muster!
        I just laugh these idiots off.
        What can they possibly say or write that is worth listening to or reading?
        I haven’t learned anything worth learning from him.
        It seems he is just incapable of learning anything at all.

  3. Henry – please do not operate any machinery including keyboards, knives and forks and only use plastic spoons. You’ll hurt yourself. You really ought to stick to smacking your lips around your dummy and throwing your dollies out of your pram. Leave intelligent discourse to the grow ups and people who have a developed brain. I don’t like making fun of the mentally challenged, but I may well make an exception for you. Now if Tourettes is your problem, I can fully sympathise with your little hissy fit. Take your meds and have a lie down and who knows? Perhaps the “brain fairy” will pay you a visit tonight. Alternatively, you could just let your supervisor know how badly you have cocked up. When the opposition in any argument is reduced to crude insults and foul mouthed expletives, they’ve already lost the argument – thank you for confirming this. TROLLS are not usually welcome, but you have been so entertaining with your repertoire of rather colourful if somewhat repetitive invective and vituperation. You do realize that as a TROLL, you are supposed to negate the argument of the opposition and encourage people to heed your comments, not send them running in the opposite direction to the other side, rather than be associated with those offering argument but perceived as total ingrates?
    Just thought you might benefit from a word in your shell.

  4. @Jack scht – which of the many Russophobic, anti Putin, anti democratic, pro terrorist, Islamaphobic and criminal imperialist NGO’s are funding you’re bigoted TROLLING?

    • Henry Graham says

      mohandeer , its ‘your’, not ‘you’re’. [edited for content-free ad hom – Admin ].

      • MY, my Henry, your command of the English language, though obviously extremely limited, leaves no room for nuance. Now find a bottle of bleach and rinse your utterly foul mouth out.
        If you ever find wherever it was you left your diminutive intellect, please bring it with you when you next post so we don’t all wonder if a witless Neanderthal has learned to press buttons on a keyboard, there’s a good chap.

  5. “….Genocide in Syria, recolonisation of Eastern Europe, annexation of Crimea, genocide in Chechnaya, occupation of Georgia and lets never forget the 1 000 000 dead in their occupation of Afghanistan….” and that’s just US/NATO criminal activities(along with the nazi Ukrainians and terrorist Chechens and War Criminal Sakashvilli.

  6. John says

    And all the result of clinically insane religious terrorists, mass murderers, mass-rapists, mass head-choppers – all set up and maintained with the complicity of the US, Saud and Qatar gangsters, as well as equally unscrupulous regimes in the UK, Israel, Jordan and – especially – Turkey.
    Syria has come under massive and sustained aggression to serve the interests of a largely Western and Gulf elite.
    Don’t blame Al-Assad and the Syrian people for this situation.
    The mind-sickness began with Wahhabism and Takfiri Salafism long long before it reached Syria.
    Trump has started the cycle all over again by dropping massive bombs in Afghanistan.
    He’ll invade Libya next – where enslaved black African refugees are now openly sold in new IS slave markets.
    You can side with the terrorists and help to move the world backwards in time.
    I will support the forces of freedom and enlightenment, myself.

  7. wale says

    You see that guy you call your president,already ave money,he becomes president of power sio that he cause chaos around the world…..killing without thinking

  8. I heard the gas attack came at 6am but Assad’s planes didn’t fly over until 11am.

    • Off ihhgy says

      You “heard”??? From whom – your grandma? And I assume she also told you of the exact flight schedule of Assads planes?!? Idiot!

      • On April 7, between 3.42am and 3.56am, a massive rocket attack was carried out from an area near Crete Island in the Mediterranean Sea. Two destroyers of the US Navy (USS Ross and USS Porter) launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian Al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province.
        According to various mass media, only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase.
        The strike on the Al-Shayrat airbase in Syria’s Homs Province destroyed a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six Mig-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station.
        The runway, taxiways and the Syrian aircraft remain undamaged.
        According to the command of the Syrian airbase, two Syrian military personnel were missing, four were killed and six were burned in the fire fighting.The remaining 36 cruise missiles hit the surrounding peaceful settlements.
        As a result five civilians including three children were killed in the village of Al-Shayrat located 1.5 km east of the airbase.
        Seven citizens were wounded in Al-Manzul (1 km north of the airfield).
        Four people including one child were killed in Al-Hamrat (4.5 km south-east of the airfield).
        They did manage to blow up a civilians turnips in his garden.

    • mama says

      What gas attack….. do people really eat up this news..

  9. No matter who you put up there, nothing can stop the U.S. cravings for War. America love violence, they are addicted to it.

    • Joseph L. Messaros says

      Not exactly true. However in the current example I have to wear shame on behalf of the actions you obviously take as American value. We do not stand united in such disgrace.

    • Marcus says

      Sadly the American government has whored itself to the bankers and the military industrial complex.
      In exchange for ever increasing credit from the bankers, the US engages and many times creates wars on the planet.

      • Kendric says

        World bank controls the US. We fight wars on their behalf. They wanted Gaddafi and Saddam gone so ww invented a reason to go to war. Now it’s Assad they want gone. Russia is the only thing in their way

    • Donald says

      I am an american and i dread the idea of us getting nosey in other country’s business period. And i sure as hell do not want or condone war to solve problems. Where do you get your opinion of americans as a whole? Most of the people i know do not want us involved in this stuff either. We arent all warmongers like the asshole in the white house right now.

      • iTiC says

        Glad to hear, and were right there with you mate. So surprised to see whats going on in the world. Hang in there. Or better yet, sea change all the sain Americans could find a more like minded place to be.

      • Thn it’s time to stop all this bullshit about supporting the troops cause they are murdering innocent people in these countries…..unless Americans decide as a nation to stand against their industrial war machine ,they are culpable for these crimes and will pay a severe price for it.This idea of going from one Muslim nation and murdering millions in the name democracy ,freedom and a stand against tyrannical rullers who haven’t threatened anyone is garbage …it has to stop and Americans better get off their couch potato asses and fight to stop the coming world war…

      • Unfortunately Donald, the US appears to be run by warmongers, elected and unelected. If most people don’t want war, where are the anti-war demonstrations? This did not start with Trump, too many presidents since Kennedy (perhaps afraid of meeting the same end) have rubber stamped the perpetual war policy of the MIC and IC. Read up on Operation Northwoods and Mockingbird. Seems we have seen them in operation in recent decades.

    • “Americans” do not love violence. This sort of bullshit logic is exactly what keeps all of the world’s strife and mayhem.

      Love of violence is held by some small amount of people in America, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the Middle East, China, etc., I don’t think I NEED to go on, do I?

      Labeling ALL PEOPLE in one area anywhere as loving violence is the garbage talk that keeps wars and conflicts alive. Let us please stop being so unintelligent, and sloppy, with our words.

      • It is understandable that the rest of the world sees Americans as violent. Look at out military aggression, look at out films, our media, our video games, our sport… We are a culture of imperialism.

          • John says

            As well as Obama handing over huge amounts of military hardware to the police, large numbers of police chiefs have been flown out to Israel to observe just how the zionists control the Palestinians.
            That is why Black Lives Matter campaigners in Henderson showed common cause with the Palestinians.
            They recognised they shared a common enemy with the Palestinians, who are also being eliminated.
            As Jeff Halper in his recent book “War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification” has shown, Israel has turned into a key supplier of population pacification control techniques, fashioned through decades of oppression of the Palestinian people. Real weapons systems have been “battle” tested in Gaza.
            What is being developed in Israel and America is the new war against the people of the world, particularly the pacification of the slum dwellers and all the surplus labour that is no longer required in a capitalist world in which production is increasingly being switched from human labour to robots and artificial intelligence.
            What the capitalists have failed to grasp – however – is that robots cannot also be consumers too!
            Can they? That is something to think about!

        • AGAIN, “the people” do not love violence.

          WALL STREET loves violence, the small segment of the pupulation that invest that are in the entrenched power elite – both Democrat and Republican. No lies now.

          That the SOROS owned MSM, Hollywood, et al make violent content is NOT a reflection on “the people”. Many of the films nowadays do very poorly both in theater releases and video sales.

          Sports is also doing poorly in the U.S. when you view ticket sales. On the other hand, other countries sports are much more highly attended and much more rampantly violent.

          AGAIN stop telling lies and using smoke an mirrors to obfuscate the truth. It’s demeaning and denigrating to all people. Or, is this last your sole intention?

    • American people says

      You need to be more specific. Your statement is a gross mass of ignorance, pooling all Americans together. The vast majority of us are sick and tired of or government meddling in the affairs of other countries. We are vocal about trying to get the message out around the country. But much like every place else in the world, the media reports and censors whatever they are instructed to

    • You cannot tar every American with the same brush. Why do you think so many voted for Trump – because he led them to believe that he wanted to curb US war mongering. Your statement does not stand up to scrutiny. That’s rather like saying that every Brit wants war, which is an insult to the 62% of Brits polled who said no to Blair’s intention to bomb Iraq. Likewise, many Americans have been very vocal in their opposition to Washington’s aggression. Try to be a bit more selective in your recriminations. For instance, I do not believe that all Muslims are terrorists, do you?

    • It is Zionists who have infiltrated control of the U.S. govt. to use the military to clear out all Islamic opposition to their agenda of taking total control of the land of Israel. They also own and control media and central banking. It is no longer a constitutional Republic of the United States of America. It is the United States of America, Inc., owned and operated by Khazarian Ashkenazi Zionists.

  10. IMRAN SYED says

    I am writing to the ki d heatted President Trump to take action in Burma as well where Rohingya Muslims are being tortured and are refused a life of human being.
    I also want his attention to Dalits, Muslims & Christians tortured in India a d not forgetting Muslims in Kashmir who are killed everyday in hundreds by Indian occupying forces.
    I hope the president who is a kid hearted and feels pain about poor & helpless will take action as he has taken action in Syria.

    • Elisha Helpard says

      Kind hearted??? Are you demented??? This man is a monster and making a mochery of all states!!! He feels he has the power of the world. This so called kind person… Needs to be stopped before he kills us all. The man hates anyone who isn’t white he is racist and has an ulterior motive you all will see!!!…….

      • Cory spletter says

        You are ignorant at the very basic level of human understanding and interaction. I may not support him but I will never lower myself to slander someone and accuse them of vile things like you have without any proof. How is he racist what proof do you offer. You and people like you are the reason we lost the election. Oh if you don’t agree with us you’re racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic like get a grip. People have different views and our party constantly attacking them and not the ideas the believe especially when a lot of them are middle of the road voters you cause those People to grow tired of the insults and tired of the Democrat party. Fix yourself, submit facts and understanding, speak with people instead of name calling, and maybe just maybe you can not on Pl y fine common ground but show them through facts and constructive conversation that your views are right. That’s how you gain support not baseless attacks that have become so common from democrats recently. Even worse if it doesn’t change we will not win the next election either

        • Dena says

          If the crap we’ve seen from him in the first 11 weeks is not enough evidence for you, there will never be enough to convince you.

        • Marissa says

          You wouldnt slander someone without viable proof? That’s ironic considering the man you are standing up for just bombed Syria without an investigation and absolutely no proof that Assad attacked his own people. Slander without proof…boo! Kill without proof… Yay! So I can understand your defense but I don’t think you yourself understand it haha

        • Doreen Azcona says

          A great piece of advice…most are middle of the road voters…and yes be factual and give statistics to gain their trust or persuade others.

        • Tristan Patterson says

          Fucken idiot! Asking for proof? Did he ask for proof before attacking a sovereign nation?

      • Matthew Lange says

        You’re*… When calling someone a fucking idiot you should avoid looking like an ignorant fucking idiot.

      • Bob Biermann says

        I am sick of the fake racist accusation thrown around by blithering lunatics. You come off like monkeys throwing their feces at what they don’t understand.

      • bastage says

        hey snowflake if he is so racist would he let Jennifer Hudson stay at the towers for free the night her family was killed? would he have opened doors for minorities in Florida? get ur accusations right dimwit fan of delusion and a failed era

      • Elisha Helpard, Ah, so you’re a liberal, eh? Tell me, where do they train you folks to talk in such a low-class way? We can all see that there is a deliberate move from inside the liberal party to end liberalism, they teach you all so well to be agents of a “change” that you cannot even see happening.

        You are the Public Relations “agents” they send out that convinces so many to change sides of the aisle, or at least move to the center, because being affiliated with you would be the same as deciding to inhabit the effluvium at the bottom of someone’s shoe.

      • Fact checker says

        You’re as ignorant as your statement! I am no fan of Trump. But the idiotic rhetoric you spout, is the same sh*t spewing out of the mouths of left wing reporters thru the election. And anyone asked how they knew this was true, had the same idiotic response…”i saw on the news”… moron!

    • Emman Baloch says

      I hope the kind hearted president takes action against Pakistan too. This country supports all sorts of terrorists in Afghanistan. It supports Taliban and Haqqani network which kills American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. This country also sends terrorists into Kashmir to constantly destabilise the region. Pakistan has occupied Balochistan where it bombs our people to death. Please save us Baloch people from Pakistani occupying forces. These occupiers are stealing our minerals from our mineral rich land of Balochistan by colonising us. I would also like to bring his attention to the plight of Ahmadis, Shias, Sufis, Christians and Hindus who are suffering human right violations in Pakistan.

      • Proud Baloch,proud pakistani says

        An endian in disguise….

    • Raza says

      Don’t be a fool of asking this man whose only aim is for grater Israel

      • Joseph L. Messaros says

        And anyone who knows the value of the story of Israel knows the difference between a carnal, political Israel (of force) and the value of. Or just to say in plain terms not all in Israel are Israel. Unfortunately the disgrace of the name, by those claiming it today, is profound. But I am grateful to your observation as it is most imperative.

    • Edward Astor says

      Don’t forget the kids in Flint, Michigan who are being poisoned by the water supplied by their own government.

    • Imran Syed. “I hope the president who is a kid hearted and feels pain about poor & helpless will take action as he has taken action in Syria.”
      You do realize that so far the only action Trump has taken in Syria, to date, is to kill a bunch of Syrian civilians and the soldiers who protect them against ISIS, don’t you?
      Does the plight of the Kashmir Muslims or the Dalits, Muslims and Christians in India, being killed, bring any kind of geopolitical, militarily strategic or exploitable resource “reward”. If the answer is no, then don’t expect any kindness from Washington – it doesn’t do “kind”, only regime change and exploitation to serve it’s own interests. If killing Christians was ever an imperative for intervention, Israel would by now, be a non entity, the Chaldean Christians along the Mosel border – killed by ex Mossad and Israeli Kurds – would still be alive and ISIS, who were crucifying Christians in Syria, would have been targeted(but they weren’t – Washington was funding them). Sadly, the supposedly non-existent “Deep State” which holds the real power in the US, has finally served Trump notice. “Do what we tell you or we will continue to aid those seeking your removal from office, behave and we will put an end to it, now bomb the shit out of Syria and jump to it.” He jumped.
      Some of us were prepared to reserve judgement on Trump as an alternative to Killary Clinton, but now the jury is in for us and the verdict is a resounding guilty as charged.
      Regime change and bombings on the grounds of “humanitarian intervention” or “democratization” are only ever countenanced when the aim is to serve the geopolitical triumvirate’s(John McCain, Ashton Carter and the POTUS)drive to prevent any other spheres of interest from succeeding. Your hopes of ending the suffering of the people you voice concerns over will not be realized until their plight offers a perceivable advantage to the anti Russian/Chinese colonialist power and resource grab. As long as Modi plays ball with Washington and makes himself richer at the expense of his already poor masses, expect no help from the Atlanticists or murderous ME monarchies.
      I do hope this explanation of the current state of affairs regarding the many US/NATO instigated wars of aggression brings you closer to an understanding of the corporate design and their agenda.

        • You know me Norman, I do like to waffle on and there was always the chance that he was not some lame troll(who should be exterminated)trying it on. Gave him the benefit of the doubt.

          • No, I don’t think he or she is a troll. Just someone a bit naive about the ways of the world. (I’m always impressed by your grasp on detail, though. Wish I had your powers of ‘recollection.’ Razor sharp.)

  11. Ricky McLaughlin says

    I don’t understand how anyone posting on here knows what happened. As to msm, we know they lie. But what about never before heard of news outlets like off-guardian.orh reporting this and expecting everyone to believe them. I think I shall wait and see before I make any judgments until someone, somewhere a bit more reliable reports on this.

    • Dear Ricky,

      You write:

      ” . . .what about never before heard of news outlets like off-guardian.orh reporting this and expecting everyone to believe them.”

      I’m a bit confused. Can you help me out. What is the “this” being reported by “OffG” and that it “expects” everyone to believe?

    • Ricky McLaughlin – “I don’t understand how anyone posting on here knows what happened. As to msm, we know they lie. But what about never before heard of news outlets like off-guardian.orh reporting this and expecting everyone to believe them. I think I shall wait and see before I make any judgments until someone, somewhere a bit more reliable reports on this.”

      Unfortunately the “reliable” you speak of will not report on this. However, the many journalist and witnesses to these incidents have been reporting it – through the alternative social sites. I am assuming, of course, that is why you visit alternative media, (to learn of that which will not be reported by MSM?), of course I could be mistaken, in which case, perhaps you would be so kind as to suggest where people might look for “more reliable reports on this”?
      For Instance:
      “On April 7, between 3.42am and 3.56am, a massive rocket attack was carried out from an area near Crete Island in the Mediterranean Sea. Two destroyers of the US Navy (USS Ross and USS Porter) launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian Al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province.
      According to various mass media, only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase.
      The strike on the Al-Shayrat airbase in Syria’s Homs Province destroyed a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six Mig-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station.
      The runway, taxiways and the Syrian aircraft remain undamaged.
      According to the command of the Syrian airbase, two Syrian military personnel were missing, four were killed and six were burned in the fire fighting.The remaining 36 cruise missiles hit the surrounding peaceful settlements.
      As a result five civilians including three children were killed in the village of Al-Shayrat located 1.5 km east of the airbase.
      Seven citizens were wounded in Al-Manzul (1 km north of the airfield).
      Four people including one child were killed in Al-Hamrat (4.5 km south-east of the airfield).”

      They did manage to blow up a civilian’s turnips in his garden. These are reports from the on the ground people and sitreps issued by journalists who witnessed the bombings. Do they constitute “reliable reports”?

    • Jen says

      Dear Ricky,

      You cannot wait for anyone “more reliable” to come along and report on the issue of the recent CW attacks in Idlib, or indeed on most incidents that occur – that is a lie that the MSM would like you to believe, that there is such a creature as “news” free of bias and prejudice.

      Off-Guardian does not expect you to believe everything it posts, else it would not open comments forums where everyone can discuss the articles and the veracity of the points raised. It would be no better than The Guardian itself where you might have just come from as most of us here have done.

      Most of us who comment here rely on some combination of alternative news / news analysis outlets and blogs like Off-Guardian. You need to investigate for yourself which outlets provide the most accurate news and which at the same time challenge your own views and prejudices. By coming here, you have taken a first baby step (for which I congratulate you) but at the same time you need to divest yourself of the notion that you can wait for more “objective” news reporting because that will never come.

      • John says

        Jen: I normally agree with what you write but I caution everyone to refrain from making any rush to judgement.
        I think the news media – eventually – will reveal that this so-called “attack” was completely false.
        The terrorists, I believe, staged it to evoke just the kind of response that came from Trump.
        He – however – cannot focus on more than one thing at a time so is now turning to Afghanistan and Korea.
        The Daesh “success” has proved highly short-lived and I doubt Trump will fall for the same ruse again.
        See – and then let everyone decide.
        A fried of mine who is a retired senior army officer has accepted the MIT Professor’s account.
        Shouldn’t we all?

  12. I’ve been reading all these comments and opinions regarding the “chemical” weapons attach in Syria. Not one person here seems to know anything about chemical weapons. You all really think you can just store GB in a container, load it on a plane or chopper and drop it causing mass death…oh please…look up “Binary weapons” to understand how these weapons are handled so you don’t kill yourself nor your aircraft crews. Also the theory about hitting a storage facility that released GB…yea…it just wafts up in the air and floats for miles…suuuure. a liquid just suddenly in the explosion turns into a disbursed weapon and the heat from the explosion had no effect on the GB? What ignorance! Lastly, learn from history, what nation that is involved in all this that has a proven history of using chemical weapons? Russia. (see Soviet Union Afghanistan invasion)

    • what nation that is involved in all this that has a proven history of using chemical weapons?

      Well, the first nation to use chemical weapons in war was the French, in 1915, wasn’t it? Followed by the British the same year and then the Germans. The Americans used Agent Orange in Vietnam and depleted uranium and phosphorous in the ME. So, it seems a little deceptive to claim the Russians are the only ones with form here.

      Can you remind us what chemical agents were used in Afghanistan (which, by the way was not by any stretch an “invasion”, as the Afghan government asked the SU for aid in its struggle against the US-backed Taliban).

      • historyisathing says

        The Romans were the first to use chemical weapons on sapper tunnels.

      • Unfortunately for your version, the Us did not start backing the Taliban until the mid 90s and due to public backlash by the American people over the rights of women. The us only backed them until 98-2000. Well after the Soviet Union fell. I am unsure as to other facts you have state so due to my ignorance on thise issues i will believe it. However, chemical weapons have been and continue to be used but most countries do not use nerve agents as they cause a very horrid and painful death with severe collateral damage. Although i don’t agree with the use of chemical agents. The phrase hi pot, this is kettle. You’re black too homes to mind. Every player in this altercation is guilty of using some form of unethical warfare and it needs to stop

        • John says

          The US entered the conflict in Afghanistan ‘due to public backlash by the American people over the rights of women’ did they?
          The situation with regard to women’s rights in Afghanistan today is infinitely worse than it was when the Najibullah brothers ruled Afghanistan.
          Is this yet another American “triumph”?
          With “triumphs” like these, what need do the Americans have for real disasters?
          Afghanistan is where America’s disastrous foreign policy began; then on to Iraq, Libya and now Syria. When – if ever – will they ever learn to stop meddling in situations they patently fail to understand and invariably mess-up?

          • kaleem says

            They are not interested in human welfare or women rights they are interested in looting the gold reserves, the dollars in banks and the treasures. Rest all is drama.

        • Of course, apologies, it was the Mujahideen, not the Taliban the US were backing to undermine the Afghan govt in 1979. Here is Brzezinski cheering them on to murder and maim, just as McCain etc now cheer on al Qaeda and al Nusra (nothing changes):

      • Bill says

        Agent orange was used to kill the foliage in order to find the enemy, depleted uranium tipped rounds is not a form of chemical attack and it’s strange that people are saying that they are being affected by those rounds, when no one in the US armed forces that have been exposed to them have developed any problems that we know of. As for white phosphorus, that burns at a high heat, like using napalm, not a chemical attack either.

        • Bill. “, depleted uranium tipped rounds is not a form of chemical attack “. You’re right of course. Uranium tipped rounds would be an incident of radiation “poisoning”. Presumably you draw a distinction between “chemical” and “radiation” poisoning. Mind very much if some of us don’t quite see the distinction?
          Unfortunately cases of a massive uptick in cancer especially among children, have been recorded where these rounds have been left among debris (the children play among that debris-as any half wit might expect). What is appalling is that they should ever have been used in the first place. What kind of mind conceives a plan to poison a target just in case the damage of the rounds used is not severe enough? Sorry mate, but that is just sick in the head.

    • USA has the world’s top record of using chemical weapons openlly starting with its first use of napalm in the 1940s in the Dulles brothers inspired Greek civil war, in Korea, in Vietnam to name a few…. up to the present in Yugoslvia, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq. And by proxy in Iran, Syria, Yemen. This is just a quickie tour of the facts dear Sam Sabet.

      • I neglected to include the development and dissemination of various viruses such as Ebola and AIDS from their chemical factories in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    • What is at issue, Sam Sabet-the-chemical-weapons-expert-who-knows-the-Russians-and-Syrians-did-it, is that the theory about being able to know exactly what happened without a thoroughgoing investigation by qualified forensic investigators is absurd, eh.

      What we do know is that the White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are being relied upon as sources, and these sources have time and again been exposed as outright propaganda tools.

      So until their version of what happened is independently corroborated by some disinterested third parties, the claim that there was a “chemical attack” is dubious at best, let alone that it was the Syrians or the Russians or even the White Helmets themselves in collaboration with their Al-quaeda affiliates “that did it.”

      Lastly, do learn from history, indeed, if only a short list limiting itself to deeds committed in the years after WWII: US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II and A Brief History of U.S. Interventions: 1945 to the Present

      The US, by the way, is as much a party to this slaughter as are Syria and Russia. Or hadn’t you noticed?

    • Forgotten Agent Orange have we? There are plenty survivors of US CW who would probably like a word about your selective memory. Mind you, there are hundreds of thousands who will not be able to discuss your post, unless you can get a direct line to the dead.

    • Pat Sheerin says

      In answer to your question I would say the US. Vietnam – Agent Orange – and Fallujah – white phosphorous.

    • “….a liquid just suddenly in the explosion turns into a disbursed weapon and the heat from the explosion had no effect on the GB?….”
      An explosive force, is called that precisely because it explodes, the energy released precedes any fireball.

      Good God man, any LPG cylinder filled with a liquid CW, not engulfed by flames, but ejected by the concussive force of the blast, would likely suffer damage and would instantly leak it’s contents. As for Sarin gas, it has been instilled or decanted on numerous occasions by the black clad ISIS and physically thrown by black clad figures from the sides of helicopters wearing no protective gear(this has been witnessed by many Syrians and reported – just not in the MSM). There is also photographic evidence of them doing just that. Even I could fill a LPG container with the right apparatus/separation chamber and store it for later use, whereupon it would be safe(if rather fatal should it be cracked or the valve be damaged while handling it). The trick is to make sure the valve attachments are not cross threaded and only filled whilst wearing protective suits and a knowledge of the shelf life of the contents is known and understood. You really do need to do more research as in an “Idiots guide to making home made bombs” available on the internet. Alternatively get up to speed with a series called DEXTER(I have never seen it, but it is available apparently through SKY: “In the 10th and 11th episodes of the 6th season of TV-series Dexter are shown preparation and application of binary weapon consisting of two containers filled with DF and isopropyl alcohol. When mixed, the two substances form sarin.” If you knew anything about Binary Weapons, you should surely have known this, I did and I am certainly not a Chemical Warfare Expert, nor do I need to be.
      The good news is, that at least on one occasion, the ISIS terrorists screwed up during one such preparation and killed themselves and their cohorts with them. It also meant that the other weapons had to be abandoned while they evacuated calmly, running around like headless chickens, crapping their pants and generally behaving in a professional manner such as you might see in a kindergarten playground. The cache was discovered eventually in a dug out underground facility and the contents disposed of under the forced supervision of International Inspectors.
      Oh, BTW, Sarin in it’s unbound form(not the DIDi mix), has a shelf life of 24hrs to two weeks depending on how it is absorbed, only those who know which agents have been added would know the contaminant level they wished to achieve.
      Perhaps this is helpful?

        • Norman, now you are just being a flirt, but I like it. On another matter, I can’t find the sitrep account of the SAAF on the day of the Khan Sheikhoun attack. I know I read it, possibly from Col. Cassad, or Syrper, but I just cannot remember where I read it. Any knowledge your end? It’s irritating the heck out of me. The Syrian Free Press used to do a daily update of events taking place in Syria – just can’t find it. So much for my “recollection” just spoiled my creds entirely.

          • As soon as I get a minute, I’ll see what I can do. Right now I have some vacuuming to get to and the dogs have been nagging me all morning about going out for a walk. And then I absolutely have to do the change-over from winter to summer tires for both cars in our driveway. So . . . it will have to be later. My apologies.

        • I meant only that the idiot posting was showing a remarkable lack of knowledge in his posit regarding the preparation, handling and storage of CW. I wasn’t advocating he get clued up on the subject with the intention of applying aforesaid knowledge to practice in his garden shed!
          Oh dear, I do hope he doesn’t take the advice as to meaning he should acquaint himself personally by experimenting. Wouldn’t want to be a neighbour of his. You’ll be pleased to know, my knowledge is for knowledge sake. I think I’ll shut up now, ‘cos the hole I’m digging is just getting deeper – Australia here I come!

          • Well, if you are awakened by a knock on your door at 3h00 a.m. sometime later this week, you will know exactly why.

            But with Australia being one of The Five Eyes, maybe not your best choice.

            Might I suggest Venezuela or Cuba? The climate, I hear, is just as fair, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking the language of Eduardo Galeano, that is, if you don’t already.

            As for having possibly compromised the safety of Sam’s neighbours, by the sounds of him, I don’t think there’s too much for you to worry about.

            Now put your head down and rest, my darling, and maybe dream a little about life in the tropics.

            • Dear Norman, the tropics would be low on the list as would Australia, New Zealand has no appeal right now, because it’s too hot outside and I’m stuck indoors. At approx. 53 degrees North, where I live is just not far enough North for me right now, although Scotland has it’s appeal and I could hide out, off grid, just yonside of Hadrians wall in a remote croft and the “eyes” would struggle to find me. Until then, I just won’t answer the door and Gracie & I will hide in the wardrobes, if they don’t take “no answer” to mean no-one is home. At At 3 am, I’m probably not sure in my semi comatose state, that “the lights are on but nobody’s home”, doesn’t best describes me anyway, so I very well could just fool them.
              Besides which, I can’t be the only one who knows basic physics theory and I don’t subscribe to “idiots guide to manufacturing CW’s”.
              BTW, that hole I was digging myself deeper in was due South so was going to fetch me up in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean, a long way South of Tenerife(about 4 hours due south of the UK), I’d have to do a lot of swimming to reach Australia. I can’t even get that much right in my calculations. Oh well, back to the drawing board. No, no, not THAT drawing board, I mean the other one, the one that hasn’t got , erm……
              think I’ll make the dogs their suppers now.
              🙂 S

          • I guess all my years as an Air Force weapons troop doesn’t equate to the knowledge all of you have regarding chemical weapons. But hey…you say your the expert…personally I think your all ex and just a little bit of spurt. Oh, please call me an idiot to my face, please…I’m not hiding behind a screen name like you???

            • Sam Sabet.
              Sarcasm noted. Sorry. Did we usurp your superior position on this matter(as an American Weapons Trooper)when all we did was listen and learn from several ex US CW and explosives military experts?
              Were you an ex-spurt all those years in the military(seeing as how you know so much more than those who design and test such weaponry)?
              Which field of expertise with regards CW and explosives, did you contribute to, you forgot to mention that particular qualification?
              Many thanks for your substantive comment.
              Susan O’Neill
              (That’s Mohandeer for ex spurts like yourself)

  13. Obsessing over who was behind the gas attack is pointless. Why? Because, like it or not, there is no conclusive evidence that one side or another is responsible. And regardless of who is to blame and how exactly the attack happened, nothing justifies the US attacking Syria. Escalating the war on behalf of the the militants, foreign and domestic, trying to overthrow Assad and install a theocracy or apartheid regime is an act of inperial aggression and hypocrisy.

    The left would do better to focus on what it can change rather than getting caught up “proving” (from the comfort of western living rooms) things that can’t easily be proven. This is a passive act. And plays into the hands of the powers that be who like to see their opponents waste time and reasources.

    Will the truth come to light? Perhaps, as it did with the Iraqi baby story, Gulf of Tonkin fabrication and Saddam’s ‘WMD’. To adjust my position….people and groups who have the necessary resources for investigating these very convenient “pivotal” events and ascertaining what happened ought to, and are, looking into events. Investigations, however, take time.

    On the internet it is easy to fool obeself into believing passively arguing about stuff is more than what it is. While many people spend time arguing and debating events and politics online…how many actually do some something to effect change in the physical world? Ultimately, it’s not about winning an argument or being always right (and lording it over your opponents) but about translating words into action.

    • What are YOU doing synapticshrapnel? Your good example could inspire others.

    • Dispelling the brainwashing which holds us in mental and moral servitude to the designs of the ruling establishment is a “real world event.”

      You can’t get people to “act” unless they “see” and “understand” why they need to act. Don’t underestimate the effect that arguing on the internet may be having in terms of subverting the ideological hegemony of the warmongers.

      If a forensic investigation takes time, as you put it, how much more time must it take to change the outlook of an entire culture? Because words do in fact carry meanings, they have real world effects.

      Do not stop commenting and arguing, either on the internet or among your friends. Talking and arguing is the only way the light has ever gotten in.

    • Peter Naughton says

      SYNAPTICSHRAPNEL. Really interesting comment. One of the most frustrating and distressing things for me is my inability to take any action whatsoever that may effect change, other than debating, lobbying MP’s and spreading the word. What might you suggest would be something that can be done by an ordinary person to effect change?

  14. michaelk says

    The essence of modern propaganda is how it attempts to bypass the brains critical functions and aims straight for the heartstrings, the idea being that one first captures the heart and the brain will follow. We live in emotional times were journalists deliberately try to touch people’s hearts and their feelings on a whole range of issues. This is the core of our modern culture and it’s not just crass, it’s also incredibly dangerous because it makes going to war so much easier when the state wishes to mobilize the population, groom them for war and at the same time neutralize the faintest sign of opposition. Images, photos and videos are being turned into iconic symbols in much the same way that the walls and ceilings of churches were once covered in images of heaven and hell, saints and demons… cartoons, explained by the priests to an illiterate peasantry. Today we seem to be moving backwards to that type of world once more. A world where powerful images of dead children and little Bana’s innocent, and therefore true, words replace examination, reflection and scrutiny. These are the same methods used in adevertizing to sell worthless produc ts we don’t even need. We aren’t encouraged to think, merely swallow and consume… thoughtlessly. Politics is now all about selling emotions too and the manipulation of public opinion by skilled salesmen selling wars like they sell the latest wonder cream to remove the lines on an aging face.

    • Kyle B says

      Thank you, Michael. 100% agree. I appreciate you taking the time to write this to help wake up humanity before its too late. (I borrowed these words for a FB post) Best wishes to you, Sir.

        • Brett Simcock says

          I am about to do the same, Mawr… Very well written, michaelk…

          • michaelk says

            Well, thanks… ‘guys.’ The problem with attempting to speak the truth these days, is how lonely one feels doing it. Thanks.

    • Brutally Remastered says

      And at the risk of seeming trite and tedious; let us not forget the tribal affiliations of those that started this very effective advertising/propaganda…

    • RichardS1963 says

      Not all of us make decisions based upon emotion. In fact some of us recognize the inherent danger in doing so. We are generally on the right side of the political spectrum as the left tends to employ those tactics. Emotion based arguments are presented when factual ones fail. There can be no justification for ignoring logic without first invoking the all powerful emotional outrage that pictures like those coming from Syria are sure to raise. This allows one to act without asking logical questions like are these pictures even from Syria? The American government lies to its people all the time. The declassified signals traffic showed the Tonkin Bay incident which justified the troop build up in Vietnam was a hoax. The Warren report claims Oswald acted alone. But in the interest of national security no one can read it for 75 years. Anyone who believes the official 9/11 report is out to lunch. I don’t know what happened but I know that report doesn’t explain it. So when the call to war is issued it is time to ignore all the emotional bullshit. It requires a compelling national interest and clearly defined and obtainable military objectives. Without those things in place there is no reason to participate in any way.

  15. Brian Burgess says

    The question in my mind is what investigation has been carried out to determine what actually happened in relation to this chemical attack? Usually in thr case of anyballeged offence there is an investigation to idebtify the perpettators before declaring guilt. In this case the MSM are simply reporting that Assad’s forces are responsible with no investigation. And the fact is the MSM have tot it wrong before. During the Iran Iraq war it was teported by all the MSM that Iran was responsible for the chemical weapons atracks on the kurds. Ironically these were the same chemical attacks on the Kurds that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was more recently found guilty of and was ine of the charges that led to Gussein’s execution. Iran had said all along that Iraq was responsible for those chemical weapons attacks but the Western powers preferred at the time to believe that Iran was tesponsible because at thatctime the Iranians were viewed as the “bad guys” and the West was at that time backing Iraq. I don’t know which side was responsible for this horrific attack but all Inam saying is it is unwise to leap to judgement without any investigation because things are nkt always how they seem.

  16. rtj1211 says

    The real problem the West mow has is that they are now the Little Boy who cried wolf…..

  17. These terrible events have occurred before and both Syrian President Assad and Russia were blamed by the MSM. They proved to be mistaken so why should we believe the MSM, or the Western governments now?

    • Matthew Lange says

      Believe in People not ANY government, until we all decide enough is enough nothing will ever change and the world will continue in it’s downward spiral. Odds are fair we’ll never stop it but humanity as a whole seems to be waking up, so possibly there is a chance we don’t blow our planet up and 3/4s of the world population doesn’t die.

    • summitflyer says

      Yes Archie ,most of us that see through the smokescreen know what is true , and that is that there should not have been any missiles fired into Syria until a proper investigation was carried out.What just happened is vigilante so called justice by the US . This would not be tolerated if it happened in your neighborhood and should not be much less on the international scene .
      The main problem as I see it is the level of idiocy among a large number of the population , especially in the West , to think critically , about what just happened .The MSM rules the narrative and people are too dumb , generally, to see through it. The masses have been successfully dumbed down. Now , how to wake them up ?

    • Tom Warwick,
      The last sentence of this article states rightly: “There’s something very wrong when the media won’t even report the other side.” Unfortunately, that includes Democracy Now when it comes to Syria, telling in that the extent of analysis by the “renowned” Chomsky amounts to 3-minutes, with no mention at all about the paid killer terrorists who’ve been on a rampage of death and destruction for over 6 years.

      Chomsky and Goodman leave the terrorist factor completely out of their analyses… They certainly let the terrorist mercenaries off the hook, and the same can be said about frequent Democracy Now guests Greenwald, Scahill, Klein and many others. The DN media group has never broadcast any investigative reports on the individuals or entities – private or state-sponsors – who’ve facilitated ISIS and the rest…

      Consider – with today’s profound web of blanket surveillance.. the billions of dollars spent on “security” – that not one man or woman has been identified, apprehended, prosecuted and/or punished for sponsoring the terrorists. NOT ONE!!!

      Men and women should directly challenge Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Greenwald, Scahill, Klein and Democracy Now’s staff to interview those with a different (Greenwald, Scahill, Klein have no narratives) Syria narrative – like Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Richard Black, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, etc.

      Chomsky is himself an absolute moral disgrace for remaining silent on the obvious 9/11 false flag attack, which destroys to the last drop any of his credibility. The same can be stated for any other so-called “left activist” who fails to blow their whistle on 9/11.

      • summitflyer says

        Could it be that they are zionist shills ?

    • Ζ says

      Chomsky’s word ain’t the “bible”. And I say this as a big fan.
      He has been softening more and more with age.
      However, and although Assad ain’t your typical “good guy” and there are plenty of reasons for him to leave power (but they have been dwarfed by the foreign brought disaster in Syria, with an explicit US-led agenda of geopolitical redrawing) , Chomsky would still be the first to tell you that the last thing the USA would have the right to do, would be a completely illegal invasion and destruction of this country, that otherwise was quite developed and functional until the war.

      • JGarbo says

        Problem is, the US has already invaded Syria, yet Chomsky still says nothing. He should’ve stuck to grammar and stayed out of world politics.

      • Hate to tell you friend, but Chomsky has had 6 years to condemn illegal US invasion/activity in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine Donbass and we are still waiting.

      • summitflyer says

        “Assad ain’t your typical “good guy””
        But is he a bad guy ? Have you ever listened to interviews with Bashar al Assad ? He is supported by a huge majority in Syria and as matter of fact they call him a softy ,much to soft on his enemies. Assad pick up from where his father left off. There is no doubt that the military / judicial/ justice system was very brutal . Did you not notice that he allowed the terrorists to leave East Aleppo with their guns and families on buses ? I wonder if any US leader would have done the same.
        I am not against Chomsky .I have read some of his works and good ones at that .But Chomsky leaves out many obvious truths and does not talk about them .The 9/11 event is one .He still can’t get past the fact that is was NOT a bunch of Arabs with box cutters that were responsible for same .Could it be that he refuses to admit to himself that his own Ashkenazi kin were involved . Whatever, it is his problem .I suppose we all have our own demons . While on many levels Chomsky is a very intelligent person.

    • Naom Chomsky would say that wouldn’t he. IMHO he is the ‘moral disgrace’ and fraudster extraordinaire.

    • Tom W. Are you aware that Chomsky of late, is proving to be not quite the full shilling? He’s definitely taken a turn towards the long grass, speaking of which……

  18. Alan says

    Given Mrs Haley’s recent AIPAC performance it’s safe to assume she’s US Ambassador in name only. The British Government’s and by extension it’s media outlets role in the Syrian tragedy is shameful.

  19. John says

    I am sure no one who visits this site will be surprised to learn that the entire western mass media is lying.
    I am just waiting for the “Aleppo” 7 year old girl – and her mom – to resurface on Twitter.
    It must come next!
    Maybe they will stage it in Egypt – again!
    Still, we now know that Haley is yet another one of the neo-con tricksters – just as before.
    I don’t mind them insulting their own intelligences but why do they think they can also insult ours?
    Do they really believe we are all as stupid as them?

    • Just say it John, and your wish shall come true!
      CNN did an interview with Bana Alabed and her mom today. Same old scripted/memorized lines, same talking points, same old pulling of heartstrings by the CNN anchor. How can anyone watch this and take it seriously?

      • John says

        I haven’t bothered to watch the video, as I already know exactly what they are going to say.
        Thank you for pointing me in this direction.
        It is almost impossible to make this sort of idiocy up – yet still the terrorists succeed!
        It might almost be laughable, except that some innocent people – including children – have possibly died in the cause of manufacturing misleading propaganda for the terrorists.
        What is equally depressing is seeing the western media and politicians queuing up to state in the most categorical terms that something has to be done about Assad, even though they have all failed to provide the slightest shred of real evidence as to who is responsible for this atrocity.
        Assuming – that is – that there has been an atrocity committed?
        Personally, I don’t believe the Syrian Government did carry it out if there has been one.
        That means the terrorists have inflicted it upon innocent civilians in an area they control.
        Will the west now condemn them and put a boycott in place to deny them funding and arms?
        I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer to my own question – it could be bad for my health!

        • Niko says

          Oh but you should! They’re reading from the screen, it’s completely hilarious, obscene scene!! What i really like about the current ways of western, or american or cia or whatever you may attribute it to, deception – is that they are of such a low quality, that if you have even the slighest of doubt, it starts inflating tremendously!

          • Niko says

            Actually, it was the first time i watched an episode from these series, always brushing it aside as obvious propaganda.. Never expected it to be that obvious! And.. I don’t know how to call it right.. stupid, or stupifying, or both.. It’s even outright offending to be fed that, such a low level

    • “I don’t mind them insulting their own intelligences but why do they think they can also insult ours?
      Do they really believe we are all as stupid as them?”

      You hit the nail on the head. The fact is…they ARE stupid. Stupid and evil.

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